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1947 Diary - Carrie McCONNELL Beardslee of Sullivan Township 
Diary of Carrie McCONNELL Beardslee
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1947
Transcribed by Joyce M. Tice

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1947 - Carrie McCONNELL  Beardslee
Age 60
of Sullivan Township

January 5, 1947 -  Went to church. Not many there. Lee Tice set up another stove. Church nice & warm. Had supper at Bette’s.

January 6, 1947 - Mon.- Packed hatching eggs. Weather cold. Shirley brought her new vac. cleaner &cleaned furniture.

January 7, 1947 - Tues.- Cold to-day. Went up to Frank’s a little while. Joan & Paige gone to Wellsoboro to a basketball game.

January 8, 1947 - Wed.- Things quiet. Still cold. I like my cooker  fine. Have had it a year now.  Moved some things  up this P.M.

January 9, 1947- Thur.- W.S.C.S. Meeting at Mildred Bryant’s. Roads icy. Not many there. A dinner meeting. Sewed rag rugs.

January 10, 1946 - Fri.- Clarice stayed with me while her parents wnt to Mansfield. Ordered  flowers.Sent to Loretta’s father’s funeral.

January 11, 1947 - Sat. - Weather milder &sunny. Pomeroy’s sale this P.M. Frank’s folks came to dinner. Loretta’s father’s funeral.

January 12, 1947 -Sun.-  Joan &I went to church. Smiths here to dinner. Had installation W.S.C.S. officers. A nice service.

 January 13, 1947 - Mon.- Not much going on. Jim wants the main farm listed with an agency.

January 14, 1947 - Finished income tax return. Due to Joan as a dependent did not have to pay.

January 15, 1947 - Did not get to Elmira to District Missionary Meeting. Planned to go. Ken taken sick in night so I couldn’t.

January 16, 1947 - Thur.- Went to Mansfield. Shirley brought a picture of Clarice &Harlo. Ken operated on for appendicitis in Wellsboro.

January 17, 1947 - Fri.- Joan gone to Basket Ball game. Went to Wellsboro to see Ken. He is coming pretty well. Also saw Ella Smith. She is coming but is quite miserable.

January 18, 1947 - Sat.- Frank and Mollie went to Wellsboro. Kids stayed here. Harlo did too. SMiths gone to the movie this evening. Harlo here.

January 19. 1947 - Sun,- Joan and I went to church. Shores visited Bette. Paige through school. In evening I went to Jeanette’s shower.

January 20, 1947 - Mon.- Went to Troy. Got 2 white shag rugs. Also listed the farm with Young. Bette got a new permanent.

January 21, 1947 - Tues.- Cold & blizzardy. Hatching egg market way off. Red hens way off. Tear disease. Ella Smith much better.

January  22, 1947 - Wed.- Nearly zero to-day. Smiths went to Elmira. Harlo stayed with me. Fred installed a heater in the truck.

January 23, 1947 - Thurs.- Roland got a new milker. My leg bothers a lot. Myrtle went to Elmira to see about a right of way.

January 24, 1947 - Friday - Went to Mansfield. A poster contest on at church on Stewardship. Trying to plan some work for W.S.C.S.

January 25, 1947 - Sat.- Went calling up the road on W.S.C.S. business. Also called at the minister’s.

January 26, 1947 -  Joan, Bette & I went to church. Jim & Lois came down. I started getting a sweet cold.

January 27, 1947 - Mon.- Went to Troy to  list farm with Young. Didn’t do it. Cold bad. Bette & Paige gone to LeRaysville to see about job.

January 28, 1947 - Had executive meeting of W.S.C.S. board at Doris Ripley’s. Paige did not get job. Pres. daughter did.

January 29, 1947 - Wed.- Ken here all day to-day. Shirley & children down with Roland.

January 30, 1947 - Thurs.- Raining hard to-nite. Bette & Paige went to Ulysses for a job. Did not take it. Not enough money. Warm here.

January 31, 1947 - Fri.- Went to Mansfield. I still like the MirroMatic. Started to Ithaca with the milk house for Jim a garden house.

 February 1, 1947 - Sat.- Smiths and young Beardslee’s here to dinner. Weather rather mild. No frost in ground.

February 2, 1947 - Sun.- Joan & I went to church. Shirley brought Harlo to Sunday School for the first time. He was good. Old bear saw shadow.

February 3, 1947 - Mon.- Shirley had a birthday dinner for Roland at night. Included Paige and Frank as their birthdays are near.

February 4, 1947 - Tues.- A bad snow storm to-day. Now getting colder. Ken helped Frank set up his brooder stoves. Ken came back to work.

February 5, 1947 - Wed.- Sent two cases eggs to G.L.F. Rest hatching eggs. Elrena Hart spent the night with Joan. Very cold.

February 6, 1947 - Thur.- A  load of coal from Lee. Henry went down to call on Ella Smith. She is coming along kind of slow.  Weather moderating.

February 7, 1947 -Friday-  Kept Clarice while her folks went to Mansfield. She slept most of time. Weather more moderate.

February 8, 1947 - Sat.-Went to Mansfield and had dinner at Luskey’s. Frank’s folks cancelled the lino order. Cold windy weather.

February 9, 1947 - Sun.- Joan &I went to church. Went at 3 o’clock to Fred Astaire and Bing Croasby in Blue Skies. very good. Bette & Joan went too.

February 10, 1947 -Mon. -  Harlo sick with stomach upset. Carolyn has a new rocking chair. She rocks her baby & talks quite a lot.

February 11, 1947 - Tues.- Joan & I went to grange at Warren Nash’s. Shirley7 sick too. Took some hens for Frank to Botnicks. 40.

February 12, 1947 - Wed. - Jim’s folks & Frank Smith and wife called on way south for vacation.

