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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janice Walker

Mansfield Borough Directory.

For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Mansfield

SRGP ID Added in parentheses by Joyce M .Tice if included in her Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project. If you are researching or descended from any of those so designated, it is requested that you share your research with Joycs's SRGP if you have not already done so. That is the price I ask for making this site available. It is your opportunity to share in the cost of creating this site and reward Joyce just a tad for making this enormous body of resource available to you. It is a way to pay your dues in a small way for use of this site. Please reference the SRGP ID and the page you found this on the site, when you write to me. For women listed under a married alias, I have provided her real name, if I know it. 

Adams Frank, marble cutter, book canvasser, h and lot Elmira n Academy [SRGP 82694]

ADAMS JOHN W, attorney and counselor at law, notary public, real estate dealer, farmer, 100 in Richmond and owns several other farms, office Adams blk, 43 Main, h 14 Elmira [SRGP 59377]

ALBRO SAMUEL H. A M Ph D, principal State Normal School, res do, Academy head Wellsboro [SRGP 86102]

Allen Hose Co Club house, Main cor Normal ave

ALLEN JANE M, widow Prof Fordyce A, owns interest in F A Allen estate, consisting of farm in Richmond and other real estate in boro, h and lot Academy [SRGP 82545]

Allen Stella R, h with Jane M, Academy (85746)

Allen Wilton W, bookkeeper The Ross & Williams Bank, oil salesman for Levi Smith of North Clarendon, h Extension [SRGP 79571]

Allen Zimri, retired farmer, h and lot N Main [SRGP 83281]

Andrews Margaret, widow Elisha, h St James (91508)

Argetsinger Charles L, school teacher, electrical engineer, h St James (SRGP 14857)

Argetsinger Hugh S, owns farm 150 in Rutland, h St James (SRGP 14846)

Argetsinger James M, carpenter, h First (SRGP 13786)

Argetsinger John G, carpenter and builder, h and lot 49 E Main (SRGP 13784)

Austin Walter P, notary public, bookkeeper for The Ross Cigar Co, propr Mansfield Pointer Kennels, 73 Main, h Wellsboro [SRGP 86103]

Austin Louis R, traveling salesman The Ross Cigar Co, bds Wellsboro (91129)

Austin J Louise, bookkeeper, bds Main

Avery Albert H (A H & W R Avery) h and lot, Elmira cor Meadow (86655)

Avery A H & W R (Albert H and Wyllys R) r 20 in Richmond, fruit farm 20 acres, dealer in nursery stock, Elmira cor Meadow

Bailey Burr R, justice of the peace, 74 Main, h do (31051)

Bailey Charlotte L (B & Kingsley) bds 74 Main (SRGP 11730)

Bailey Clara M, widow Joseph O W, h N Main

Bailey Elton L, trav salesman Milwaukee Harvesting Co, h Prospect (SRGP 31057)

BAILEY FRED D, photographer and crayon artist, picture frames Central ave over Rose’s store, bds Hotel Allen (SRGP 31061)

Bailey Harrison C, log scaler, h and 3 acres Extension (SRGP 75796)

Bailey Harry W, student at Pennsylvania University, Philadelphia, son of Thos H (SRGP 31405)

Bailey John, pensioner, h Extension

Bailey Joseph O W, emp Novelty Works, h with H C (88406)

Bailey & Kingsley (Charlotte L B and Caroline M K) ladies’ furnishings and dressmaking Elliott blk, Wellsboro (11730, 86425)

BAILEY THOMAS H, prop Hotel Allen, livery and boarding stable Main, farmer 100 in Richmond, Main (SRGP 31036)

Baker Charles, general blacksmith Central, h Elmira (59033)

Baker Will, blacksmith with Charles, h Elmira (59130)

Baldwin Bessie R, school teacher, bds S Main (86729)

Baldwin Charles T, agt, dealer in school supplies, h S Main (78765)

Baldwin Genevieve, school teacher, bds S Main (93033)

Baldwin William W, farmer 30, h S Main (85659)

Ballard Lloyd, teamster, h S Main (81204)

BARDEN JOHN M, physician and surgeon, owns farm 100 in Rutland, h at farm, bds Main (SRGP 18264)

Bardwell Theo F, farmer in Sullivan, h Sullivan (SRGP 6923)

Barkwell---, widow John, h Elm (85719  - Tryphena Brooks)

Barnes Joseph C, milk peddler, dairy 7 cows, farmer 24, h Pickle Hill road (86690)

Barnes Lucy J (Mrs Joseph C) farm in Richmond, h Pickle Hill road (86691)

Barnes Nellie V, carpet weaver, 21 E Main, h do (92961)

Barnes Sarah F, widow Jared F, h and lot 21 E Main (92958)

Barnum Grace E, teacher gymnastics Normal school, h do (SRGP 39921)

Barrows Loran J, hay presser for E C Wade, h Academy cor Sherwood (86255)

Bartlett Byron, farm, 75, in Sullivan, h and lot Academy cor First  (SRGP 19797)

Bartlett Oren E, carpenter, h and lot First (87081)

Bartlett Warren, carpenter, h and lot St James (SRGP 51850)

Barton Ina D, clerk post office, bds St James n Normal ave (SRGP 75774)

Barton William N, contractor and builder, harnessmaker, St James n Normal ave, h and lot do (SRGP 51870)

Bastian Esther C, widow G M, h Elmira cor Extension

Bastian Murray C, laborer, h Elmira cor Extension

Bates Elizabeth A, widow William A, h and lot Normal ave (SRGP 75786)

Bates John P, drugs, books, stationery, wall papers, &c, 52 Main, h Normal ave (SRGP 74520)

Bates William Albert, clerk for John P, h Normal ave  (SRGP 75787)

Baynes Elizabeth A, widow John T, h and lot N Main (81368)

Beach Edna (Mrs Wesley) music teacher, h St James n First  (31028 Kathryn Edna King)

Beach Ellsworth b, school teacher, h Academy cor Sullivan (84725)

Beach Lucinda, widow Lyman, h and lot Academy cor Sullivan (SRGP 19887)

Beach Lyman J, painter and paper hanger and dealer in paints and wall papers Main n Park, h Academy cor Sullivan (83193)

