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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Litchfield Township, Bradford County PA
Diaries & Letters of the Tri-Counties
Julia Ann Park Diary 1868
Diary: Julia Ann Park
Township: Litchfield, Bradford County PA
Year: 1868
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Transcribed and Submitted by Chris Painter
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice April 2005
1868 1869 1870
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December 1, 1867
 Having thought for a long time about writing a journal, I at last have commenced hoping it may be of some benefit to me as well as a comfort & happiness.  Well, I suppose that to have it like other journals of the day I shall have to write something of my early life.  I was born Dec. the first 1850 in the town of Litchfield county of Bradford & State of Pennsylvania.  The home of my childhood was on the summit of a high mountain overlooking the valleys & surrounding country below & perhaps not many more beautiful landscapes can be presented to the eye.  The land in the town was mostly cleared, while here, to there a beautiful grove; green meadows, shining brooks, winding their course to the river.  And still further off in the distance is seen the villages of Waverly, and Factoryville; and off to the east can be seen, the spires of Owego.  In fact, the whole county, as far as the eyes can extend is dotted with farmhouses,.  The old house where I was born and in which I lived but a few years is gone, and in its place the green grass grows and the flowers bloom.  And now when I look back to the early days of my childhood there is a thousand little incidence that transpired that have made indelible impressions on my mind.  I was the oldest of three children, my brothers and sisters names were Franklin and Roselina.  My little brother died when little past two years of age.  That was the first instance of death I had ever witnessed.  Standing on the vestibule of life in the smiles and beauty of his innocent age he was cut down by the illness of a few hours.  I loved him as my own soul and when he was lain in his little grave and I could not see his face or hear his lisping voice no more I was sorrowful and unhappy for a long time.  I could hardly suppress my grief.  At the time of his death I was in my tenth year.  My mind was young and tender.  It had not been tainted with the doubts and evils of the world.  When the people gathered at the house to attend the funeral and the minister took his stand I listened to catch every word that fell from his lips.  I was curious to know what he would say.  His subject was the personality of the soul.  He spoke of God as being all wise and all powerful goodness love and mercy.  He showed the relationship between God and man, that He was our heavenly father and we His children, that his love for us is more tender than a mother’s love for her offspring.  He dwelt on the resurrection, that to die was gain, that we all soon would go where it was all life and glory.  When he addressed the mourners he spoke of the little boy that died, that he was not dead but alive in that bright world.  The load was partially lifted from my heart.  I was happy to think that we should live again, that God was our father and would raise us from the grave.  I commenced going to school at the age of five.  My teacher’s name was Martha ?.  Like all other children, I loved to play.  I had no cares nor knew no trials.  My wants were all supplied.  I knew but little about the world I lived in or what I should have to experience as time rolled on.  My parents were always kind to me and always watched with a careful eye for my interest and welfare.  They kept me at school intending to give me an education.  I went to school quite steady until I was about ten years of age, but as I cared more for play then study, I did not make very fast progress, but at last I began to appreciate the worth of an education, and for the next five years I studied more diligently.  Then I had high emotions.  The future looked bright before me.  But like all things here below, disappointment lurks in many a prize.  My mother’s health failed her and I had to take her place in the household cares and leave my school and books.  And now as I look back over the time that has passed and gone never to return, I can but think of the many happy days that I have spent with dear schoolmates in the old schoolhouse and grove in front.  Now some have moved away and many are dead and gone.  At one time there was seven dead out of the school within two months.  When I was quite young I manifested a taste for music and had a great anxiety to learn.  My parents always ready to indulge me in any good undertaking, was ready to help me along.  So at the age of seven I commenced learning the rudiments under my father’s instruction.  In a short time I was quite far advanced.  But I was not content with vocal music alone.  I had heard the sweet sounds of a melodian and wished to learn to play and wanted an instrument.  I told my father and the idea suited him.  He told me that I might take lessons a while and if I made good proficiency he would get a melodian.  I commenced at the age of eleven to take lessons of Miss Hattie Seymour of Smithboro.  I boarded there for three months.  The family was very kind to me, and my teacher took all the pains that a teacher could to instruct and encourage me.  I had been there just four weeks when one day I received note from my father stating that he would be in town on such a day and would then see what progress I had made.  I thought, now is my time or never.  I did not let many idle moments pass unimproved.  He came and I made a trial.  He was well pleased and concluded to let me stay my time out.  It was the first of August when I commenced and I stayed until November.  Then I went home and Christmas my father made me a present of a melodian.  After that I commenced taking lessons again and continued until I had taken 2 ½ quarters of lessons when the Seymours sold out and went to traveling and Hattie and her mother went west and she soon married.  During my stay at Seymours I formed a number of acquaintances, some of whom have ever since been warm friends.

Jan. the 1st
It has snowed and rained all day which has made it quite bad for those expecting to go to balls and new years parties.
I went with Pa and Rosa to Uncle Ben’s to make a visit and found Dell gone to Owego.
Received a visit from Mrs. John Rogers.
Received a visit from Russell Park and his wife and daughter.
Went with Pa to Nichols and took a lesson and called upon Mrs. Cortright.
I went to Uncle Joseph’s to a party.  Had a good time.  Nice music, a nice ?.
I baked bread and cake and pies and did the Saturday’s work in general and received a letter from Aunt Rhoda.
Received a call from Maggie Park and answered Aunt Rhoda’s letter.  Also, Uncle Moses was here this afternoon.
Went over to Hanna’s, came back soon and found Aunt Melinda and Aunt Meria and a cousin of my mother, Peter Haner, here.
Pa & Ma went to Uncle Harrison’s and stayed all night and Rosa and I stayed alone.  Had a call from John Rogers and had an invitation to a party at Mires Orsberns.

Today was election.  Uncle Ben and Aunt Mary and their two children came up and made a visit.  I went to Mr Orsburns’ to the party.  We had a splendid time.  While we were there we saw in the distance the light of someone’s building burning.  Heard afterward that it was an old building at Athens, unoccupied.  Thought it had been set by an accident.
Went to Nichols and took a lesson.  Bought three pieces of music and a piece of exercises and sent for three other pieces.
Today has been a beautiful day. The sun has shown all day.  Pa and I went to the Baptist Church this morning to meeting and this afternoon we went to the Methodist Church.
I have practiced and sciphered (sic) and got a lesson in geography.  Uncle Moses came this afternoon, stayed about an hour.  Today Sarah commenced her school Pas drawed (sic) wood for Mr. Woolhiser today.
It has snowed all day and tonight it is blowing and drifting badly.  The snow is the deepest that we have had this winter.  It is 2 1/4 feet deep.  I have baked bread and cake today and have just been melting snow to wash with tomorrow.
Today has been a beautiful day.  The sun has shown all day.  Pa went down to the Park Schoolhouse with a load of wood and Ma and Rosa went along as far as Uncle Moses’s visiting.  I washed and mopped and did the work in general.
I did up the work, baked some cookies and pies.  At one o’clock, got ready and went to Nichols.  Got there and found the teacher gone to Owego.  Had to wait an hour.  While I was there I saw Libbie Etsall, Agnice Mitchell and ? Wrandel, one of my old schoolmates at Smithboro.
Pa and Ma went down to Uncle Joe’s visiting and at night Pa and I went to singing school When we came home, Emma Park rode with us and stayed until morning.  Also, when we got back we found Allen Vangorder and Sarah here.
I have not done much of anything today only to practice my music lessons and scipher.
Today it has snowed all day.  We intended to have went to quarterly meeting.  They have a new presiding elder.  His name is Clark.  It snowed so that we gave up going.
We have had four calls today.  One from Russell Park, he borrowed our cutter to go to Athens with, and the next was Allen Vangorder, he borrowed our crossent (sic) saw.  The other was Hurm Gardenor.  He wanted a horse to go to a donation with, and the fourth was John Rogers.  He wanted some bags to draw grain off in.  They say as many calls as you have on Monday, just so many days through you will have company.
 Today has been a very cold day.  We have kept close to the fire, but still the cold crept in.  I have ciphered nearly all the forenoon and a part of the afternoon.  The rest of the time I have spent in fitting a cashmere dress.  Had one call.
It has snowed all day steady.  I have ciphered through three rules and got a geography lesson and practiced 2 ½ hours.
This morning Cobe Rogers came to borrow our cutter to go to Towanda and Mary Rogers came to borrow $3 or $4 and Levi and Moses came and stayed all day.  Also, we had a visit from Martha Wolcott and Emma Park and I learned the tune Twenty Years Ago.
Went to Nichols and practiced my music lesson and in the evening I went to singing school.  There was quite a crowd there and a number of strangers.  Mrs. ????ner was there for the first time all winter.

February 1868
Went to Nichols and took a lesson.  Called upon Christine Cortright while I was there.  I heard that Mr. Sherry’s mother in law had died the night before.  She died with cancer in her throat.  She was 82 years of age.
Today has been another beautiful day.  This morning Pa and Rosa and I went to the Baptist Church to meeting.  After services the choir stayed a few minutes and chose a chorister (sic) and assistant.  They chose George Morse and Albert Munn.
Today there was a man here from Rome.  We had a ______ ______ and ______ Mitchell ______ _______ made with wires first before night.  Old Mr. Rogers came and offered to stay all night.  He said he had traveled from Standing Stone a distance of 25 miles in the evening. ______ _______ _______ Rogers and his wife and sister ________ came and stayed until one o’clock.
Today I washed.  Had to melt snow.  Pa went with the committee appointed to see _______ ______ locate the ______ schoolhouse.  Elve Merrill and Levi Morse were around today to collect a donation for their preacher, Mr. Plummer.
Went to Nichols and took a lesson.  I think that this is the coldest day that we have had this winter.  Tonight is singing school. I intended to have went but on account of the intense cold we stayed at home.
Today Pa went down to the Park hollow district to help locate the schoolhouse but the committee did not come.  Ma and Rosa went along and made a visit at Mrs. Hayes’s.
I have not written in a number of days.  I have been very busy all the time and have made a new calico dress.  This afternoon we went to Nichols and took a lesson and went right on up to singing school.  Got there soon after it commenced.  There were a great many out and a number of spectators.  Also, George Morse and his bride were there.  They were married the 13th.
Today I have baked and mopped and ironed and practiced.
Pa and I went to the Baptist Church. ______ came back as far as S. B. Carmers, tired their new melodian and stayed until after _______.  Had meeting at the M. E. Church.  Had an invitation to a ________ meeting at Mr. Carmers on Wednesday evening.  When we got home we found Mr. and Mrs. Edsall and Libbie and Minnie here.  They stayed until morning also.
This day has been a very busy day to me.  It has snowed steady since morning and it is now blowing hard.  The roads have just became passable, but now they will be blocked in general.  This morning there was three men here to buy hay.  Pa sold four tuns (sic) and a half.  It seems to be a very scarce article.  What people will do I cannot tell.  The weather has been very severe _____ winter and it ______ severe.
Went to Nichols, took a lesson and came home.  Got supper and went over to Mr. Carmer’s to a Baptist Church meeting.  The object of the meeting was to see if it was best to expel Mr. Plummer from the church and not fellowship him as minister of the gospel or to retain _______.  They did not decide but appointed another meeting on Tuesday P.M.  When were (sic) coming home we could see the northern lights.  It ______ from the east horizon to the west.  They were as beautiful as I ever saw also.
I went over to Mr. Haselton’s to get a dress trimmed.  Came back and did the washing and baked some bread.  Pa went this afternoon over in the east part of the town with a petition for a road going from the road near Mr. Bradlies to the road leading from the ____ to the river.
Done up the wash and ironed and went over to Haselton’s to get my dress done and trimmed.  Pa went to Smithboro after a load of plaster.  At night I went to Nichols to a masonic oyster supper.  Had a splendid time.
Practiced my lesson.  Done some baking and had three calls.  It has been the coldest today and this evening that it has been any time before this winter.
Today is Sunday again.  I did not go to church because of the cold.  So I put in the best of my time to reading and practicing also.
Today it has snowed all day steady.  Well its my______ birthday today.  She is 82 Years of age.  Oh I wonder how many years we may be blessed with her presence.
It snowed all night and has snowed all day.  We had two calls.
Did an ironing and some baking and went to David and ______ to a donation party for Mr. Miller the ______.  It snowed nearly all the evening and the roads were blown _____ generally with snow.  So there was but less than ______.
Went to Nichols and took a lesson.  Pa bought a new cook stove.  We intended to have went to signing school today, but as the wind began to ______ we changed our minds fat.  18 years ago tonight my father and mother was married (how time flies).
It has blowed and snowed all day.  Pa and I put up the stove.

