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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Christine Keel

Osceola Borough Directory.

For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Osceola unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis).

Abbott Mercy, widow Charles F, bds Cowanesque

Abbott Ralph D, laborer, h Cowanesque

Addison & Pennsylvania R R depot, A Smith agt, Holden

Akins William, tanner, h Church

Alba Fred, off r 7, carpenter

Albee Eleazer, r 4

Albee Fred U, r 4, tanner

Allen Charles, laborer, h Tuscarora

American Express Co, D W Baxter agt, F B R R station

Andress Maude, r 2, widow William

Bacon Floyd M, laborer, bds Tuscarora

BAKER AARON E, r 14, farmer, 240

Barker Charles T, retired farmer, h Cowanesque

Barker George, tobacco grower 5 acres and farmer with E W Gibbs, 300, h Cowanesque

Baker Robert C, r 8, councilman, tobacco grower 7 acres and farmer, 175 and 100 owned by wife

Baldwin Henry D, r 4, carpenter and farmer, 39

Baldwin Joseph, r 4

Baxter DeWitt, station agt F B R R, agt American Express Co and dealer in coal, lime, cement, &c, F B R R station, h Cowanesque

Beard Edward J, laborer, h off Holden

Benedict Franklin, laborer, h Holden

Bliss Alvin J. r 4, laborer

Bonham Emily, widow George, bds Holden

Bonham George, r 1, farmer, 120

Bonham Myron L, r 8, farmer, 160

Bosard Elizabeth, r 8, widow Alvers

Bosard Jerome, laborer, bds Cowanesque

Bosworth Henry L, r 8, son of U A

Bosworth Urbane A, r 8, tobacco grower, 5 acres and farmer, 80

Bowen Hannah, widow Benjamin S, h Tuscara

Brant Augustus L, r 2, laborer

Briar Hill School District No 2, r 13 cor 14

Brimmer John A, h Bosard

Brimmer LeRoy, r 6, sawyer

Brown Alonzo, laborer, h Cowanesque

Bulkly Charles, r 8, tobacco grower 7 acres, farmer, 500

Burdick Charles, off r 2, farmer, 30

Butler Norris, r 16, farmer, 84

Butler School District, r 16 cor 16 1-2

Button LeRoy, r 8, laborer

Cadogan Augustus W, general merchandise, Cowanesque, h do

Cadogan Bert, clerk A S Crandall, h Cowanesque

Cadogan Lucien D, retired, h Cowanesque

Campbell Eunace, widow Charles, h Tuscarora

Carr Catharine, r 4, clerk T M Crandall

Carr Frank, r 7, carpenter

Carr Merritt, r 8, councilman, tobacco grower 4 acres and farmer on shares for Chester Hoyt, 130

Catlin George L, retired farmer, h Tuscarora

Cilley Horace Q, carpenter, h Cowanesque

Clark Edwin E, physician and surgeon, Cowanesque, h do

Clark William H, r 10, farmer, works on shares for George Tubbss, 130

Coats Charles (Elkland) r 12, farmer, 75

Coats John (Elkland) off r 12, farmer, 35

Coffin Saran L, widow Enoch L, h Church

Cole John, r 2, laborer

Colvin, Benjamin F, retired farmer, h Church

Colvin Ruth, widow Gaylord G, h Church

Coolidge Lewis D, r 5, machine expert

Coover Daniel, r 2, laborer

Costley Moses, laborer, h off Cowanesque

COWANESQUE VALLEY BANK, Morgan Seely pres, F J Seely vice-pres, Ed M Seely cashier, Cowanesque

Crandall Addie C, widow Thomas M, general merchandise, h Tuscarora

Crandall T M, Mrs Addie C Crandall manager, general merchandise, Cowanesque cor Holden

Crandall Albert S, general merchandise, Cowanesque cor Holden, h Holdon

Crandall George, clerk A S Crandall, h Holden Crandall Vine manuf and dealer in lumber mills in Potter Co, Cowanesque cor Holden, h Cowanesque