Benson Henry E, engineer for Sun Milling Co, h Valley Road (SRGP 18705)

BENTLEY EUGENE N, general contractor, bridge building, mason work, moving buildings, house building St James n First, h do (SRGP 8254)

Bentley Sarah, widow William W, h St James  (04120)

Bixby John H, dealer in White sewing machines, washing machines, nursery stock, etc., St James, h do (90979)

Blackwell Enoch, farm in Richmond, h Main (08926)

Bloomberg Levy, dry goods, clothing and furnishings 46 Main, bds Hotel French (92831)

Bodine Henrietta K Mrs, dressmaker 4 Sherwood, h do (65705 Henrietta Dorsett)

Boyce Eliza J, teacher geography and critic model school Normal School, h do (91306)

Brace J Hilton, laborer, h N Main (SRGP 18684)

Brace Orville C, clerk, bds Sullivan (SRGP 2072)

Breidinger Jacob P, A M, vice-principal, prof mathematics State Normal School, h do (93034)

BREON HERMAN P, supt Sun Milling CO Valley road, h do (93035)

Brown Andrew, carpenter, h Sherwood n Academy

Brown A Jackson, carpenter, h N Academy (86662)

Brown Clyde D, laborer, h Wellsboro (SRGP 48142)

Brown Jane (Mrs Andrew) laundress, h Sherwood n Academy (93036 jane Ames)

Brown John B, farm laborer, h Wellsboro n bridge

Brown Lottie, widow Clair, h St James n Second

Brown Martha L (Mrs Robert J ) h and lot Elmira (66405)

Brown Robert J, farmer, 15 in Richmond, h Elmira (66406)

Brown Scepter, invalid, h St James

Bull Albert, laborer, h and lot Brooklyn (78740)

Bull Arthur Henry, laborer, h and lot Sullivan (86927)

Bull William S, baker, h Sherwood (90091)

Burnham DeWitt C, drugs and medicines, books and stationery, Wellsboro, h St James (SRGP 8262)

Burton Edmund S, farmer, works 60 in Rutland, h 35 E Main (SRGP 50440)

Burton Edward L, cabinet maker, h over 46 Main (93038)

Burton Eliza M, widow Daniel, h 35 Main (SRGP 50439 Eliza Sweet)

Burton Leonard L, night watchman Novelty Works, h Elm (SRGP 13325)

Burton Maude B, (Mrs Edward L) milliner over 46 Main, h do (93039)

BUTTS BYRISSA B, farmer, 48, h S Main [SRGP 82408]

Calkins Maria, widow Henry D, h Academy cor Sullivan [SRGP 85673 Own Name Wilcox]

Campbell Isaac B, painter, and paper hanger, h Clinton (SRGP 73124)

Capell Adaline C, widow Charles I, h Main n R R Crossing (85927 Adaline Shailer)

Capell William H, baggageman Erie station, h Elmira n Academy  (87078)

Carr Harry E, sup The Ross Cigar Co, h and lot St James n First (82420)

Cass Augustus A, h 119 S Main (SRGP 16273)

Cass Edwin M, blacksmith r 73 Main, h and lot owned by wife 37 E Main (SRGP 14254)

Channell Leon S, attorney and counselor at law and insurance agt, sect Mansfield Building and Loan assn, borough clerk and attorney, Allen Blk Main, bds Hotel French

Chrisman Dentha A, widow Safford P, milliner and dressmaker, h and lot at Harrison Valley, h Sherwood (93267)

Clark Budd A, clerk for Melvin L, h do (SRGP 66101)

Clark Frank W, attorney and counselor at law, pres Mansfield board of trade, borough bldg Wellsboro, h N Main  (SRGP 25996)

Clark Frederika B, (Mrs George A) life lease 17 acres, N Main (SRGP 68421 Fredericka Allen - The "Henry Allen" House)

CLARK GEORGE A, dealer in agricultural implements, carriages, harnesses, horse furnishing goods and bicycles Wellsboro, farmer, 270 in Richmond, h N Main (See adv page 398) (SRGP 35983)

Clark J Miller, farmer in Richmond, 200 (SRGP 9731 Also business listed in Richmond township)

Clark Lydia M, widow Edgar W, h and 4 acres S Main, h Pitts block Main

Clark Melvin L, pres school board, notions, crockery, books and stationery, tinware, &c, 50 Main, h East Main cor First (SRGP 60915)[Dave Clark sent photos of house to be added to site]

Cleveland Asa, coal, lime, cement and plaster Morris ave, and farmer in Richmond, 250, h Elmira cor Morris ave (SRGP 9081)

Cochran Mary, widow Charles, emp Normal School, h 59 E Main (SRGP 76501)

Cole Eugene B, painter and paper hanger, h St James (86629)

Colegrove Amos D, laborer, h and lot Fourth (86156)

Colegrove Prudence A, school teacher, h Fourth (93271)

Coles Arthur S, printer’s apprentice, son of Sheridan E, h do (SRGP 75744)

COLES SHERIDAN E, (Van Keuren & Coles) school director, director Mansfield Building and Loan Assn, h N Sullivan (SRGP 75735)

Colony Charles J, laborer, h Extension (77095)

Colony George H, emp chair factory, h Extension (SRGP 14761)

Colony William H, h and lot Extension (77093)

Cooley Clarence, emp marble works, h Academy cor Second (SRGP 45308)

Cooley Frank E, laborer, h Clinton (SRGP 11490)

Cornwell Gideon A, h and lot Main n Elmira (SRGP 65937)

Cornwell Julia E, school teacher, h Main (SRGP 65942)

Cornwell R Luvinnie, school teacher, h Main (SRGP 65947)

COTTRELL CHARLES S, groceries and meats Wellsboro, h Academy (86822)

Coveney Abbie C, widow Charles, farmer 40 in Richmond, h and 2 1-2 acres Wellsboro (SRGP 66400 Abigail Cornelia Slingerland)

Coveney Mary C, widow Thomas, h E Main (85872 Mary Campbell)

Crippen A Morton, laborer, h and lot Clinton cor Second (SRGP 2465)

Crippen Asa W, carpenter and farmer 80 in Sullivan, h Sullivan n Sherwood (SRGP 5158)