March the 1st
Today it has snowed and was quite blustering.  So as March has come in like a lion we have hopes of it going out like a lamb.
I washed and ironed and practiced my lesson and baked bread.
Pa went to Athens, came back and took me to Nichols.  I got there and found a house full of company at Mr. Life’s.  Probably there was 25 or thirty there in the evening.  Nearly all of the company went over to the P. Church to a concert held by the Roberts sisters from Bingham.  Had a grand and entertained (sic).  Went back to Mr. L~ and Stayed over night.
Got up and went with Mr. L~ to ____ ____ and back ____ on their ____.  Pa came afer me towards night and we went up to singing school and upset twice in the snow.  Before we got there there was but a few on account of the ____.  We got back as far as the hickory tree and we got stuck in the ____.  ____ unhitched the horses and sent them home alone.  We ____ the ____ in the road and came ____.
Today it has been ver warm and pleasant.  The snow is melting very fast.  This is the first thaw that we have had this winter.  There is a spot of bare ground on the side hill and the cows have found it already.  They seem to enjoy seeing the bare ground once more also.
Today there has been 6 teams here for hay. Pa sold them each a load and they seemed much happier.  The weather begins to be quite warm but still people are in great want of fodder.  Also, Rosa is three years old today.
It has rained quite hard today for the first time in Months.  There has been two more teams here afer hay.  Each took a load.
Two more loads of hay drawed from the barn today.  This afternoon there was a picture peddler here.  Pa bought one for Rosa.  The (Gwo (sic) little fraid cats)
Ma got ___ ____ town to Mrs. L??cocks. ____ moving visiting and before she ____ Mary King and Hannah Haselton came so she gave it up ____ till another day.  Tonight and tomorrow night they have ____ exhibition at Nichols.  I should really like to have went, but I suppose I shall have to stay at home.  Also, I received a letter from Geo White.  There were two more loads drawn from the barn today.
It has been quite springlike today and I have heard a robin sing for the first this year.  John took Ma down to Mrs. L??cock’s this forenoon and I began to fix for washing, but before I got to it Ebb, Drew, Frank, Elmer, ???erest came for a visit this afternoon. ____ had a real ____ shower.  Also answered Geo letter.

I got ready and Pa and I went to Nichols.  We turned at Mr. ______ ____ and went over the hill.  We found the sleigh much better that _____.  But Mrs. Life had gone to Owego so I practiced a while on the piano and then came home.  This evening we went to singing school.  Next week at singing school ____ ____ ____ drill and concert.
It has been one of the most beautiful days that is ever seen this time of year.  It has been so warm that people have had their doors open all day.  The snow is gone except around the fences and the sky is as serene as in summer.  I have heard robins and various other birds singing all day.  This morning Pa and I went to meeting at the Baptist Church.  There were but a few out on account of the bad ____.  We heard an excellent discourse.  On our way home we called upon Martha Barton.  We found her in very fine health.
It commenced raining this forenoon and is still raining hard.  They say the water in the river is over the ____.  Yesterday Mr. Vannikes (sic) saw mill went down the river.  This morning I commenced washing and had just got the clothes upon the line when it began to sprinkle, so I took them down and put them to soak.
Today the wind has gone down.  I hung up the clothes and baked some pies.  There was a man here this afternoon.  He said the Union, Owego, Smithboro and Athens bridges are al swept away.  They say the river is a perfect sight to behold.
I ironed and mopped and had an invitation to a party at S. B. Carmer’s in the evening.  I went and had a good time.  There were about 40 or 45 persons there.  I went home with Awilda Merrill and stayed overnight.
Got up and after breakfast we went over to James Drakes and stayed until afer dinner, then went back over to Mr. Merrill’s and Charles Henry took us over to the Drill at the Baptist Church in the afternoon.  I went home with Lovill.  When we went back to the evening session we went in a lumber wagon and had large load and any ____ of fun.  Also I heard that Athens bridge did not ____ off.
Got to the Drill just before it commenced in the afternoon.  I went back to Uncle Herman’s to tea and after the evening session went home with Frank Demerest.  Also Betsie Bixby stayed over night and went to the Drill the next day.
 Woke and found it snowing and blowing very hard.  It was rather a sorry sight for the Drill, but we went.  At noon I went to S. B. Carmer’s and changed my dress and got a couple pieces of music and went down to the church.  We practiced all afternoon upon our songs and pieces for the concert.  After the afternoon session we went up to S. B. Carmer’s for tea.  There was Mr. ____, Mrs. Heath, Mifs Jakeway, George Morse and his wife, Delmer Park and myself.  We had a jolly time.  In the evening we held our concert.  It was a bitter cold night but still the house was well filled.  The pieces were all well sung.  The voices were all very clear and a stillness presided throughout the whole house.  Mr. Carmer let them have his melodian to play upon during the concert.  I played all of the anthems and quartets in C and a few instrumental pieces.  Emma Woolheizer came home with us from the concert.  Aunt Maria stayed with Ma while I was gone.
Got up and had rather a late breakfast and was late with the work.  Also, had one call in the forenoon.  After dinner Emma stared for home and I went as far as Hannah’s ____ - called for a few minutes.  When I started for home Hannah came as far as the top of the hill.  It was a lovely evening.  The stars looked like lamps hanging in the sky.
I got up quite early and got my clothes upon the line about 9 o’clock and at 12 fetched them in to be ironed, but they would not let me finish.  Mrs. Woolheizer came over this morning to buy some hay and stayed until afternoon.  After dinner Aunt Maria and I went down to Russell Parks visiting.  Pa went and brought Mrs. Andrews.  She is going to help us through the summer.  When we got back from Russell’s we had two more calls, Mary Rogers, Jean Cortright.  Tonight it rained quite hard.
Today Carrie has done some baking and I have practiced a part of the time and siphered the rest of the time.
Uncle Herman and Aunt Malinda were here visiting.  Also, Mrs. Jim Crum gave us a call.  This evening Mr. Haselton called in a few minutes.
It has been a splendid day all day.  We went to the Baptist Church today to meeting and Lovilla, George and Mary came home with us and stayed the afternoon.  When we got home we found Delmer Park and Daniel Rogers here.
Commenced fixing my black and white dress.  In the afternoon I went over to Hannah’s to get a ____ dress pattern.  Aunt Jane gave me a number of house plants.  When I got back I found Jean Cortright here.  She came from school.

April 1st
Today Carrie did a large washing and mopped.  This afternoon it commenced raining and is ____ frequent showers (today is all fools day and Ma made a fool of Carrie and I).
Went this morning to Nichols.  Had a rather cold ride.  I found Mrs. Life without a girl, so I had to wait until after dinner.  Mary Wheelhouse came home with us.  She is going to teach our school this summer.  We walked home from Bill Wright’s home and Pa went up to the Center to director meeting.
Got up this morning and found the found covered with snow and the wind blowing a perfect gale.  But Pa took Carrie and I down to Mr. Andrews.  We stayed until after dinner, then Mrs. Andrews got ready and we all went up to the M. E. Church to meeting.  WE heard an excellent discourse from Mr. Hiller.  The text was, ‘He that will not plow for the old shall starve in harvest and have ____.’
 Monday evening.  This morning Mary and I went to the schoolhouse and we had but 6 scholars.  It was very small beginning.  But we hope that there may be soon (sic).  It is now beginning to snow quite hard for us to see winter again.  The weather has been so very warm, springlike, for three weeks past.
We went to school this morning through the snow.  It was ____ inches deep then, and it has snowed all day.  When we got home tonight we were very wet and tired and it still snows.
It snowed the most of the day.  Pa took us to school this morning with the sleigh.  We had 7 scholars and heard of others that are coming when the going is good.
Pa took us to the schoolhouse and we found excellent ____.  (Our April showers for these days past I think will bring forth my flowers, but not this week).  There are a great many farmers who have sowed their oats and wheat and it is frozen up in the ground.
It snowed all last night and has snowed all day steady.
This morning Mary and Rosa and I went to Nichols with Charlie and the ____, but before we started back the ____ ____ was gone except along the side of the road and had a grand time.  We got home before night and in a short time it began to snow.
We went - we intended to have went to church, but it was cold that we gave it up.
I have been to school every day this week.  It has rained some of the time and has been very muddy though with some high wind.  It has begun to dry up.
Today we went to church.  Carrie and Rosa were ill and myself.  We found the roads quite dry but it looks like rain.  We got there about an hour before quitting time and called upon Mrs. Lungers.  There was a very large ____ next Saturday and I ____ the ____ ____ waiting at Athens.
It rained last night and it was quite ____.  I went to school this morning intending to go down to ____, but this afternoon ____ and Amelia Sanders came to school and they and Mary came home with me and stayed after ____.  Pas has gone over to Burlingames to have a tooth extracted.
This morning Carrie went to sewing upon Ma’s new dress and left the work for me to do up.  I had just got it done and was combing my hair when we looked out and saw Sam Spencer and Loville coming up from the gate.  Sam went from home years ago and was not heard of since before ____ closed and people supposed him to be dead.  He said he had been in nearly all the southern and western states.  When he got to Waverly he said he thought that he would soon be home again, but what was his disappointment upon finding his people all moved from this state to Delaware and has but one relative in the state. That was Willie Spencer, his nephew.  He is quite well versed in music, so Pa went down and borrowed Jose Roger’s violin.  We played until tea time and this morning we played a few times and Jose and Mary came up to hear the music.  We played until 11 o’clock.
 This morning Sam and Lovill started for church and went around by their house.  Carrie and I got ready and went to church.  After church we went down to Mr. Andrews.  When we got home we found Frank Rogers and ____ and Cassandra were here and was just fixing to go home.  Also, Maggie Park called a little while just before sundown.  Mary Wheelhouse came from Mr. Rennell’s.  She has been down there visiting.
Mary went to school alone this morning.  I have been sick with the headache.
Went down to school and after school was out I went down to Uncle Will Moses’s.  The two went with me.  After tea Mary Morse and Mary Wheelhouse and I went down to Hannah’s to see the ____.
It has rained a little today and has been quite cloudy and cold, but now the sun is just setting and its golden rays seem to illuminate the earth and now I hear the song of the whipper will in the woods below.  It is the first that I have heard this year.  It is quite ____ for them to sing.