February 13, 1947 - Thur.- W.S.C.S. meeting at Doris Williams in Mansfield. A good attendance & a nice day. Collected things for the Winges.

February 14, 1947 - Fri.- Went to Ulster by way of East Smithfield. Came back by Towanda. Did not get the letter carrier we went for.

February 15, 1947 - Ken & Roland helped Frank move brooder house he bought of Glen Brace. Weather quite mild.

February 16, 1947 - Sun.- Went to church with Bette. In P.M. Shirley, Myrtle, Joan &I went to movie “The Jolson Story.” Lena & Fred called.

February 17, 1947 - A nice springlike day. Roland &Ken worked wood some. Sent 3 cases rock eggs, one of reds. Joan rolller skating.

February 18, 1947 - Went to Elmira and bought a new bedroom suit at Kobacker’s. Went with Shirley &Roland. Carolyn sick.

 February 19, 1947 - Wed.- Took some hens for Frank, also some rocks for myself to Botnicks. (42¢). Carolyn some better. Harlo new shoes.

February 20, 1947 - Thur.- Frank’s & Shirley’s folks here to dinner. Cut off a lot of cows horns. Beginning to snow. My new bedroom suit came.

February 21, 1947- Fri.- Shirley went to dentist. Had tooth pulled. Joan & Paige gone to basketball game. Getting cold. Carolyn still sick.

February 22, 1947 - Sat.-  Carolyn’s hands & lip swelled. We lay it to some blackberry juice which is a new food. Very windy.

February 23, 1947 - Sun.- Layman’s Sunday but Lynn was sick. Went to church with Joan & Bette. Road not to good but wind gone down.

February 24, 1947 - Mon.- Went to Mansfield.Got new front tires for truck. Weather cold.  Rock hens not doing so well.

February 25, 1947 - Tues.- Harlo stayed here while Shirley & Roland went to TenEyck sale. Cold & Windy. Not much doing.

February 26, 1947 - Wed.- Still cold & windy. Went to the Senior benefit movie, “Claudia & David.” Hope they make money.

February 27, 1947 - Thur.- Not much doing. Day dull. Sewed some rug rags.

February 28, 1947 - Friday - Went to Troy. Ate at Wm. Penn. Not much to eat.

March 1, 1947 - Sat.- Joan went to Elmira with Bette & Paige & got her watch. Started snowing. Shirley & family down for dinner.

March 2, 1947 - Sun.- Joan & I went to church. Not many there. To much snow. Still snowing.

March 3, 1947 - A dreadful snow storm and wind. Bungy school closed. High school bus coudn’t get here.

March 4, 1947 - Tues. - Cleared the road but wind still blowing. Joan painted hall floor. Mail came.

March 5, 1947 - Wed.- Road finally open. Went to Mansdfield & got feed and groceries for Roland’s folkd. Did not take Mrs. Botnick any hens.

March 6, 1947 - Thur.- Took truck to Mansfield to get fenders braced. Carolyn got new shoes. Washed my bedspread and couch cover.

March 7, 1947 - Fri.- Opening Roland’s road. Not much going on.

March 8, 1947 - Frank’s folks and Roland’s ate dinner here.Wayne stayed down.

March 9, 1947 - Sun.- Joan, Bette, & i went to church. Mr. Vandervort came down. Bernard came home from Bloss Hospital. Bright &cold.

March 10, 1947 - Mon.- Paige waxed 4 floors. He did a good job. Roland’s took eggs to Mansfield. Hens sick.

 March 11, 1947 - Tues.- Ken still sick. I took Joan to Elmira to Arnot-Ogden for an interview with head nurse or Supt.

March 12, 1947 - Ken sick. Roland milked. I had to wash at milker. Getting ready for meeting tomorrow.

March 13, 1947 - Thur.- W. S. C. S. meeting here. A good attendance. Served cake with green  and jello and coffee. Not to warm.

March 14, 1947 - Fri.-  I don’t know whether tulips are up or not, but I doubt it. Cold & snow on ground. Clarice stayed with me while parents went to John Deere Day.

March 15, 1947 - Sat.- Wnet to Mansfield to get Joan vaccinated. Then Dr. Crittenden sick. paige still in Pittsburg.

March 16, 1947 - Sun.- Rather a cool day. Joan &I went to church. More there than common. Myrtle made call in P.M.

March 17, 1947 - St. Patrick’s Day. Too cold to plant peas. People had one sap run. Not good since. Joan new moccasins.

March 18, 1947 - Tues.- Dyed some rug rags. The chickens came Frank is raising for me. Power went off & raised deuce.

March 19, 1947 - Wed.- Took chickens to Mrs. Botnick. Paige came home. Saidee came out and brought me another violet.

March 20, 1947 - Thur- Roland tapped some trees for sap. Weather nice & cool.

March 21, 1947 - Friday - Just got around to wash.A nice day. Dressed 2 roosters.

March 22, 1947 - Sat- Smith’s down to dinner. Clarice’s birthday. She had a nice cake. Roland tapped more trees.

March 23. 1947 - Sun- Joan, Bette, & I went to church. Clarice sponsored bulletin. Went to “Till the Clouds Roll By.” Jim, Lois, Carroll down.

March 24, 1947 - Mon- Went up to Shirley’s and took Carolyn. Bette &Paige getting ready to move.

March 25, 1947 - Tues- Took Mrs. Botnick 32 hens at .40. Also a case of eggs.  Bette &Paige left for Pittsburg. Just awful weather. Cold &windy.

March 26, 1947 - Wed- A  telegram from Bette. They arrived O.K. Still terribly windy.

March 27, 1947 - Thur- Shirley and I went up to Frank’s. They are having bad luck with the chickens.

March 28, 1947 - Fri- Joan got herself vaccinated. Shirley &I went to Mansfield and got the kids pictures. Still cold.

