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1949 Diary - Carrie McCONNELL Beardslee of Sullivan Township 
Diary of Carrie McCONNELL Beardslee
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1948

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Saturday, January 1, 1949

Sunday, January 2, 1949

Monday, January 3, 1949

Tuesday, January 4, 1949

Wednesday, January 5, 1949

Thursday, January 6, 1949

Having a lot of trouble with my feet.

Friday, January 7, 1949

Went to Mansfield with Rolands. Got some stuff for our late New Year's dinner. Went to grange initiation of Mainesburg.

Saturday, January 8, 1949

Joan came home with Nelda Cook. Nice weather. Lois cleaned part of the day.

Sunday, January 9, 1949

Went to church. I was taken sick in church but we had "New Years" dinner just the same.

Monday, January 10, 1949

A nice day. Washed. Shirley and kids here while Roland worked on Sherman house.

Tuesday, January 11, 1949

Sent 9 cases.

Wednesday, January 12, 1949

Working on income tax. Some job. Wayne here.

Thursday, January 13, 1949

W.S.C.S. meeting at Eloise Benedicts. A nice time and pretty good crowd. Frank and Mollie went to Farm show.

Friday, January 14, 1949

Dorothy and I went to grange. Still working on income tax.

Saturday, January 15, 1949

Lois helped here to-day.

Sunday, January 16, 1949

Went to church. Jim , Lois and Louise down. Then I went to Frank's to finish tax.

Monday, January 17, 1949

Came down with an awful cold. Could not wash. A man came fro Odessa to fix radio on FM.

Tuesday, January 18, 1949

Still miserable. Sent 8 cases. Roland and family went to Elmira and got button hole attachment for machine.

Wednesday, January 19, 1949

Did not do much to-day. Tried to get better of my cold.

Thursday, January 20, 1949

Went to Mansfield. Joined Mildred's club to get our end table. Truman's inauguration.

Friday, January 21, 1949

Saturday, January 22, 1949

Sunday, January 23, 1949

Monday, January 24, 1949

Tuesday, January 25, 1949

Wednesday, January 26, 1949

Thursday, January 27, 1949

Friday, January 28, 1949

FM radio just fine.

Saturday, January 29, 1949

Jean Carroll has a baby girl 6 1/2 lbs. Lois busy here.

Sunday, January 30, 1949

Did not go to church sick with cramps in my stomach. Jean came down wanted to go to "Words and Music."

Monday, January 31, 1949

Joan came at night. Walked from Mainesburg to Ken Brooks. Mirromatic still going strong.

Tuesday, February 1, 1949

Joan home to-day. Shirley's family here. Sent 9 cases eggs. M??? doctored hens in old house for Ken.

Wednesday, February 2, 1949

Old bear saw shadow. Went to Troy. Furnace smoking to beat all. Ken got his chickens.

Thursday, February 3, 1949

Roland's birthday. Got him a shirt. Frank got 1000 chicks for farm. Furnace pipe completely plugged

Friday, February 4, 1949

Went to town to arrange for permanent. Ken got furnace pipe open. Then pump in cellar went on bum, went to grange.

Saturday, February 5, 1949

Things calm to-day. Dee selling cards.

Sunday, February 6, 1949

Went to church. Took a pink violet. Jim and Bess down to check up on cows. Shirley made ice cream.

Monday, February 7, 1949

Packed eggs all day. Nothing else happened.

Tuesday, February 8, 1949

Joan came home at night.

Wednesday, February 9, 1949

Joan and I washed. Shirley came down and shortened Joan's evening gown. Bob took Joan back in evening.

Thursday, February 10, 1949

W.S.C.S. meeting at church. Tied one quilt and planned pancake supper.

Friday, February 11, 1949

Had a new permanent in my hair at Ella Mae's.

Saturday, February 12, 1949

Lois only here 1/2 day. Her mother bad.

Sunday, February 13, 1949

Went to church. No Sunday School due to sickness.

Monday, February 14, 1949

Went to Bloss to move with Roland's folks. Melody service. Warm and rainy.

Tuesday, February 15, 1949

Went to Elmira for Joan and to see about gas stove. New ones not in yet. Joan stayed with kids (Shirley's) Mr. and Mrs.

Wednesday, February 16, 1949

Washed. Joan helped.

Thursday, February 17, 1949

Went to Mansfield with Mrs. Wilcox. Got a new desk at Broderick's.