May 1st
Rosa has been to school three days this week and is learning quite fast.  This noon Mary and I went over to John Rogers to take home a borrowed book.  After school Mary went home.  I heard today that Daniel ____ and his wife are parted.
It has rained all forenoon, but this afternoon it cleared off and Pa and I went to Nichols and I took my last lesson for the present.  I went up to see if Mary was not going home with us.  Pa bought a new harness for Charlie.
Got up this morning and went with Carrie to milk.  While we were out, Tommy Park came and informed us of our neighbor’s death.  It was a Mr. Maslain.  They had just bought out John Munn and are strangers to us still.  But they have the name of being moral and respectful people.  Mr. M~ was helping Mr. Rennell to take down the frame of the barn and there was a large beam fell and hit him across the small of his back.  He lived about 30 minutes.  He leaves a wife and two pretty children, one 5 and the other 3 years of age.  This afternoon Pa and Rosa and I went down to Uncle Ben’s, but Uncle Ben had gone to ____.  When we got there Mr. and Mrs. Case were there a visiting.  When we came home Pa stopped to Maslain’s.
Tody they have taken Maslain to Owego to bury.  His parents came and thought it best to take him there.
Today Emma Park was up here.  She said there was 5 bums at Mrs. Mason’s getting in her spring ____.  Also, the neighbors ____ went and cleaned the house.  Mr. Rennell has gone after her.
I worked all day upon the carriage.  Then at 4 o’clock I went and got the ____ and helped with them.  Got ready and went over to Uncle Herman’s.  Got there about dark.  Found Arch and Kate gone over to Mr. Brown’s.
 Went with George and Mary to church this morning and came back home with them.  Mr. Plummer and Mr. Brown were there to tea.  After tea, Levi brought me home.  WE came by the Center.  When we got home Fred Hanner was here and had been to afternoon meeting.  Also, Mary Wheelhouse came shortly after.
I worked all morning in the yard until after school time, so I commenced to stay at home.  We made the flower bed and raked the yard.  After dinner Mr. Henry Mires came over for a visit.  He used to own our farm and sold out to Pa and went west.  Has now sold his far and is a going to visit around this summer.  In the evening Carrie and I went down and called upon Russell Parks family.  Also, we went with Maggie to call upon Mrs. Maslain.
It has rained all day and is raining yet.  I have been to school.
It cleared off this morning.  Very clear and pleasant.  I was at school and Lovill and Mary came by.  They were going up to Mr. Hayes’s.  After school I stopped there and stayed until after tea.
I did not go to school today.  Levi and Lovilla came over.  Lovilla had a sack that she wanted stretched upon the machine.  They are fixing to go away and spend th season.  Lovill is going to Wilson.  Levi is going to locate and practice his profession.
Today Pa has plowed the garden and I have had to work in the yard.  It had rained some this afternoon but is clear now.
We intended to have went to church today but the rain prevented it.
We have commenced cleaning the house this morning and it has rained nearly all day. ____ cleaned the ____.
We have cleaned the parlor and bedrooms today.  Last night I went down to Russell’s to sit up with their baby.  It is very sick with Scarlet Fever and swelled neck.
Today it has rained steady.  This is 11 days that it has rained.  Hand running (sic).  We have finished cleaning at last.  It has been a very bad time.  Carrie and I have made some reckoning of going to church today but w only chanced to go to R~ P~ a little while between the showers.  Pa has been down to Uncle Ben’s this afternoon.  Now all the plum trees are in full bloom and the peach trees are budded ready to blossom.  The likelihood is that there will be an abundance of fruit this year.
I went to school and the teacher came home with me.
Today we planted corn.  Chester Ellis, Thommy Park and Simon Washburn helped, though Sime is working by the month.  This afternoon John Neaves came from Towanda.  The peach trees are now in full bloom.
Went to school again.
 Today, John, Pa, Carrie and myself went to Waverly.  We went by Gould’s ferry and through Ellistown and Factoryville.  I got Ma a new bonnet and black alapalea dress and Rose a wool ____ and myself a new bonnet sack and lawn dress.  While we were there Carrie saw two of her old beaus.  We had a very pleasant ride.
Carrie and I did up the work for Sunday/

June the 1st
This morning Carrie and Warrell and I went over to Mr. Andrews and stayed until meeting time.  Loa(?) Came home with us to stay a week.  After we came home we went to Mr. Hayes’s a few minutes and then fetched the cows home.
Mary came up last night and this morning we went to school.  I heard today of a very bad accident that happened yesterday.  There was a gentleman and lady and their little girl coming from Waverly going to Mr. Parsons and got off the road.  And when they got by Arch Brown’s the harness broke and let the wagon upon the horses heels and it started and run down the hill to Elijah Woolcot’s.  Then it gave a sudden turn and threw them out of the wagon and bruised them very badly.  The lady and the girl were senseless for a long time, but there is hope of their recovery.  Their names were Tomson.
Today they moved the Tomsons up to Uncle Will’s house upon a bed.
Went to school today and Ann Pane gave me some ____ for a couple mounds.  Orlando and Sara called before night.  Pa went over to Waverly after a load of plaster.
It rained this forenoon quite hard but it cleared off and this afternoon Mary Gist and myself cleaned the schoolhouse.  When we got through Mary stayed at Mr. Haselton’s until after tea and then they took her home.
Today Ma and Mary Rogers went down to Uncle Joseph’s and Uncle Ben’s a visiting.  It has rained all the afternoon.  Pa has been over to a meeting of the directors.
Sund 8th
Pa, Carrie, Loa and myself went to church this afternoon and stayed until afternoon meeting.  Before Sabbath School we went down to Mr. McKinney’s.  Loa went home with her grandma.
Went to school and found it (the house) looking nicely.

This morning it rained some.  Kate Brown and Mary Morse came over for a visit.  And also Carrie’s mother, sister and brothers came and they all went over to Mr. Andrews’s.  Carrie is not coming back this week so I shall have to stay from schooling.
we have got along very well today alone, though we had callers in the afternoon, Mr. Jakeway and his sister.  Pa went to Nichols after dinner.  He got Rose a pair of garters and her hat.
Ma went over to Mr. Haselton’s visiting today and it has rained steady since 11 o’clock.

Mrs. Maslain and Mary Ann Park were here this afternoon a visiting.  The peaches are in full bloom, also other spring flowers.
Saturday June 14
Went with Pa and Rosa over to Uncle John’s and from there we went over to Daniels and stayed over night.  Just before sunset Pa took Rosa across the meadows to the track and there were two trains past while they were there.  It was quite a novelty for Rosa.  Levi came back from Marion yesterday and came over here a little while.
Went quite early down to Uncle John’s.  Dan and Eunice went with us.  In the afternoon, all of Uncle Ira’s folks came down and we had a very pleasant time.  We came across the river and called at Uncle Ben’s a few minutes.  When we got home found company here.  It was John Neaves and a fried of his, C. Gregory.  Carrie and John went to church this afternoon.
Went to school today and Mary came home with me.  After tea Mr. Degroff came here raving crazy.  He had a bundle of sticks and beads of every description.  He had lost his hat and after raving a while he went in search of it.
went to school.  Heard that Degroff had been arrested and taken to Towanda and put in jail.  This afternoon Mary Morse came up to school and came home with the teacher and myself.
Went to school and came home afternoon and went to Uncle Moses’s and stayed overnight.  The men that are building the new schoolhouse board there, Mr. Vandnser and Mr. Chandeler.  Orlando fetched me to school the next morning.
Pa, Ma and Rosa went to church.  After services they went over to George’s and afternoon they went to afternoon meeting.  It is the first time that Ma has been to meeting in over three years.  She was very tried this evening.  Mary and Christine came together.
I did not go to school today.  It rained very hard this morning and there was some hail this afternoon.  Mr. O. J. Chubbuck is here and Mary Rogers, Tine Cortright, Emma Park and Mary are this evening a visiting.
Went to school this morning.  Has the sick headache and came home at noon for two days.  Mr. Hayes and Mr. Haselton have been shingling the house, half the lodge part and fire shed.
Ma and Rosa went over to Mr. Barnum’s a visiting.  Pa went to the Sabbath Center.  Dell Park came up this afternoon and is going to stay all night.  John Neaves came from Milltown and is going to stay all night.
John and Carrie went over to Mr. Andrews this morning.  I went over to Sabbath School. And church.  There were another man preached in place of Mr. Hiller.  There was a very large congregation out this afternoon.  Sarah and Mary Amelia Vangorder were here a few moments.  John has just gone home.