March 29, 1947 -  Sat-  Cold and blustery with snow. Ken &Roland moved the water tank. Took Joan to Mansfield for a date.

March 30, 1947 - Sun.- Joan and I went to church. Mrs. Sours &Evelyn sang.  Did not hear from Bette yet.

March 31, 1947 - Mon.- Kept Shirley’s kids while she went to dentist. 3 letters from Bette, the first.

 April 1, 1947 - Tues.- Started for Troy with Henry. Wheel ran off of truck. No great damage done. Went up to see Myrtle in evening. Letter from Bette.

April 2, 1947 - Wed.- Very rainy today. Sap running some. Yesterday went to see Dr. Boyer for my leg. He said arthritis.

April 3, 1947 - Thu.- Extension meeting at basement of church with Mrs.  Haines on frozen foods. Wayne and Martha stayed with me.

April 4, 1947 - Fri.- Not much.

April 5, 1947 - Sat.- Rain and a flood.Mail didn’t come.

April 6, 1947 -  Easter Sunday - illiegible.

April 7, 1947 -  illegible.

April 8, 1947 - Tues.- Got a new cartridge for pen. Got Joan started for  Scranton. Martha &Wayne stayed with me while Frank &Mollie went to  Owego.

April 9, 1947 - Wed.- A  nice day. Joan got to Mansfield about 10 PM. Said exams not hard. She has 3 day measles.

April 10, 1947 - Thur.- W.S.C.S. meeting today at parsonage. A good crowd. New mystery sisters.

April 11, 1947 - Fri.- Blank

April 12, 1947 -  Sat.- Bernard cleaned on the dooryard . Did not get done. Never finished it. Tired of work.

April 13, 1947 - Sun.- Went to church, Joan &I. Mrs. Sours sang. Jim & Lois came to breakfast on way to Washington.

April 14, 1947 - Letter from Bette saying Paige should have diploma. Shirley & children here.

April 15, 1947 - Tues. - Blood testing cattle. Shirley took me to Troy to see Dr. Boyer. He says my teeth. Went to Mainesburg to Quarterly Conf.

April 16, 1947 - Wed.-Slipped on the floor. Now Iam so stiff. I can hardly move. Also hurts. Frank Murray started to ? the ?.

April 17, 1947 - Thur.- Did my washing &went to Mansfield. Ate dinner in Covington ?? (diner. Telegram.)
No more red eggs for hatching.

April 18, 1947 - Fri.- Went to Bloss with Mrs. Sours tp W.S.C.S. meeting. A nice meeting. Frank’s folks down in evening. Wayne stayed.

April 19, 1947 - Sat. Jim & Lois at the farm for work. Very cold. Can’t do much.

April 20, 1947 - Sun.- Joan, Wayne, &I went to church. I took a geranium & my precious violet, as it was my turn.Rainy & cold.

April 21, 1947 - Mon.- My leg really better.Went to Troy. In evening Joan & I went to movie “Margie.” Good.

 April 22, 1947 - Tues.- Wish I could get the yard cleaned this year but Roddy is in Yokahama. Joan not interested. Wayne here for night.

April 23, 1947 - Wed.- Tire flat on Ford tractor. Took it to Mansfield.

April 24, 1947 - Thur.- Took truck to Mansfield for greasing. Put Nettie Tears quilt on at Doris’. Quilted some. Got Joan a dress.

April 25, 1947 - Fri.- Smowing quite a little. Harlo has 3 day measles. Joan planning to make a cake for Bob’s birthday.

April 26, 1947 - Sat.- Went to Troy to get medicine. Norma & Joan went too. Frank & Mollie have a new car.

April 27, 1947 -  Sun.- Joan & I went to church. A very good sermon. Went to Roseville with Frank in his new car.

April 28, 1947 - Mon.- Weather windy & cool. Took hatching eggs to town. Hot water heater on bung. Waldo Bryant’s house burned.

April 29, 1947 -  Tues.- A heavy frost. Ground still wet. Started the quilt for Rose’s friend. Nellie Mudge operated on Friday. Doing well.

April 30, 1947 - Wed.- illegible.

May 1, 1947 - Thur.- Got muffler fixed in Mansfield. Visited Edna while waiting. Saw Seymours baby also Fidelia’s -?-.

May 2, 1947 - A pancake supper at the church. A big crowd. Nearly $50 in the clear. Cleaned basement in the P.M.

May 3, 1947 -  Sat.- Tired out today. Took Joan & Norma to May Day. Wayne spent week end. Martha here Sat. night.

May 4, 1947 - Sun.- Went to church. Joan, Wayne and I. Mr. Pierce of Elmira preached. A very good sermon.

May 5, 1947 - Mon.- A rainy, rainy day. Clarice stayed here while Shirley went to Mansfield.

May 6, 1947 - Tues.- Weather quite cool. Washed.

May 7, 1947 -  Wed.- Went to Troy to get medicine for my leg. Ken went to Canton and got chicken crates.

May 8, 1947 - Thur.- W.S.C.S. meeting at Anna Wood’s. Ground froze last night. Mite bags handed in.

May 9, 1947 - Thurs.- Cold today. Martha Lloyd choir ro sing Sunday at church.

May 10, 1947 - Sat.- Joan, Wayne, and I went to Louie Tickner’s shower. Went to Mansfield. Busy getting Joan ready for Washington.

May 11, 1947 - Sun.-  Mother’s Day. Bible from Bette. Chatelaine pen from Mollie. Pyrex bowls and cake from Shirley. Wash cloths from Joan. Also cards. Dog bit Martha.

May 12, 1947 -  Mon.- Moved pullets & roosters from Frank’s. Sold remiander of old roosetrs, also cull hens to Woodward. Joan started to Washington.

