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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janice Walker

Nelson Township Directory.
For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice Address Nelson unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis)

Allen John (Elkland) r 4, farmer, rents of Fred Gleason 20

Babcock Oliver P (Elkland) off r 1, tobacco grower 8 and farmer 150

Bliss Claude (Elkland) r 5, laborer

Brewer George (Elkland) r 2, farmer on shares for Arthur Edwards 20

Brown Frank B (Elkland) r 1, son of L B

Brown LeRoy w (Elkland) r 1, son of L B

BROWN LEVI B (Elkland) r 1, assessor and school director, tobacco grower 8 and farmer 250

Dailey George (Elkland) r 1, miller

Dailey James (Elkland) r 1, farmer

Dailey Sarah (Elkland) r 1, widow James

Egleston Luvell (Elkland) r 1, laborer

Egleston Miles (Elkland) r 1, laborer

Egleston Miles Jr (Elkland) r 3, farmer rents of W Gleason 120

Eldridge Chauncey (Elkland) laborer

Gersenhof John (Elkland) r 1, tanner

Harding Joseph J (Elkland) r 5, carpenter

Hoyt Frank (Elkland) r 1, laborer

Independent School District, r 2 (Elkland)

Johnson Ann (Elkland) r 5, widow Sylvanius C

Johnson Elizabeth (Elkland) off r 1, widow Newton B

Johnson William S. (Elkland) r 5, laborer

King Daruius M (Elkland) r off 1, farmer

Long Herbert E (Elkland) r 1, farmer for J W Ryon, 300

Moshier Nathaniel (Elkland) r 2, laborer

Roberts James (Elkland) r 5, tanner

Slade Fred A (Elkland) r 1, tanner

Slade John M (Elkland) r 1, laborer

Slade Zachariah W T (Elkland) r 1, tanner

Smith William (Elkland) r 1, laborer

West Lee (Elkland) r 2, farmer on shares for Jerome Bottom, 120

White Charles F (Elkland) r 1, laborer