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Wellsboro, Tioga County PA
Wellsboro Histories

Wellsboro was the first borough formed in Tioga County. 

It was formed from Delmar Township in May 1830, and it is the county seat

Wellsboro History 1883
Biographies 1883
Wellsboro History 1885
Wellsboro 1897 Chapter 17
Wellsboro 1897 Chapter 18 - Schools
Wellsboro 1897 Chapter 19 - Churches, Organizations
Wellsboro 1897 Chapter 20 -Newspapers
Wellsboro 1897 Chapter 21 - Infrastructure
Wellsboro 1897 Chapter 22 - Businesss & Law
Wellsboro 1897 Chapter 59 - Biographies
Wellsboro 1830-1980 Commemorative (Not Finished)
2006 Wellsboro Bi-Centennial Celebration
Wellsboro Articles
1886 Dedication of the Magee Monument
Wynknen Blynken and Nod Monument
1890 History of the Wellsboro Post Office
Houses in Wellsboro
1930 - Wellsboro Before 1830 by Ida WELLS Owlett
1930 Memories of Wellsboro in Nineteenth Century by Sherwood
Wellsboro Postcards & Photos
Wellsboro Train Depot
Post Offices
Wellsboro PO
Villages Past & Present
Wellsboro Census Records
1800 Census, Tyoga Township, Lycoming County
1820 Delmar Census
1830 Delmar Census
1840 Wellsboro Census
1850 Wellsboro Census (REL)
1850 Wellsboro Census (FM)
1860 Wellsboro Census
1870 Wellsboro Census
1880 Wellsboro Census
1900,1910, 1920, 1930 (Volunteers Needed)
Wellsboro  Directories
1899 Wellsboro Directory Wellsboro 1908 p. 23-53p. 54 -078
Township Tax Records
1812 Delmar Taxables
Wellsboro Cemetery Records
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Academy Hill Cemetery (1969)
gps 41.7427 -77.30658
Academy Hill Cemetery (2005)
Calvary Cemetery a.k.a. St. Peters (1974)
gps 41.73476-77.30679
Calvary Cemetery Obituaries
Wellsboro Cemetery (2008)
gps 41.75580 -77.30201
8925 identifiable burials
Wellsboro Cemetery Obituaries
St. Paul's Episcopal Church Obituaries
Calvary Cemetery (St. Peter's) 2005
Wellsboro Schools
1909 Wellsboro Graded School - 5th Grade
1920 Wellsboro High School Graduates
1926 Wellsboro Graduation
1900 Wellsboro Teachers & Directors 1901 Wellsboro Teachers & Directors
1902 Wellsboro Teachers & Directors 1903 Wellsboro Teachers & Directors
1904 Wellsboro Teachers & Directors 1905 Wellsboro Teachers & Directors
1907 Wellsboro Teachers & Directors
Wellsboro Agitator 17 MAR 1910
A Public Library.
A meeting was held at the court house last Friday evening for the purpose of perfecting an organization for establishing a public library in Wellsboro.
Mill Helen Underwood Price, traveling representative of the State Library Commission, gave an informal talk on the best methods of conducting a library and the benefits to be derived, together with many interesting facts which will aid materially in the successful launching of a public library in Wellsboro. Miss Price, who has been trained in the work by years of experience, is an expert on all matters pertaining to the formation and conduct of a public library. Moreover, she has a pleasing personality and engaging manner and invests her subject with such a degree of earnestness and forcefulness that one cannot help but realize that she is thoroughly imbued with the great importance of the subject and the incalculable benefit to be derived from such a library as is proposed in this borough.
Miss Price, in her introductory remarks, stated that she was I the employ of the State Library Commission to travel about from place to place to help along free public libraries and to lend her assistance where new libraries are to be established, and that her salary and expenses are paid by the State.
The following officers were elected:  President, H. F. March; Vice Presidents, Mrs. O. A. Kilbourn, Mrs. Champaign and Miss Harriet A. Simpson; Secretary, Mrs. F. H. Shaw; Treasurer, Hon. F. S. Rockwell
Wellsboro Business Histories & Photos
1899 Wellsboro Business Directory
Dunham's Department Store 100th Anniversary 2005 Wellsboro Shoe Hospital 1990
1958 History of the First National Bank in Wellsboro
Hotels in Wellsboro
Penn Wells Hotel
Wilcox House
Coles House
Farmers' Temperance Hotel
Photographers in Wellsboro
T. E. Bristol
C. A. Sweet
Soldier's & Saiilor's Memorial Hospital, Wellsboro
Submitted by Dave Lenington Nov 2008
Wellsboro  Organizations
1897 Wellsboro Societies 1899 Wellsboro Societies
2002 Wellsboro Ambulance Association 2002 Wellsboro Volunteer Fire Department
  2002 Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital Emergency
Wellsboro  Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
1899 Church List From Directory
1880 Rev. Callins Retires form Wellsboro Presbyterian
Wellsboro Family Bible Records
Boyden - Calvin Bible Records O'Connor - Webster Bible
Cole - Wetmore Family Bible
Wellsboro Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
Dr. Willard G. Lent
Wellsboro Marriage Clippings
Township Resident Photo Album
Wellsboro Emigrants
Norval Gorri - Wellsboro to Idaho
Wellsboro Diaries & Letters 
1942 - Letter from Dewitt Smith about World War Two
1876- Henry Root writes from Kansas
Wellsboro Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
Indenture Morris to Donaldson 1843
Will of Mary A. WEST "Kennedy" 1934
1896 - Pension Claims - Andrew Bockus
1920 - Charles Bockus Pension Papers
Wellsboro Military Records
Orson Wilcox - WW1
Wesley Avery - WW1
Population Statistics
1887 Wellsboro = 2228
1891 Wellsboro = 2961
1900 Wellsboro = 2954
1990 Wellsboro = 3430
County Population Statistics 1810 - 1992