Friday, February 18, 1949

Shirley and I went to town. Got the kids pictures of a "roving" photographer. I got Clarice's at McNaney's.

Saturday, February 19, 1949

Lois cleaned. In p.m. Lois, Jim and Dana came. Also delivered my desk. I like it a lot better than I did in the store.

Sunday, February 20, 1949

Went to church. Frank's folks came down to dinner. Ken tapped his sugar bush.

Monday, February 21, 1949

Went up to see Dr. Boyer. Found I have a lot of sugar which I suspected. Also high blood pressure. Ella Dunith very ill.

Tuesday, February 22, 1949

Sent 10 cases eggs. Martha has chicken pox. Nice weather.

Wednesday, February 23, 1949

Reading book "The Flames of Time." Good.

Thursday, February 24, 1949

Pancake supper and bake sale. About $36. Quite a lot of outsiders but are own people not there much.

Friday, February 25, 1949

The "Big" party for Braces. I did not go. Joan home for the day. Her big dance at the hospital.

Saturday, February 26, 1949

Kids stayed here while parents went bowling. Wayne has tonsillitis. Clarice chicken pox.

Sunday, February 27, 1949

Went to church of Lyman's Sunday. Jim came to breakfast. No one to dinner. Nice day.

Monday, February 28, 1949

Packed eggs. Roland's folks here for dinner. Charlie not feeling a bit well.

Tuesday, March 1, 1949

Rather a stormy day. Went to Mansfield. Clarice has chicken pox yet.

Wednesday, March 2, 1949

Went to Elmira to see about getting a new gas stove, ordered it.

Thursday, March 3, 1949

Friday, March 4, 1949

Saturday, March 5, 1949

Sunday, March 6, 1949

Joan home and went to church. Had to go back in evening.

Monday, March 7, 1949

Tuesday, March 8, 1949

Sears brought new stove.

Wednesday, March 9, 1949

Getting ready for meeting. Mildred left and went to Loraine's. Do not know the trouble.

Thursday, March 10, 1949

W.S.C.S. meeting this p.m. A pretty fair crowd. Cake, coffee and ice cream for refreshment.

Friday, March 11, 1949

Harlo has chicken pox.

Saturday, March 12, 1949

My new stove installed to-day by Roland and Ken.

Sunday, March 13, 1949

Went to church. Canedy's called in p.m.

Monday, March 14, 1949

Myrtle and Carl's folks back from Florida. Myrtle and Sadie out for a visit and eggs.

Tuesday, March 15, 1949

Sent 11 cases eggs to-day at night. Doris took Loretta, Dorothy and myself to Elmira to Hedding church to see Bishop ????

Wednesday, March 16, 1949

Mildred and her family back home. Went to Troy but Dr. Boyer sick. did not see him. Drove in to Frank's on way back.

Thursday, March 17, 1949

Friday, March 18, 1949

Saturday, March 19, 1949

Joan home for the day. Lois helping. Joan and I went up to Frank's.

Sunday, March 20, 1949

Went to church. Weather cold.

Monday, March 21, 1949

Cleaned eggs. Harlo stayed with me while his folks went to Mansfield. A new FM radio. Warmer.

Tuesday, March 22, 1949

Packed eggs all alone. A warm spring-like day.

Wednesday, March 23, 1949

Went to Troy. No sugar but quite high blood pressure. Got some new hauts, tubragand hose.

Thursday, March 24, 1949

Joan home. She got her hair cut. I got mine waved. Carl and Ada and Myrtle came out for a visit.

Friday, March 25, 1949

Went to box social for the grange. Cleared about $40.

Saturday, March 26, 1949

Bette and Paige came tonight. Weather warm.

Sunday, March 27, 1949

Did not go to church. Went to Shirley's to visit with McAdoos. Joan came home with them from hospital.

Monday, March 28, 1949

McAdoos went back this morning. Frank moved one load of chickens to Wilcox's. They have a new porch.

Tuesday, March 29, 1949

Sowed the oats below the road. Went the Shirley to Mansfield to get the kids' pictures. Martha along.

Wednesday, March 30, 1949

Thursday, March 31, 1949

Friday, April 1, 1949

Mengo brought my table yesterday.

