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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janice Walker


For explanations, &c., see page 13..

Postoffice address Wellsboro.

Adams Nettie (Mrs Walter C) cigarmaker, h 75 Main

Adams Walter C, brakeman F B Ry, bds Coles House

Aker Francis E, glass blower, h 39 East ave

Albert Henry V, meat cutter Fischler Bros, h over 96 Main

Alexander C Austin, engineer F B Ry, h Jackson

Alexander Harriet A, dressmaker Jackson, h do

Alexander Sophia C, widow John, h Jackson

Allen Edward, carpenter, h Pearl

Allen Elizabeth C, widow Thomas, h 24 East ave

Allen William D, (Spencer & Allen) h Crafton

Allington Isaac, teamster, h Nicholas cor Sears

American Express Co, A A Truman agt, 65 Main

Andrews Alfred A, glass blower, h Austin

Andrews Francis S, carpenter and farmer 14, h Kelsey

Andrews Laura M, school teacher, bds Cone

Andrews William K, glass blower, h Cone

Arey Sarah, widow William R, h East ave

Atherton Gilbert C, teamster, h Austin

Atherton Marvin W, laborer, h Austin

Austin Benjamin F, farmer, leases of Robert R Austin 110, h Central ave n boro line

AUSTIN M G & CO (Milo G A and Mrs Charlotte S Coles) groceries, fruits, provisions, crockery, lamps, glassware, &c 90 Main (See adv bottom lines)

AUSTIN MILO G (M G A & Co) h 47 Central ave

AUSTIN ROBERT G manager M G Austin & Co, 90 Main, h 53 Central ave

Austin Robert H, school teacher, bds 25 Grant

Austin Robert R, farmer 110, h 25 Grant

Avery Cyrus W, farmer 80, h Kelsey

Avery Jeannette Mrs, h Queen

Avery William O, teamster, h 37 Water

Babcock Charles L, registrar and recorder county office bldg, Main, h Walnut

Bache John N, real estate, h 4 Charles

Bache William, h 55 Pearl

BACHE WILLIAM JR (Nichols & Bache) h 37 Main

Bacon Leon, emp cider mill, bds 23 Conway

BACON MORGAN L SR, physician and surgeon, health officer, graduate Long Island College, Main n Queen, h do

BACON M LOUIS JR, physician and surgeon, eye specialist, graduate University of Buffalo, Main n Queen, h do

Bacon Oliver, farmer in Delmar 390, h Morris cor Bacon

BACON SETH, propr Wellsboro cider and vinegar works, Purple cor Cone, h 23 Conway

Bailey Arthur L, law student, bds 69 Pearl

Bailey Frank W, clerk 37 Main, bds Austin

Baily Harry F, school teacher, bds 69 Pearl

BAILEY & HOWE (Ransom W B & Morris D H) dealers in wagons, harness, agricultural implements, fertilizers, etc, 12-16 Waln

Bailey Llellyn L, life and accident insurance and real estate and farmer 120 Central ave, h 69 Pearl

BAILEY MYRON F, furniture and undertaking, wagons, harness and farm implements, first class livery, owner of stock farm, 75, in Charleston, breeder and dealer in thoroughbred Jersey cattle and dealer in horses, sheep, etc, 37 Main, h Austin, See adv page 158

BAILEY RANSOM W (B & Howe), 10 cows, farmer, 125, in Charleston, h Charleston cor McInroy

Bailey Wallace J, agt Osborn Machine Co, stock dealer, h East ave n limits

Baker Carrie L Mrs., domestic, 32 West ave

Baker Edward, farmer, h Bodine

Baker Frank, farmer, 53, h Bodine

Baker Frank L, glass packer, farmer, 24, h Bodine

Baker Joseph C, farmer on shares for L L Bailey, 123, h Bailey Lane

Baker Thomas S, painter and paper hanger, h Bodine

Baker William S, painter, bds Bodine

BARNES AUGUSTUS F (B & Roy) h Charleston

BARNES & ROY (Augustus F B & Arthur M R) publishers and props The Wellsboro Agitator and job printers, 104 Main (See adv)

Barnum Grace B, dressmaker, bds Fellows ave

Barnum Julia, widow Abram, h Fellows ave

Bastian Katharine, widow Samuel, dressmaker, h Water

Battner Matthew, h Tioga

Beach James, peddler, h Sears

Beach Jesse A, marble cutter, h Ellis

Beach William J, stoker, h Crafton cor Pearl

Beauge A Naomi, school teacher, bds 57 East ave

Beauge Eugene, county auditor, farmer, 40, in Charleston, h 57 East ave cor Bache

Beauge Francis L, clerk 65 Main, h Austin cor Bache

Beebe Richard A, emp glass works, h Charleston

Bellinger Cascius M, emp tannery, h Sears

Bellinger Hiram, mason, h Bailey blk, Cone

Bellinger Riley, laborer, h Grant

Benedict Lewis, clerk 57 Main, bds Ellis

Benjamin Frank R, drug clerk, bds Pearl cor Norris

Benjamin William Q, carpenter, h Pearl cor Norris

Bennett Fannie, widow Nathaniel J, milliner with M E, 85 Main, h do

Bennett Mary E, silverware, jewelry and millinery, 85 Main, h do

Bennett Helen G, teacher violin, clerk 85 Main, h do

BERNARD JOSEPH, mgr Wellsboro Meat Co Waln, h do See adv page 160

Bernard Mary, widow August, h Brewery lane

Bernard William C, compositor and pressman Republican Advocate, bds Brewery lane

BERNKOPF CHARLES, (M Bernkopf & Bro) h Main cor Queen

BERNKOPF MAX, (Bernkopf & Bro) director 1st Nat bank, farm, 32 in Shippen, h 40 Central ave

BERNKOPF MAX & BRO. (Charles) dry goods, carpets, clothing, groceries, crockery, boots and shoes, 98 and 100 Main. See adv page 162

Berrell Tony, laborer, h Railroad ave

Best Peter, laborer, h Lincoln

Biggs Elizabeth, caterer, bds Morgan lane

Biggs William, mason, h Morgan lane

Billings Sarah M, widow Silas X, h and lot 10 Main

Black Alice R, widow Jonathan, dressmaker, McInroy, h and lot do

Black Edward R, laborer, h 61 West ave

Black Walter S, night porter Coles House, bds do

Balck William, steward Coles House, bds do, h Black

Blair Henry H, lineman, h 37 Homer

Blair Sherman L, baggageman F B Ry depot, h McInroy

Blanchard Charles E, glass gatherer, h Austin

Blanchard Elmer E, clerk M G Austin & Co, bds 147 Main

Blanchard Fred, glass gatherer, bds Bache

BLATCHLEY & CAMPBELL, (H L B & A W C) druggist 377 Main. See adv page 166

BLATCHLEY HARRY L, (Blatchley & Campbell) h McInroy n Purple

Blatchley Mary J, widow Leroy, h 1 Main

Blois Ralph, boots and shoes, fruits and confectionery, East ave, h do

Bloom & Davis (Herbert L B & John D) barbers 53 Main

Bloom Herbert L (Bloom & Davis) h Crafton

Bly Gideon J, carpenter, h Tioga

Bodine Charles W, deputy prothonatory, h 19 West ave

Bodine Frank T, cigar maker, h Bodine

Bodine Fred M, dentist over 66 Main, h 155 Main

Bodine Helen, widow Ellis, h Bodine

Bodine Isaac M, farmer, 50, h Bodine

Bodine Robert W, dentist and farmer, 45 Pearl, h do

Bodine Thomas B, compositor Gazette office, bds Bodine

Bohem Anna C, tailoress, h Grant

Borden Artimas B, carpenter, h Mason lane

Borden Ellen L, widow Israel P, boarding house, h 6 Sheridan

Borden Eva S (Mrs R W) deputy register and recorder, h East ave

Borden Robert, carpenter, bds Mason lane

BORDEN ROBERT J, contractor and builder, h and lot owned by wife Fanny, 14 Charleston

Borden Robert W, carpenter, h 75 East ave

Borden William R, bookkeeper and carpenter, h 14 Sheridan

Borden Edward C, glassblower, h Austin

Barkenhagan Otto, h 31 West ave

Botsford Charles M, (Clarke & Botsford) bds Sheridan

Botsford Frank E, laundryman, bds Sheridan

Boughtin Edward M, blacksmith, feed stable Pearl, h do

Bowen Benjamin F, clerk 95-1-- Main, h 6 Walnut

Bowen Benjamin J, supt Wellsboro Electric Co, h Walnut

Bowen E S, James M Bowen Manager, groceries and provisions Main n West ave, h Queen

Bowen James M, manager for E S Bowen, Main n West ave, h 1 Queen

Boyce James, h 61 Central ave

Boyden Charles F, farmer in Delmar, 42, h German

Boyden Sanford N, carpenter, h 11 Conway

Bradford Harriet, widow Joseph R, h 67 East ave

Breck Mary M, widow Charles, h 48 Waln

Brew William, laborer, h 16 Cone

Brewster Charles E, clerk 84 Main, h Tioga

Brewster Mary S, widow Alex S, bds 69 Main

Briggs Benjamin C, h 7 Lincoln

Briggs C Andrew, clerk 47 Main, h Pearl cor Charles

Briggs Jay, plumber apprentice, bds Pearl cor Charles

Brill Elizabeth, widow Lewis, h Bodine

Brill George, farmer with John F 100, h Bodine

Brill John F, farmer with George 100, h Bodine

Brill Maggie E Mrs, cook, h Nichols

Brion Philip, emp Wm O’Connor, h Central ave

Broadhead Jacob, h West ave

BROOKS FREDERICK A, manuf, wholesale and retail dealer in candies and ice cream, 51 Main, h do (see adv bottom lines)

Brooks George C, dairy 17 cows, farmer, 85, h East ave n limits

Brooks Hollis B, farmer, h with George C, East ave

Brooks Minnie L (Mrs Frederick A) farm 33 on Central ave, h 51 Main

Broughton Albert D, law student, bds Main

Brown Elizabeth, housekeeper, 14 Sheridan

Brown Fred D, fireman, h Charleston

Brown Henry, tanner, h 14 Sheridan

Brown John, emp tannery, h 11 Sheridan

Brown Oscar K, h Wingate

Brown Willard K, engineer Electric Light Co, h Charleston

Brown William A, stoker, bds 39 East ave

Brown William M, flagman, h 59 Fellows ave

BRYDEN & CORSAW, (Edward A B & DeVillo S C) dry goods and groceries news and stationery dealers 81 Main see adv page 158