 July 3rd
I have been to school all this week.  It has been very hot and stuffy all week though we have had two heavy showers.  Tuesday afternoon Mary Rogers called here a little while.  Wednesday Emma and Maggie Park was here.  Pa has been plowing and cultivating corn.  Today he has got through for the last time.  Last night Emma Woolheizer and Mary Wheelhouse stayed here.  Well tomorrow is the fourth, but I don’t expect to go anywhere.  Carrie is fixing to go either tonight or in the morning.  I hope it may be a very pleasant day so that all who do go will enjoy it.
I have been home all day.  Carrie did not go anywhere.  John could not get a horse, but he came over last night just before dinner.  Dell Munn, Gusta and the children came over.  In the afternoon John and Carrie went a strawberrying and called at Johnson Rogers.  Pa went over to directors meeting and just before sundown Ma and Rosa took the horse and carriage and went over to the Center where Pa was and from there they went over to Uncle Harrison’s.
Sund 5th
Went to Baptist church and attended Sabbath School and M. E. Church.  It is the warmest day that we have had this summer.  Pa and Ma came around by Aunt Maria’s and stayed until afer dinner.
Monday 6th
Started for school this morning but came back and went to bed.  Had the sick headache all day.
Went to school but could not study on account of the intensity of the heat.
I did not go to school today.  Have been pulling grass out of the corn while Pa cultivated it.  Aunt Judith came a visiting.
Went down to Nichols and to Mr. Life’s but did not take a lesson.  Went back to Mrs. Mitchell’s and stayed until Sunday morning.  Had an excellent visit.  There was but 3 of the girls home, Mary was in Owego giving painting lessons, Call was in Ithaca canvassing for a book.  Saturday evening Evelyn and I went down to Mary’s and Christine’s for a few minutes.  Sunday I went to church and Sabbath School.  They intend on having a Sabbath School Concert in two weeks.  After church I went home with Tine and just before night Maggie and Mary and Tine and myself went out walking.  We went towards the river but came back again.  While we were gone Pa came after me.  Kate rode up with us.  Got home and found Rosa sick with the fever.  I think it is Scarlet.  Carrie went to church and Sabbath School.
Mary went to school this morning and I went over to Dr. Burlingame’s to get some medicine for Rosa.  He was not at home but I waited about 2 hours and he came.  I called at Mr. Barnum’s to get some sage and to Mary Rogers to get a drink.
Pa went to Waverly.  The heat was 108 deg.
I pulled grass out of the corn in the forenoon and in the afternoon Carrie and I went a berrying and got about 4 quarts of red raspberries.  In the evening Hannah came over to see how Rosa was.  Also, Mary Ann and Thommy came a few minutes.

Carrie and I went down to the spring to wash.
Today we have commenced our haying.  John Rogers is here with his machine.  There is scarcely any help to be had anywhere.  The wheat harvest and haying is both together this season.  It is very hot and dry.  We have not had any rain in over two weeks.
Today John mowed the meadow below the house.  Pa and I drawed in the field of hay below the barm.  Just before noon Aunt Maria and Alice came.  They have just got back from Marion.  Levi came over this afternoon and Aunt Marie went home with him.
Alice and I went to church this afternoon.  Chester Ellis and Pa got up the hay below the lane.  John Neaves and his son came over and him and Carrie and the two children went out riding.  They went over to Mr. Gibbs’s and John left the boy there.  They then went up to Mr. Andrews.
Mon 25th
John mowed the orchard field and Pa and ____ cradled the wheat.  Alice went over to ____ Vangorder’s a visiting.
Went to Johnson’s to get help in haying.  Got ____.  I loaded for both pitchers all day and drove the horses for to unload.  Alice went this afternoon down to Uncle Moses’s.
I have raked about 4 acres of wheat and helped carry it together today.  It is the heaviest wheat that I ever saw.  We thought we were going to have a shower but we did not.  Everything is drying up.  The corn leaves are all curled under and the oats are nearly ruined.  Carrie and I went to the Center.
Carrie and I went berrying and got 16 quarts.  Got home, ate my dinner and went in the wheat ____.  Worked the rest of the day.  Was very tired when night came.  Mary Sackett called this morning for an order and Mary Wheelhouse and Christine was here a few minutes.
Carrie went to the spring to wash and I had the work to do.  But I had to go to the ____ a couple of times.  I did up the morning’s work and got dinner and made a jar of raspberry jam.  It rained all afternoon, but it comes too late for a great many things.
Mrs. Maslain has her mowing bee today.  Also, Jose Rogers made a mowing bee in ____ of hers.  John Rogers is mowing the field back of the orchard.
Sund 26th
Carrie and I went to church.  It was quarterly meeting but the most of the congregation were disappointed in not having a sermon from the presiding elder.  Mr. Hiller though preached a very good sermon.  After we got home we went down to William Morse’s to get our lottery things.  Carrie drew a ____ bound album and I drew 2 sets of silver forks.  When we came past the schoolhouse I stopped to get my books but I concluded to have them a little while longer.  I have stayed out of school for the last 2 weeks to work in haying and harvesting.  I did not want to stay from school at all because I was nearly through my Arithmetic, Grammar and Geometry.  Chester Ellis was married today.
Helped Pa draw wheat and hay.  Mary Wheelhouse came over from school.
Carrie and I went a berrying.  Just before we were ready Nancy Brown came along with her pails, so we all went together.  We went over near old Billy Carmer’s.  Had luck to get our pails full.  At noon Nancy and I went up to Mr. Carmer’s to get some water to drink with our dinner.  Mary Rogers was in the patch with us.
Went this forenoon down to John’s to get a hand in haying.  There was but one of the boys at home but ____ Allen came.  I loaded one load and raked after the wagon the rest of the day and drove the horses to unload this afternoon.  There was 2 heavy showers, went around us on both sides, but there was nothing but a sprinkle here.  Everything is drying up.  Carried went to the spring to wash.
We had a light shower last night.  I got up at half past 4 o’clock and went over to see if Mr. Haselton or Mr. Hayes could not come up and help mow.  Got there before they were up except Herman and he was sick and Hayes had to go to cradling wheat so I drove the cows down and helped milk and turned grindstone for Pa and sharpened a couple scythes, then got ready and drawed Rose to school in Carrie’s little wagon.  At noon Mary and I went down to Mr. Merrill’s a few minutes.

July the 31st
I got Ma ready and she walked down to Johnson Rogers.  She had been gone until one o’clock before Carrie knew where she was.  I helped do the work this morning and got dinner and Carrie went a berrying and did not get back until after dinner time.  Mrs. Maslain was here to dinner.  Carrie made some pies and did a little ironing.  I helped rake a piece of grass into ____ rows and loaded it and moved it away.  There were two more heavy showers went around us on both sides, but none came here.  It seems strange that the showers should divide .  Sundown, Mary came and brought Ma home in a sulky.  Mary led the horse up but rode it back.