Saturday, April 2, 1949

Sunday, April 3, 1949

Monday, April 4, 1949

Tuesday, April 5, 1949

Wednesday, April 6, 1949

Thursday, April 7, 1949

Served dinner from our new kitchen to the sub district of Dairymen's League. Baked ham and escalloped potatoes.

Friday, April 8, 1949

Saturday, April 9, 1949

Went to Mansfield.

Sunday, April 10, 1949

Went to church. A pretty good crowd. Some new members, Joe and Jim came down for a visit.

Monday, April 11, 1949

Went to Troy for parts. Dr. not there. Also went up to Frank's. In evening went to movie.

Tuesday, April 12, 1949

Jim and Lois came down to supper. I have ????? ???? ???. Cleaned church.

Wednesday, April 13, 1949

Joan home for day off. Myrtle also came out for overnight. Joe and Susan came to summer home.

Thursday, April 14, 1949

Got medicine of Dr. Boyer. W.S.C.S. meeting (p.m.) at Charlotte's [next sentence unclear] A stork shower for Winifred Tears.

Friday, April 15, 1949

Good Friday. Cool weather.

Saturday, April 16, 1949

Mollie brought me a pitcher for an Easter gift. Lois cleaned.

Sunday, April 17, 1949

Easter Sunday. Went to church. A good crowd. Roland's folks and Frank's to dinner.

Monday, April 18, 1949

Went to Mansfield. Just finished reading "No Trumpet Before Him." Good.

Tuesday, April 19, 1949

Went to a shower for Elizabeth Beale Watkins. Took knit nighties. Not too many there. Cold.

Wednesday, April 20, 1949

Thursday, April 21, 1949

Wedding Ann. Fred. Lena, Shirley, kids and Frank's folks had a party for me and brought a pop-up toaster for supper.

Friday, April 22, 1949

Went to Pine City to visit Sadie and Myrtle. Leaphy there.

Saturday, April 23, 1949

Myrtle and Leaphy came out. Leaphy went to Hagar's for overnight. Went to Mansfield in a.m.

Sunday, April 24, 1949

Myrtle and I went to church. Leaphy came back with us, went over to Leller's for a zipper ?? ?????

Monday, April 25, 1949

Leaphy and Myrtle went back to Sadie's.

Tuesday, April 26, 1949

Sent the eggs. Plowed in garden and pu [writing unclear]

Wednesday, April 27, 1949

A lovely day. Not much doing.

Thursday, April 28, 1949

Myrtle came out to stay a bit.

Friday, April 29, 1949

Jim and Lois down for weekend.

Saturday, April 30, 1949

Dennis Frank arrived. Weight 9 lbs.

Sunday, May 1, 1949

Went to church. Joan came home for a few minutes. I finished the book "Tamarack Tree."

Monday, May 2, 1949

I packed eggs. Myrtle dug mess of greens. in evening went to movie "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."

Tuesday, May 3, 1949

Harlo sick with tonsillitis. Went to Mansfield. Got grey paint for dresser.

Wednesday, May 4, 1949

Gray paint didn't suit. Got some more at Troy. Went up to see Harlo in evening.

Thursday, May 5, 1949

Went to Mansfield.

Friday, May 6, 1949

Went to grange with Joan and Myrtle. East Union grange furnished program and brought snack.

Saturday, May 7, 1949

Myrtle and I took Joan back to hospital. I got some new white shoes.

Sunday, May 8, 1949

Went to church. Mother's Day. A night gown from Belle, 2 prs nylons from Shirley. A cake carrier from Joan also candle.

Monday, May 9, 1949

Washed and did eggs. Myrtle and Joan painted.

Tuesday, May 10, 1949

Finished eggs. Went to Troy and got more paint. In evening went to Ward Grange for program. Over 100 there.

Wednesday, May 11, 1949

Saidee, Carl and Ada came out for a visit. Myrtle and I went to movie, "The Sun Comes Up."

Thursday, May 12, 1949

W.S.C.S. meeting at church. Election of officers. Nellie Tears president. Myrtle not feeling well.

Friday, May 13, 1949

Myrtle went to Elmira. Harlo sick again. Lila dressed 12 broilers for Lois. I have to wrap and freeze them.

Saturday, May 14, 1949

McAdoo's came this morning before I was dressed. The broilers in the freezer. Shirley helped.

Sunday, May 15, 1949

Rev. Sirus last Sun. Smiths, McAdoos, Youngb's, Joan and I had picnic at Roadside Rest.