BRYDEN EDWARD A, (Bryden & Corsaw) land surveyor, h 5 Main

BUCK ELMER E, merchant tailor 94 Main, h do (see adv page 146)

Buck Charles H, glass blower, h Austin

Buck Clarence U, glass blower, h East ave

Buck W Arthur, tailor 94 Main, bds do

BULLARD FRANK J, gents furnishing goods, tobacco and cigars, pool room connected, 106 Main, h Pearl cor Norris (see adv page 162)

Bullard Maryette, widow Massena, h 29 Water

Bullard Walter, h 22 and 24 Nichols

Bunnell Deck, painter, h 16 Meade

Bunnell Louisa, widow Frederick D, bds East ave

Burgin Jacobea, widow John J, h Hastings

Burgin Wilhemina E, organizer of The Ladies of the Maccabees, h Hastings

Burr Leroy E, supt T B Field & Son, h Tioga

Busby Jefferson P, glass gatherer, h Austin

Butler Walton, carpenter, h Greenwood n boro line

Button Howard H, propr billiard rooms Coles House, h Grant

Butts Ernest J, laborer, bds 57 Central ave

Butts Jay W (Gleckler & Butts) bds 57 Central ave

Butts Otis L, h 57 Central ave

Cameron David, attorney at law, Main, h 12 West Ave

Cameron Peter G, stenographer, Main, bds 12 West Ave

CAMPBELL ARCHIE W, (Blatchley & Campbell) h Crafton cor Walnut

CAMPBELL CHARLES D, sewing machine and musical instruments, 4 Crafton, h do

Campbell James, laborer, bds W Water n Eberenz

Campbell Matilda, widow George, h W Water n Eberenz

Campbell Otis, bus driver Coles House

Campbell Z Orin, carpenter, h Cherry

Canfield William, clerk Mathers, Graves & Co Lt’d, h Waln

Carey John J, painter, h Hastings

Carey William H, (Smith & Carey) painter, h Grant

Cary Thomas E, wagon maker and repairer, Crafton, h and lot Bacon

Chaderton Frank, carpenter, h 39 West ave

Chaffee Edith B, teacher graded school, bds Sears

Chaffee Flora J, widow John E, h Sears

Chaffee Ida M, tailoress, bds Sears

CHAMPAIGN WILLIAM E, general insurance, 143 Main, h 3 Meade

CHANDLER NORMAN T, undertaker 72 Main, h 28 East ave (see adv page 164)

CHANNELL S FOWLER, attorney at law, 17 Central ave, h 44 Central ave

Childs Samuel D, laborer, h Nichols

Christenat Benjamin R, delivery clerk, h 33 Water

Christenat George B, painter, h 33 Water

Clabby William, glass cutter, bds East ave cor Jackson

Clark Charles M, brakeman Fall Brook Ry, h 22 Nichols

Clark & Botsford (Carl D C and Charles M B) proprs Wellsboro Hand Laundry, 8 Waln

Clark Calvin D, saw filer, h 8 Sheridan

Clark Carlton D (C & Botsford) 8 Sheridan

Clark Zennette E, music teacher, bds 8 Sheridan

COHEN ISRAEL, manager for Rosenbaum & Phillip’s clothing &c., 74 Main, h Walnut n Waln

Cole Daniel F, carpenter and builder, farmer, 50 in Charleston, bds 23 Water

Cole Isaiah, bds Baily blk Cone

COLEGROVE HENRY B, pres Board of County Commissioners, bds Coles House, res in Lawrence

Colegrove George, baker 70 Main, bds 40 Main

COLES CHARLOTTE L, widow James S (M G Austin & Co) bds 53 Central ave

COLES HOUSE, William R Coles propr, Main cor Waln (see adv page 150)

COLES WILLIAM R, propr Coles House, owns farm 150 in Charleston, Main cor Waln See adv page 150

Colestock Arthur J, carpenter and builder, bds Hotel Wilcox

Collins W Jay, delivery clerk 98-100 Main, bds Grant

CONEVERY FRANK, editor and propr the Wellsboro Gazette, job printer, 85 Main, h 29 Waln cor Nichols (see adv page 148)

Conklin William, glass flattener, bds Austin

Converse Chester R, 17 cows and farmer in Charleston, 238, h Main cor King

Conway Thomas, laborer, h Grant

Coolidge Fanny, widow Frank, h Bacon

Copp Sumner M, conductor Fall Brook Ry, h 51 East ave

CORSAW DE VILLO S (Bryden & C) h Walnut

Corsaw O Valentine Mrs, court stenographer, bds Coles House

Costello Frank C, laborer, h Magee

COUNTY COMMISSIONERS, H. B. Colegrove, Louis Doumaux, Thomas M Reese, county office building

Covert George W, driver Wellsboro transfer coach, h Sherwood

Cowden John, wagon making and repairing, Grant n East ave, h do

Cox Henry C, bds off Main above King

Cox Robert C, h off Main above King

Crandle Henry, confectionery 91 Main, h Water

Crane Charles C, glass worker, h Meade cor Grant

Crichton Robert, sexton Wellsboro cemetery, h Bryden

CROSETTO JOHN B, merchant tailor, 83 Main, h Water n Waln (see adv page 146)

Crum George, brakeman F B Ry, h Homer

Cruttenden Spencer, farmer in Charleston, 50, h Queen n Sherwood

Cudworth Julia A, bds 12 Walnut

Culver Bert, laborer, bds 36 Fischler

Culver C Horatio, mason, h Wingate

Culver Charles K, flagman F B Ry, h East ave

Culver Joel A, carpenter, h Tioga

Culver Lewis P, carpenter, h East ave

Culver Walter S, lineman Wellsboro Electric Light Co, h Tioga

Cummings Alexander S, miller, h East ave

Cummings Earl (Park & Cummings) bds in Delmar

Cummings James, h 31 East ave

Cummings Mary J, clerk register and recorder office, bds 31 East ave

Cummings Rosanne R, widow Alexander, h East ave

Dale Arthur, emp Yohns market, bds Fishler

Dardeene Victor, glass gatherer, h 36 Homer

Darling Arthur S, carpenter, h Magee

Dartt Ada, bds Main n West ave

DARTT A P & E S, props Wellsboro Carriage Co, East ave cor Pearl See adv bottom lines

DARTT ALBERT P, (Wellsboro Carriage Co) h West ave

DARTT ARTHUR H, (Dartt & Dartt) carriage maker for Wellsboro Carriage Co, h 92 Main

Dartt Calvin A, com traveler, h 27 East ave

DARTT & DARTT, (Albert P & Arthur H) lesses and managers Bache Auditorium office Wellsboro Carriage Co.

DARTT EDGAR S, (Wellsboro Carriage Co) h East ave

Dartt Hiram W, carriage maker, h Main n West ave

Dartt Orson R, laborer, h English

Dartt Leland S, emp tannery, h Mason lane

Dartt Robert S, emp glass factory, h 75 Pearl

Davenport Horace H, painter, h Ellis

Davenport Horace G, painter Crafton cor Pearl

Davis Elizabeth J, widow Henry H, h 19 East ave

Davis John (Bloom & Davis) h 153 Main

Davis Joseph J (MacNulty & Davis) grocer 79 East Main, h do

Davis Otis H, clerk Hotel Wilcox, h 63 Pearl

Davis Thomas R, brakeman F B Ry, h Queen n Nichols

Dawson Hiram, farmer on shares for ---Jones 18, h Greenwood n boro line

Deane Carrie A, h King

DEANE DARIUS L, attorney at law and land surveyor and real estate Main, h Pearl

Deane Luella I, h King

Deanes Francis E, widow Horace A, h 14 West ave

DEANS FRANK A, agent Bingham estate Pearl opp court house, h 14 West ave

Deegan Michael, gardener, h Walnut cor Grant

DEISHER DANIEL, drayman and livery Sherwood, h do

Deming George T, crayon artist over 98 Main, h do

Deming Hiram D, tipstave for all the courts, h over 98 Main

Dengle John, h Berwert

Derby Edward H, laborer, bds 51 Central ave

Derby George H (Geo ) Derby & Son) h Main

Derby George O (Geo O Derby & Son) h 51 Central ave

Derby George O & Son (Geo O and Geo H) boots and shoes, rubber goods, leather and findings 75 Main

Derbyshire Emma, widow Frank, h 53 West ave

Derbyshire George E, blacksmith, bds 53 West ave

Derrah George, laborer, h 57 West ave

Devitt Edward B, messenger and clerk American Experss Co 65 Main, bds 21 East ave

Dewey Walter F, miller, h Charleston cor Cole

Dibble James, laborer, h Lincoln

Dibble William, laborer, bds Lincoln

DICKINSON ARNOLD, veteran 6 Pa P R C V and 1st N Y Vols and 2d N Y Veteran Cavalry, farmer 16, h Highland

Dickinson Edward C, farmer 87, owned by Mary P J Dickinson

Dickinson John H, emp Watkins’ livery, h Highland

Dickinson Mary P J, widow John, farmer 87

Dickson Sarah A, widow W Henry, h Tioga

Dimick Clark, carpenter and builder, h E ave

Dimick Oscar E, carpenter and builder, bds East ave

Dimmick Frank M, basket maker, h 6 Purple

Dimmick Henry U, glass snapper, h English

Dittenhoffer Terese, widow Conrad, h Meade

Dixon D Earl, clerk, h Tioga

Dodge E Clare, pastor First M E church, Main n Queen

Dortt Bird, laborer, h West Ave

Douglass Margaret, widow George, bds 49 West ave

Doumaux John, laborer, h 81 Pearl

DOUMAUX LOUIS, county commissioner, h 53 East ave

Doumaux Stuart, clerk 66 Main, bds 81 Pearl

Downer William, laborer, h Grant

Downing Nathan L, emp Smith’s livery stable, h Crafton

Dunkle Frank, h Pearl

Dunn Samuel F, locomotive engineer, soldier Co K 5th Pa vols, bds Purple

Dunsmore Andrew B, attorney and counselor at law and district attorney 83 Main, h 6 West ave

Durif Frederica, dressmaker, bds 1 Water

Durif George M, clerk 98-100 Main, bds 1 Water

Durif Martial A, h 1 Water

Eames John H, shopping clerk glass factory, bds Grant

EASTMAN ALONZO B, dentist Main opp Coles House, h 15 Main. See adv bottom lines

Eaton Katharine L, clerk F B depot, bds Charleston cor Buena Vista

Eaton Henry J, station agt F B Ry, h Charleston cor Buena Vista

Edwards Charles C, machinist, bds 25 East ave

Edwards Harry, machinist, bds 25 East ave

Edwards Robert H, founder and machinist 25 East ave h do

ELLIOTT MORTIMER F (Elliott, Watrous & Marsh) 26 Broadway New York City

ELLIOTT, WATROUS & MARSH (M F E, F E W & H F W) attorneys and counselors at law 19 Central ave.