May 13, 1947 -Tues.- Clarice has 3 day measles. Started raining and kept it up. Went to grange. Few there.

 May 14, 1947 - Wed.- Let out young chickens. A cold disagreeable day.

May 15, 1947 - Thurs.- Got Harlo’s boots for his birthday. Joan got back to night. Also got Case’s estimate. $2575.00. Cool weather.

May 16, 1947 - Fri.- Weather some better. Nothing happened. Joan went to school.

May 17, 1947 -  Sat.- Went to Mansfield for feed. Glenn thinks estimate far too high on church. Joan shut thumb in car door.

May 18, 1947 - Sun.- Joan & I went to church. In evening went to Mainesburg to church. Grange night. Lois & Jim down.

May 19, 1947 - Mon.- Did my washing and took lawn mower to Mansfield. Had official Board meeting at church to get improvement started.

May 20, 1947 - Tues.- Carl & Ada came out. They like it in Elmira. Served meat loaf. Cleared $47.20. #

May 21, 1947 - Wed.- Went to Mansfield & got mower. Sowed oats back of hen house. Rained, just poured again. Wayne is a good boy.

May 22, 1947 - Thur.- Clarice stayed with me while her folks went to Mansfield.

May 23, 1947 -  Fri.- Went to W.S.C.S. in P.M. with Doris & Lynn at day Conference in Elmira. Called on Carl and Ada. They have a new home.

May 24, 1947 - Sat.- Went to Troy & got medicine. Called on Myrtle & Nellie Mudge. Frank went to Buffalo to bring Mollie home.

May 25, 1947 - Sun- No church. Conference. Jim & Lois called on way home. Went to band concert in the P.M. Very good.

May 26, 1947 - Mon.- Joan went to Arnot Ogden for physical. Turned young bull in pasture at Myrtle’s house. Clarice stayed here while her mother ...

May 27, 1947 - Tues - Finished sowing oats. Planted one piece of corn.

May 28, 1947 - Wed.- Planted field corn. Siadee & Myrtle went to cemetery.  I could not go. So busy.

May 29, 1947 - Thurs.- Planted a very little garden. Then rain came down in sheets. Worked on the quilt for Rose’s friend.

May 30, 1947 - Fri.- Official Board meeting. Decided to start building at church doing part of the labor themselves.

May 31, 1947 - No entry.

June 1, 1947 - Sun.- Joan & I went to church. Quartette from AUSTINVILLE sang. Very good. Went to Joan’s baccalaureate.

June  2, 1947 - Mon.- Did my washing. Bette & Carolyn came from Pittsburg on bus. Up at Shirley’s.

 June 3, 1947 - Tues.- Joan on National Honor Society. Went to Aunt Mate Beardslee’s funeral with Canedys.

June 4, 1947 - Wed.-  Joan’s graduation at high school. Very nice. Weather very cool.

June 5, 1947 - Thur.- Joan on a class picnic at Mountain Lake. Set out some more glad bulbs.

June 6, 1947 -  Fri.- Took Joan up to Shirley’s. Bette sewing on her dress.

June 7, 1947 - Sat.- Went to Mansfield. Bette got dress done. Work going on at church.

June 8, 1947 - Sun.- Went to church. Took Mildred and Rosalyn. Had birthday dinner at Mollie’s for Shirley.  Bette, and Carolyn there. Still cold.

June 9, 1947 - Mon. - Myrtle & I went to Jeannette’s graduation from college. Very nice. Got some new white shoes. Visited Carl.

June 10, 1947 - Tues.- Came down with bad cold yesterday. Miserable to day. Bette & Carolyn started back to Pittsburg yesterday.

June 11, 1947 -  Wed.- Served lunch at Lynn’s sale. Sold everything we had but a few sandwiches. Day very hot. Sowed Roland’s oats.

June 12, 1947 -  Thur.- Cleared $64.42 for building fund.

June 13, 1947 -  Fri. - Joan painting kitchen. Carl & Ada came out for eggs and a chicken.

June 14, 1947 - Sat.-  Gave some lumber for window & door casings at church. Weather cool and very rainy.

June 15, 1947 - Sun,- Joan & I went to church. A good crowd. Children’s Day in the evening. Rather nice. Weather still cool.

June 16, 1947 - Mon.- Still cool. Washed & went to Mansfield. Started trying to mow with the Ford.

June 17, 1947 - Tues.- Went to Mansfield to try to get a belt for power mower. Couldn’t. Harlo stayed here today. Haying going pretty well.

June 18, 1947 -  Wed.-   no entry.

June 19, 1947 -  Wed.- Joan painting kitchen again, but a different one.

June 20, 1947 -

June 21, 1947 - Thur.- W.S.C.S. meeting at Shirley’s. Dinner meeting with auction in afternoon. A lot of fun. About $35 from dinner & auction.

June 22, 1947 - Fri.- Sick in bed all day. A stomach upset.  Joan went to Laurel Festival.# Ruth Sours shower tongiht. I can’t go.

June 23, 1947 - Sat.- Feeling better. Shirley came down to help me out. Weather good. Men haying.

June 24, 1947 - Sun.- Joan & I went to church. Church nearly full. Perrys moving. Jim & Lois down a few minutes.
 June 25, 1947 - Mon.- Got my washing done & went to Mansfield, Joan has kitchen about done. Put 8 qts. strawberries in locker.

June 26, 1947 - Thurs.-  Joan left for Pittsburgh. Haying going on. Went to grange at night. Initiation.A  good attendance.

June 27, 1947 - Fri.- Put 4 qts. of strawberries in locker. Lonesome without Joan. Made jam.

June 28, 1947 - Sat.- Went to Troy. Shirley & kids went. Got parts for machinery. Got strainer for myself, one for Ruth Sours.

June 29, 1947 - Sun.- Went to church without Joan. Church about full. Young people’s choir  sang . In evening went to movie, “The Yearling.” Good.