Monday, May 16, 1949

Joan's last week of vacation. Busy painting furniture in her room.

Tuesday, May 17, 1949

Harlo's birthday. I am getting him some clothes.

Wednesday, May 18, 1949

Dorothy, Joan and I went to Mainesburg to parsonage to make out the annual W.S.C.S. report.

Thursday, May 19, 1949

Friday, May 20, 1949

Saturday, May 21, 1949

Lois cleaned.

Sunday, May 22, 1949

Went to church. A new preacher by name. Jim and Lois to dinner. Joan went back from vacation.

Monday, May 23, 1949

Myrtle came back from Saidee's. Brought a gingham tan dress for me.

Tuesday, May 24, 1949

Went to Troy in evening. Went to movie, "Connecticut Yankee" with Bing. Joan came home rather late for day off.

Wednesday, May 25, 1949

Joan and I went to Troy. Got a new lawn mower at Cases. Did a fair sized wash. Rained.

Thursday, May 26, 1949

Shirley and Roland took Joan back to hospital. Harlo stayed here. Still raining.

Friday, May 27, 1949

Rainy and cold. Myrtle washed some curtains.

Saturday, May 28, 1949

Saidee and Gurney came out. They, Myrtle and I went to cemetery. Gurney mowed it off and we sowed grass seed.

Sunday, May 29, 1949

Myrtle and I ate up with Lois and Jim.

Monday, May 30, 1949

Moved the rest of the pullets down. Also sold some cull hens. Jim and Lois went back.

Tuesday, May 31, 1949

Wednesday, June 1, 1949

Thursday, June 2, 1949

Myrtle and I made a flower bed.

Friday, June 3, 1949

Saturday, June 4, 1949

Sunday, June 5, 1949

New preacher to-day. Rev. Fatsur. Anson and Myrtle worked in the cemetery. Kids ate dinner here.

Monday, June 6, 1949

Shirley's birthday. Went up to see her. Got her a salt and pepper set. Have not got her regular gift.

Tuesday, June 7, 1949

Went to Troy for Myrtle to get medicine. Shirley put a "Toni" in Myrtle's hair yesterday.

Wednesday, June 8, 1949

Myrtle and I went to Elmira to get paper for 3 downstairs rooms. Also ordered Carroll's grad gift.

Thursday, June 9, 1949

W.S.C.S. all day meeting at Estella York's. A good crowd. The new minister there.

Friday, June 10, 1949

Myrtle went back to Saidee's to-day. Need rain badly. Started filling silo to-day.

Saturday, June 11, 1949

Joan came home in the night from Binghamton silo filling going very well. Joan gone back. Bob taking her.

Sunday, June 12, 1949

Raining a little. Very hot to-day. Went to church.

Monday, June 13, 1949

Washed and packed eggs. Still hot and dry. Ate supper over at Leliner's.

Tuesday, June 14, 1949

Went to Mansfield and got 24 qts strawberries at .36 cents. Finished filling silo with grass.

Wednesday, June 15, 1949

Went to Troy for repair parts to baler. Myrtle came back and brought 19 qts strawberries.

Thursday, June 16, 1949

Friday, June 17, 1949

Saturday, June 18, 1949

Sunday, June 19, 1949

Monday, June 20, 1949

Tuesday, June 21, 1949

Wednesday, June 22, 1949

Thursday, June 23, 1949

Friday, June 24, 1949

Saturday, June 25, 1949

Sunday, June 26, 1949

Monday, June 27, 1949

Carl and Ada came to stay a few days in Joan's house.

Tuesday, June 28, 1949

Wednesday, June 29, 1949

Thursday, June 30, 1949

Friday, July 1, 1949

Went to "Harrison Lookout" with Carl, Ada and Myrtle for a picnic. A nice outing.

Saturday, July 2, 1949

Joan came home in p.m. with Nelda for 3 day vacation. Our day was Sat!

Sunday, July 3, 1949

Monday, July 4, 1949

Had a picnic dinner for Ada at Jim's house in honor of her birthday. Went to church.

Tuesday, July 5, 1949

Myrtle went back to Saidee's to entertain Sandy. I had a big washing. Joan went back at nite.

Wednesday, July 6, 1949

Started freezing peas - 6 large quarts.

Thursday, July 7, 1949

Went to Troy for things. Letter from Prentice's wanting Myrtle's house.