Emberger Frederick E, clerk Mathers, Graves & Co, h 125 Main

English Amanda, widow Richard R, h Rectory lane cor Grant

English Edgar C, farmer, 32, bds Kelsey

English Harry H, bds Grant

English James E, dealer in agricultural implements and farmer, 76, and tip stave for all the courts, h Kelsey

English James S, constable, h Grant

English John, farmer, 5, h Pearl

English Joseph O, farmer, 25, h Kelsey

English La Fayette, laborer, h Grant

English Mayne, teamster, h Bacon

English Merton A, clerk 79 Main, bds Rectory Lane

English Robert O, laborer, bds Kelsey

English Roland, clerk, h Rectory Lane cor Grant

English Rosco H, school teacher and farmer, 25, h Kelsey

Ensworth A Leonard, h 67 Pearl

Etner Charles F, foreman printer Agitator office, h West ave

Etner Emma E (Mrs John a) (E & Yahn) h Hastings

Etner Fred, cigarmaker, h Nichols

Etner John A, cigarmaker Wellsboro Cigar Co, h Hastings

Etner Lena, widow John, h 151 Main

Etner Lizzie G, clerk 96 Main, bds 151 Main

Etner Wallace, carriage painter, h 30 Meade

Etner William R, blacksmith, bds 151 Main

Etner & Yahn, (Mrs Emma E & May L Y) millinery and fancy goods, 55 Main

Evans Edward D, clerk M F Bailey, h in Charleston

Evans Mary Mrs, bds Nichols

Evans Otis H, insurance agt and traveling salesman, h Main cor East ave

Evans Thomas A, insurance agt, h 201 Sheridan

Everett Allen A, emp glass works, h 40 Fellows ave

FALL BROOK COAL CO., A Hardt general supt, Central ave

Farmers’ Hotel, A Mark Hanville propr, Charleston cor McInroy

Faulkner W Aaron, teamster, h Fischler

Fay John L, engineer F B Ry, h 31 Homer

Fay Lewis D, conductor F B Ry, h 31 Homer

Fellows Edwin D, butcher and farmer, 40, h 36 Fisher

Ferry Leon B, attorney at law 17 Central ave, bds East ave cor Walnut

Fenton Charles, bds Mason Lane

Field Carrie, bookkeeper 89 Main, bds Purple

FIELD FERDINAND R, (F R & R W Field) farmer in Charleston, 113, h 10 Purple

FIELD F R & R W, (Ferdinand R & Ransford W) wholesale dealers in hay, grain and general produce, also dealers in eggs, etc, Main cor Crofton

Field Horace A, (T B F & Son) farmer, 60 h Nichols

Field Horace F, lumberman, h Nichols

Field Homer A, emp glass factory, bds 18 Sheridan

Field Orren, carpenter, h Rectory lane

Field Perley W, laborer, h Fischler

FIELD RANSFORD W, (F R & R W F) farm in Delmar, 30, h Austin

Field Thomas B, (T B F & Son) h 3 Main

Field T B & Son (Thomas B and Horace A) manufs of lumber, sash, doors, blinds and baskets, Charleston n Main

Field Wilber I, carpenter, h 18 Sheridan

FINKELSTEIN BROS, (H F, L B F & P F) clothing, gent’s furnishing goods, boots and shoes, trunks, valises &c, 86 Main See adv

FINKELSTEIN LOUIS B, (Finkelstein Bros) h Waln

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, Rev Newell L Reynolds pastor, Central ave cor Pearl

FIRST NATIONAL BANK (THE), V D VanHorn prest, W W Miller vice prest and cashier, Main cor Morris. See adv page 150

First Presbyterian Church, Rev A C Shaw pastor, Main cor Morris

Fischler Bros (F R & Peter) groceries and meat market 97 and 99 Main

Fischler Frank L, clerk Fischler Bros, bds 51 West ave

Fischler Frank R (Fischler Bros) h 51 West ave

Fischler Peter (Fischler Bros) h 29 West ave

Fish James E, resident, h 21 Water

Fish Sarah Ann, widow Edward A, h 12 Walnut

Fish Edward, h 21 Nichols

Fisher Emmeline A, bds 46 East ave

Fisher Helen E, bds 46 East ave

Fisher Isadore, h 46 East ave

Fisher Louisa N, bds 46 East ave

Fisk Julia E, laundress, h 14 East ave

Flaitz Georgia, widow Alexander, dress maker, h Jackson

Flaitz Simon, laborer, h German

Fleming Lester M, electrician at glass factory, h Cortland cor Bryden

GLEMINGS MARTIN J REV, asst rector St Peter’s Church, h Pearl

Flick Stephen, portrait agt, rooms Hastings

Forsyth Andrew J, contractor and builder, Crafton cor Pearl, h Walnut cor Lincoln

Fowler John L, emp glass works, h Grant

Francis A Wade, commercial traveler and farmer in Charleston, 50, and 50 owned by wife, h 37 East ave

Francis Bert E, barber Main cor East ave, h East ave

Francis William, carpenter and builder, h Jackson

Free Baptist Church, East ave cor Cone, Rev J C Warren pastor

Fretz Milton S, student, bds Queen

Fretz W Henry, butcher, h Queen

Frisk Andrew J, laborer, h 2 West ave

Fullwood John E, laborer, h 16 Kelsey

Furman Daniel, bds West ave n boro line

Furman Wylie D, general blacksmith, Pearl n Waln, h 39 Nichols

Gambell Ralph E, newspaper man, late Capt Co K 5th Pa Vols, h 41 Walnut

GARDNER & CO, (Levi A and J Henry Gardner) general hardware, stoves and furnaces, tinware, plumbers and steam fitters, 84 Main

GARDNER J HENRY, (Gardner & Co) h Tioga n Main

GARDNER LEVI A, (Gardner & Co) insurance and real estate, h 8 Main

Gartland John, clerk 88 Main, h Water

Gartland Joseph, blacksmith at glass works, h Water

Gartland Joseph H, clerk in postoffice, bds Water

Gartner Apollus H, plumber for Gardner & Co, bds Coles House

Geer James S (Wildins & G) bds Crafton

Gerken John, merchant tailor, cleaner and repairer, over 104 Main, h Main

Gerow Green M, butcher, h 29 Nichols

Gifford Henry, commercial traveler, h 13 West ave

Gifford Omer, grocer at Stokesdale, bds 13 West ave

Gisin John, rough leather tanner and dealer in hides and pelts, Charleston n Main, h Main cor Charleston

Glasz Joseph, section foreman F B R R, h 79 Pearl

Gleason Martin, fireman Coles House, bds do

Gleckler & Butts (Ernest W G and Jay W B) dealers in bicycles, guns, ammunition, tackle and general sporting goods, Coles House Blk, Main

Gleckler Ernest W (Gleckler & Butts) bookkeeper First National Bank, bds 21 East ave

Graham Fred A, foreman Gazette office, h McInroy

Graves Charles, deliveryman for M F Bailey, h Main

Graves Charles F, machinist, h 4 West ave

GRAVES FREDERICK W, (Mathers, Graves & Co, Ltd) h 123 Main

Gray John, resident, h Waln cor Grant

Gray W Melvin, blacksmith at glass factory, h Grant

Green George, farmer 50, h Kelsey

Green Lovenia, widow Abram, bds Bacon

Greenfield M Jay, propr Wellsboro transfer coach, h Queen cor Water

Greenhalgh Edward, tinner and plumber, h Water

Grinnell Charles E, clerk First National Bank, h 22 Tioga

Grosjean Willis, laborer, h r 25 Kelsey

Haflict Adam, gardener, h and lot Brewery lane

Haight Louis H, brakeman, bds Tioga

Hale Emma Mrs, h Charleston

Haliday Darius D, h Meade

Hall Zachary T, engineer F B Ry, h Purple

HAMMOND EUGENE, coal and wood 47 Main, farmer 103 in Charleston, h 41 Nichols (See adv)

HAMMOND WILLIAM A, groceries, crockery, farm seeds, grain, wood, &c., 47 Main, h 50 East ave (See adv)

Hampton Cynthia, widow LaVerne, bds 17 Conway

Hampton Marcus L, blacksmith and farmer in Delmar 58, h 17 Conway

Hampton Simon A, laborer, h 11 Kelsey

Hanville A Mark, propr Farmers Hotel, farmer 69 on Fellows ave, Hotel Charleston cor McInroy

Harden Arthur, laborer, bds Bodine

Harden Delos, laborer, h Bodine

Harden Thomas, retired, h 94 Main

Harden Leroy S, laborer, h 35 Water

Harding William T, laborer, bds Sears

HARDT ANTON, general supt Fall Brook Coal Co, director First National Bank, director Pine Creek Ry Co and Tioga Improvement Co Central ave, h 11 Main

Harkness John, shoemaker, h 22 Kelsey

Harman Joseph H, architect and builder Central ave, h 67 East ave

Harrington DeWitt C, bds Bache

Harrington James C, carriage ironer, h Bache

Harris Mary Mrs, cook at Sandbach House, h 21-2 Water

Harrison Catharine, widow William, h 145 Main

Harrison Jefferson, attorney at law, treasurer Wellsboro Water Co Central ave, h do