August 1st
We had a heavy shower this forenoon.  That was quite encouraging for what looks better than a good shower in rain in time for a drought.  This afternoon Pa went over to director’s meeting and Carrie took Werrill and rode over to the Center with him and went down to Hanson McKinney’s and from there Lizzie and her went home.  Also, we had another heavy shower.  Today Emma Woolheizer’s school closes at the Center.
Rosa and I went to the Baptist meeting and from there we went to the M. E. Church to Sabbath School and meeting.  Heard a very good discourse at both places.  After afternoon meeting we went down after Carrie and Werrill, came home and Allen Vangorder and Sarah was here with their baby.  Also, John Neaves came over after meeting.  Received a letter from Neal Spencer.  Have not heard from her (sic) since a year ago last fall.  She is sick and downhearted.
Ma has been quite sick last night and today.  I do not know what ails her, though perhaps she has worked too hard.  I helped Pa draw in two more loads of hay and mowed it away.  Today Pa has commenced cradling our oats.  They are very short on account of the long drought.
Carrie and I did up the work and went down to the spring to wash.  After we had nicely got to washing, Mr. and Mrs. Mires and Mr. and Mrs. Sanders. (sic) So I came up and got dinner.  In the afternoon it commenced raining and they stayed until nine o’clock in the evening.  Mr. and Mrs. Myers stayed all night.  She has very poor health.  Pa forgot to get the cows and we had to go out and milk after nine o’clock.
Pa got up the horse and Ma and Mrs. Myres went over to Mr. Merrill’s a visiting.  Mr. Myers went a foot.  I got ready to go to the last day of school and sent Rosa on with Ma.  Before I got ready Tine Cortright came up for an order for her money for teaching.  Her school was out yesterday.  We went to school and there was a number of visitors.  There were over 35 including scholars.  We had a swing in the north west corner of the yard between an oak and a hickory tree.  The day passed off pleasantly.  All seemed to be cheerful and happy, though at times I would feel sad and could hardly refrain from tears at the thought of leaving the old schoolhouse forever.  It is the place where most of my happy hours in child or girlhood have been spent.  As I look around the room, each side seemed a monumental record of the scholars that have been to school there for years past.  There was names written of scholars, some of whom have been long molding in their graves, and of others that have emigrated to different parts of the country.  And now as I make a retrospective visit of the 13 years of my life passed in and around the old schoolhouse I cannot remember of ever having had a cross word with one of my schoolmates or an angry feeling towards them.  I must here speak of our last teacher, Mary.  I think she is a model for any girl to follow.  She has neither father nor mother and has to work very hard to help her sister to support her younger brothers and sisters.  But she is always cheerful and ambitious.  She has found friends where ever she has went through our district.  After school was out Mary and Emma Woolheizer came home with me.  Emma stayed all night, but after supper Mary went to draw her money over to Bowen Munn’s and Henry Hayes took her home.  We had a very hard shower before sundown.
Went down to Mr. Rogers to get some flour that they borrowed a few days ago.  Before I started away Betsy Pane proposed sending Martha up to learn music and take lessons, but Mary said she was the oldest and had always taken the brunt of the work, and if her folks was able to give either a musical education, she thought it ought to be her.  So I took the flour and came home thinking they would soon forget it.  But I had not been home long before Mary and Martha came on to commence the music lessons.  We had practiced about an hour and Ma came in and told us that we might go out in the yard and help get in a box that Pa and Mr. Manners was trying to carry in.  Upon opening it we found it contained a Grand Carbonet Organ..  Mr. Rogers happened to come up to get a drink while the man was here so he consented to having it taken down and left a few days.  Mary and I went ahead to fix a place for it.  Mrs. Rogers was greatly surprised to think that her girls had got some music already.
 Got up and helped milk and ate my breakfast, made up two beds, swept the parlor, sitting room, kitchen and bedrooms, picked the pickles and combed my hair.  And then Mary came up to take the rest of her lesson.  We practiced three hours steady.  Then she went home and I got ready to go over to Mr. Barnum’s a visiting and promised Emma that I would meet her there.  But Pa had Sime cradling oats and he wanted to get them together so I stayed and raked all afternoon until tea time.  Then I went out and carried them together.  After a while Carrie came out and helped me.  We got through before sundown and then we went after the cows and took some dishes along and picked some blackberries.
Went to the barn and threshed off a flouring of wheat with the horses.  Got through just before dinner.  This afternoon George Morse came over and stayed until after tea and then Ma went home with him.  Also, Mifs Carrie Walling and her cousin Eliza came here with Simon Gibbs for an order to draw their money for teaching.
Carrie and I did up the work and braided each others hair and got ready to go to church.  But before we got ready Fred and Libbie came over so I gave it up and Carrie went.  She said there was but a few out.  Just before night Uncle Moses and Orlando called a few moments.  Also, Mrs. Harris was going by from Mrs. Herrick’s and called while Carrie was gone.  Werrill was taken sick and was sick all afternoon.
Had a mess of green corn yesterday and some ears was glazed.  This morning Werrill was quite sick and Carrie thought she must go home with him, so I went out in the field and carried together about 4 acres of oats in the field back of the house.  Did not get through 4 o’clock and then it was too late for I had to go to the shop to get the horses shod, but Werrill got better so she gave it up.  I went over to Mr. Haselton’s to borrow some flour until Pa got time to go to mill.  Got 16 pounds pail and all.  It is very ____ weather now and it is a bad time to work in harvest.
Answered Neal’s letter.  Pa went to mill and got his wheat ground.  Gave Mary a lesson.  When Pa got home from the mill he and Rosa went after Ma.  She was over to Aunt Maria’s.  Pa came home with the sick headache.
Got up and went afer the cows.  Looked all over the hill but did not find them.  Came ack and Carrie went and in about an hour she brought them.  We milked and I went out in the field to carry sheves (sic) together.  Got through about 4 o’clock.  Hannah came over and stayed until after tea.  While we were eating Mr. Samuel Shoemaker came. ____ and eat.  After tea him and Pa walked out in the yard and he called Hannah and I out to see him trim a grape vine.  He said we must trim them in June and pick off al the ends where there are suckers.  Hannah went home and I went over after the cows with her.
Pa and I drawed in all the oats in the field back of the house.  I pitched them up to Pa and he loaded.  When we came to the barn Carrie came out and mowed them back, also pitched back two loads.  After tea I went on the hill after the cows.  Milked 3, washed myself and went to bed so tired that I could not rest.
 Got up very sore and lame in the arms and shoulders.  Pa had one load of hay to draw in but I was not able to help him.  Carrie went to the spring to wash.  Sime happened to be here and he helped her carry the clothes down.  Built the fire, put on the kettles, filled them with water and put up the line.  I got dinner and after dinner I got ready to go to Emma’s with Hannah.  Just before I started there was a young man came here.  Said he was a musician and heard we had an instrument and wanted to play.  So he went in and sat down to the melodian and played until 2 o’clock.  Then Pa came and I went over to H~ on the run.  Found her all ready and waiting.  We went over to E~ and found her gone to the Center to get a new sack stitched.  Her mother was not very well so we concluded to go up to Uncle Herman’s.  Got here and found Mary gone and George just going after her.  We came home, called at the gate at E~ a few minutes.  When I got home it was quite dark.  The player was here.  Him & Pa went down to Jose’s and he played upon the violin.  He is the best player that I ever heard.  He can take any piece of music and play it off at first sight.  But aside from music he is almost an idiot.  He does not know anything.  At any rate, he is a mystery.  He calls his name Nick Goodall.  He says his father was keeper of Ford Theater at the time of the assassination of Lincoln.
Goodall did not get up until after 10 and then complained of having to get up so early.  He generally sits at the table about 2 and 3 hours.  Pa and I want over to the teachers’ inspection at the Center.  There was 4 teachers there, all of whom got certificates.  The questions were very easy.  We met the musician just above Barnums.  He was going to the P.O.  Got home and Ma said that he had stolen a shirt at Johnses (sic) and they came up and took it off from him.  He said he wanted a clean shirt and saw one lying in his room and so he put it on supposing it was meant for him.
Sund 16
Carrie and I went to the Baptist and Methodist meeting a foot today.  There was not a great many out, there being a quarterly meeting at Kirian Corners today.  When we came home we called at John Rogers and found Goodall there playing the violin.  I never heard such playing in all my life.  John can’t touch a candle to him.
Mon 17
Have practiced all day.  Have learned to play Virginia Reels Cheat the Ladies, Arkansas Traveler and _________ Polka.
Tues 18
Have practiced and this morning helped unload a load a load (sic) of hay that finishes our haying.  Sime has come back commenced Monday.  Goodall was playing all day.  Pa went down to Jose’s and got his violin.  We expected John and Mary and Hayes and Hannah over to hear the music.  Mr. Manners was here to dinner today.  He has taken Mary’s organ away.  Also, Jim More and another man was here.
Wed 19
Last night we told Goodall that if he went up on the hill back of the house he could see Waverly, so he went.  When he got up there it was too dark to see, so he got on (Joseph’s).  That is our big calf’s back, and locked his legs around his body and the calf being frightened ran at the top of his speed about 3 rods.  Then it stopped sudden and the great musician landed several feet over the calf’s head in the stubble.  He jumped up and took to his heels and ran across the field down to Jose’s.  He did not get back until nine o’clock, but on account of a shower they did not come over.  This morning Carrie went to the spring to wash and I did the work.  Almira was here for dinner.  Also, Mrs. Maslain called up and stayed until after dinner.
Thurs 20
 Mrs. Haselton came here visiting, stayed all day.  Also, Russell Park called in the hearing Goodall play.  Last night about dark there came a man here who introduced himself as Mr. Cook, was in search of Goodall.  He came from Towanda.  He holds concerts all around.  He had his notices printed and sent ahead and when he came to look for his player he was missing.  So he came up here after him.  Hayes and Hannah and Smithe Barnum and his wife came over.  Also, John came and brought his violin.  The first of the entertainment book sang and played upon his banjo then G~ played on the violin and I played on the banjo.  Then G~ and John played upon the violin and together and then I played the melodian and the violin and Goodall the second.  We played a few times thru and then Cook took a newspaper and cut with his nails a handsome tidy patron.  He then got out a little black boy to dance.  Nick played Old Zip Coon and I never saw anything that looked so natural.  The little fellow had a tambourine in his hand and he would use it and dance at the same time.  After that we played and eh played on a tambourine.  He then played some instrumental pieces and some songs, (mostly negro songs).  He played an imitation of a train of cars just leaving a depot.  I never heard a better imitation.  They stayed until after 12 o’clock and I don’t think they were tried of listening to finish the program.  I played and sang two songs (The Angel Visitance and She Sleeps in the Valley).
Frid 21
Cook and Goodall started for Montrose this morning early.  They had a concert there tonight.  Goodall had to go but he shook hands and bid us all goodby but Carrie.  And he said to her: I hate you and will not say goodby to you.
Sat 22
Got up and helped Pa milk, ate my breakfast and turned the cows away.  Then went in search of a sheep that Pa bought yesterday of Mrs. Maslain, and last night it got out and went home.  I went with her down the gully and found the sheep with the rest with the rope around her neck.  I led her home and tied her to a tree to await her death in the morning.  Carrie and I have done a very large days work today and Ma has had the teethache all day.
Sun 23
Well today was very busy day.  Uncle John and Aunt Alvira, Uncle Ira and Aunt Almira, Uncle Joe and Aunt Lib, Dan and Eunice have all been here visiting and a more jovial lot is seldom seen.  They all seemed to enjoy themselves.  After they went home, Carrie and I went after the cows and went down to Hannas.  Mr. Hayes’s father was out _______.  Horace Saunders and Amelia came, but seeing as many wagons they drove on by.
Aug 24
Today the school commenced at the new schoolhouse.  I have intended all summer to commence going to Nichols to school the first of Sep., but as they have hired an excellent teacher I have made up my mind to go here.  We found the house looking very nice and new, but he paint gave most of the scholars the headache.  It is situated in a very lonely and unpleasant place.  The school begins with 23 scholars this morning.  I came home in the afternoon with a severe headache.  Did not sit up the rest of the day.  Pa and Sime went to Waverly with some hogs to sell Sime went to Athens.
Ma, Rosa and myself went over to the blacksmith shop with Charlie.  We made a visit at SB Carmer’s just before tea time.  Ed Lunger came up with his violin and we played a few times together.  While we were gone Uncle Harry and Aunt Betsy came here from Leslie.  They have been ________.
Carrie and I went to the spring and washed.  When we got through and came up we found George Morse here.  He wanted me to come and help pick hops next week.  We had a heavy thunder shower.
Robert Sanders came and took Mrs. Maslain’s money. $107 for one year.  This afternoon Rosa and I went over to Al Vangorder’s.
This forenoon Pa went to work on Russell’s follow with the team.  Ma and Rosa went down there visiting.  Pa went over to the church to a political meeting.  There was two speakers, Kinney and Lang from Waverly.  There was a large audience.  About 7 o’clock Mr. And Mrs. Plummer came here to stay all night and go to church in the morning.  I had to be up with Rosa until about 2 o’clock.  She was very sick.  Got a letter from Aunt Rhoda.  She said that Henry and Henrietta was dead.  She said that John Skyler was very wratty (sic) and would not let Maggie come over to her Grandma’s.  poor Maggie.  She is very lonely, says but little, and is often seen weeping by herself.
Sund Aug 30
This morning Mr. And Mrs. Plummer got ready and went to church.  Ma and Pa got ready but as there was a shower coming up she gave it up.  I went and it rained very hard all the way over, but cleared up for us to come back.  There was but a few out.  We came home and ate our dinner and fed the horse.  Carrie, Rose and myself went to ME meeting.
Mond 31
We commenced threshing this morning.  Had William Write’s machine.  Did not do a great deal on account of its breaking down.  Occasionally had to help as a man by the name of Kirby, Allen Rogers and Simon.  I threw down sheaves.  Today is Ma’s birthday.  She is 40 years old.