Croft Hattie, widow Adelbert, h Cowanesque

Davis Leroy P, tax collector, h Holden

Davis Ruth, dressmaker Holden, h do

Doan Joseph, laborer, h Tuscarora

Edwards Fred E, agt Prudential life insurance co, Tuscarora, h do

Eldridge John E, tanner, h Tuscarora

Elliott John W, painter, h Holden

Elliott William C, r 2 cor 3, farmer, 165

Elliott William H, thresher, h Holden

Fall Brook Passenger Station, D W Baxter agt, foot of Tuscarora

Flanders Austin, barber Cowanesque, h do, died since canvass

Flanders Hiram, carpenter, h Tuscarora

FLANDERS JOHN H, r 6, saw, grist, shingle and barrel hoop mill, manuf lumber, shingles, barrel hoops, flour barrels, etc

Flanders Norman N, laborer, h Tuscarora

Fowler Sally, widow Albert, h Tuscarora

Freeland Henry, tanner, h Church

Freeland James, laborer, h off Holden

French Ira, farmer in Woodhull, 100, h Tuscarora

Garey Charles, laborer, h School

Gee Barney C, r 2, laborer

Gee Melvina, r 2, widow Henry

Gee Thomas, off r 5, laborer

Gee William, laborer, h Cowanesque

Gibbs Edward W, tobacco grower and farmer, 300, with G Baskin, Cowanesque

Gleason Charles, laborer, h Holden

Gleason Edward, r 8, laborer, died since canvass

Gleason Ezra, off r 21

Gleason John A, r 2, laborer

Gleason Mancer, r 19, farmer, 75

Green Charles, laborer, bds Cowanesque

Green Seely D, laborer, h Cowanesque

Griffin Richard H, r 2, farmer, rents of E and L Coats, 140

Hall Emogene, r 2, widow Fay, moved to Elkland

Hammond John, com trav, h Tuscarora

Hazlett Frank R, clerk Tuscarora, h Tuscarora

Healey Addie L, widow James B, h School

Heggie Sarah, widow Dr John A, h Tuscarora

Heysham George, r 2 1-2, farmer on shares for G Barker and E R Tubbs, 100

Heysham John, laborer, h Holden

Holden Brook School, r 2

Hoyt Chester B, r 8, farmer, 130

Hoyt Charles H, r 4, laborer

Hoyt Lottie R, widow Isaac G, h Holden

Humphrey Mary, widow Dr Wm T, h Cowanesque

Hutchinson Eliza, widow W Scott, h Church

Kelley James, postmaster, h Tuscarora

Kelley Margaret G, deputy postmaster, bds Tuscarora

Kimball Ida H, h Church

Kimball Laverne L, h Cowanesque

Kizer Gilbert (Osceola) r 5, tobacco grower 6 acres and farmer on shares for E R Tubbs

Langley Ida (Osceola r 8, widow

Long Claude, tobacco and confectionery Cowanesque cor Tuscarora, h do

Long Raymond E, laborer, h Cowanesque

Locey George I (Osceola) r 7, farmer on shares for Charles Tubbs, 600

Ludlow George W, mason, h Tuscarora

Magee, Elihu, tanner, h Tuscarora

McLean Arthur (Osceola) r 9, laborer

Mead Betsey, r 2, widow Eli

Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev John Segwalt pastor, Holden

Mills Frank, r 8, laborer

Mills Joseph, r 8, tobacco grower 8 acres and farmer on shares for Charles Bulkly, 100

Morgan Coral W ( C W Morgan & Co) h Cowanesque

Morgan C W & Co (Ccc W M & F J Seely) wholesale dealers in hay, grain, &c, Cowanesque cor Holden

Morgan Fred L, feed mill and dealer in coal, Tuscarora, bds Cowanesque

Moshier Duncan, laborer, h Tuscarora

Newland Albert, laborer, bds Holden

Newland Amos, laborer, bds Holden

Newland Elizabeth, widow James, h Holden

Newland William, thresher and hay presser, h Holden

O’Bryan George, r 2, laborer

O’Bryan Abram, r 1, tanner

O’Bryan Thomas, r 1, laborer

Osceola Graded School, Church cor School

Patterson David A, physician and surgeon, Cowanesque cor Holden, bds Holden

Perry Allen, r 1, farmer, 80

Peters Rena, r 9, school teacher

Peters Priscella, r 7, widow James E, farmer 90

Public Telephone Pay Station at F B R R station

Rarick Adam, drayman, h off Holden

Ray Lelia M, millinery, Cowanesque, h do

Reber George, quarryman, h Tuscarora

Reber Wilson, stone cutter, h Tuscarora

Rice Frank, r 2 1-2, farmer, 140

Rice Isaac, r 2 1-2, farmer, 25

Rice Levi, r 2 1-2, farmer on shares for George Mack, 140

Rice, Oliver, r 9, farmer on shares for A C Kimball of Westfield, 80, moved to Elkland