Crossley Charles R, laborer, h with Robert, Morris ave s (86089)

Crossley Eli, laborer, h with Robert, Morris ave (86090)

CROSSLEY MARY, millinery Adams blk, Main, h with Robert, Morris ave (84991)

CROSSLEY NANNEY (Mrs Robert) owns 3 acres and rents 8, gardens and greenhouse, worked by Robert, h Morris ave  (83182 Nanie Barrett)

CROSSLEY ROBERT, gardener and florist for wife Nanney, owns 3 acres and rents 8, over 5,000 feet under glass, Morris ave, h do

Crossley William C, gardener, h Elmira cor Morris ave (83183)

Cruttenden, Sarah E.  widow John, h with Jacob S Lewis, St James,  (67189 Sarah Snover)

Cruttenden Vine S, emp Novelty Works, h Brooklyn (82437)

Culver Warren L (Ransdell & C) h Business College bldg, Wellsboro (93272)

Cummings Ida Belle, asst postmaster, h E Wellsboro (19689)

CUMMINGS JOHN L (J L Cummings & Co) h Wellsboro (80760)

CUMMINGS J L & CO, (John L & Lawton Cummings) bakers and confectioners, 19 Wellsboro

CUMMINGS LAWTON (J L C & Co) h Wellsboro (51641)

Cunningham Agnes (Mrs Robert) h Wilson ave

Cunningham Jennie T, school teacher, Wilson ave

Cunningham Robert Jr, tinsmith, h Wilson ave

Curtis Arthur, carpenter and mason, h Sullivan (85093 Died Dec 1898 after directory compiled but before it was published)

Curtis Charles E, mason, h Academy (85073)

Curtis Reuben, general contractor, h Academy n Normal ave (85091)

Curtis Reuben F, teamster, h Normal ave (85094)

Curtis William H, carpenter and mason, h Sullivan (85095)

Daggett Norman E, cigarmaker, h off S Main (SRGP 58573)

Dailey John F, laborer, h and lot owned by wife, N Sullivan 21- (80877)

DALTON EDWARD, traveling salesman, h Main n Elmira (93274)

DALTON JAMES C, editor Blossburg Censor, h Main n Elmira (93273)

Dann Fred, laborer, h Lincoln ave (SRGP 57149)

Dann Mead, barber, Wellsboro, h Main (57146)

Dann Orren M, mason, h and lot Lincoln ave (SRGP 19821)

Dann Rube W, barber, 50 Main, h do (SRGP 19824)

Dann Ralph, laborer, h Lincoln ave (SRGP 57147)

Dann Thomas, laborer, h Lincoln ave (SRGP 57150)

Davis Lydia E, widow Russell R, h and lot N Main  (SRGP 57494)

Day Jennie B Mrs, dressmaker, Adams blk, Main, h do

Day Orren, laborer, h and lot St James n Third (86338)

Decker Ambros E R, coal dealer with Ray Owens, carpenter and farmer, 28, and in Richmond 57, h N Main (76952)

Decker Dana D, teamster, h N Main (77070)

Decker Fred, laborer, h N Main (77074)

Decker George F, emp Novelty Works, h and lot St James n Second (13788)

Decker Jennie, widow Mary, cigarmaker, h Adams blk, Main

Decker Leah M, school teacher, h N Main (77030)

Deitler Joseph F, mason, h and lot, Brooklyn (93275)

Deuel James W, clerk for George A Clark, h Sullivan cor Academy (84655)

Deuel Mary A (Mrs James W) owns farm in Tioga, h Sullivan cor Academy (86465)

Doane Edward (Edward D & Co) h Main opp Sherwood (SRGP 52630)

Doane Edward & Co (George D of Elmira N Y) planing mill, lumber dealers, Railroad n depot

Doane Eugene, emp sash and blind works, h and 4 acres owned by wife, Valley road

Doane Joseph C, school teacher, farm in Bradford Co, h N Main (78948)

Dorsett Michael H, farmer, 152 in Richmond, h and lot Wellsboro (Probably M. Hickman Dorsett SRGP 40164)

Dorsett Philetus R, h 4 Sherwood  (SRGP 65692)

Dorsett Samuel C, h 4 Sherwood (SRGP 65698 OR 76502 - Brother or grandon of Philetus)

Doud Carl W, clerk R W & M F Rose, bds Hotel French (SRGP 10248)

Dunning Edson J, farmer, 5, h S Main (93277)

Dunning Horace, h S Main (93276)

Dyke Asa R, laborer, h with A M Wilson Academy, n Wellsboro (SRGP 61423)

EARLEY CHARLES W, carriage and sign painting and carriage trimming Main opp Park entrance, h Sherwood (83159)

Edwards James, painter and paper hanger, h Central ave cor Main (93278)

Elder Truman W, hay presser for E C Wade, bds do (93279)

Elliott Edward M, law student, bds Sherwood (SRGP 73230)

Elliott Charles V, retired physician h and 17 acres Prospect [SRGP 82641]

Elliott Frank K (O V E & Son) h with O V, Sherwood (SRGP 73224)

ELLIOTT FREDERICK G, M D, physician and surgeon state trustee Normal School, office Main, h do [SRGP 82454]

Elliott Judson A, postmaster, h 13 Elmira (SRGP 73170)

Elliott Nellie M, dressmaker Sherwood, h do (73277)

Elliott Nan, milliner, h Pitts block Main

Elliott Nathaniel A, agt for Mrs F A Allen, h and lot Wellsboro [SRGP 71136]

Elliott O V & Son (Orson V and Frank) shoe makers and dealers in boots shoes and rubbers, 55 Main (SRGP 34795)

Elliott Olive E (E and Kingsley) school teacher, h Wellsboro n Railroad (86803)

Elliott Orson V (O V E & Son) Sherwood (SRGP 34795)

Elliott & Kingsley (Olive N E & Frances K) Star Novelty store, Wellsboro (86803)

Ellis Harry, dealer in wind mills, carpenter, h and lot Elmira (86725)

Ely Bessie H, clerk, h Elmira cor Academy (65026)

Ely Claude N, student, h Normal ave cor St James (SRGP 5272)

Ely Fred L, clerk, h Elmira cor Academy (85747)