HARRISON LEONARD, (Sipperly & Co) lumberman and farmer, 100, h 10 West ave

Harrison William , teamster, bds Farmer’s Hotel

Hart Chester, h 76 Main

Hart Ethel M, dressmaker, bds 22 Sheridan

Hart Job, hostler Coles House barn, h 22 Sheridan

Hart Murry E, sash and blind maker, h 15 Conway

Hart Susan P, widow Morgan, h East ave

Hartzog Anna, widow Samuel, h 41 West ave

Hartzog Bertha M, clerk, h German cor Kelsey

Hartzog John R, carpenter F B R R, h 13 Kelsey

Hartzog Samuel, engineer F B R R , bds 41 West ave

Hastings Anna D, music teacher, bbds Nichols

HASTINGS HIRAM S, resident, 2 houses and lots, h 18 West ave

Hastings Samantha B, widow Edwin H, h Nichols n Brewery lane

Hathaway George M, mechanical engineer, h West ave

Haussler Frank, tinsmith, farmer, h Main cor Lincoln

Haussler F August, tinsmith and farmer, 3, Main cor Lincoln, h do

Hawk Wesley J, laborer, h 32 Homer

Hazlett James, barnman, h 147 Main

Hazlett James Jr, painter, h Pearl

HEAKES WILLIAM REV. rector St Paul’s Episcopal church, rectory Walnut cor Rectory lane, bds Coles House

Heater William H, driver oil wagon Standard Oil Co, h Austin

Heise David W, laborer, h Kelsey

Henry George, stone cutter, h Central ave

Henry Lloyd, barnman at Hotel Wilcox, h Pearl n Waln

Herbert James N, painter, bds 68 East ave

Herden Henry, civil engineer, h 12 Cherry

Herrington Stephen L, miller, h 12 East ave

Herrington William M, oil dealer, h 64 1-2 East ave

Hilboldt Simon A, saw mill and farm, 110, h Nichols

Hill Alonzo A, laborer, h Nichols

Hill Edgar, miller, h Meade cor Sherman

Hill Henry C, laborer, h 8 Queen

Hill Melvin, painter, h 2 Water

Hills Oliver C Rev, chaplain county house, h Austin

Hoadley S Frances, widow James J, farm in Delmar, 25, bds 16 Charleston

Hoagland Cordelia, widow William S, h Walnut

Holliday Stephen V, carpenter, h 26 W Water

Horning Thomas, laborer, h 7 Walnut

Hotchkiss Arthur H, laborer, h 49 Magee

Hotchkiss Darius H, laborer, h Fellows ave

HOTEL WILCOX, Jerry W Sullivan propr, Main cor Central ave (See adv bottom lines)

Houghton Guy D, boxmaker, bds 64 East ave

Houghton Ray S, boxmaker and wagonmaker, h 64 East ave

Houghton Sylvester, court cryer, wagonmaker, h 64 East ave

Howd Fay S (Hyer & Howd) bds Bacon

Howard Emma P, widow Alonzo, h Bacon cor Horton lane

Howard Lilliane Stevens, preceptress Wellsboro graded schools, h Bacon cor Horton lane

HOWE MORRIS D, (Bailey & Howe) 9 cows and farmer in Delmar, 200, h 45 West ave

Howland William E, teaser glass factory, h 39 Central ave

Hudson Esther R, widow William J, h Bailey bldg, Cone

Hudson Eunice M, clerk County Treasurer’s office, bds East ave

Hudson Walter J, emp planing mill, bds Bailey bldg, Cone

Hughes Alice, teacher Wellsboro graded school, bds with R H Smith

Hughes Daniel C, constable, piano and organ agent, h Austin

Humez Alexander, glass blower, h Jackson

Humez Amos P, clerk glass works, h Jackson

Humez Ernest L, glass blower, h East ave cor Jackson

Hunt Frank, clerk Gardner & Co, bds with J H Gardner

Hutchinson Henry M, deputy internal revenue collector, h East ave cor Grant

Hyer Eugene E (Hyer & Howd) h 46 Central ave

Hyer & Howd (E E H and F F H) druggists 64 Main

Hymes Benjamin C, journalist, h 16 East ave cor Walnut

Impson Myra Mrs, h 3 Bodine

Ingalls Electrus, emp glass factory, farmer in Covington 20, h 35 Grant

Ingerick Edgar A, street commissioner, h Austin

Ives James B, carpenter, h 25 Kelsey

Ives Mary A, widow Versal, h Tioga

Ives William C, clerk Coles House, h Tioga

Jackson Peter E, boro councilman, general blacksmith and farmer 30, Crafton cor Pearl, h 47 Pearl

Jackson Richard, laborer, h Conway

Jackson Joseph, emp glass factory, bds 6 Sheridan

Jeffers Ephraim, farmer, 3, h Central ave

Jenkins John, tailor, h West ave

Johnson Alonzo M, carpenter, interest in farm 65 in Charleston, h East ave n limits

JOHNSON BERT M, (F A Johnson & Son) bds 43 Nichols

Johnson Carrie D, (Mrs. George B) h 48 Waln

Johnson Charles C, painter, h Bacon

Johnson Charlotte M, stenographer Eliott, Watrous & Marsh, bds East ave cor Walnut

Johnson Darwin M, dairy 7 cows, farmer, 42, h East ave n limits

Johnson David, h Grant

JOHNSON FRANK A, (F A Johnson & Son) farmer in Delmar 25, h 43 Nichols

JOHNSON F A & SON (Frank A and Bert M) dealers in marble and granite monumental work, Pearl cor Crafton (see adv page 180)

JOHNSON GEORGE W, sheriff of Tioga Co and farmer in Covington 180, h Main

Johnson Helen Mrs, h Buena Vista

Johnson John J, pensioner, h Walnut

Johnson Leonard F, clerk Main cor Waln, bds Farmers Hotel

Johnson Lorenzo M, retired physician, farmer in Charleston 80, h Pearl

Johnson Richard, mail and baggage, h Morris

Johnson Wesley, fireman F B Ry, bds 6 Sheridan

Jones Mary Jane, widow Evan, h 61 Main

Jones Paul, laborer, h 61 Main cor Walnut

Karr David O, carpenter, h Central ave cor Sherman

Karr Isadore, widow William, h Berwart

Keach John L, retired, h McInroy

Keck Frederick, carpenter F B Ry, h Cherry

Keene Edwin T, laborer, h East ave n limits

Keene Fred D, laborer, h Hilboldt

Keeney Floyd P, barber’s apprentice, bds Magee

Keeney Henry J, h Pearl

Keeney Sidney H, harness making and dealer in horse furnishing goods East ave, h 45 Magee

Kelley Calvin, janitor First Baptist church, bds Grant

Kelley George W, clerk 91 and 100 Main, dealer in music and musical instruments, h W Water

Kelley Mary I, h Water extension, n Fischler

Kelly Patrick, fireman glass works, h 2 Water

Kelsey Azubah, widow Frank, farm 175, h Pearl

Kelsey Grant, delivery clerk 66 Main, h 16 Sheridan

Kelsey Nancy Mrs, h Hastings bldg West ave

Kelsey Ray, laborer, bds Pearl

Kelsey Robert, retired, bds 16 Sheridan

KELTS REXFORD C, (Locke & Kelts) h Morris

Kennedy Stephen F, h East ave n Jackson

Kenney Orr, laborer, h Calkins lane

Kentch James, car inspector F B Ry, h Conway

Kerwan Hugh, shoemaker 75 Main, h 65 Pearl

Kerwan James, emp glass factory, bds 65 Pearl

Kerwin Hugh L, clerk and shoemaker 67 Main, h 40 East ave

Kiefer Ervin W, carriage trimmer Wellsboro Carriage Co, h 72 East ave

Kilbourne Hiram, overseer Wellsboro water works, farmer in Richmond 230, h Queen cor Sherwood

Kilbourne Louis H, lawyer, sargeant Co K 5th Pa Vols, h Queen cor Sherwood

Kilgus George J, blacksmith, h Bodine

Kimball Frank E, laborer, h Magee

Kimball John, laborer, h Magee

Kimball Morgan, mason, bds Magee

Kimball Norval R, propr stage route Wellsboro and Mansfield, harnessmaker, h Bacon

Kimball Samuel, laborer, bds Magee

Kimble Henry S, blacksmith Nichols, h Water cor Nichols

Kimble Katharine, widow Augustus, laundress, h Pearl n Waln

Kimble Sarah M, clerk F B Wetmore, h Magee

King Charles T, clerk 77 Main, bds Pearl

King Daniel D, baker Hastings, h 10 Waln

King Jennie B, clerk, in postoffice

King John A, retired watch maker, h Grant

Kizer George, butcher, h Meade

Klock Jeremiah, h Nichols

Klock Milon L, dealer in live stock, lumberman, farmer in Charleston, about 75, and in Potter Co 160 and of timber 1200 acres, h Cone

Knapp Derrick, bds Nichols cor Sears

Knowlton Leander A, photographer 3 East ave, bds East ave

Koellbackn Anna, widow William, housekeeper Pearl n Waln

Kriner James C, laborer, h 47 West ave

Krum Egbert D, laborer, h German

Lamb Mary E, widow Gilbert, h Main

LAND OFFICE OF THE BINGHAM ESTATE, Frank A Deans agent, Pearl opp Court House

Landers Benjamin, laborer, h Kelsey

Landrus John L, merchant at Stokesdale, h 34 West ave

Lane Anna, widow Samuel, h Calkins lane

Lappla Philip H, hotel clerk now at Cazenovia N Y, h Purple

Leach Harry, glass gatherer, bds Charleston

LEACH HARVEY B, attorney and counselor at law, farm 140 in Chatham, also in Blossburg 100, 86 Main, h Waln

LEE SAM, laundryman, 59 Main, h do (see adv page 166)

Lee Wah, emp Sam Lee’s laundry, bds 59 Main

Lefler James F, agent, h 16 Meade

Leib Joseph E, h and lot, East ave

Lent Mary J, h 17 East ave

Lent Sarah Jane, widow Richard E, h 17 East ave

LENT WILLARD G, physician and surgeon, office hours 1 to 3 and 7 to 9 p.m., diseases of women a specialty, over Corner Drug Store, Main, h 17 East ave

Leslie Alexander, h Nichols

Leslie Norman, law student, bds Nichols

Lewis Joseph B, bookkeeper, bds 71 Main

Lewis Mary, widow Evan, h Jackson

Lewis Stockdale, pensioner, h Grant

Libbey Joseph, retired farmer, h 14 Sheridan

Lindsay Sarah, h 37 Central ave

Lloyd DeRoy, laborer, h Tioga

Lloyd George W, stationary engineer, h Tioga

Lloyd John W, glass gatherer, h Austin cor Bache

LOCKE & KELTS, (Sarah E L & R C Kelts) groceries and shoes, 66 Main, See adv page 164