September 1st
Did not sit up any to speak of.  Had the headache and was almost crazed.  Pa drawed stones of the 12 acre lot in the forenoon.  Mr. Hayes came over and they went down to Johnses (sic) to clear some wheat through their mill.
Today Carrie washed, Ma preserved her plumbs and I did the work and wend down and called upon Mary.  She was washing.  Had not got her clothes out.  She showed me her new dress and cape that she bought up to Owego.  It is black alapaca (sic) with fluting and bugle trimming.  Just after tea we received a short visit from Levi Morse ane Betsie Bixby.  They came from school.  From here they went around by Wm Morses where she is boarding.  He is going back tomorrow.
It has been fixing for some time past to rain so it has got at this afternoon square from the east.  Carrie was ____.  Levi said yesterday that they had received a letter from Jesse stating that they had just buried their little Dana.  They were visiting at a place very near the railroad and him and some other little boys were playing close by the track and there was a train came up and passed by and he stood and watched it until it passed and supposing he was safe he started across when another train came up from behind him that he did not see and struck him.  He lived 5 hours.  He was very smart and as handsome a child as one often sees.
Fir Sep 4
Threw down sheaves until 10 o’clock.  Then they quit throwing and went home. The old machine did not thrash clean.  Uncle Ben was here to dinner.  The rest of the day I worked around and practiced.  Helped Pa clean up some wheat.
 This morning Pa took Ma and Rosa over to John Rogers soon after breakfast.  Got there and found them at breakfast.  John went off to Waverly and so Ma and Mary visited alone all day.  Carrie and I did up the Saturday’s work and she got ready to go home.  Pa went over after Ma and then came back after Carrie, took her as far as the turn below Sacketts.  She went a foot the rest of the way.  He came back to the Center and stopped to a meet held to appoint a delegate.
Sund 6th
Got up and helped milk, got breakfast and done the work.  Ma combed my hair and then I started after the horses.  Looked all over the hill and through the woods, but could not find them.  So I commenced getting ready to go to church a foot, but it set in and rained all afternoon.  I had to stay at home.  Just before sunset it stopped raining and Pa went after Carrie.
Mon 7
Went to school.  Got there just after it was called.  Had a new scholar by the name of Frankie Foust.  She is an object of pity.  She was poorly clad and dirty.  Her head has the appearance of having wild inhabitants.  She has no associates and goes off by herself.  The thrashers came on about noon and got to thrashing about one.  It is Bill Dell Munn’s machine and Elias Wood goes with him.  After tea before milking Carrie and I had an excellent swing.
Went to school and Betsie came home with me.  I do not know which I like best, her or Mary.  There is not much difference.
Woke up and found it raining hard.  It continued to until 8 then it stopped for us to go to school.  When we got near Mr. Dodge’s he called us in the yard to eat plumbs.  The ground was covered and the trees were loaded.  It commenced to rain before we got them, but we did not get much wet.
Sep 10th
Went to school as usual.  Found a large school a many.  The rest was Fousee who bid me a gracious howdee-doo, which caused a general grin throughout.  She said her ma had got her a new dress and wanted to know if I was not glad of it.  Said she would fetch me a piece to put in my bed quilt.  I got two lessons in the afternoon and siphered, read in history, and spelled, and in the afternoon got a long geo lesson.  At recess Kate Brown came after me with the horse and carriage.  Mary and Libbie Lawrence were here also.  It was the first I had seen her in about 2 years.  It rained nearly all the way, but when we came past a field that had a great many mushrooms in, I got out in the rain and gathered my basked full.  We cooked them for tea, but none of them liked them.  Just as we sat down to eat, Aunt Abby came along and stayed until after tea and told our fortunes all around and then went on to Sara’s.  It rained so hard that we tried to get Mary to stay until morning, but she would not.  So her and Lib went and Kate stayed.  Before Lib left Pa a hired her to work as Carrie hired out to Uncle Ben the other day.  She expects to commence work the first of October.
Fri 11th
It was raining and wet this morning and I thought I would not go to school.  Carrie got up and went to spinning and I got breakfast, helped milk and gave up the work.  About 8 o’clock Uncle Ben came up for Carrie to go home with him.  They have a new boy there born the 10th.  So she left the spinning and went.  After noon Kate and I went over to Smith Barnums a visiting. It is the first that either of us have ever been there.  It rained all afternoon, but stopped in time to go home.
Well I have done up the Saturday work with Ma’s help and I guess it is done as well as though Carrie had been here.  I got two letters from the office, one from Neal, and the other was from Scranton.  Today Pa commenced cutting up corn.  It is dead ripe.
Sund 13th
Done up the work and got ready to go to church but it began to rain as usual, so I gave it up.  There was forenoon meeting also.  After it stopped raining, Roselma and I took Charlie and went down after Aunt Marie.  We halted at George’s a few minutes.  Him and Willie were alone.  Mary had gone home and Arch and Kate had gone over to Father Brown’s.  George said they had a letter from Loville.  She was at Marion taking care of her mother, her father had been sick at Wilson, but was some better.  Got down to Dell’s and found him and Gusta gone over to Mr. Munn’s.  We ate supper there and then Aunt Marie came home with us.
Mond 14th
Got up, got breakfast, then picked up the clothes and went to washing.  Thom put up a churning.  When it was done took it out and worked it.  Helped Ma to can some peaches and pears, washed the supper dishes and did some ironing and fixed a calico dress to wear tomorrow.  Heard of several accidents.  There was a peddler here that said Truman Cole had been stabbed by a man by Warner.  Also we heard that a man was stealing a hive of honey and the owner came out and shot him in the back and killed him.  It is a hearsay perhaps though.
Today I went to school and Ma and Aunt Maria did up the work and canned up the tomatoes and doctored Charlie.  He was taken sick Monday.  I came home from school and found him lying under the sled very sick.  Was up until one o’clock and Pa was up all night.
Went to school.  Heard of Mary Tammage’s death.  She died of consumption.  Night - found Charlie no better but growing worse.  Pa sent for Doty, but he did not know what to do, sh he sent for Kirby Smith of Windham, but he could not come.  I had an invitation to go to a party at A P Woolcott’s, but it was too late in the day for me to go.
Poor Charlie died last night.  I little thought last Sunday would be the last that I should ever drive him.  But, so it is.  And he had been a noble horse, has served us 13 years, was 16 years old.  Pa thinks he was strained working on Russell’s follow and that inflamation set in.  This morning Cobe came up with their oxen and drawed him off in the northeast corner of the farm net to Ziny’s.  Poor Fan looks so lonely.
Went to school.  Stopped and told Mary Ann to come up and see Aunt Marie, so she would not go home.  So she came up and stayed all afternoon.  Also, Sara McKinney and Mrs. Snover Layton called for a few minutes.  S~ wanted an order to draw.  Taylor Rodgers helped cut corn.  Pa gave him one $.
Went to school.  Got home and found Aunt had gone home.  She had got out of snuff.  Ma preserved her grapes.
Saturd. 20th
 Got up, built a fire, got breakfast, milked, put up a churning.  Churned and baked some pies.  Ma baked a cake and some cookies.  Made the beds and swept the chamber, then Hannah came over visiting.  So I combed my hair and we practiced a four hand piece.  Evening - John and Mary and Owen Foster, a man from western NZ came over.  John brought his violin and we played until 9 o’clock.  Then I got some tea and after we played until 2 o’clock.  It was 3 before we got to bed.
Sund 21st
Today Pa was going after Libbie Lawrence, but it began to rain quite early and is raining yet.
I stayed at home and did up the work and Pa went after Lib.  Heard while he was gone that Mrs. Cornell was buried yesterday.  They did not have a sermon, will have it next Sunday.  Also, Mrs. Kiser died this morning with typhoid fever.  After dinner we ____ the _____ _____ ____ ____ after him.  John and Mary Foster, Willie and Edith and Henry Mc_____ came over and stayed the evening.  They stayed until 3 o’clock.  Foster stayed all night.  Libbie said that Hattie Seymor was at Herick’s.  I do want to see her very much.
Got up, helped milk, got ready and went to school.  It rained all day and so I went home with Sarah.  Mary and the teacher stayed all night there.
Wed 24th
Today they buried Mrs. Kiser.  They took up Mr. Kiser and buried them in one grave in the new cemetery.  They then took him up, opened the coffin and said he looked quite natural.  He has been buried 1 year and 9 months.  Heard today that they do not expect Frank Bloodgood to live.
Thurs. 25th
Went to school in the rain and it has rained all day.  Today Charles Segar’s youngest son was buried, died very suddenly with kidney disease.
Friday 26
Went to school, stopped and helped get Lizzie ready and waited for Isibelle a little while.  Got to school just after it was called.  Just before night Betsie’s father came after her.  This week it has rained nearly every day.  There has been a Universalist Association at Athens and a fair at Waverly.
Went and did up the work and then we all went over to the Methodist Church to a political meeting.  The speakers was Mercur and Landon.  We heard two grand speeches.  I wish I could remember and write all that was said.  The house was crowded full in the gallery, entry and isles.  They had a glorious banner standing beside the pulpit.
Pa and Ma and Roselma went to Bapt Church and after meeting they went over to Uncle Heman’s.  when we got back Lib and I went over to Hanna’s.  this afternoon Uncle Ben brought Carrie and Worrill up here and she took her trunk and went home.
Mond 29
Went to school and after school Betsie and I went down to Uncle Ben’s.  after supper Uncle Joe and Aunt Lib, Alvardo and John ____ _____ ____ ____ get their ____.
Went up the school and after school Betsie came home with me.  Yesterday Mr. Manners was up to John’s but left the organ.
Wed 31st
 Stayed at home from school and helped Pa clean up some wheat.  Studied my lessons a little.  Carrie came over and Pa paid her all up for her work.  She is going to start to Orwell in the morning.  It set in and rained so Pa took her home.

October the 1
I stayed at home and studied.  Pa drawed off a load of wheat.  Went with Johnses horses.
Sund 3rd
Started to go to Waverly with Russell’s, but gave it up when I got down there.  Pa went on.  When I got home, found out Melinda Jesse Polly and their children were here.  Joe came after Aunt just before night.
Sund 4th
Lib and I got up and got breakfast and got the cows milked.  About 10 o’clock we had hardly got the work done when Uncle Moses and Charlie Lawrence came.  Also, Levi and Betsie came from Uncle Moses’s, stayed until nearly sundown.
Mond 5th
Went to school.  Levi and Lovill came over with separate carriages and took Jess Polk and the children.  Pa and Hayes went to Nichols to see a team that Pa thought of buying, but when they got there, there was no horses to be found.
Tues 6
Went to school.  Hayes and Haselton came and worked on the house.  Had a call from Issac Baldwin and wife.
Wed 7th
Went to school.  Hayes and Haselton finished shingling all but the piazza(?).
Stayed at home and helped Ma can the peaches and peal some to dry.
Went to school.  When I came home, stopped at Mrs. Maslain’s and borrowed a for a glass canner (sic).  Got home and found Ma had gone over to Haselton’s.  Went a foot.  After a while Pa went after her but she had started across the field.  She got home first.  In the evening Johnson and his wife and Mrs. Courtright came up and made a visit.