Ely Margaret L, h Elmira cor Academy

Ely Mary A, widow Calvin, h Normal avenue (93281)

Erwin Thomas J, tobacco and cigars, confectionery Main n Park entrance, h do (93282)

Farnham Harriet, h with Emily Fuller, Wellsboro (86719)

Farrer John E (Reese & Farrer Bros) h Academy n Sullivan (SRGP 73148)

Farrer William S (Reese & Farrer Bros) h E Main (82453)

Faulkner Sarah, widow Dan J, h N Main (SRGP 586 Sarah Wood)

Fellows Egbert M, agt farm machinery, farmer, 131, in Richford, Tioga Co, N Y, h St James

Fitzpatrick Anna G, school teacher, h Main n Elmira

Fitzpatrick Daniel M, tanner, h Main n Elmira

Fitzpatrick Jennie a, stenographer Ross & Williams bank, h N Main n Elmira

Fitzpatrick Mary E, dressmaker 53 Main, h do

Foster Daniel L, chore boy Normal School, h Third

Fowler Lizzie W, widow Edward F, boarding house, St James n Normal ave

Freeman Carlos, emp Novelty works, h St James

French Marcus J, clerk Hotel French,  Main

FRENCH MARCUS S, propr Hotel French and livery Main, h do

Frost Myra M, widow Charles D, emp Normal School, h Clinton cor Normal ave (SRGP 11072)

Fuller Emily, widow Constant, h E Wellsboro (86718)

Fuller Josephus C, h Main cor Second (SRGP 9847)

Gaige Alonzo P, farm 100 in Jackson, h Extension

Gaige Fred H, school teacher, h Extension

Gaige Myra, school teacher, h Extension

Gates David T, coal, wood, lime, cement, shingle and lath, hay and fertilizers Pitts blk, Wellsboro, farmer in Bradford Co, h and lot N Academy

Gates Lucius M Rev, pastor First Baptist Church, h Sherwood n Sullivan

Gaylord Charles B, agt for pianos and organs Wellsboro, farmer 20, h Elmira n boro limits (SRGP 86611)

Gaylord Freeman, capitalist, h and 3 acres Extension

Gaylord Harriet, widow Homer, laundress, Adams blk, Main

Gaylord John, emp George L Strait, h and lot Railroad

Gayman Isaac M, M S, prof natural sciences State Normal School, h do

Gibson Anna M, widow Michael, h Valley road cor Wellsboro

Gibson John C, dealer in farm produce, h Valley road cor Wellsboro

Gilbert Lovicy Z, widow William, h Academy

Gile Maria, widow Ira, h and lot 127 Main

Gillett Clinton a, miller, h and lot Brooklyn

Gillett Manson E, carpenter and builder, h and lot Academy n Normal ave

Gillett Susanna S, widow of Samuel, h Elmira cor Extension (SRGP 10802 Susanna Orvis)

Godfrey Simeon a, cigarmaker, h Academy

Goldmyer Jacob W, section foreman Erie R R, h and lot 10 Main

Goldmyer Lewis Sr, janitor boro school, h Morris ave

Goodall C Morris, painter and paper hanger, h Elm (SRGP 52751)

Goodall Milton R, carpenter, h and lot Elm, died since canvass (SRGP 52749)

Goodall Volney w, laborer, h Elm (SRGP 76508)

Gould Jennie M (Mrs Thomas) h with Geo W Wanck, Academy

Gould Mary E, physician, h Normal ave

Gray Deetta, dressmaker, h St James

Greenman Margaret Mrs, h St James

Griffin Mead E, traveling agent, h N Main

Griggs Herbert M (The W D Husted Advertising Co) bookkeeper for Wood Novelty Co, bds St James

Gustin Maria H, widow Richard, interest in farm 100, estate of husband in Jackson, h Normal ave cor St James

Hall Amos D, emp tannery, h Main n Second  (SRGP 9938)

Hall Emmet, carpenter and builder, Main n First, h and lot do (SRGP 54612)

Hall Hannah, widow Lewis, h Main n Second (SRGP 54629 Hannah McConnell)

Hall William B, carriage painter, Main, h and lot Clinton n First (SRGP 9418)

Hall Wilson, farm 50 in Rutland, h and lot Academy (SRGP 13918)

Haight Nellie J, school teacher, h First cor St James (SRGP 61314)

Haight Orlando T, carpenter, constable and collector of taxes, h and lot First cor St James (SRGP 35979)

Hakes Simon L, farm in Richmond 100, h and lot S Main (SRGP 9380)

Hammond Hannah H, h 61 East Main

Handsom Fred, teamster, h and lot St James

Hart Ella J, widow Frank P, h 55 Main

Harvey Emeline, widow, pensioner, h and lot Elm

Harvey Maria M, widow James R, h and lot St James (SRGP 15500 Maria Ripley)

Harvey Willard H, laborer, h E Main

Herrington Matilda R, widow George W, h 19 Elmira

Hertle Charles C, fireman at Novelty Works, h and lot Elm

Hildreth Gurdon S, painter, carpenter and farmer, h Lincoln ave

Hoard H Reed, with his father Joseph S, bds Normal ave (SRGP 73311)

HOARD JOSEPH S, general insurance agent, insurance adjuster, insurance rater and real estate, 67 Main, h Normal ave, see adv page 402 (SRGP 51887)

Hodges Ellen, widow Hiram, with Sarah O, h and 8 acres S Main (SRGP 13502 Ellen Buckbee)

HOLDEN CHARLES A, fruits, confectionery, restaurant, tobacco and cigars, real estate, 6 Wellsboro, h do (SRGP 65703)

Holden John a, half interest with Asa Wilcox in farm 70 in Richmond, h Sullivan, removed to Richmond (SRGP 63285)

Holden Lydia, widow Isaac, h Sullivan, died since canvass (SRGP 75810)

Hollenbeck Armena, widow John, h 47 E Main (SRGP 18228)

Hopkins Mahlon L, emp Novelty works, h N Main

Horton George W, mason and stone cutter, h Clinton (SRGP 11764)

Horton Hervey S, h Extension, died since canvass (SRGP 6979)

Horton J Edward, farmer, 71, in Richmond, h Main n Elmira (SRGP 11771)