Locke Lovisa L, bds 10 Main

Locke Mary J, widow Job D, h Central ave

LOCKE SARAH E, (Locke & Kelts) h Bacon

Long Hayes W, compositor Republican Advocate, bds 48 Waln cor Walnut

Long Henrietta B, dressmaker, bds 48 Waln

Long Philander, h 48 Water cor Walnut

Longcor Margaret, widow Emanuel, h Cone

Longwell George W, wagon maker, h 6 Kelsey

LONGWELL JOHN P, physician and surgeon, office hours 9 to 10 am, 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 pm, Main, h Water cor Walnut

Lorenz Charlotte C, widow Bernhart, seamstress, 3 Crafton

Lorenz Robert A, clerk 98-100 Main, h 4 Crafton

Lounsbury Casson, engineer R B R R, h 149 Main

Lounsbury Emma A, widow Horace, clerk Mathers Graves & Co, h Cone

Lounsbury Richard, h W Main above King

Lowden Robert, carpenter, h Waln cor Grant

Ludlam George E, emp Robb’s hay barn, h 6 Purple

Ludlam Samuel J, emp Field’s hay barn, h 8 Purple

Lyon Prentis G, blacksmith, bds Pearl

Lyons Bennett J, emp glass factory, h 4 Purple

Mack James B, student, bds 55 East ave

Mack Minnie M, school teacher, bds 55 East ave

Mack Russell L, carriage builder Jackson n Austin, h 55 East ave

Mackey Winfield S. janitor court house, h 30 Fischler

MacNulty & Davis (Wm MacNulty & J J Davis) restaurant and fruits, 71 Main

MacNulty William, (MacNulty & Davis) h 71 Main

Madden Daniel J, clerk 92 Main, bds with J W

MADDEN JOHN W, merchant tailor and gents furnishings, tobacco and cigars and billiards, 92 Main, h Waln

MANLEY M J REV, rector St Peter’s church, rectory Pearl

March Charles H, manufs ax handles, neck yokes &c, 41 East ave bds do

March George W, handle maker with Charles H, 41 East ave bds do

March I George, school teacher, h Grant

March M Louise, clerk 81 Main, bds 41 East ave

March Susie, dressmaker 41 East ave, h do

Margraff Fred, brakeman, h Charleston

MARSH HOWARD F, (Elliott, Watrous & Marsh) h Main cor King

Marty Adelrich F, brakeman F B Ry, h 44 East ave

Marvin Charles V, glass blower, h 14 Main

Marvin John A, laborer, h Berwart

Marvin Martin G, laborer, h Grant cor Lincoln

Marvin Sarah J, widow Noah F, h Queen cor Nichols

Mason Ellen, widow Charles, h 2 Water

Mason Ralph L, brakeman F B Ry, h East ave n limits

Mastin Arthur W, driver, bds Pearl

MASTIN CHARLOTTE E, physician and surgeon over 63 main, h Pearl

Mastin Joseph E, laborer, h 25 W Water

MASTIN NATHAN W, physician and surgeon, office hours 2 to 4 pm, pension examiner, examinations every Wednesday, Main h Pearl

MATHER JOHN W, attorney at law 11 Central ave, h 13 Walnut

Mather Lydia, widow James H, h Walnut n Waln

Mathers George R, law student, bds Main cor King

MATHERS, GRAVES & CO, limited, general merchants Main, cor Waln and Pearl

MATHERS HORACE M, carriage trimming, upholstering and mattress making, Pearl, h Bache See adv page 146

Mathers Mary B, widow Charles, h Main cor King

Mathers William T, commercial traveler, h 49 East ave cor Cone

Matson Edwin Jr, saw mill in Shippen, h East ave cor Bacon

Matson Mary J, widow James B, boarding house, 40 Main

McCARTER MARY MRS, boarding house, McInroy

McCarthy Daniel, laborer, h 83 Pearl

McCarthy Daniel, h Tioga

McClintock Jay C, agent Atlantic Refining Co in Tioga Co, h 71 East ave

McGraff Lena, widow Lewis, h Bodine cor Nichols

McInroy John W, contractor and builder, h 23 Grant

McIntosh Finand C, tin peddler, h 27 W Water

McMinds John E, tanner, h 30 W Water

Mengee William L, carpenter, h 21 Conway

Merrick Ella, dressmaker, h Walnut cor Central ave

MERRICK GEORGE W, (Merrick & Young) h Waln

MERRICK & YOUNG, (George W M & Robert K Y) attorneys and counselors at law 107 Main See adv page 168

Merithew William H, clerk Mathers, Graves & Co, h Cone

Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev E C Dodge pastor, Main cor Queen

Metzger Bernhart, baker, h East ave cor Grant

Metzger C William, foreman at Round House, Fall Brook Ry policeman, h Purple

Metzger William C, stenographer Mathers, Graves & Co, soldier Co K, 5th Pa Regt, h Purple

Meyers Lewis, laborer, h 32 Grant

Middaugh Hiram, bds 37 Nichols

Miller A Caldwell, carpenter, h Fellows ave

Miller Charles, soldier, h Sheridan

Miller Charles L, bds Coles house

Miller Frank, laborer, h Tioga

Miller Fred, glass cutter, h East ave cor Jackson

Miller George, clerk Sandbach house, bds do

Miller John, farmer, 100, h Nichols

Miller John, glass cutter, bds East ave cor Jackson

Miller Joseph, cigarmaker, h Sheridan

Miller Juliet, widow Ellis L, h 41 Walnut
Miller Mary A, clerk 79 Main, bds 41 Walnut

MILLER MARY M, widow Cloys L, h 16 Charleston

Miller P Mrs., h Sheridan

MILLER WALDO W, vice-pres and cashier First National Bank, h 8 West ave

Miller William, hostler Sandbach house, bds do

Mitchell Emily, widow John H, bds Central ave

Mitchell George, h Pearl

MITCHELL JOHN I, president judge 4th judicial district, office at Court House, h Pearl

MITCHELL ROSS A, county treasurer until January 1, 1899, manager Wellsboro Cooperative Window Glass Works, County Office Bldg, h 59 East ave

Mitchell William E, tinsmith, bds Fellows ave cor Magee

Mitchell Winfield S, tinner, plumber and steam fitter, dealer in stoves and furnaces, East ave n Main, h Fellows ave cor Magee

Monroe Jesse J (Ritter & M) h 19 Cone

Moore Charles F, shoemaker, mfr of gloves and mittens, dealer in and tanner of furs, East ave, h do

Moore Emma F, (Mrs Harry C) millinery and hair goods, over 69 Main, h do

Moore George, laborer, h Nichols

Moore Harry C, compositor Agitator office, h 69 Main

Moore LeRoy, compositor Agitator office, h East ave

Moore Seymour, freight conductor F B Ry, h 38 Homer

Moran Margaret Mrs, h 13 Conway

Moran Michael F, clerk Mathers, Graves & Co, h 46 Pearl

Moran Thomas, clerk, h Conway

Morgan Daniel M, h and lot, h Central ave

Morgan Jonathan V, farmer in Charleston, 36, h 45 Central ave

Morgan Purley V, carpenter, h Crafton cor Pearl

Morgan William, farmer, 23, h Pearl

Morris Ann, bds Jackson

Mudge Alonzo W, farmer, 70, and in Covington 40, h Wingate

Mudrack Jane Mrs, h 153 Main

Mulford Ed Rex, printer Republican-Advocate office, journalist, h Main cor East ave

Murray Betsey, caterer, h rear 37 Central ave

Myers Milton T, clerk 72 Main, h Grant

NAVLE DENNIS W, harness, saddlery, robes, &c, Crafton n Pearl, h 11 West ave (see adv page 168)

Navle George W, harness maker, h 12 Sheridan

Navle Henriette C, dressmaker, bds 12 Sheridan

Nelson Thomas G, stage driver, bds with N R Kimball, Bacon

NICHOLS ALFRED I, (Nichols & Bache) h Waln cor Walnut

NICHOLS & BACHE (A I N and Wm B Jr) proprs Wellsboro Roller Mills, East ave (See adv page 168)

Nichols E Archibald, bookkeeper Nichols & Bache, h Waln cor Walnut

Nichols Sarah E (Mrs Alfred I) farm in Middlebury, 270, h Waln cor Walnut

Nickols Samuel, veterinary surgeon, h 31 Waln

Nickerson Anna C, dressmaker, bds 76 East ave

Nickerson Hiram N, farmer in Charleston, about 14, h 76 East ave

NILES AARON R, (J B and A R Niles) h 31 Central ave

NILES AUGUSTUS, physician and surgeon, office hours 1 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm, Converse block Main, h Norris cor Water

NILES J B & A R, attorneys at law Central ave n Main

NILES JEROME B (J B & A R Niles) h 31 Central Main

Nordstrom John Peter, h 34 Fischler

Nugent James, porter Hotel Wilcox, bds do

Och Frederick, fireman Fall Brook Coal Co, bds 20 Cone

Och John, laborer, h 20 Cone

Och Mary F, clerk Sipperly & Co, bds 20 Cone

O’Connor James, lumber jobber, h Kelsey

O’CONNOR WILLIAM, contractor, lumberman, farm over 200 on Marsh Creek and other real estate, h 35 Central ave

O’Neill M James, h 12 East ave

Orcutt Ida M, stenographer 11 Central ave, h 13 Walnut

Ortman Carrie T, music teacher, bds 7 Sheridan

Ortman Paulina M, school teacher, bds 7 Sheridan

Ortman W Frederick, wood turner, h 7 Sheridan

Osborn Harriet, widow Edward, h Nichols

Osborne Joseph, laborer, h with J W Madden, Waln

Osgood Charles G, h Central ave cor Grant

Osgood Harry W, reporter, bds Central ave cor Grant

O’Shea Jesse, h 7 Water

Ostrander John B, tea agt, h 26 Meade

OWLETT EDWARD H, (Sherwood & Owlett) h Walnut

Owlett Joseph, retired farmer, h Tioga

Owlett Lavinia S, widow John, h 66 East ave

Owlett Martha J, widow Thomas, h Crafton

Owlett Nettie, dressmaker, 66 East ave

PACKER HORACE B, member of Congress 16th Cong. Dist, attorney and counselor at law, real estate owner, h Main