Oct Sat 10th
Got up.  Helped get breakfast, helped milk as usual.  Then I went out to help Pa draw corn with our new oxen.  I had to stand at their heads and start them up when required, but as it was the first time that I was ever near oxen and of course I was afraid of their horns.  So when it was time to draw on I started and run and the oxen followed me.  Pa bought them of Noah Washborn yesterday. Paid $130.
Sund 11
Pa, Lib and I went to church a foot.  There was no meeting at the Methodist Church it being quarterly meeting.  We intended to went back, but gave it up.
Monday 12
 Pa, S. B. Carmer and Mr. McDowel went to survey a piece of land that Pa bought of McDowl.  There was 27 acres and he paid 11 dollars an acre.  When he got home we went over to Waverly with a tub of butter.  I got me a black alapoca (sic) dress and 7 yards of muslin, a hat and several other articles.  There was a torchlight procession and speaking going to be at Athens so we went down.  Had a grand time.  I have not heard how many there were there.  The Republicans had their meeting at the Accademia Green and the Copperheads held theirs at Pike’s Hotel.  There was three or four brass bands.  We got home at 12 o’clock.  It is so near election that every means is used to rouse the people on both sides.
13 State Election
Today is State Election in Penna.  The senators they have put up os U. Mureur and V. Pilet, the latter is a Copperhead.  Pa went early this morning and Ma went over to Uncle Heman’s and I received a letter and a music book from Owen Foster.
I did not go to school but studied at home and practiced out of my new book.  Also, heard that Penna went a good majority Republican.  Also, Ohio and Indiana went Republican.
Thurs 15
Did not do much of anything but practice and ______.
Friday 16
Today Haselton and Hayes came and finished shingling the house.  Also, Harrie Washburn helped Pa husk corn and dig potatoes.  Took my dress over to Haselton’s.
Oct Sat 17th
Helped Pa draw pumpkins and mowed away a lot of stalks and gathered the apples.  Lib and I gathered the tomatoes.  Jesse Polly Aunt Rhoda and Lovina came over and stayed the afternoon.  Also, we got up this morning and found the ground all white with snow and it was still snowing.  We have not had but two frosts before this and they did not kill the vines or anything else, but now it is freezing all the time.
Sund 18
Aunt Roda stayed with Ma and Lib and I went to church.
Mon 19
Went over to Hanna’s & Hayes took us over to the teacher’s examination.  There was 10 teachers all of whom got certificates.  We stopped at the store and traded a little, then we came on home a foot.
Tuesd 20
Looked all day for Mr & Mrs. Johnson and all the rest of the folks, but they all went up to Uncle Harrison’s.  Hiram Ellis commenced work yesterday, is to work 9 months.
Wedns 21
Got the work all done up early and about 9 o’clock our visitors began to arrive.  There was Mr and Mrs Johnson, Uncle Heman, Aunt Melinda, Loville, George and Mary, Henry and Lovina, Uncle Will, Aunt Juelitte, and Mary and Frank and Aunt Rhoda.  They all stayed except Uncle Will’s family, Henry’s family and George and Mary.  It was quite rainy all day, but it did not prevent them from all going out on the yard to swing before dinner.
Thurds 22
This morning it was cold and freezing with some rain.  There is a great Republican Meeting to be held at Owego.  Ben Ball and Issac Baldwin came around and stopped for Pa, so he eat his breakfast and went with them.  About 10 o’clock Jesse & Polly came here.  They had started for Catlin Hill but it rained so hard they put up here.  Pa and George got home at half past 3 in the morning.  They stayed to the torchlight procession.  They had a grand time, but a tedious one.  Tomorrow they are to have a Democratic meeting also at Owego.  The Rep. Speakers was _____.
Oct Frid 23rd
 It is clear and frozen hard.  Jess & Polly started early this morning, so did all the rest.  It leaves us all alone and we feel rather lonely (night).  This afternoon Dell George and Lottie came a visiting.  Also just at dark Jim Drake, Henriettie, Alwilda and Mary Rogers came over and spent the evening.  I did not enjoy their company very much for I had the headache and was tired out.  Mary and Lott stayed all night.
Sat 24
Pa went to Waverly and Lot and I went down to Uncle Joe’s and stayed until he got back.  Lott was going from there to Mr. Drew’s.  We had just got home when Flora Snover come in.  She had ____ the road and was quite tired out.
Sund 25
Pa and Ma and Rosa went to church and us girls stayed at home intending to go in the afternoon but it began to rain and only slacked enough for us to milk.  After supper we all went down to Johnson’s a little while.  Mary had just come from Nichols.
Mond 26
Flora went home and I went as far as H~.  Did not stay long.  Came home and helped mow away corn stalks.  Just before sundown Frank & Willie Demerest called a few minutes.  She is getting up a lottery club.  Ma signed for one ticket.
Tues 27
Today Lib was here and I done the work.
Wednes 28
Ma & Mrs. Woolhiser made me a visit.  Pa gave them an order for Emma for 12 dollars.  Also, paid them for shaving shingles which makes them square in the world again.  I went out to Haselton’s to have my dress measured.
Thurs 29
This morning Pa went bright and early after some hands to thrash buckwheat, it being the first good day for thrashing in a number of weeks.  He got Tommy Park and John Rogers and Hiram.  Tommy and I drawed and the rest threshed.
Frid 30
It has been another nice day.  Russell, Tommy and Hiram and John threshed and Tommy and I drawed.  Got through just before dark.
Oct Sat 31
It has been cloudy with high wind.  Pa and Hiram brought the last of the potatoes in the cellar.  Ma begins to complain of the lungs again.  Evening - Pa went to Nichols and sold his buckwheat for 0.95 cents.  It commenced raining this afternoon and has rained steady.

November Sund 1
Got up and found the ground covered with snow and also it was raining at 2 o’clock.  It cleared off just before sundown.  Lib started out to swing and had just got out when she looked up and saw George Brink and Elmer Demerest come up to the gate and she started and run in the house and did not stop until she had got there.  They wanted her and I to go to a party at Late Carmer’s (transcriber’s note: Layton Carmer?) On Tuesday evening.  She agreed to go with George.  Pa went down to Johnses, came home and said Martha Barton was dead.  She died about 6 o’clock pm - is to be buried Tuesday.
Mond 2
Helped to clean up buckwheat.  We had 153 bushels on 4 ½ acres.
Tues 3
 Lib and I done up the work and went over to the funeral at 2 o’clock.  Today is presidential election.  The president and vice president on the Republican party is Grant and Colfax.  On the Democrat, Seymour and Blair.  It is a very trying time.  They have worked for it on both sides.  Tonight they intend to have at Late Carmer’s.  Lib is going with George Brink.
Wendes 4
Last night about 8 o’clock the party had come back, they stayed a little while and swung and then went home.  There was George, Henry & Dell Brink and Alice Murphy.  They think of having another on Friday.  (It was Wednesday that Betsie came up.)
Thurs 5
Today Lib and I went to cleaning house.  We cleaned the parlor and sitting room.  Fred came over and stayed all night.  Finished cleaning and putting down the carpets first before dark.  Fred came over to have me go home with him to stay a week.
Frid 6
Got ready and went home with him.  Called at Haselton’s and at Uncle Joe’s.  Lib was at Uncle Joe’s and went home with us.  Got to Uncle Ira’s and found everything in perfect order.  IN the afternoon Adbertine came up and stayed until after evening tea.  We all went down to Uncle John’s and came home about 11 o’clock and Aunt Myra got tea for us after we got back.
Sat Oct 7
Got ready & went down to Uncle John’s and Jonnie took us up to Mrs. Newland’s.  we stayed there until after dinner and then we went down to Dan Park’s.  on our way we called at Mr. Joel Park’s a few minutes.  Stayed at Dan’s the afternoon and then Fred came along with the horse and carriage and we went to Owego.  Lib got on the cars and got there about 10 minutes before we did.  We then took her and went up the creek about 2 miles to Mr. Horton’s.  They had company.
Sund 8
Stayed at Mr. Horton’s part of the day and then went up to Charles Horton’s about 4 miles up on the hill.  We met them on the road but they turned back and came after us.  It commenced raining soon after we went and got there and did not slack up until morning.  I had a very good visit at both places.
Mon 9
Started early for Barton.  Came over the hill down to Pike’s Creek.  Got home about 10 o’clock.  After dinner Nare and I went up to Mr. Harding’s.  Got back and Lib had just got home from Owego.
Tues 10
We stayed at home all day and in the evening we went to a party at Mr. Willises.  It commenced raining soon after we started from home, and it rained steady all night.  The whole company stayed until morning.
Wed 11
Stayed at home and helped Aunt A~ get Fred’s clothes ready for him to go west.  Last night the river same up over the flats and the tresses.
Thurs 12
Helped around the house and after dinner went to Waverly with Fred.  We got home just in time to eat our supper and get ready for the party at Barton.  We all went in a load together.  Had a very pleasant time.  Had a nice supper and fine music.  Goodall and Wright played.  We got home about half past 4 and went to bed and slept a little while.
Fri 13
 I then put my clothes in my satchel, and Fred came with one.  We came around by the Smithboro bridge and called at Dan Park’s a little while and ate some dinner then we came on towards home.  Came around by Uncle Ben’s.  They wanted me to stop there and stay all night as they expected company and wanted me to play.  We came on home and found them all well and glad to see me at home again.
November Sat 14
Got up very early to see the meteoric lights.  They flew quite fast.  After breakfast, Fred started for home.  He expects to start for the far west next Monday to seek his fortune.  I painted the stoop and helped do some baking and the rest of the time I moped around and did not do much of anything.  (Last night Fred helped us make sausage.)
Sund 15
Lib went home to stay a week.  Aunt Rhoda went over to Uncle Heman’s.  She stayed with Ma while I was gone to Barton also.
Mond 16
Commenced doing the work alone.  About 11 o’clock, along came Carrie.  She had no place to work and so had come to take Lib’s place.  Offered to work for 50 cents a week.  Tonight is singing school.  I wanted Pa to take us over, but he had to go away, so we stayed at home.  This afternoon, Carrie and I went over to Haselton’s a few minutes.  They was just finishing cleaning house.
Tues 17
Pa went down on the follow to work.  Hiram finished plowing the corn field and Carrie went home.  Heard this afternoon that there was an accident that happened at singing school after it was out and they were all going home.  Emerson Campbelle came on a horse riding very fast and ran over one of Ulyses Munns little boys.  He was just alive about 2 o’clock.  They went to take him with a warrant.
Wed 18
It has rained nearly all day with some snow.  I did a washing.  Hiram was over to the Center this afternoon and heard that the little boy that was hurt was some better.  He did not work today but went in search of a pig.
Pa and Hiram went early down to the follow to work and took their dinners with them, so I went in for a day’s work.  I rinsed and hung up the clothes, mopped the floor, baked bread, pies and cakes, cleaned, made the bed, swept and did numerous other chores.  Sara and Frank McKinney were here for a while.  Sara wanted an order for her owing.
Fri November 20
Pa and Hiram went down to the follow to work but in a little while High came back, filled his tobacco bet and started for home or some other place.  When Pa came up at night he said he started off without saying one word to him.  Lovilla started to Michigan.
Pa went down on the follow, worked until noon, then he came up and stayed at home nearly all the afternoon.  He then went over to Center to get his saw set.  It has snowed nearly all afternoon.  It has melted as soon as it fell.  The ground is getting quite white now and I mopped and finished my ironing, baked some more pies, and done the Saturday’s work, generally.
Sund 22
 Got up quite late and did up the work.  Pa got up the horse and started after Lib and had just started when Uncle Heman and Aunt Malinda and Aunt Rhoda came up so he came back and stayed.  After a while they started again, got back just after dinner.
Mon 23
Killed the other hog, made calculation on going to singing school, but finally gave it up and went to milk.  Cobe Rogers came up and said they were all going over in a big wagon and we could go along if we wished to.  So we got ready and they came up.  There was Mary Woolhouse, Mary Rogers, Taylor and Cobe.  We had a very pleasant time.  It was very light and not very cold when we came back.  We called at John Rogers and he played us a few tunes.
Tues 24
Lib and I did up the work.  This forenoon Sara McKinney came again for an order.  Pa was down on the follow so she had to go down there.  Hiram finished work today.  They settled up and found due Hiram$9.56.  Also, Pa hired Edwin Lurcock to work.  Also I caught up on reading Mr. Abbott’s Summer Tour of Scotland, his visits to Ben Leonard, Ben Nue’s and other mountains.  Loch Linkel & Lon Leonard, his description of the country, the inhabitants.
November Wed 25
Lib and I did up the work and built a fire in the Arch house and filled the kettle for to put on the back.  Amelia Tubhill and her father were here to get an order for her teaching.  They had to go where he was on the follow.  About noon, Lib and I took Pa’s dinner down to him.  We then went up on one end of the follow and went to picking winter green berries and we got just five quarts.  I never saw so many in one lot before.  The ground was perfectly red with them.  Today Henry McCartney and Libby Edsall are to be married at 5 o’clock.  They are to start at 7 o’clock for New York.
Thursd 26
Got up and found it raining.  Rather a poor sight for Thanksgiving.  Lib made sausage, and I helped Aunt Rhoda make Ma’s new dress.  Just before 9 o’clock Baron Hadlock and Eliza Merrill came in.  She hired out for the Center school for 20$ a month.  While I was over to Barton, Mr. Manners came and got Mary’s organ.  I also I heard yesterday that the folks that started for the west have returned.
Frid 27
Got the work all done up before 9 o’clock and got ready and went down to Russell’s and Mrs. Maslain’s.  Came back and went to sewing.  In the afternoon Hanna came over and brought my black dress.  She took it back to fix over.  Pa and Cobe Rogers worked on the follow.  We have had a number of beautiful days this fall, but it has not been pleasant as last fall was.
Sat 28
Got the work done up early and went to sewing.  It has snowed all day.  I read a chapter of Cochranes Tailes in Russia and Siberia.
Sund 29
It still snows by spells.  Alvardo came up and stayed a bit while he said Uncle Joe had gone back to Michigan again, did not stay at home but three days.  Just before night Sara and Myra Park came over, stayed just a few minutes.
Mond 30
Lib washed and I sewed on Pa’s shirt.  Evening - we went to singing school with John’s folks in the lumber wagon.  There was over ten tickets sold last night.  The school will be very full.