Hosley Hiram W, blacksmith, h Wilson ave

HOTEL ALLEN, Thomas H Bailey propr. Main

HOTEL FRENCH, Marcus S French prop, Marcus J French clerk, Main

House James H, cook Hotel Allen, h Prospect

Howe Charles C, farmer, h N Main (SRGP 40406)

Howe Frank W, photographer for Fred D Bailey, h Main (SRGP 40407)

Howe Hezekiah W, farmer, 9, h Pickle Hill road (SRGP 9671)

Howe J Frank, street commissioner, farmer, 50, in Richmond, h 19 Main (SRGP 9670)

Howe John C, farmer, 100, N Main (SRGP 9661)

Howe Van V, school teacher, son of John C (SRGP 40381)

Howland William C, emp Novelty works, h Adams bldg, Main

Hoxie Charles S, barber, bds Wellsboro cor Railroad

Hoyt Lewis E, printer, h 15 E Main

Hunsinger Jane A, widow Absalom, h Elmira

Hurtle Latham, painter and paper hanger

Husted Ray D, student, h with W D, Academy (SRGP 65518)

Husted W D, Advertising Co (The) (Wilmot D H, Herbert M Griggs) bill posters and distributors, 67 Main (SRGP 65516)

Husted Wilmot D (The W D Husted Advertising Co) clerk The Ross & Williams bank, sec board of trade, h Academy (SRGP 65516)

Hutcheson Belle, tailoress, h Sherwood

Huschinson William, retired farmer, h Brooklyn

Ide William A, paper hanger and baker, h Business College bldg Wellsboro (SRGP 75904)

Ingals A Charlotte, widow Aaron K, h and 6 acres, Main

Ingals John S, fireman Kingsley’s grist mill, h Main

Jackson Mary, widow, emp Normal school, h and lot St James cor Second

Jayne William L, harness maker and dealer in horse furnishings and hardware dealer in Laceyville Wyoming county, 57 Main, h Elmira

Jeliff Eli, apiarist 15 colonies, farm, 40, in Covington, h and lot Extension (SRGP 18990)

Jenks Mary A Mrs, emp state Normal School, h do

Johnson Chester T, gardener, h and 2 acres Clinton

Johnson Deborah, widow Abram, h Extension

Johnson Henry L, carpenter, cabinet maker, h and lot Sherwood

Johnson Mortimer E, bookkeeper, h Sherwood

Johnson Perley S, traveling salesman for G U Tea Co, h St James

Jones Alice (Mrs John) h Extension

Jones Benjamin, laborer, h Extension

Jones John, laborer, h Extension

Jones Owen, junk dealer and tin peddler, h Extension

Jones William, laborer, h Extension

Judge Benjamin C, cigar maker, h St James (SRGP 12724)

JUDGE TOM W, (Pitts, Judge & Co) h Normal ave cor St James (SRGP 75889)

Jupenlaz Frederick L, harness maker for W L James, bds Hotel French(SRGP 6968)

Keeney Mary Ann, widow Jesse M, h with A S Reynolds St James (SRGP 63257 Mary Ann Fellows)

Keeley Jasper L, carpenter, h and lot Meadow

Kelley John S, carpenter and farmer, 7, h and lot First

Kelly Susan, widow Marcus, h N Sullivan

Kelly Mary E, widow James, boarding house, farm about 175 in Covington, h First cor St James

Kiff Rowland P, blacksmith, h 17 E Main (SRGP 41135)

King Mart, h St James, n First (SRGP 31025)

Kingsley Caroline M (Bailey & K) bds Sherwood

KINGSLEY CHARLES S, upper leather tannery, school director, prop New Era grist mill N Main h Prospect (SRGP 21935)

Kingsley Frances E (Elliott & K) h Main n Prospect

KINGSLEY HARRY B, dental student N Main, h Prospect (SRGP 11743)

Kingsley Homer F, boots shoes and rubbers 44 Main, h Sherwood

Kingsley Sarah, widow Ralph R, h and lot N Main (SRGP 31030 Sarah Sullings)

Kinney William H, station agt Erie R R, agt Wells, Fargo & Co’s Express, office at depot, h Elmira

Kniffin Emma A (Mrs Jonathan V) dressmaker, h N Sullivan

Kniffin John, carpenter, mason, lumberman, h N Sullivan

Kniffin Levi, laborer, h and lot Elmira (SRGP 62390)

Kniffin Wesley, laborer, bds N Sullivan (SRGP 62793)

Kohler Ada L, school teacher, h Sherwood

Kohler Daniel H, farmer for Lewis in Richmond, h Sherwood

Kohler George Jr, farmer in Charleston, h with W T Farrar, E Main

Kohler George, farmer in Charleston 85

Kohler Joseph, laborer, h N Main

Kohler Lewis, farmer in Richmond 320, h and lot Sherwood

Kohler Mary E, widow Frank, farmer 100 in Chemung Co, N Y, h and lot Clinton cor Normal ave

Kritzer Rose H, widow Henry, h and lot 141 Main

LAASCH ALBERT H, pres The Mansfield Chair Co, h Main

LAASCH CHARLES, sec’y and treas The Mansfield Chair Co, h Main

Lamb Charles A, painter and paper hanger, h Elmira

Lamb Christine (Mrs John C) laundress Railroad, h do (SRGP 18706 Christiana Benson)

Lamb Horatio H, h and lot Sullivan

Lamb John C, laborer, h Railroad (SRGP 18713)

Lamb Sophia M, milliner, farm 11 acres in Richmond, h and lot Elmira

Lamb Susan M (Mrs Horatio H) dressmaker Sullivan, h do

Landon Thomas, carpenter and builder, h and lot in cherry Flats, h St James cor Second (SRGP 10268)

Langdon Ormus H, carpenter and wheelwright, h and lot First (SRGP 31410)

Langdon Winnie a, school teacher, h First (SRGP 31413)

Lawrence William, retired farmer, h Wellsboro n Morris ave (SRGP 7747)

Lawrence W Frank, dentist with William (SRGP 13565)

Lawrence Sylvia, widow C Henry, farm 97 in Sullivan, h and lot Sherwood (SRGP 9300 Sylvia Burley)