June 30, 1947 - Mon.- A nice day though humid. Had to go to Elmira for parts this A.M.

July 1, 1947 - Tues. - A bad rain storm with wind. Blew off my choice blue vase & broke it. I was at Mansfield. Sent Bette’s box.

July 2, 1947 - Wed.- Got 405 new barred Rock pullets at 50¢  per lb. Weather cool.

July 3, 1947 - Thur.- Got my hair done at Ella Mae’s.

July 4, 1947 - Fri.- Queer weather. Cool and some showery. Had a picnic dinner here.  Cooked 3 heavy broilers. Made ice cream.

July 5, 1947 - Sat.- Went to Troy for parts, Mansfield for feed. Weather showery.

July 6, 1947 - Sun.- Went to church. Bertha Klinger here. Went to Frank’s in P.M. Got a pullet egg from rocks.

July 7, 1947 - Mon.- Rain, Rain. Could not wash.

July 8, 1947 - Tues.- Went to grange. Class of 11 initiated. Rained all day.

July 9, 1947 -  Wed.- Finally washed, but clothes didn’t dry. 2 pullet eggs from 2nd floor.

July 10, 1947 - Thurs.-  W.S.C.S. meeting at Erma Tice’s. A fair attendance. Planned ice cream social. One pullett egg from each floor.

July 11, 1947 -  Fri.- Shirley took Dorothy and myself to Troy to bank  W.S.C.S. money . Still raining. Baler broken. No pullet eggs today.

July 12, 1947 - Sat.- Rained hard.

July 13, 1947 - Sun.- Went to church. Ada Sahaw and a friend sang. Very good. Bertha  &Myrtle for dinner.

July 14, 1947 - Mon.- Did my washing between showers.

July 15, 1947 - Tues. -  Got 13 pullet eggs from rocks.

July 16, 1947 - Wed.-  Very busy all day. Still raining.
 July 17, 1947 - Thurs.- Got my hair done at Ella Mae’s. Mollie got new permanent. Still raining.

July 18, 1947 - Fri.-  Went to X Roads & Troy. An air plane crash in X roads. Also Byron’s nephew drowned down by Colie Fields.

July 19, 1947 - Sat.- Went to the ice cream social in Roseville. Rather cold.

July 20, 1947 - Sun.- Went to church. Phyllis Frost sang very nicely. Clarice stayed with me while Roland’s folks went for cherries.

July 21, 1947 - Mon.- Still raining some. Pitted cherries about all day. I put 13 qts in freezer. Canned 9 1/2. Also 1 qt. blueberries.

July 22, 1947 - Tues.-  Busy getting ready for ice cream social. American Ag. sent $25 for Uncle Jim. Cemented floor of kitchen.

July 23, 1947 -  Wed.- The ice cream social a money success. Cleared 4         . Goes to the building fund.

July 24, 1947 -  Thurs.-  Weather cool but didn’t ran today. Haying at Roland’s. Went to the movie “Stairway to Heaven.”  It was good.

July 25, 1947 - Fri.-  Did not rain.

July 26, 1947 - Sat.- Did not rain. Sold 70 red hens to W... Robbins.

July 27, 1947 -  Sun.- Went to church. Shirley and Roland on a picnic with Smiths and Shermans.

July 28, 1947 - Mon.-  Sold the hens in coop here to G.L.F. Terry’s Drug Store out of cartridges for pen.

July 29, 1947 - Tues.-  Put 2 qts. red berries in freezer. Gor 10 qts. of blue berries of . Got 60 pullet eggs.

July 30, 1947 - Wed.-  Laura Shaw just told me Kathleen was operated on for appendicitis this morning. Frank Allen died last night.

July 31, 1947 -  Thurs.- Got my hair done. Roland’s finished haying yesterday. Too wet to combine much. Basket of cherries cost $2.80.

August 1, 1947 - Fri.- Ruth Sour’s wedding this P.M. Kids stayed here . Combined some of Frank’s wheat. I canned 3 qts. peas.

August 2, 1947 - Sat.- Went to Frank Allen’s funeral. Beautiful flowers. Got Henry a new hat.  Canned 3 1/2 qts. beans. 2 qts. in locker.

August 3, 1947 - Sun.- Went to church by myself. A fair crowd.

August 4, 1947 - Mon.-  Martha’s birthday again. Got a dress this time. Canned some string beans. Got starter fixed on truvk.

August 5, 1947 - Tues.- Canned some more beans. Got 103 pullet eggs. Wayne and Martha here. Combining wheat.

August 6, 1947 -  Wed.- Got wheat done. About 500 bu. nice, clean, white wheat. Very hot. Red pullets laying some.
 August 7, 1947 - Thur.- Got my dress from Mrs. Dandois. Sleeves not just right.

August 8, 1947 -  Fri.- Mollie got her hair done. Kids stayed here.

August 9, 1947 - Sat.- Got a “Cold Wave” at Ella Mae’s. Rained very hard.

August 10, 1947 - Sun.- Went to Elmira to hear young Jim preach. A good sermon. Had picnic dinner at Carl’s afterwards. Joan came home at nite.

August 11, 1947  -  Mon.- Did my washing. Combining straw. 139 pullet eggs. Joan gone to M.Y.F. picnic. Very hot.

August 12, 1947 - Tues.- Went to Grange. Few there. Too busy.

August 13, 1947 - Wed.- Went to Troy to get some bonds to get money for Joan. She got an alarm clock.

August 14, 1947 -  Thur.- Went to Troy again. Got the deed of Roblyer place. W.S.C.S. meeting at church in P.M.  Cream doughnuts for tea. Bardens plastering basement.

August 15, 1947 -   Friday - Tied a quilt at W.S.C.S. meeting for New York lady. I came down with either hay fever or cold. Don’t know which.