Friday, July 8, 1949

Froze more peas. 10 qts. Mollie got peas also.

Saturday, July 9, 1949

Lois cleaned.

Sunday, July 10, 1949

Ate dinner at summer home. Carroll took me to Shirley's.

Monday, July 11, 1949

Washed and did eggs. Myrtle, Lois and 1/2 dozen more started cleaning up her house for Prentices

Tuesday, July 12, 1949

Very dry. Went to Mansfield to get paper for Myrtle's house.

Wednesday, July 13, 1949

Thursday, July 14, 1949

W.S.C.S. at Rose Chamberlain's. I couldn't go. Busy helping get ready for Prentices.

Friday, July 15, 1949

Prentices came.

Saturday, July 16, 1949

Joan home for week end. Jim's folks and Joe down. Got sweet cherries from Longwells.

Sunday, July 17, 1949

Went to church.

Monday, July 18, 1949

Tuesday, July 19, 1949

Telephone line out.

Wednesday, July 20, 1949

Combining wheat at Frank's.

Thursday, July 21, 1949

Friday, July 22, 1949

Made out slips for Troy businessmen's dinner.

Saturday, July 23, 1949

Got a new dress. Pretty. White background.

Sunday, July 24, 1949

Went to church. Lois Mc. sang. Very good.

Monday, July 25, 1949

Raining good.

Tuesday, July 26, 1949

Wednesday, July 27, 1949

Thursday, July 28, 1949

Friday, July 29, 1949

Saturday, July 30, 1949

Sunday, July 31, 1949

Monday, August 1, 1949

Tuesday, August 2, 1949

Wednesday, August 3, 1949

Thursday, August 4, 1949

Martha a dress and a dollar

Friday, August 5, 1949

Saturday, August 6, 1949

Sunday, August 7, 1949

Monday, August 8, 1949

Tuesday, August 9, 1949

Wednesday, August 10, 1949

Thursday, August 11, 1949

W.S.C.S. meeting at parsonage. A good meeting.

Friday, August 12, 1949

Saturday, August 13, 1949

Sunday, August 14, 1949

Monday, August 15, 1949

Tuesday, August 16, 1949

Wednesday, August 17, 1949

Thursday, August 18, 1949

Friday, August 19, 1949

Saturday, August 20, 1949

Myrtle, Joan and I went to Sharon to Bette's. We got there in the p.m. All whole and right side up

Sunday, August 21, 1949

Went to Pittsburg and rode around. Lovely weather.

Monday, August 22, 1949

Went to Youngstown and got a few things. Started home at 7:00 p.m. Stayed in tourist home in ????

Tuesday, August 23, 1949

Went up into New York State to Charlesville to call on Helen and Clyde Richmond. Then came on home.

Wednesday, August 24, 1949

Thursday, August 25, 1949

Henry and I went to Ithaca with Carl and Ada for Jim's birthday. Jean and family there. Junnie nice baby.

Friday, August 26, 1949

Saturday, August 27, 1949

Sunday, August 28, 1949

Went to church.

Monday, August 29, 1949

Rained about all night.

Tuesday, August 30, 1949

Dorothy and I went to 1st Quarterly Conference at Mainesburg. Did not wash until to-day because of rain.

Wednesday, August 31, 1949

Finished putting pullets in coops. They are nice. About 1041 to 45.

Thursday, September 1, 1949

Wilcox finally got rest of pullets at Frank's. His back bad from lifting them.

Friday, September 2, 1949

Kathleen broke a bone in her ankle. McAdoo's brought Joan up. Got to Shirley's about 2 a.m.

Saturday, September 3, 1949

Went to church. Rev. Finch preached. Then had dinner at Shirley's. In p.m. went to Frank's. Back bad.

Sunday, September 4, 1949

Went up to take Frank some books to read. Back a little better. McAdoos went home. Sold roosters for .30 cents.

Monday, September 5, 1949

Sent the 1st case of eggs. Carl and Ada to dinner. Sold Grace Crippen 12 pullets for $30.

Tuesday, September 6, 1949

Dairy League dinner at church. Did not make much.

Wednesday, September 7, 1949

Went to Mansfield and Troy. Rather cool. Telephone out.

Thursday, September 8, 1949

Friday, September 9, 1949

Joan home for day off.

Saturday, September 10, 1949

Lynn passed bar exams. Jim's folks down for week end.