Lawrence Caroline J, widow Herrick H, with Lena H Swan farm 43 in Richmond, h and lot 6 Elmira (SRGP 7751 Caroline Grover)

Lee Charles N, photographer, Elliott blk, Wellsboro, also in Troy, Pa, h Sullivan

Leet Jenevive L, widow Arthur, milliner and dressmaker, h with C B Gaylord, Elmira

Lent Fred W, farm laborer for C S Lewis, off Brooklyn

LEWIS CHARLES S, dealer in agricultural implements, farmer on shares for Mrs James M Allen 130, dairy 20 grade Jersey and Durham cows, h off Brooklyn (SRGP 14907)

LEWIS JACOB S, carriage maker, carpenter and blacksmith, Main opp the Prk, h St James

Lewis Lena R, school teacher, h with Charles S, off Brooklyn (SRGP 14915)

Lewis Nettie E (Mrs Jacob S) farm 70 in Charleston, h St James

Lilley D Smith, laborer, h and lot 39 E Main (SRGP 71578)

Lilley Leon W, laborer, h 39 E Main (SRGP 71588)

Longbothum Elbert C, carpenter, h Main n Sherwood [SRGP 65022]

Longbothum Frank A, clerk M B Wheeler & Co, bds with Elbert C, N Main [SRGP 65024]

Longbothum Richard E, clerk Charles S Cottrell, h Second [SRGP 65023]

Longbothum Susie L (Mrs Richard E) dressmaker, Second [SRGP 08621 - own name Bentley]

Longstreet William R, M E, principal of Model School, State Normal School, h and lot Academy [SRGP 83340]

Loper Birman E, laborer, h and 2 lots St James [SRGP 85629]

Love Fred, blacksmith for N S Snover, h rear Sun Milling Co’s mill

Love H Lee, assistant postmaster, h over office Main

Love Leander R, laborer, boarding house Pitts blk, h do

Love Marie M, clerk for L Bloomberg, h over postoffice, Main

Love Nelson, teamster, h First cor E Main (SRGP 17076)

Lovell Charles T, shingle manuf in Covington, h Main n Second (SRGP 21898)

Lowe Wallace D, hay buyer for E C Wade, h Academy cor Sherwood

LOWNSBERY WM WRIGHT, carpenter and builder, owns h in Blossburg, h 111 Main (SRGP 74414)

Mahan Flora, widow, h with Ezra Wood, St James

Mann Arthur L, school teacher, h with Benjamin C, Normal ave (SRGP 68434)

Mann Asa J, keeper of Smyth Park, bds with Benj C, Normal ave cor St James

Mann Benjamin C, carpenter, h Normal ave cor St James (SRGP 86669)

MANSFIELD ADVERTISER, Van Keuren & Coles publishers, weekly, 53 Main (See adv page 404)

Mansfield Band, E Bert Strait director, rooms in boro bldg Wellsboro


MAINSFIELD CHAIR CO, (The) Albert H Laasch pres and mgr, Charles Laasch secy and treas, manufrs furniture, but Main and the railroad

MANSFIELD ELECTRIC CO, (The) chartered 1897, for electric light, heat and power purposes, pres D H Pitts, secy C S Ross, treas E H Ross, mgr S H Perkins, plant located in Novelty Works bldg, off N Main

MANSFIELD STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, S H Albro Ph D principal, J A Elliott sec, Academy head of Wellsboro, See opp title page also page 398

MANSFIELD WOOD NOVELTY CO, D H Pitts pres, C S Ross secy and treas, Lewis W Obourn supt, established 1893, about 50 employees, manufs of wooden toys, novelties and turned work, Tioga R R, one blk below the depot

Mantor Marques L, laborer, h Main

Mantor Nettie J (Mrs M L) dressmaker, h Main

MARSHALL FRANK REV, rector St James Episcopal church and St Thomas church Fall Brook, rectory St James n Wellsboro

Maynard Edward W, mason, h and lot Fourth

Maynard Frank S, mason and plasterer, h and lot Second

Maynard Shuble A, blacksmith, h Elm (SRGP 30887)

McCausland William A, clerk R W & M F Ross, rooms 46 Main

McClelland William H, policeman, night watch, h 136 Main (SRGP 19628)

McConnell Charles, farmer in Richmond, h Academy n Elmira  (SRGP 2261)

McDowell Charles, clerk R W & M F Ross, h St James n First (SRGP 76522)

McEntee Nancy A, widow William, h Sherwood

McIntosh Thomas, teamster for R Curtis, bds do

Merrick Clara H, teacher violin and piano State Normal School, h do

Methodist Episcopal church, First, Rev E Judson Rosengrant pastor, Wellsboro cor Academy

Miller Charles E, wagonmaker and blacksmith, h E Main cor Main

Miller Frank L, laborer, h and lot N Main

MILLER WILLARD C (W C Miller & Co) h over shop, Wellsboro

MILLER W C & CO (Willard C, John H Miller of Blossburg, C W Yondes of Blossburg) marble and granite dealers, Wellsboro

Mills Myron, coal and wood dealer and drayman, Railroad cor Central, h and lot First cor St James (SRGP 61305)

Moody Benjamin, physician and surgeon Main cor Central, h do

Moody John A, justice of the peace, fire insurance Pitts block Wellsboro, h Elmira

Morris James W, civil engineer, h Wellsboro

Morris Kate, widow Daniel E, farm 120 in Charleston, h St James cor First

Mourhess Sarepta V, widow Levi, h Extension

Mudge Stephen G, farmer, 4 and in Sullivan, 200, h Sullivan n boro line (SRGP 539)

Munch George, emp Novelty Works, h St James n Second

Murphy John L, farmer for Mrs A C Coveney, h Wellsboro

Myers Anna, widow George, h and lot Clinton (SRGP 86445)

Myers Rachel, widow Prentiss, h and lot Academy

NEWELL FERDINAND, laborer, h St James n Second (SRGP 16659)

Newell George D, h and lot Academy cor Second

Newell Harry E, tinsmith, h Second cor E Main

Newell Herman I, laborer, h St James n Second (SRGP 16662)

Newell Leon E, school teacher, h St James n Second (SRGP 16664)

Newell Lydia, h First

NEWELL ORAMEL, dentist Pitts block Main cor Wellsboro, h Second n St James (SRGP 85970)