August 16, 1947 - Sat.- Cleaning hen coop. A terrible smell. Bardens finished plastering new addition.

August 17, 1947 - Sun.- Joan & I went to church. Maurice Rumsey’s wife sang and her little girl. Wayne finished bible school.

August 18, 1947 - Mon.- Weather very humid. Combined oats Sat. but too wet today. 167 pullet eggs from rocks.

August 19, 1947 - Tues.- Took 25 young rooster culls to Mrs. Botnick (32¢). Combined a few oats. Then rained.

August 20, 1947 - Wed.- 3 cases of eggs this week. Pullets not 4 mo. old.

August 21, 1947 - Thur.- Rained about all day. Ken & Roland worked at getting hen house ready for red pullets.

August 22, 1947 - Fri.- Put in red pullets. 300 each on bottom and middle 225 on top. 825 in all. Joan got hair cut.

August 23, 1947 - Sat.-  no entry.

August 24, 1947 - Sun.-  Went to church. No Sunday School. Martha with me all day. Church at Rutland Hill.

August 25, 1947 - Mon.- Washed & got dinner. Went black berrying down in pasture. Too much of a walk for my leg.

August 26, 1947 - Tues.- Went to Elmira to get bags for oats. Jim had left them at Card’s. Saidee visiting on Long Island.

August 27, 1947 - Wed.- Cool weather. Seems good. Ice cream social at church. A good crowd. ($36.24) New church furnace here.

August 28, 1947 - Thur.- Clarice stayed with me while her folks and Joan went to Mansfield fair. Not much there. Combining oats.

 August 29, 1947 - Fri.- Broke combine. Canned 4 qts of blackberries. Also 3 1/2 qts. pickles, 6 1/2 qts. corn.

August30, 1947 - Sat.- Not much doing. Joan went with Welches to fireworks.

August 31, 1947 - Sun.- Had a picnic at Eldridge Park. Myrtle went too. Kids enjoyed riding on things.

September 1, 1947 - Mon.- Did my washing. Carroll, Jim & Lois were down. Carroll quite a young lady.

September 2, 1947 - Tues.- A  short in floor plug caused a fire in plug. I was right there & smothered it with salt. Lucky.

September 3, 1947 -  Wed.- Sent 4 cases eggs. Mollie canned 14 qts. corn here. Turned lights on rock hens. Joan gave porch 2nd coat.

September 4, 1947 -  no entry.

September 5, 1947 - Fri.- Took 18 qt. packages of corn to the locker. 6 for each of us. Shirley & Mollie packed it.

September 6, 1947 - Sat.-  no entry.

September 7, 1947 - Sun.- Went to church. Carroll down with her 2 friends. Also Jeanette & Kathleen. Went to the movie, “The Hucksters.”

September 8, 1947 - Mon.-  Took Joan to the Hospital. # The home is very nice. Hope she likes it. Very hot. Clarice got very tired.

September 9, 1947 - Tues. Frank went to Ithaca after the little tractor for Jim. Canned 20 qts. of tomatoes. Hope I get more.

September 10, 1947 - Wed.- Sent 5 cases eggs. Ate supper up at Jim’s.  Sowed 16 acres of wheat.

September 11, 1947 - Thur.-  Finished sowing wheat here. Had W.S.C.S. ...  Tice’s. A good attendance.

 September 12, 1947 - Fri.- Finished wheat at Frank’s. Elmer not a bit good. Had word from Bette that Paige has gone to Maryland to teach.

September 13, 1947 - Sat.-  Joan came home at noon. She says she likes it. I am so glad. I got 4 birthday cards, a sifter, scraper, 2 hankies, labels, &  a vase.

September 14, 1947 - Sun.- Went to church. Pretty flowers. Joan went back with Mahonski’s (?). Lonesome. She likes it up there.

September 15, 1947 - Mon.- Did my washing. Packed some eggs in P.M.

September 16, 1947 -  Tues.- Went to Elmira with Myrtle. She bought a hat and dress. Called on Joan. Got 1/2 bu. tomatoes, 1bus. peaches.

September 17, 1947 - Wed.- Sent 7 1/2 cases of eggs. Frank helped me. No word from Bette.

September 18, 1947 - Thurs.- Put 6 qts. of peaches in freezer. canned 3 qts & 9 qts. of tomatoes. Started fillling silo at Roland’s.

September 19, 1947 - Fri.-   Sold cow to Fred Scott (300). Jim & Lois, Joe, Susan, & Louise came down. My first glimpse of the baby. She is a heavy weight.

September 20, 1947 -  Sat.- Went to Mansfield. Had dinner at “Snack Shop” in Covington. Joan came home for weekend.

September 21, 1947 - Sun.- Went to church. Joe played for us. Beautifully. Margery Swisher’s wedding today. Got apples and plums from stand.

September 22, 1947 -  Mon.- Washed. Sent 5 qts. of peaches in locker. No cauliflower or broccoli this year. Woodchucks ate it.

September 23, 1947 - Tues.-  Went to Dandois to try on my dress. Called at Mollie’s. Worked at the eggs.

September 24, 1947 - Wed.- Sent 9 cases eggs. Went to Mollie’s to a stork shower for Charlotte Dandois. Fred putting corn in silo with chopper.

September 25, 1947 - Thurs.-  Went to Towanda to fall W.S.C.S. with Saideee. 9 from Webbs Mills. A nice time &meeting. Wore new dress.

September 26, 1947 - Fri.- Went with Aunt Lois and Susan up to call on Mollie. Finished putting corn in silo.

September 27, 1947 - Sat.- Went to Mansfield. got Margery a copper fruit bowl for wedding gift. Got Mollie pyrex bowls & a pyrex pie plate.