Sunday, September 11, 1949

Went to church. Then Myrtle and I went to Athens to see Leaphy.

Monday, September 12, 1949

Did Lois' and my own washing. Myrtle helped then got peaches ready to freeze. Went to movie, "Good Old Summertime."

Tuesday, September 13, 1949

Myrtle and Henry and I went to vote in the primary. Then ate a very nice dinner at the Mansfield hotel. Laura Shaw hostess.

Wednesday, September 14, 1949

Thursday, September 15, 1949

Friday, September 16, 1949

Saturday, September 17, 1949

Sunday, September 18, 1949

Joan left early this morning for hospital. Myrtle and I went to church.

Monday, September 19, 1949

[entry unreadable]

Tuesday, September 20, 1949

Sent 3 cases of eggs. Sold rest of pullets to Joe Shaylor. Found my pen.

Wednesday, September 21, 1949

Loretta took Dorothy, Emma, Mildred and myself to WSCS meeting at Troy. A nice meeting.

Thursday, September 22, 1949

Myrtle and I went to Elmira. Got the new top to my stove. Also got Joan nylon pants and some stockings.

Friday, September 23, 1949

Carl and Ada out after eggs. Myrtle went to Saidee's to stay awhile. Canned pears and washed eggs.

Saturday, September 24, 1949

Jim and Lois down for week end. Joan came home in p.m.

Sunday, September 25, 1949

Joan's birthday gifts - blouse, stockings, nylon pants and $5 on her ring. Went to church, "Mr. and Mrs. Choir" sang.

Monday, September 26, 1949

Blood testing the pullets. Joan came home at night.

Tuesday, September 27, 1949

Farewell party for Prentices. A nice time. Got Mollie a nylon slip. Joan gone back.

Wednesday, September 28, 1949

A hard shower. Went to Myrtle Cook's for Bible Study class, "Women of the Bible."

Thursday, September 29, 1949

Doris Ripley and Blanche Smith came over in p.m. and helped sew rug rags.

Friday, September 30, 1949

A birthday surprise for Mollie. Hens negative.

Saturday, October 1, 1949

Lois [words scribbled over] to Bloomsburg Fair.

Sunday, October 2, 1949

Went to church. Ellen Judson played piano solo in evening. Went to Communion in Mainesburg.

Monday, October 3, 1949

Joan home for day off. Myrtle came back. I went to movie, "Top of the Morning," with Bing.

Tuesday, October 4, 1949

4 cases hatching eggs to Snow Hill, the first. Myrtle and I went to pancake supper by "Mr. and Mrs." club.

Wednesday, October 5, 1949

Went to Mansfield twice. Got 3 pairs "snag-proof" stockings for Mrs. Willis.

Thursday, October 6, 1949

To-day Carl and Ada, Grace Weaver and Saidee visited us. We had a nice time. Shaws called later.

Friday, October 7, 1949

Went to Troy in a.m. In p.m. went to church basement to sew rags and the quilt for fair. In evening went to Grange.

Saturday, October 8, 1949

Myrtle went back to Saidee's. In morning I took rags to L. for rugs for fair.

Sunday, October 9, 1949

Went to church. Later Jim, Lois, and Louise came to dinner. A very warm day. Later we took supper at Frank's.

Monday, October 10, 1949

Still very warm. Washed and packed eggs.

Tuesday, October 11, 1949

Myrtle came back. Dorothy came at night to visit her at Jim's house. A man demonstrated an Electrolux.

Wednesday, October 12, 1949

Stayed at home and worked. Came down with a bad cold.

Thursday, October 13, 1949

W.S.C.S. meeting at Nellie Mudge's. A good crowd. In evening went with Loretta to comedy "Laugh it Off" in Stranger Hall.

Friday, October 14, 1949

Went to Mansfield. I sent a nylon slip for Bette's birthday.

Saturday, October 15, 1949

Joan was very ill. Went up to see her. She had grippe (virus). Lois worked here. Bette's birthday.

Sunday, October 16, 1949

Went to church. No special music as Lois Mc. did not come.

Monday, October 17, 1949

Washed and cleaned eggs. Frank helped although he has a bad cold.

Tuesday, October 18, 1949

Sent 6 cases hatch eggs. In p.m. went to Mansfield with Loretta to Mrs. Owens to a Republican Council meeting.

Wednesday, October 19, 1949

Potted quite a few African violets for our fair. Went to Troy. 17 violets in all to take. Joan called last night. Said she was going to work to-day.