Packer Mary, widow Dr Nelson, bds Main

Padgett Oliver G, baker and confectioner 102 Main, h 3 Lincoln

Pagan Arthur E, painter and paper hanger, bds East ave

Pagan Frank, clerk 82 Main, bds East ave

PAGAN RUDOLPH, watchmaker, jeweler, silverware, &c 82 Main, h East ave. See adv page 187

Patchill J W Tilford, locomotive engineer F B Ry, h 13 Grant

Park Luther T, (Park & Cummings) h in Delmar

Park & Cummings (L T P and Earl C) billiard and pool room Main cor Waln

Parke Joseph, h Austin

Parker Charles R, painter and paper hanger 10 Walnut, h do

Parks B Franklin, emp T B Field & Son, farm in Delmar 50, h Austin

Parks Fred, laborer, h Buena Vista

Parsons Vanness, barber, h over 51 Main

Pattison Pauline, widow Thurman, h Waln

Paul William, bds 151 Main

Peak Betsey Mrs, farmer 17, h Buena Vista

Peak Daniel E, teamster, h German

Pearsall Charles L, helper Gardner & Co’s, h Charles cor Pearl

Pearson Samuel, farmer, leases of Mrs Wm Johnson, 140, h Buena Vista

Peer Charles F, fireman, h 42 Homer

Pennsylvania Joint Lumber and Land Co, D Willis James of New York prest, Charles J James of Williamsport general supt, J B and A R Niles attorneys Central ave

Petit Alice A, teacher in Wellsboro graded school, bds Hastings

Petit August, barber 72 Main, h Hastings

Petit Harry L, student, bds Hastings

Petit Raymond A, barber for August, bds Hastings

Petrie Ann E, widow Joseph, h 49 West ave

Petrie Edmond L, steamboat engineer, bds 49 West ave

Phelps Mack, laborer, h West ave n boro line

Phelps Warren B, propr Wellsboro House, farmer 75 in Liberty

Piercey George A, glass gatherer, h Bache

Pierson John, emp glass works, bds McInroy

Pierson Walter G, glass blower, h McInroy

Pitts Mary E, asst clerk county commissioners’ office, bds East ave

Plaster Minnie (Mrs Charles) h Nichols

Pond Emmet, laborer, h Sears

Post Office, 78 Main

Potter Burton M, justice of the peace, attorney and counsellor at law and solicitor of patents and pensions, Converse block, Main, h Nichols

Potter Hiram, h Charles

Potter Peleg A, machinist, h 15 East ave

Preble Leonard J, millwright and carpenter, h Bacon


PROTHONOTARY’S OFFICE, County Office Bldg. Main

PUBLIC TELEPHONE PAY STATION, R L Van Horn & Son operators, 73 Main

Puff Lydia A, milliner, bds 90 Main

Puffer B Frank, photographer 104 Main, h Williamsport, Pa

Purple Rachel A, widow Elisha J, farm 30, h 15 Charleston

Putnam Julius E, clerk 69 Main, h Sherman cor Meade

Putnam Viall A, glass worker, h 5 West ave

Putnam William, laborer, bds Sherman cor Meade

Radeker Almina C, widow Harry, housekeeper 16 Sheridan

Radeker Amos H, brakeman, h Tioga

Radeker Herbert W, painter and paper hanger, h Tioga

Radeker James H, painter, h 23 Nichols

Radeker Mary J, widow Jay L, h 17 Tioga

Radeker Robert, laborer, h Morgan lane

Radick James, porter Coles House, h Hyland

REASLY HENRY E, principal Wellsboro public schools, h 61 East ave

Randall James A, teamster, h 55 West ave

Rarick Frederick, mason, h and lot, h German

Rea Howard P, law student, bds Wilcox House

Redding Charles E, glass cutter, bds Austin

Rees Thomas T, boro tax collector, clerk, h 74 Pearl

Reese Bert R, laborer, h 45 Magee

Reese Margaret W, boarding house 19 East ave

REESE THOMAS M, county commissioner, res Charleston

Registers and Recorders office, County Office Bldg, Main

Reppard John, laborer, h Calkins lane

REPUBLICAN ADVOCATE, William L Shearer editor and propr, 97 Main (See adv page 177)

REYNOLDS NEWELL L REV. pastor First Baptist Church. h Central ave cor Sherman

RIBEROLLE GEORGE P, groceries and provisions, crockery, tobacco and cigars, confectioneries &c, 83 Main, h 1 Main (see adv page 160)

Rice Warren J, laborer, h Grant

Richmond Colin R, law student Elliott, Watson & Marsh, bds Pearl

Riebe Clara L, tailoress, bds Nichols

Riebe William, mason, h Bodine

Ritter J Webster (Ritter & Monroe) h Tioga

Ritter & Monroe (J Webster R and Jesse J M) general blacksmiths, Crafton cor Water

Robb Casner J, with J L Robb, h 22 West ave

ROBB JAMES L, dealer in hay, grain and produce, farmer in Farmington 400 Main, h 21 West ave cor Berwart

ROBB LEVI S, emp J L Robb, dealer in Sterling bicycles, Main, bds 21 West ave

Robbins Nelson H, laborer, h Buena Vista

Roberts B Franklin, speculator, h Waln

ROBERTS CHARLES H (C H Roberts & Co) h 69 Main

ROBERTS C H & CO (Charles H and Margaret A Roberts) hardware, stoves, tinware, plumbers and steam fitters, paints and oil, etc 69 Main, See adv page 196

Roberts Dora, widow William H, h 54 Central ave

Roberts Edward M, clerk C H Roberts & Co, bds 42 Central ave

ROBERTS FRANK A, dealer in boots, shoes and rubbers 67 Main, h 27 East avenue See adv page 190

Roberts John G, carpenter, h 28 W Water

Roberts Margaret, school teacher, bds 42 Central ave

ROBERTS MARGARET A (C H Roberts & Co) widow William , h 42 Central ave

Roberts Oscar B, baker, grocer, confectioner and restaurant 70 Main, h do

Robinson Annie M, school teacher, bds 11 East ave

Robinson Catharine A, clerk 79 Main, bds Cone

Robinson Eliza, widow John, bds 73 Pearl

Robinson Ella A & Nellie F, dressmakers, Main, h do

Robinson Ella A (E A & N F R) h Main

Robinson Eugene H, law student 17 Central ave, h Main

Robinson Hattie, widow Jesse M, Main cor King

Robinson Hilah T, widow Lemuel J, h Cone

Robinson James, glass blower, bds Bache

Robinson John L (Robinson & Sears) h 45 Walnut

Robinson Joseph W, carpenter, h 73 Pearl

Robinson Mary, bds 145 Main

Robinson Mary B, h Main

Robinson Mary E, widow J Ferdinand, h 45 Walnut

Robinson Nellie F (E A & N F R) h Main

Robinson Rollin, laborer, h 11 East ave

Robinson Sarah, bds 145 Main

Robinson & Sears (John L R and Leroy S) painters and paper hangers, Pearl

Robson Arthur G, glass blower, h Jackson

Robson Thomas, emp glass works, h 41 Magee

ROCKWELL FRANK H, attorney and counselor at law 143 Main, h 69 East ave

Roff Ralph, confectionery and restaurant 76 Main, h Nichols

Rogers Edward, laborer, h Sturrock

Rogers John J, mason, h Cone

Rogers William E, laborer, bds Cone

Roland Etta, widow Alfred C, h 18 Meade

ROSE FRANK H, dentist Main cor Waln, h 49 Pearl

ROSENBAUM & PHILLIPS (Isaac L R of New York and Joseph Phillips of Westfield) Israel Cohen magr, clothing, gents furnishings, trunks, boots and shoes, 74 Main

ROY ARTHUR M, (Barnes & Roy) h 43 Central ave

Roy Harold G, printer Agitator office, bds Central ave

Roy Irene N, widow Robert, bds 43 Central ave

Rumsey Edwin M, carpenter, h Meade

Rumsey Joseph E, blacksmith, h Walnut

Rumsey Mame E, dressmaker, h Walnut

Rumsey Nelson L, laborer, h Bache

Rumsey Orrin D, h Austin

Russell A Eliza, widow Lucius L, farm 75, groceries 32 West ave, h do

RUSSELL PHILLIP K, agt and basket maker, bds at Mrs Black’s McInroy

Russell William O, farmer on shares for Edward Heise, 112, h Eberenz cor West ave

Ryan Norman H, attorney at law Main, h 60 Central ave

SANDBACH CHARLES, (Sandbach Bottling Co of Lawrenceville) propr Sandbach House Pearl

SANDBACH HOUSE, Charles Sandbach propr, Pearl

SANDERS ROLAND E, cooper, propr hitching and feed stables 5 Water, h Sherwood

Satterly William R, brakeman F B Ry, h 13 Water

Satterly Jennie M, h Hasting’s bldg, West ave

Scanlon Charles, emp glass works, h Sturrock

Scheffer Charles L, printer, foreman Republican Advocate office 97 Main, h Brewery lane

Scheffer Christina, widow Charles, h Brewery lane

Scheider Ernest, shoemaker Waln n Main, h Meade

Schieffelin Richard G, supt Union Tanning Co Stokesdale, h 6 Main

Schmand Augustus A, carpenter, h Nichols

Schwartz Leopold, clerk 86 Main, h Grant

Scott Tilly S, laborer, h Lincoln cor Walnut

Scull Kirby, glass blower, h Charleston

Seager Catherine B, milliner 96 Main, bds 45 Waln

Sears E Gertrude, bds 54 East ave

Sears Loran A, shoemaker, h 54 East ave

Sears Leroy (Robinson & S) h and lot 68 East ave

Sears Mary L, widow Charles W, boarding house 23 Water

Seely Marion, broom maker, h Wingate

Seely Merril, barber’s apprentice, bds Wingate

Severson Herbert, emp glass factory, h Lincoln

Shattuck Alfred J, lawyer 17 Central ave, h Purple cor McInroy

Shaw Augustus C, D D, pastor First Presbyterian Church, h Main

Shaw Harry C, bookkeeper T B Field & Son, bds East ave

Shaw Helen, widow James H, boarding house 21 East ave

SHAW JOHN B, mgr Western Union Telegraph Co 78 Main, bds East ave

Shaw Loren D, laborer, h English

Shaw I Alfred, carpenter, h Nichols

Shaw William D, commercial traveler, h Main

Shay Jeremiah, supervisor Pine Creek division Fall Brook Ry, h 15 Cone

Shearer John H, physician and surgeon, h Main

SHERER WILLIAM L, editor and propr Republican Advocate, book and job printer, 97 Main, h Morris lane (see adv page 177)