September 28, 1947 - Sun.- Went to church. Cold and freezing. In P.M. went to open house at Canedy’s for Margery. Had supper in Mansfield.

September 29, 1947 - Mon.- Went to Mansfield. In evening went to farewell party for Prentcvie’s Got them a C.A. pen.

September 30, 1947 - Tues.- Went to Tunkhanock for red roosters. Came back around by Canton.

October 1, 1947 - Wed.- Sent 11 cases of eggs.
 October 2, 1947 - Thur.- Cleaned church for Morgan’s wedding. Also basement in P.M.

October 3, 1947 - Fri.-  Finished cleaning church. Painted cubby hole, arranged tables, etc. In evening went to church fair at Mainesburg.

October 4, 1947 - Sat.- Statted drilling well at cowbarn. Down 40 ft.

October 5, 1947 - Sun.- Morgan Cook’s wedding at church. W.S.C.S. served refreshments. A big crowd. Used my new freezer.

October 6, 1947 - Mon.- Turned on the water from the barn down at lower hen house.

October 7, 1947 - Tues.-  Started blood testing hens. Leon drilling on well.

October 8, 1947 - Wed.- Sent 12 cases of eggs. Finished blood testing hens. Loretta and I went up to call on Mrs.Stewart Smith.

October 9, 1947 - Thurs.- W.S.C.S. meeting up at Kathleen Canfield’s. Well running over top at 90 feet. Started -?- at Roland’s.

October 10, 1947 -  Fri.- Donnie Shook stayed here while his father went to Ithaca. Nice weather.

October 11, 1947 - Sat.- Shirley & I went to Elmira for Joan & tp get some things. I got shoes & lost my pocketbook.

October 12, 1947 - Sun.-  Went to church. Had dinner out of doors up at Lois’.

October 13, 1947 - Mon.-  Washed. had dinner again up at Lois.’ Jim Crofut down to help with the water up at Roland’s.

October 14, 1947 - Tues.- Water won’t work up at Roland’s. Have to buy new pump. Went to grange. A good meeting.

October 15, 1947 -  Wed.- Went to Mainesburg to evangelistic meeting.

October 16, 1947 - Thur.-     Went to church. Nice weather.

October 17, 1947 - Fri.- Helped tie comforter for Grange Bazaar at Doris Williams. Got truck fixed.

October 18, 1947 - Sat.- Joan home. Working at ditch at Roland’s. Got room for pressure tank done.

October 19, 1947 - Sun.-  Dr. McComb preached at Elk Run. Made ice cream in new freezer.

October 20, 1947 - Mon. -     Did my washing. Nice weather. Jim’s folks & Bess down. Went to church.

October 21, 1947 - Tues.-Went to church in evening. Water working fine at Roland’s.

October 22, 1947 - Wed.- Went to W.S.C.S. meeting in P.M. at Mainesburg with Mrs.McComb leading. Started for church in evening. Ran out of gas.

October 23, 1947 - Thurs.- Made ice cream for Jim’s folks. Got the high chair sent. At least Shirley did. Could not get to District Conference.

 October 24, 1947 - Fri.-  Went to Troy in P.M. Went to Elmira with Jim & Myrtle to see Carl. He has been sick.

October 25, 1947 - Sat.-  Nice weather. Mr. & Mrs. meeting and Halloween party at church. Jim & Lois painted on picket fence. Ken scraped dirt for  Leon Wood.

October 26, 1947 - Sun.- Went to church. Then Shirley &I went calling at Frank’s.

October 27, 1947 - Mon.-  Went to Clifton Chamberlain’s sale today.  Stuff sold very high. $610 for one cow. Lots at $200. A nice day.

October 28, 1947 - Tues.- Braces came down with loader to make roads & cover ditch at the other house. Rained them off.

October 29, 1947 - Wed.- Finished grading and gravel hauling. Weather warm. Sent 12 cases eggs.

October 30, 1947 - Thur- Lila dresses chickens for locker and fair. I went to church to clean up. Went to Eloise Benedict’s to hosiery party.

October 31, 1947 - Fri.- Sold sandwiches & coffee at Ralph York’s sale. Cleared $14.40, a rather miserable day. Lots of sandwiches left.

November 1, 1947 -  Sat.- Had successful fair. A lot of people served. Fancy work dod not go quite as well.   Do not yet know how much.

November 2, 1947 - Sun.- Went to church. Nice music. Mr. Robena sang. Lena & Fred up to take some pictures. Leg bothers.

November 3, 1947 - Mon.- Went to Troy for plow parts. In evening went to Virginia Reynolds to a better brush party.

November 4, 1947 - Tues.- Just about tired out from my “activities.”  Retested hens for pulorum.

November 5, 1947 - Wed.- Still tired. Helped to get eggs ready. 11 cases. Some parts to church furnace missing.

November 6, 1947 - Thurs.- Went to Mansfield. Got a new kettle at $3.75. Some price. Business men want to come out Nov. 20.

November 7, 1947 - Friday - Went up to Mollie’s in afternoon. Saw her new dishwaher. Works fine.

November 8, 1947 - Sat.- Got truck greased. Joan came home about 1 o’clock.

November 9, 1947 - Sun.- Went to church with Joan. She went back in evening. Quite cold. Not used to it.

November 10, 1947 - Mon.- Did my washing. Packing eggs. Working at the new well. Martha & Wayne stayed here during ??

November 11, 1947 - Tues.-  Went to grange with Dorothy S.

November 12, 1947 -  Wed.- no entry .

November 13, 1947 - Thurs.- W.S.C.S. meeting at Ermel Spencer’s. A nice turnout. Election of officers. Jello salad, crackers & coffee for refreshments.
 November 14, 1947 - Fri.- Shirley & I went to a shower for Ted Bryant and wife. Cold weather. I am trying to get house cleaning done.