Thursday, October 20, 1949

Made a banana loaf and a chiffon cake. Went to Mansfield.

Friday, October 21, 1949

Went to grange. Election of officers and 3rd and 4th degree given. Frank's folks and Mrs. Coleman to dinner. Had chicken.

Saturday, October 22, 1949

A pleasant day. Roland and Shirley gone to movie. Kids here.

Sunday, October 23, 1949

Went to church. Rally day in Sunday School. 78 present. Frank's folks and Mrs. Coleman here for supper.

Monday, October 24, 1949

Washed and packed eggs. Carl and Ada out for eggs. Roland doing some work at Wilcox barn. Went to Ermel ????'s study club.

Tuesday, October 25, 1949

Attended District Conference in Elmira with Rev. Fatturuss. Went early and called on Carl's. A very nice meeting.

Wednesday, October 26, 1949

Frank and Mollie went to state grange at Kane, Pa.

Thursday, October 27, 1949

I went with Shaws to a birthday party for Carl. A nice time. Missed the Mainesburg bazaar.

Friday, October 28, 1949

Lois cleaned to-day.

Saturday, October 29, 1949

Joan came home with Frank and Mollie for an overnite.

Sunday, October 30, 1949

Jim and Lois and Louise down. Roland's folks took Joan back. Bob not home yet from N.J.

Monday, October 31, 1949

A rainy, cloudy day. A new dress from Syracuse but don't fit.

Tuesday, November 1, 1949

Bette and Paige due to arrive at Roland's to-night. Sent 8 cases hatch eggs.

Wednesday, November 2, 1949

Bette and Paige got here. I went up this p.m.

Thursday, November 3, 1949

Went to church to clean for bazaar. Looks nice.

Friday, November 4, 1949

Went to church again. Took out some stuff.

Saturday, November 5, 1949

A "mob" at the Fair. Biggest crowd we ever had. $325 so far. Quite a bit of stuff left.

Sunday, November 6, 1949

Went to church. Mr. Cooper sang. Very nice. In p.m. went to Shirley's and had a little birthday party for Carolyn.

Monday, November 7, 1949

Went to Troy to get a bond for Joan to get glasses. Took Dee's bull to Myrtle's house. Packed eggs. $328.47 deposit for fair.

Tuesday, November 8, 1949

McAdoo's went back to Sharon. Lonesome. Went to election at Mainesburg.

Wednesday, November 9, 1949

Saidee and Myrtle came for dinner. Myrtle stayed. Bob came for Joan's evening gown.

Thursday, November 10, 1949

Myrtle and I went to Mansfield. Ate a good chicken dinner at Canoe Camp church at $1.00. Went to W.S.C.S. at Savilla's in p.m.

Friday, November 11, 1949

Joan and her girlfriend went to Senior Ball at High School. Came back here and stayed rest of night.

Saturday, November 12, 1949

Joan and Neal got up and went back to Elmira for a class. Later Joan came back here. Finally went to Mansfield for Bob and went back to Elmira.

Sunday, November 13, 1949

Went to church. Jim, Lois, Anson and Myrtle here for dinner.

Monday, November 14, 1949

Myrtle and I went to Elmira. I got new red shoes and handbag. Also black oxfords.

Tuesday, November 15, 1949

Myrtle went back to Elmira. Hens off some on eggs. Mr. and Mrs. Club setting new "bulletin board."

Wednesday, November 16, 1949

Went to Troy. Ordered 18 lb. turkey for Thanksgiving dinner at .59 cents per lb.

Thursday, November 17, 1949

A rather dreary day. Club Committee finished bulletin board which is very nice.

Friday, November 18, 1949

Got Carolyn a dress for her birthday. Hope it fits! Snowy.

Saturday, November 19, 1949

Carolyn's dress wrong color. A snowy day. Lois cleaned. I packed eggs mostly. Went to Shirley's.

Sunday, November 20, 1949

Went to church. Mr. Robena sang. Used new bulletin board. Frank's folks to dinner.

Monday, November 21, 1949

Snowy. In evening Loretta and I went to Borg's to Bible Study club.

Tuesday, November 22, 1949

Getting ready for Thanksgiving. Harlo stayed in p.m. and at night while his folks went to Mr. and Mrs. Club.

Wednesday, November 23, 1949

Stuffed turkey and did other things. Roland and Shirley have new FM radio.