Newell Rachael E, widow Perry, dressmaker, h St James

Newell Wilbur J, school teacher, h St James n Second (SRGP 16663)

Newhouse Irene Campbell, A B, prof Latin and Greek State Normal School, h do

Obourn George E, clerk Pitts, Judge & Co, h 12 Main

Obourn Hiram C, restaurant 44 Main, h do

Obourn Lewis W, supt The Mansfield Wood Novelty works, h 12 Main

Oliver Charles H, fireman Normal School, h and lot Extension

OLNEY ROBERT E, watch maker and jeweler 12 E Wellsboro

OLNEY WILLIAM H (Olney & Shepard) h Wellsboro

OLNEY & SHEPARD (Will H O & Wilbert D S) livery and boarding stable Main n Adams blk

O’Neal John W, hay inspector for E C Wade, h and lot Extension

Osborn Jethro, emp tannery, h Main n First

Osborn Martha A, cigar maker, h Main n First

Osborn Myrtie (Mrs Owen) cigar maker, h Main n First

Osborn Owen, emp Novelty Works, h Main n First

Osborn William P, clerk Pitts, Judge & Co, h and lot St James

Owen Elvira S, widow Charles H, farm, 7 acres, h S Main

Owen Ray D, teamster, and with Ambrose R Decker coal dealer, h S Main

Packard J Thurman, drayman and baggage express, 109 Main (SRGP 14963)

Palmer Elizabeth S, widow David, h and lot Elm

Palmer Henry V, harness maker, horse furnishing goods &c, Opera House blk, Wellsboro, h St James

Palmer James S, Universalist clergyman, h and lot N Main (86087)

Palmer Lou, school teacher, h St James (SRGP 08664)

Paris Henry, laborer, h S Main

Parker David, laborer, h off Elmira (SRGP 88460)

Passmore Edwin, shoemaker, clerk for 11 F Kingley, h and lot N Academy

Passmore Frederick C, clerk for D C Burnham, h Prospect

Passmore Mary Ann, widow Frederick, h and 1 acre, Prospect

Passmore Prudence, dressmaker, h Prospect

Pease Frank W, laborer, h Elm

Perkins Albert H, manager The Mansfield Electric Co, Novelty Works bld, h Academy n Normal ave

Perry Carrie E, widow Almeron, farm 70 in Richmond, h Brooklyn (SRGP 76530)

Peterson Allen W, barber, Main, h Elmira (SRGP 76391)

Phelps Hiram V, resident, h Sherwood n Main

Phelps Nannie A Mrs, milliner for N Rockwell, h Pitts blk, Main

Phelps Valcot C, drayman for M Mills, bds do

Phillips John H, laborer, h Elmira cor Meadow (SRGP 13486)

PITTS DANIEL H (Pitts, Judge & Co) (Mansfield Wood Novelty Co) h S Main (SRGP 4217)

Pitts Fannie B, widow Capt Aaron M, h and lot Wellsboro n Academy (SRGP 4225 Fannie Bixby)

PITTS WAYNE A, sec Smythe Park Association and of the Mansfield Fair, real estate agent, Allen blk, Main, h Wellsboro n Sullivan (SRGP 4232)

Pitts William L, emp Normal School, h and about 3 acres, N Main (SRGP 21658)

PITTS JUDGE & CO, (Daniel H P, Tom W J and Edward H Ross) dry goods, carpets, boots and shoes, clothing and groceries, hats and caps, gents furnishing goods, Pitts blk, Main

Porter George H, clerk Main, bds do (SRGP 61800)

Potter Albert W, grocer and baker Main opp Normal ave, h do

Potter Ivan C, baker for A W, h do

Potter Velma M, school teacher, h with A W, Main

Pratt Edwin, farm 190 in Richmond, h and 7 acres Brooklyn

Precet Albert W, laborer, h Lincoln ave

Precet Carl, h Lincoln ave

Precet Charles A, laborer, h Lincoln ave

Precet Henry C, laborer, h and lot Brooklyn (SRGP 75783)

Precet John M, stone cutter, h and lot Lincoln ave

Ramsdell Charles H, carpenter, h and lot 63 E Main

Ramsdell Florian L (Wilson & R) h Sherwood

Ramsdell William D (Ramsdell & R) h Sherwood

Ramsdell & Culver (Wm D R & Warren L C) painters and paper hangers, Main n railroad crossing

Reed Ernest G, band Sawyer Novelty Works, h St James n First

Reese John E (R & Farrer Bros) h Normal ave

Reese & Farrer Bros (John E R, Wm S & John E Farrer) dealers in general hardware, plumbers and tinsmiths, 9 Wellsboro

Reitz Charles F, carpenter, h and lot Academy (SRGP 9516)

Rentz Charles, carpenter, h E Main cor Second

Reynolds Abijah S, carpenter, h and lot St James n Normal ave (SRGP 4438)

Reynolds Gracie, bookkeeper, h Sherwood (SRGP 10251)

REYNOLDS HORACE M, manuf Excelsior improved spring beds, washing machines, ironing tables, apiarist 35 colonies. agt for Singer sewing machines, 25 E Main, h do (SRGP 5519)

Reynolds Lavinia Mrs, h Sullivan cor Academy (SRGP 7901 Lavinia Comfort)

Reynolds Margaret E, widow Clinton D, h and lot St James  (SRGP 52591 Margaret E. Phillips)

Reynolds Mary E Mrs, seamstress, h Sherwood

Reynolds Sarah Jane, widow Ezra, h Sullivan n Sherwood (SRGP 5451 Sarah Jane Bryant "Sally")

Rhinevault Margaret S, widow Rev Seymour G, h 5 Elmira (SRGP 7203 Margaret Orvis)

Rhodes Charles M, baker Normal School, h Normal ave Extension cor Clinton

Richmond Ananias, farmer, about 170 in Sullivan, h Extension (SRGP 8937 - The Annanais Richmond Farm in Sullivan is the property next to where I live now - Joyce M. Tice 2003)

Riley Edwin E, Ph B, pastor First Presbyterian Church, bds Hotel French

Ripley Abigail M, widow Dwight, h N Main (SRGP 66235 - Abigail Miles)