November 15, 1947 - Sat.- Joan came home. Frank took some stuff to Ithaca. Jim &Lois down. Sent my  wide curtains to Mrs. Ross.

November 16, 1947 - Sun.- Truck wouldn’t start. Joan and I went to church with Smiths. Lois and Miss R. Mudge  sang solos.

November 17, 1947 - Mon.- Went to Elmira with Shirley & Roland. Got my glasses tightened. Shirley got Clarice’s picture.

November 18, 1947 - Tues.- Sent Carolyn $2 and a 2 yr. card, also socks and material for a dress.

November 19, 1947 - Wed.- Got the new furnace working. Also got some new saw horses for tables.

November 20, 1947 - Thur- Very busy with Business Men’s dinner. Had 92 besides waiters, etc. Served chicken with fixins. Also apple pie and ice cream.

November 21,1747 - Fri.- Got the butchered pig and put it in the locker.  Mollie  & Martha stayed here. I had to wash.

November 22, 1947 - Sat.- Joan came home. In evening we went to grange to travelling bible program. 84 there.

November 23, 1947 - Sun.- Wnet to church. Mrs. Baynes sang as it was my turn for music. Sold Carrie Beach 16 violets (white).

November 24, 1947 - Mon.- Went to Mansfield.

November 25, 1947 - Tues.- Packed eggs. Men cleaned roosts in hen house.

November 26, 1947 - Wed.- Cleaned more eggs. Went to Mansfield for hair do.Stuffed turkey.Joan came home for Thanksgiving.

November 27, 1947 - Thurs - Thanksgiving Day dinner at Frank’s. My turn but I could not get ready.  Menzo fixed files in the cupboard.

November 28, 1947 - Fri.- Menzo did some more work.Went to Mansfield & got lard. Took Frank some feed.

November 29, 1947 -  Sat.- Tried out some lard. Very busy & didn’t get much done. Very cold.

November 30, 1947 -Sun.- Went to church. Furnace not started until morning. Cold there. A  disappointment. Went with Frank’s folks to movies in Sylvania church.

December 1, 1947 - Mon.- Very cold. Did my washing and cleaned eggs. Deer season open. Lots of hunters.

December 2, 1947 - Tues - Went to Mansfield   Frank’s folks went to Elmira  Shot a buck down in the gully by the new barn. A hunter did.

December 3, 1947 - Wed.- Sent 11 cases eggs Last night went to movie “Down to Earth”  Mollie and Martha Jean here.

December 4, 1947 - Thu- Worked at trying out lard.

December 5, 1947 - Fri- no entry

December 6, 1947 - Sat- Joan came home. Madge helped me clean & change furniture in the 2 rooms. Shirley came and helped get up curtains.

December 7, 1947 - Sun-  Joan ready to go back to hospital. Went to church. Jim & Lois down. Day stormy, roads slippery.

December 8, 1947 - Went to Mansfield.Then did egge.

December 9, 1947 - Tues- Did more eggs. Cold. Took the washing machine motor ro Mansfield to be cleaned.

December 10, 1947 - Wed- Got the Eggs sent. Martha stayed here while Mollie went to Mansfield. New loader for tractor here.

December 11, 1947 - W.S.C.S. Christmas Meeting at Doris Ripley’s over 50 there. A nice time had by all. Harlo spoke a piece.

December 13, 1947 - Sat- Madge helped me to-day. We made mince meat &did some other work.

December 14, 1947 - Sun- Went to church. Church was warm

December 15, 1947 - Mon- Did not wash. Washing machine to small. Went to movie “Foxes of Harrow,” Read book “The White Dress.”

December 16, 1947 - Tues- Went to Mansfield. Did some Xmas shopping. Roland got new tractor.

December 17, 1947 - Wed- Went to Troy. Moved cattle from Myrtle’s place.

December 18, 1947 - Thur- Went to Mansfield and did some Xmas shopping. Frank’s came & got their Xmas tree. Lost screw from my glasses.

December 19, 1947 - Fri- Shirley and I measured material for bedroom curtains and found it to short

December 20, 1947 - Sat- Shirley &Mollie cleaned church. Joan home. Furnace at church balked. Madge helped me clean in A.M.

December 21, 1947 - Sun- Joan & I went to church. She had to go at 1:00 o’clock.  Mollie &Frank took Mrs. Coleman to a funeral in Towanda.

December 22, 1947 - Mon- Cleaned Eggs. Went up to Myrtle’s a few minutes. Went to Christmas tree at church. Wayne and Harlo spoke. Very good excercises.

December 23, 1947 - Tues- Went to Mansfield to get my hair done. Finished my Christmas shopping.

December 24, 1947 - Wed- Helped finish up the eggs. Had Grand Opening at Shirley’s. Paige and family came today. Carolyn a beautiful child.

 December 25, 1947 - Thur- Christmas Day. Ate dinner at home. Frank’s folks & Paige’s ate dinner at Marian’s. Rolands folks went to Smiths.

December 26, 1947 - Snow & Slippery. 26 in. in New York and East of us. I have a new watch, percolator, bracelet, lamps, shears, & lots of things.

December 27, 1947 - Snowy. Clarice stayed with me while the family went to Mansfield. Soil cable on water pipes.

December 28, 1947 - Sun- Went to church. Furnace working again. Very windy. Jim  & Carroll came down. She and I went to Smiths in P.M.

December 29, 1947 -  Mon- Did eggs. Mollie, Frank &Wayne here for dinner. Joan went back last night. New tires (knobs) on truck.

December 30, 1947 - Tues.- Roads not good. Got new oil cloth for church tables. ( 2 of them) Joan came home. Mollie having New Year’s Party.

December 31, 1947 - Wed- Last day of 1947. Cold and icy roads. Shirley & Roland went to Pine City to bring McAdoos & Joan home.

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