Thursday, November 24, 1949

A successful Thanksgiving dinner. 14 here. All stayed for supper but Fred and Lena. Joan and Bob. Fred showed pictures.

Friday, November 25, 1949

Myrtle came out and went to doctor. Returned car. Anson came for her in evening. Sorry to see her go.

Saturday, November 26, 1949

Lois ???? more linoleum. Looks better. Very cold.

Sunday, November 27, 1949

Snow on ground. Went to church. Few there. No special music. Roland's family to dinner.

Monday, November 28, 1949

Nothing new much.

Tuesday, November 29, 1949

Finished up eggs. Went to Mansfield with Roland's folks. Got a few Xmas gifts.

Wednesday, November 30, 1949

Pancake supper a success. A good crowd. Not too much stuff for bake sale. Ella Smith in bed.

Thursday, December 1, 1949

Nothing much doing. Tired from pancake supper. Madge Bryant left for Chicago.

Friday, December 2, 1949

Snowed just about all day. Roads kind of bad. Postponed grange. Joan came home for week end.

Saturday, December 3, 1949

Jim and Bennett came down. Brought me a bu. of spy apples and got eggs.

Sunday, December 4, 1949

Went to church with Bob and Joan. Beautiful flowers. Smith's to dinner.

Monday, December 5, 1949

Got a letter from Myrtle. They got to Sanford in fine shape. Have a nice place.

Tuesday, December 6, 1949

Snow Hill egg truck did not get here. Grandkids stayed here while parents had oyster supper with Mr. and Mrs.

Wednesday, December 7, 1949

Went to Mansfield with Wilcox's. Did some Xmas shopping.

Thursday, December 8, 1949

W.S.C.S. dinner at Mildred's to-day. Served turkey. Good. Got a bracelet from my mystery pal. Nice.

Friday, December 9, 1949

Snow Hill truck finally got here.

Saturday, December 10, 1949

Joan and Bob gone to Buffalo with another couple to see Neal. A rather stormy day. Got home near morning.

Sunday, December 11, 1949

Went to church. A small crowd. Roads bad. Jim down. I am taking money for Xmas gift for minister.

Monday, December 12, 1949

Warmer to-day. Washed. Got 20 lbs of lard from Frank.

Tuesday, December 13, 1949

Not much going on.

Wednesday, December 14, 1949

Went to Elmira with Frank and Mollie. Did some Xmas shopping.

Thursday, December 15, 1949

Addressed Xmas cards. Read book, "Prairie Avenue."

Friday, December 16, 1949

Went to Mansfield. Ate at Gordon's. Got Mollie a nylon gown for Xmas. Expect Joan home to-night.

Saturday, December 17, 1949

A nice day. Joan came home and then started for Buffalo at 6 a.m. Jim, Carroll and boyfriend came for Xmas tree.

Sunday, December 18, 1949

Went to church. Nice weather.

Monday, December 19, 1949

Tuesday, December 20, 1949

A bad dose of feather mites on the hens. Got black ??? #40 to doctor them.

Wednesday, December 21, 1949

Thursday, December 22, 1949

Friday, December 23, 1949

Xmas exercises at the church. Harlo a sensation speaking "Night Before Xmas." Wayne spoke. Clarice wouldn't.

Saturday, December 24, 1949

Grand opening here. We had oysters, ice cream and cake. Joan has a diamond.

Sunday, December 25, 1949

Christmas Day. Henry and I ate alone. Joan at Endicott. Roland's at Smiths, Frank's at Marian's, McAdoos home.

Monday, December 26, 1949

Went to Roseville. Jim down to take inventory. I got dishes, trying square dishes, spoons, handbag, electric bag sealer.

Tuesday, December 27, 1949

A dreary stormy day. Went to Mansfield. Had the last doctoring of lice on the hen last night.

Wednesday, December 28, 1949

Hens off on eggs which are very cheap.

Thursday, December 29, 1949

Went to Shirley's in a.m. and to Frank's in p.m.

Friday, December 30, 1949

Went to Mansfield. Got truck inspected. Ate lunch at hotel.

Saturday, December 31, 1949

Joan home. Lois cleaned. New Year's dinner tomorrow.


Route 1, Box 500
c/o Sunshine Trailer Park
St. Petersburg, Florida

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 28 APR 2008
By Joyce M. Tice
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