SHEFFER FRANCIS M, prothonotary and clerk of the courts, County Office Bldg, Main, h 29 Central ave

SHEIDWEILER FRED A, plumber and steam fitter, dealer in plumbers’ supplies, Coles House Blk, Main, h Sherwood

Sheidweiler William, meat market 57 Main, h Ellis

SHERIFF’S OFFICE, at Court House, Main

Sherman Blair, emp at depot, h McInroy

Sherman Mary Mrs, h 127 Main

Sherwood Henry N, attorney at law, 109 Main, h 63 East ave

Sherwood Levancia, widow Henry, h 7 Main

SHERWOOD & OWLETT, (Walter S and Edward H O) attorneys at law, 109 Main (see adv page 180)

SHERWOOD WALTER S, (Sherwood and Owlett) h 2 Main

Shields John, glass blower, h Bache

Shove Daniel, bds Bacon

Shumway Arthur, dealer in live stock and farmer

Shutter Charles H, laborer, h Cole

SIEMENS FRED W, furniture, carpets and curtains 72 Main, h Central ave, (See adv page 164)

Siemens Robert C, clerk 72 Main, h 62 East ave

Signor Jacob I, farmer 50, h Kelsey

Simpson Harriet A, h Walnut head of Charles

Simpson Mary, widow Robert C, h Walnut head of Charles

Simpson Mary S, h Walnut head of Charles

SIPPERLEY & CO, (Frank S S and Leonard Harrison) drygoods and carpets 79 Main. (See adv page 152

SIPPERLEY F SEYMOUR, (Sipperley and Co) 79 Main h do

Slingerland Jasper, painter, h Bacon

Sloan Helen V, widow Thomas, h 26 Nichols

Sloat George A, teamster, h Austin

Smith Alvarus (Smith & Cary) h 19 Walnut

Smith Asa, laborer, pensioner, h Grant

Smith Charles E, blacksmith, h Sears

Smith & Cary (Alvarnus S and William H C) painters and paper hangers

Smith Ferdinand, laborer, bds Bodine

Smith Frank, laborer, bds Bodine

Smith George H, teamster, farmer in Delmar 25, h 35 Nichols

Smith Jerome H, guns, fishing tackle, sporting goods, &c Main n East ave, bds 43 Main

Smith Joseph, farmer 100, h Bodine

Smith Lloyd, com trav, h off Main

Smith Melvin M, emp basket factory, h Central ave

Smith N Azubah, widow George Dwight, h 120 Main

Smith Richard H, county treasurer after Dec 31, 98, h Pearl n Norris

Smith Samuel B, gardener, h East ave cor Main

Smith Samuel E, livery Pearl, h Norris cor Walnut

Smith Sarah H Mrs, h Bacon

Smith Walker L, laborer, h East ave

Smith William P, operator for B Frank Puffer, photographer 104 Main, bds Hotel Wilcox

SPALDING GEORGE M, coal, wood, ice, mason material, &c, Charleston off Cone, h Waln. (see adv page 190)

Spalding Sarah C, widow Adolphus, h 27 Central ave

Spaulding William H, foreman Wellsboro cigar factory, h Cone

Spencer A Edward, fireman Spencer & Fleming mill, blacksmith, h Cole

Spencer Alanson A, carpenter F B R R, h Kelsey

Spencer Alenson (Wetmore & Spencer) keystone grist and flouring mill Charleston, farmer in Delmar, 227, h Cole cor Charleston

Spencer & Allen (Arthur W S and William D A) barbers and bath rooms Coles House and over 102 Main

Spencer Alphonzo E, farmer in Delmar, 30

Spencer Alvin A, harness maker and farmer, 15, h Kelsey

Spencer Arthur W, (S & Allen)

SPENCER BENJAMIN F, fire, life and accident, plate glass and cyclone ins agency Main, h East ave See adv page 192

Spencer Ernest R, fireman Spender’s planing mill, h Grant

Spencer James C (J C S & Son) farmer in Delmar, 37, h do

Spencer J C & Son, (James C & S Albert) manuf and dealers in lumber and shingles, sash, doors, mouldings &c Pearl cor Waln

Spencer Joseph L, laborer, h Sears

Spencer Orin, laborer, bds German

Spencer S Albert (J C S & Sons) h in Delmar

Spencer Wilfred S, laborer, h Bailey lane

Spencer William, blacksmith, carpenter and farmer, 10, h Kelsey

Spencer William D, laborer, h German

Sperry Eva E, deputy registrar and recorder, bds Waln

Spraker Emma D Mrs, tailoress, h Grant

Steigman William, laborer, h 43 West ave

STEBBINS MELVIN B, mgr and salesman Wellsboro cigar factory 6 Queen, h Queen

STEBBINS MILFORD N, propr Wellsboro cigar factory manuf of cigars 6 Queen, h Hastings

Steele Alice, widow John, h Central ave

Steele Belle, school teacher, bds Central ave

Stevens Margaret Mrs, h Walnut

Stewart Lida E (Mrs William) milliner and ladies furnishings 90 Main, h do

Stickley Frederick, section hand F B R R, h Kelsey

Stickley Henry, clerk, h Pearl cor Lincoln

Stickley May A, stenographer, bds Pearl

Sticklin Charles H, section foreman F B R R, h West ave

Sticklin Edward T, blacksmith, h Conway

Sticklin Erhart T, cigarmaker, h 23 Meade

Sticklin Harriet, widow Jacob, h r 25 Kelsey

Sticklin John, bds 23 Meade

Stiles Henry C, laborer, h Grant

ST PAUL’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Rev William Heakes rector, Pearl cor Charles

Strail Richard, bds 32 West ave

Stone Thomas, h Conway

Stowell Hezekiah, lumberman, h Walnut

Suhr Anna B, bds Hasting cor Queen

Suhr John S, emp glass factory, bds Hasting cor Queen

Suhr Louise, clerk 102 Main, bds Hasting cor Queen

Suhr Mary, widow John, h Hasting cor Queen

Suhr Minnie E, seamstress, bds Hasting cor Queen

Suhr William T, laborer, h Sears

Sullivan Edward W, barber, bds Rectory lane

SULLIVAN JERRY W, propr Hotel Wilcox, Main cor Central ave. (see adv bottom lines)

Sullivan Michael, laborer, h Rectory lane

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h Meade

Sullivan William, compositor, bds Meade

Sullivan William, painter, bds Meade

Sullivan William B, assistant postmaster, chief of fire department, h and lot Meade cor Grant

Swan David C, clerk First National Bank, bds 15 Charleston

Swartout Robert B, freight conductor, h 34 Homer

Swartz Leopold, clerk, h Grant

Swope Bither, millwright, bds Nichols

Swope Owen, carpenter and farmer, 100, h Nichols

Taft James E, dentist with Dr Eastman, Main, bds do

Talmadge Charles, brakeman Fall Brook Ry, h Cone

Talmadge Clarisy, widow Daniel, housekeeper for Charles

Tate William W, commercial traveler, h 9 West ave

Taylor George, laborer, bds r 25, Kelsey

Thompson Addie C (Mrs John M) corsets and skirts. Crafton n Pearl, h do

Thompson Darwin, gunsmith, farm 150 in Charleston, h Hasting cor Queen

Thompson John M, h Crafton n Pearl

Thompson Lucretia E, bds 1 Hastings

Thompson Viola F, bookkeeper, bds 1 Hastings cor Queen

Thurber William H, clerk and telegraph operator Fall Brook Ry, h Purple

Tipple Clifton T, laborer, h Fellows ave

Tipple Joseph C, laborer, bds Buena Vista

Tipple Thomas W, carpenter, h Buena Vista

Truman Albert A, agt American Ex Co 65 Main, h 61 Pearl

Truman Isobel, recording clerk, register and recorder’s office, h 13 Charleston

Truman John B, bookkeeper First National bank, bds 61 Pearl

Truman Mary D, widow Lucius, h Charleston

Turner Thomas, emp glass factory, h Bacon

Unger Morris, clothing and gents furnishings 80 Main, h do

Van Cise Joseph E, bookkeeper, h 19 Conway

Van Dusen Robert P, teamster, h Hilboldt

Van Horn Addie M, widow Benjamin C. boarding house 45 Waln

Van Horn Amanda, widow William b, bds Bacon

Van Horn Harriet M, widow Benjamin F, h Pearl n East ave

VAN HORN LEWIS R, (R L Van Horn & Son) h 25 Water

VAN HORN RANKIN L, ( R L Van Horn & Son) h 47 Waln

VAN HORN R L & SON, (R L & L R) books, wall paper, stationery and school supplies, picture frames, etc, 73 Main (see adv page 194)

VAN HORN WILLIAM D, pres The First National bank, h Bacon opp Waln

Van Order Dewey, snapper at glass works, bds Jackson

Van Order DeWitt, h Jackson

Van Order John, snapper glass works, bds Jackson

Van Valkenburg Anna Z, bds 60 East ave

Van Valkenburg Charles G, owns farm 5, also in Charleston 60, in Delmar 50, h 65 East ave

Van Valkenburg Helen, teacher, bds 60 East ave

Van Valkenburg Henry A, com trav, farm in Charleston 60, h 60 East ave

Van Valkenburg James W, justice of the peace, general insurance 8 Crafton, h 10 Sheridan

Van Valkenburg Louise S, teacher Wellsboro graded school, bds 60 East ave

Van Valknar Bert O, emp basket factory, bds 85 Pearl

Van Valknar John N, farmer, leases of Kennedy estate 65, h 85 Pearl

Varna Henry, blacksmith h 18 Kelsey

Veil Charles H, deputy sheriff, Penn Mut Life Ins agt, Court House, bds Coles house

Veil Christina M, widow Charles F, h 75 East ave

Veil Louisa H, h 75 East ave

Venton Charles, bds Mason lane

Videan Sarah D, widow Charles S, boarding house, 14 Main

Wagner Fredrica, widow George, h 5 Crafton

Wagner Rose A, dressmaker 5 Crafton, bds do

Wakeman John F, farmer, 50 n Stokesdale, bds 16 Charleston

Walbridge Maude S, school teacher, bds Grant

Walbridge May E, dressmaker, bds Grant

Walbridge Peter D, laborer, farmer in Delmar 130, h Grant

Walker Robert, emp glass factory, h Walnut

WARD W FRED, tinner, plumbing and steam fitting works, Waln n Main, h 39 Pearl (see adv page 194)