Riley Minnie, Mrs, h Church

Ryan John A, r 9, farmer, works for Grant Seely

Ryon John W, grist mill at Elkland, h Tuscarora

Satterly Samuel, r 16

Seely Allen, r 3, assessor and farmer, 130

Seely Allen, r 16, son of Morris H

Seely Charles, r 17, farmer, 100

SEELY ED M, cashier Cowanesque Valley bank, h Cowanesque

SEELY FRANK J (C W Morgan & Co) vice-pres Cowanesque Valley Bank, cashier Farmers and Traders bank of Westfield, farmer for Morgan, 250, h Cowanesque

Seely George, r 16

Seely Grant, retired farmer, h Tuscarora

Seely Jacob D, r 16, councilman and farmer, 62

Seely Jud D, r 3, farmer, son of Allen

Seely Lee, laborer, h Holden

SEELY MORGAN, pres Cowanesque Valley Bank, farmer, 250, h Cowanesque

Seely Morris H, r 16, farmer, 135

Segwalt John Rev, pastor M E church, also pastor Elkland M E church, h Tuscarora

Shaut Frank M, blacksmith Tuscarora, h Holden

Sheen John, clerk, bds Tuscarora

Sheen John L, general merchandise Cowanesque cor Tuscarora, h Tuscarora

Smith Augustus, station agent Addison & Penn R R, agt Wells Fargo & Co’s Express, h Holden

Spoor Addison, farmer in Woodhull, N Y, 70, h Holden

Spoor Fitch, h Tuscarora

Stanley Sylvester H, r 16, laborer

Stevens Andrew, laborer, bds Holden

Stevens Chester S, carpenter and builder Tuscarora n F B R R station, h do

Stevens Hiram, carpenter, h Tuscarora

Stevens John, r 18, farmer on Shares for Charles Seely, 100

Stratton John, laborer, h Church

Swan Alvin J, off r 7, tanner

Swan Samuel, r 2, farmer, leases of Mary Long, 32

Taft Benedict, laborer, h Cowanesque

Taylor Fred, h Cowanesque

Taylor Hiram, supervisor, h Tuscarora

Taylor Mark, r 2, farmer, 280

Taylor Parmelia, r 2, widow Philip S, died since canvass

Teachman John (Elklane) r 13, farmer, 75

Teachman John W (Elkland) r 14, farmer, 70

Teachman Olive (Elkland) r 14, widow David

Thompson Herman, laborer, h Tuscarora

Thompson John, laborer, h Church

Toles Linus, carpenter, h Tuscarora

Torrey Frank C, hardware Cowanesque, h do

TUBBS CHARLES, attorney and counselor at law Cowanesque, h do

TUBBS EDWARD R, r 5, councilman and school director, stock dealer, tobacco grower 5 and farmer 700

Tubbs Frank, r 11, farmer 33

Tubbs George, r 10, farmer 133

Tubbs Henry, r 9, tobacco grower 10, farmer 600

Tubbs James, h Cowanesque

Tubbs Polly, r 8, widow Benson

Tubbs Samuel, h Tuscarora

Tyler Harry, r 16, farmer 130

VanDusen Daniel L, farmer in Deerfield 200, h Holden

VanDusen D Herbert, r 16, farmer 150

VanZile Am, barber and bicycle repairer Cowanesque, h do

VanZile Isaac P, shoemaker and harnessmaker Cowanesque

VanZile William, r 10, laborer

Wells, Fargo & Co’s Express, A Smith agt, office A & P R R station, Holden

Woodcock Daniel W, laborer, Tuscarora

Woodcock John, r 4, laborer

Works Justin M R, r 2, school director, farmer 75

YOUNG S C MRS, local sec’y Empire State Degree of Honor, Cowanesque

YOUNG SIDNEY C, blacksmith, bakery and hotel Cowanesque