Tuesd December 1st
 Today is my 18th birthday.  It does not seem possible that I am so old.  It does not seem to look back but a few months ago that I was a small girl with not a thought or a care, but one continued round of gaiety.  This morning it was quite pleasant and Pa and Ma started for Waverly.  There were going to have their picture taken, but it has been snowing steady every since (sic) they started.  Mrs. Maslain came up and I gave her her order that Pa was keeping for her.
Wed 2nd
Got up and done up the chores.  It has stopped snowing, but is quite cold.  Pa and Ma got home by 11 o’clock.  They stayed at Aunt Marie’s.  They both had their pictures taken.  They called at Rowan Merrill’s a few minutes.  Jane was very low, but they thought she would get better.  She had been sick nearly three weeks.  Pa got me a new calico dress at Park’s, a birthday present, he says.
Thursd 3rd
Pa worked on the follow, I did the chores and sewed on Pa’s pants.  Ma and Lib baked pies and cake.  In the evening, Horace and Neal Sanders and a Miss Gleason came over.  She taught the Cotton School this fall and was after an order to be paid and she went over with Horace to Rowan Merrill’s to draw her money.  Neal stayed here until they came back.  They came from Rowan’s and stayed the evening.
Frid 4th
Got up and got breakfast and done up the chores and the rest of the work.  About 11 o’clock, Libbie, Hannah, and Dell Park came up and stayed the afternoon.  Lib laid a bed nearly all day, said she was sick.  We looked after John and Henry all night.  They sent word they were coming.  Sure enough, they did come after all and a little while after they came Edwin Lurcock and Little Mary came up.  They stayed until 1 o’clock.  After they talked, the snow was three inches deep and it was still snowing.
Saturd 5
It has snowed all day.  Pa got up and got ready and went to Nichols, found not very good sleighing.  I went and called at Mrs. Life’s, stayed an hour, went up to the store and came home, made some perchiew.  Pa went up to Mrs. McDowel’s and payed him $100 on the land.  He has $144 yet to pay him.  We got home after dark and had all the chores to do.
Sund 6th
Pa and Ma and Aunt Rhoda went down to Uncle Joe’s a visiting.  It has been quite mild today.  They had not been there long before Uncle Moses and his family and Allen Vangorder and Sara came down.  They had a very good visit but broke down before they got home.  The brace in the fills broke off and they had to fix it up with the leather.
Mond 7th
Today is Pa’s birthday.  He is 40 years old.  I’d promised him a birthday dinner, but there was no one here to kill the chickens.  We did not have anything more than common.  It has been very cold and blustery.  The rest of the time you could not see through to the barn.  The thermometer stood at 2 degrees.  Edwin Lurcock commenced working splitting wood in the wood house half the day.  He went home with headache or something else.
Tuuesd 8
It has been more blustering than it was yesterday.  Pa drawed wood from Russell’s follow in the forenoon and then he broke the tongue out of the sleigh.  The snow is 20 inches deep.
Wednes 9
 Today is Aunt Rhoda’s birthday.  She is 45 years old.  Edd came on early and they drawed logs with the oxen to the mill.  It has not be a blustering, but has been quite cold.  Pa did not come up until after dark, but I had the chores all done.  We had the chicken pie for Aunt Rhoda’s birthday.
Thurs 10th
Pa wend down to work but Edd did not come on and so he quit without an excuse whatsoever except that he did not want to work in the cold.  Little John helped him.  The thermometer stood at 8 degrees.  It has been very clear and very cold.
Frid 11
Cobe Rogers helped Pa draw logs.  I went down to Johnsons to see if any of them were going to Athens that Aunt Rhoda could ride with them as far as Uncle Heman’s.  They said they were going the next day.
Saturd 12
We got up and did the work and Lib and I went out to milk.  Got through just before sunrise, then Aunt Rhoda and Lib got ready to go.  Lib was going home.  They sat around until 11 o’clock and looked out and saw Pa coming up from the follow with a horse.  He had just traded his oxen with one of the Lee boys for the horse.  Well he said that Little John had given up going, and so Pa said he would take Aunt R~ over to the other side of the hill.  Lib was determined to go home and come back the next day, but Pa concluded she might go home to stay, so they settled up and he took her home.  Her mother was sick and was glad to have her come home.
Sund 13
Pa harnessed up the new horse and we went to the ME meeting.  There was a large congregation and we heard a very good discourse.  After church we went down to Mrs. Demerest after our flannel that we won in the lottery.
Mond 14
Pa went to Waverly and Ma went as far as Uncle Heman’s.  They brought the new sleigh from Hiram Rogers.  The new horse went very well.  Pa got some new horse blankets.
Tuesd 15
Pa hired Cobe to work a month.  They went to the Center to get the canida mink (sic) shod.  They met a man on his way here to trade horses.  They came up and they let Lillie go for one of his horses, paid $25 for both.  I got a letter from Michigan No 1st.
Wednes 16
Pa and Cobe drawed logs to the mill and was well pleased with the new horse.  I done the washing and also done the chores.  There was a party over to Tip Carmers last night.
Thurs 17
It has been quite warm and mild.  The thermometer stood at 40, but just before sundown it began to get cold.  Old Mr. Bayla, poor old man.  He has no home to go to in the cold winter nights.  I went all over the house with broom and duster and straightened it all up while it was warm.
Friday 18
It has been cold and blustering today, quite different than yesterday.  They worked on the follow.
Saturd 19
It has been clear and cold all day.  The sun has shown all day.  The forenoon Betsie Bixby and Emma Woolheiser came.  They rode over with Henry Morse and family.  Henry was going over to Wrygins’es ______ and Lovine and Mary went over to Pastor Brown’s.  Pa gave an order to the girls and also one to Mrs. Lizzie Walling.  Pa and Cobe went to the Center, and this afternoon Cobe went home.  This evening Rowan Henry came over to trade horses, his horse for old Fan.  They did not trade.
Sun December 20
 It has been south wind and thawed all day.  It is the first we have had.  We did not go to church today, so I have practiced out of our new singing book.  This evening, Pa went down to Johnson’s after Cobe.  While he was gone, Allen Vangorder and Sara came.  They spent the evening.  Also, I answered Neal’s letter and Fred’s.
Mond 21
Pa and Cobe drawed logs and a load of wood.  Mr. Vangorder and Eliza came to see Pa and had to go down to the follow.  He wanted an order.  Also, Lib came with one of Brants boys for her trunk, stayed until afternoon.  Pa came up early and fed the horse.  We went to singing school.  The house was crowded and they keep singing every night.  Mr. Towner said last night he wished the committee would not sell any more tickets.  It was excellent playing and good bright moon light.
Tuesd 22
I baked some pies and cookies and done the chores and work as usual.  Pa and Cobe worked on the follow.
Wedn 23
Baked nine more pies and a pan of fruit cakes and a pan of tart crusts.
Thurs 24
Pa and Channery Neaves went to Nichols.  Cobe went home to spend Christmas.  It was so cold they could not work.  The thermometer has stood at 3 degrees this morning and went up to 8 about noon, and fell down to 2 before dusk.  It is the coldest day that we have had yet.  I have washed and mopped and got things ready for morn.
Friday the 25 Christmas
It has been more mild today.  Uncle Ben and Aunt Mary and their two youngest children came up, stayed all day.  This is Rosa’s first experience in Christmas which was quite merry for her.  Channery made her a little cradle for her dolls.
Saturd 26
I mopped and I ironed and baked bread.  Ma baked some snaps.  Pa was sick and laid in a bed.  Cobe drawed wood from Russell’s and Channery did the chores.
Sund 27
We did not go to church today.  It was clear and cold.  John Neaves came here the forenoon and borrowed the cutter and a harness to go over after his trunk over to Factoryville.  He is going to Laird Ball’s to work.  Carrie is at work there also.
Mond 28
Pa and Cobe drawed logs to the mill and I did some baking.  Went down to Betsie Jane’s to borrow some salastins (?).  Martha and Anna came home with me and stayed until night.  Pa and I went to singing school.  It was excellent sleighing and it was as light as day and not very cold.  The church was crowed nearly full.  I lost my Narda (?) in the church and had to come home without it.
Tuesd 29
Pa and Cobe worked on the follow and just before night they came up and Pa took Ma down to see Mary Ann.  She is very sick.  Pa soon came back and went down to Nichols after the doctor.  Cobe went with him.  They bought a new lantern and Pa a new pair of boots.
Wednes 30
Done up the work, baked some fruit cake and practiced.  Also, there was a party at S. B. Carmer’s.  I done a large washing.  The day was long.
 Thurs 31
I mopped the floors and washed the windows, got dinner past before noon.  Mrs. Smith Barnnum came and stayed the rest of the day.  In the evening, Smith came up after her and they stayed the evening.  So ends the old year with a watch meeting at the Methodist Church for the first time since I can remember.
Julia's 1869 Diary

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