Warren Jasper C. Rev, pastor Free Baptist Church, h Tioga

Warren Nicholas S, laborer, h Nichols

Warriner M Blanche, teacher Wellsboro Graded School, bds foot of Fishler

Warriner Marshall B, watchmaker and jeweler 70 Main, h foot of Fishler

Warriner Mary A, widow Samuel B, h 43 East ave

Warriner Ogilva, carpenter, h 4 Cone cor Austin

Warriner R, glass blower, bds foot of Fishler

Watkins Frank, commissioner’s clerk, h Bodine cor English

Watkins George, livery stable, Water opp Crafton, h do

Watkins Seth, emp livery, h Water

WATROUS FRANCIS E (Elliott, Watrous & Marsh) h Bacon

Watter Robert, gardener, h Meade

Watts Murry, laborer, h German

WEBB CLARENCE W, physician and surgeon, office hours 8 to 10 a m, 1 to 4 and 7 to 8 p m, 86 Main cor Crafton, h 19 Water

Webb Fred S, express messenger Fall Brook Ry, h 52 East ave

WEBB GEORGE H, (White & W) h Water cor Brewery lane

Webb George W, clerk 84 Main

Webb Halleck, glass blower, h 33 Grant

Webb Len, glass blower, bds 33 Grant

Webb Michael G, glass gatherer, h Cone

Webb Neal, glass blower, h Austin

Webb Ransford B, clerk, h 9 Water

Webster Charles, laborer, h 24 Nichols

Weidmer Godfrey, h Steckley

Welch Mary, widow, h Grant

Weller Frank, carpenter, h Nichols

Weller George, carpenter, h Morgan lane

Weller John A, carpenter, bds 33 East ave

Weller William H, carpenter and builder, h 33 East ave

Wells Elizabeth M, telegrapher, 78 Main, bds East ave

WELLSBORO AGITATOR THE, Barnes and Roy editors prop’s 104 Main. See adv page 184

Wellsboro Building and Loan Association, David Gardner pres, G H Derby vice pres., L A Gardner, secy, 73 Main

WELLSBORO CARRIAGE CO (A P & E S Dartt) manuf of fine carriages, platform wagons, road wagons, surreys, cutters and sleighs, dealers in harnesses, robes &c, East ave cor Pearl. See adv bottom lines.

WELLSBORO CIDER AND VINEGAR WORKS, Seth Bacon propr, Purple cor Cone

WELLSBORO CIGAR FACTORY, Milford N Stebbins propr, 6 Queen

WELLSBORO CO-OPERATIVE GLASS WORKS, R A Mitchell supt. manuf window glass Austin cor Jackson

WELLSBORO GAZETTE THE, Frank Conevery editor and propr 85 Main. See adv page 148

WELLSBORO GRADED SCHOOLS, Grant, Waln, Bacon and Horton lane

Wellsboro hand laundry (Clark & Botsford) props 8 Waln

Wellsboro House, Warren B Phelps propr, Charleston opp the depot

WELLSBORO MEAT CO, Joseph Bernard magr, wholesale and retail dealers in fresh and salt meats, smoked meats and sausages &c, Waln. See adv page 160

WELLSBORO ROLLER MILLS, Nichols & Bache props, manufs and dealers, flour, feed and meal East ave. See adv page 168

Wellsboro Water Co, F K Wright prest, J Harrison secy treas and supt Central ave

Westbrook George P, salesman Bailey & Howe, farmer in Middlebury, 100, h Charles

Wescott Anna, widow Reuben G, seamstress, h 2 Water


Wetmore Almon, mason, h Buena Vista

Wetmore Charlotte D, stenographer, bds 43 Magee

WETMORE FRANK B, groceries, wall paper &c, Charleston cor Purple, h do. See adv page 182

Wetmore Herbert L, barber, bds Buena Vista

Wetmore Job (W & Spencer) h 43 Magee

Wetmore Kate Mrs., dressmaker Crafton cor Pearl, h do

Wetmore Seth H, mason, apiarist, h Magee

Wetmore & Spencer (Job W & Alenson S) cider mill, rear grist mill Charleston

Wheeler Benjamin F, invalid, h Jackson

Wheeler Charles, wagon maker, h 32 Meade

Wheeler Charles C, printer Gazette office, h 37 Grant

Wheeler Emily, widow Julius C, h 30 Meade

Wheeler Harry D, freight handler, h 55 Central ave

Wheeler Royal, bds King cor Walnut

Wheeler Royal A, laborer, h King cor Walnut

Wheeler Roy C, clerk 74 Main, bds Wilcox House

White Andrew N, machinist, h Walnut

WHITE JOHN V, (W & Webb) Waln cor Cone, rooms do

White Newell R, jury commissioner, barkeeper Coles House, h 13 Main

WHITE OLIVER L, wool carding and carpet cleaning Charleston cor Tioga, h and 2 acres Central ave n limits ( See adv page 194)

WHITE & WEBB, (John V W and George H W) founders and machinists, bicycle repairers, Waln cor Pearl

White W Richard, foreman construction gang F B Ry, h Pearl

Whiting Charles B, laborer, bds Fischler

Whiting Florence L, school teacher, bds Fischler

Whiting William H, florist, farmer 16, h Fischler

Whitney Edward H, invalid, h 26 Nichols

Whitney Frank C, clerk 98-100 Main, h Grant

Wightman William, glass gatherer, bds 14 East ave

Wilcox Abigail, widow Daniel B, bds 41 Walnut

Wilcox Archibald E, chief of police, h Queen n Sherwood

Wilcox Clark L, farmer in Delmar about 350, h Main

Wilcox C Louis Jr, clerk 106 Main, h Main

Wilcox John B, clerk, h 6 Cone

Wilkins Frederick O (Wilkins & Geer) h Crafton

Wilkins & Geer (Fred O W and James S G) general blacksmiths East ave

Wilkins Samuel B, farmer 62, h Charleston

Wilkinson Walter T, barber Farmers Hotel, h Cole

Williston Clara, bds 38 Waln

Williston Martha A, widow Lorenzo P, h 48 Waln

WILLIAM S CHARLES N, physician and surgeon, graduate University of Pennsylvania 52 Main, h do

Williams Cornelia K, widow Oren E, h 4 Queen

Williams Frederick C, bookkeeper, bds 4 Queen

Williams George W, bookkeeper land office of the Bingham estate, h Waln cor Bacon

Williams Henry W Hon, justice supreme court, h Main

Williams Joseph, tipstave at all courts, bds Waln cor Bacon

Williams Virginia O, h Main

Wilson Daniel, laborer, h Fischler

Wilson Daniel M, clerk Fischler Bros, h Fischler

Wilson Elizabeth S, bds 60 East ave

Wilson John, conductor F B Ry, h 33 Homer

WILSON M & M, (Mary and Margaret) proprs “The Fair” store and milliners 96 Main (See adv page 182

WILSON MARY, (M and M W) 96 Main, h 33 Homer

WILSON MARGARET (M and MW) 96 Main, h 33 Homer

Wilson Ransom F, h East ave cor Walnut

Wilson Sarah A, Mrs, boarding house East ave cor Walnut

Wilson Smith, laborer, h Berwart

Wingate Albert P, mason, h Wingate

Wingate Moses, mason h Wingate

Wingate William, bds Wingate

Wingate William P, conductor F B Ry, h 70 East ave

Wise Andrew, trainman Fall Brook Ry, h McInroy

Wise John A, restaurant and fruits 43-45 Main, h do

Wivell Alfred, painter, h 37 Meade

Wolf Henry M, h Central ave

Wood Achsah, widow Harvey, h Queen cor Water

Wood Emery H, photographer, h 2 Queen

Wood Lois (Mrs Emery H) nurse, h 2 Queen

Woodhouse Alvira, widow Rodney R, bds Kelsey

Woodhouse William S, typewriter and stenographer land office Bingham estate, h 33 Meade

Woolcott William, engineer Fall Brook Ry, h East ave

Wright Frederick K, postmaster, farmer in Charleston, 50, h 12 Main

Wright Robert M, propr Wellsboro steam laundry. Waln cor Pearl, h do

Yale Moses Rev, Free Baptist clergyman, h 6 Queen

Yandes Henry W., laborer, h Nichols

Yessa Stephen, laborer, h Grant

Yessa Stephen J, emp glass factory, h East ave cor Jackson

Yahn Albert, dealer in live stock, h Crafton n Main

Yahn Charles F, drayman, h 42 East ave

Yahn Frederick G, fireman F B Ry, h 3 Queen

Yahn Herman F, drayman, h Hastings

YAHN LUTHER F, butcher and meat market Crafton n Main, h and farm, 11 Fischler n boro line

Yahn May L (Etner & Y) bds Hastings

Young Ezra B, justice of the peace, hardware, stoves and plumbing Main cor Crafton, h West ave cor Calkins lane

Young Hugh, Nat Bank examiner and farmer in Charleston, 86 h Waln cor Grant

Young Hugh C, electrician, bds Waln cor Grant

YOUNG ROBERT K, (Merrick & Young) h Waln

HOTEL WILCOX Newly furnished. All improvements. Tables furnished with delicacies of the season. J. W. SULLIVAN, Proprietor. Free bus. WELLSBORO, PA.
A large and successful practice. Established in 1866. With the improvements up-to-date. No more need of suffering with toothache or dread of removal since we have new methods. The finest gold caps, crowns and bridges. All kinds of fillings registered and guaranteed.

Special Care Given to Children’s Teeth

John R. Dengle Westfield, Pa. makes a specialty of all kinds China Ware, you can get any thing you want at his place.

Groceries at wholesale and retail. The best of everything.

M. G. AUSTIN & CO., MAIN STREET, WELLSBORO, PA, invite you to visit their Grocery, Crockery and Lamp Store.
The Candy Kitchen, Wellsboro, Pa.
is the best place in Tioga County to buy your Confectionery,

Ice Cream and baking. Wholesale and retail.

If You Want a Fine Carriage or Wagon of any kind you cannot do better than see those make by the Wellsboro Carriage Co.
“See yourselves as others see you” be photographed at

ERNEST H. KIMBALL’S studio, Westfield, Pa.