Ripley Eliza, widow Philip S, h Extension (SRGP 7726 Eliza Putnam)

Ripley John, laborer, h N Main

Robbins Clara V, milliner, Brooklyn (SRGP 75802)

Robbins Harlan P, cattle buyer and shipper, h Brooklyn  (SRGP 9394)

Robbins Ida M, school teacher, Brooklyn (SRGP 75804)

Robbins J Burt, laborer, h Brooklyn (SRGP 75805)

Robbins J Myron, laborer, h Brooklyn (SRGP 5201)

Robbins Leverett H, retired farmer, h Meadow

Robbins Olive G, school teacher, h Brooklyn (SRGP 75803)

Robinson John L, clerk Hotel Allen, bds do (SRGP 31717 - Married the owner's daughter,  Sarah Bailey)

Robinson Walter S, barber for A W Peterson, bds do

Rockwell Burt J, hotel advertising desks, h E Main (SRGP 13739)

Rockwell Nellie D, millinery Elliot blk Wellsboro, bds with C Rogers (SRGP 73255)

Roff Edmund D, telegrapher and asst agt Erie R R, h Sullivan n Academy

ROGERS CHARLES R, watchmaker and jewelry, local mgr N Y & Pa Telephone Co 59 Main, h St James cor Normal ave

Rogers Lydia, widow Phineas, h 15 E Main

Rogers Sarah E, emp Normal School, h Extension

Rolason Theodore R (R & Shaw) h Sherwood (SRGP 76504)

Rolason & Shaw (Theodore F R and Llewellyn B S) furniture and undertaking 42 Main (Rolason & Shaw evolved to Shaw and Robena Funeral Home and then to Wilston Funeral Home as it is today 2003. The furniture part became VanNoy Furniture)

Root Charles R, laborer, h Elmira

ROSE BROTHERS (Warren D & William P) shippers of hay, grain, produce and live stock Wellsboro cor Sullivan (SRGP 6183 & 6182)

Rose Etta, bookkeeper R W & M F Rose, bds Hotel Allen (SRGP 7154)

ROSE MORGAN E, coal, wood, lumber, sash, doors, lath, shingles, lime, cement, plaster and phosphates, agricultural implements, &c. farm in Sullivan, 110, office Wellsboro, bds Hotel Allen (SRGP 6184)

Rose Morrison F (R W & M F Rose) h Sherwood (SRGP 9967)

ROSE RUSSELL W (R W & M M F Rose) farm, 130, in Richmond, h Sherwood cor Academy (SRGP 7153)

ROSE WARREN D (Rose Bros) owns farm 412, in Sullivan, h do (SRGP 6183)

ROSE WILLIAM P (Rose Bros) owns farm about 200 in Sullivan, h Roaring Branch (SRGP 6182)

Rose R W & M F (Russell W and Morrison F) dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, groceries, &c, 38 and 40 Main and 2 and 3 Central (SRGP 9967 & 7153)

Rosengrant E Judson Rev, pastor First M E church, h Academy n Wellsboro

ROSS CHARLES S, prop Ross & Williams bank, real estate owner, bds Hotel French

Ross Cigar Co The, C S Ross pres, E H Ross, sect and treas, H E Carr supt, manufs of fine cigars 71 Main

ROSS EDWARD H (Pitts, Judge & Co) (Ross Cigar Co) h Academy cor Normal ave

Ruggles Oren F, cigar maker, h and lot Main n Second (SRGP 5671)

Rundell Orpha A, widow Albert B, h and lot N Main

Rundell Roswell C, emp Novelty Works, h N Main

Russell Flora May, teacher Model School, State Normal School, h do

SCHIPBANKER MICHAEL (Shepard & S) merchant tailor, h 13 Sherwood

Schulser Amy D (Mrs Joseph) farm, 190 in Richmond, h Sullivan cor Sherwood

Schulser Joseph, farmer in Richmond, 45, h Sullivan cor Sherwood

Searles T Albert, laborer, h Business College bldg Wellsboro (SRGP 58282)

Seymour Emmett A, h with Mrs E H Owen, S Main

Shailer George R, clerk Fred F Spencer, h and lot 110 Main

SHATTUCK LUCIUS E, carriage maker, wife Mary E, boarding house, shop Central, h Wellsboro cor Railroad (SRGP 41781)

Shaw Carrie A, widow Frederick, dressmaker h with S E Shaw, Academy (SRGP 32601 Caroline Morse)

Shaw Ella L, school teacher, h and farm, 15 N Main (SRGP 76543)

Shaw Horry B, farmer, 100 in Richmond, dairy 11 cows, h N Main (SRGP 9655)

Shaw John H, farmer with Horry B, h N Main (SRGP 12906)

Shaw Llewellyn B (Rolason & S) h with H B, N Main (SRGP 9658)

Shaw Oren, farmer about 30 off N Main, h with Ella L, N Main (SRGP 16299)

Shaw Schuyler G, farmer, 56 in Bradford Co, h Academy (SRGP 7681)

Shaw Wells A, clerk R W & M F Rose, bds Hotel French (SRGP 8286)

Sheeley Mandana, widow George, farm 160 in Nebraska, h Sherwood n Academy

Sheldon Caroline, teacher drawing and printing State Normal School, h do (SRGP 63086 ??)

Sheldon Fannie L, Ph B, Prof Rhetoric, Literature and German, State Normal School, h do

Shepard David F, hay presser, h Clinton

Shepard Angeline, widow Dayton, h 112 Main (SRGP 7581 Angeline Garrison)

Shepard Libbie S, music teacher, h Sherwood

Shepard Margaret L, widow Harlin D, emp Normal School, h and lot Clinton (SRGP 61737 Margaret Husted)

Shepard Morris H (Shepard & Schipbanker) h Allen blk N Main (SRGP 18305)

Shepard Silas J, burgess, general merchant 43 Main, h Sherwood

SHEPARD WILBERT D (Olney & S) h St James  (SRGP 18306)

Shepard & Schipbanker (Morris H Shepard and Michael Schipbanker) clothing, gents furnishings, hats and caps, 65 Main

Sherman Allen P, invalid, h and lot N Sullivan

Sherwood Andrew, general manager The Alaska Mining and Prospecting Co of Elmira N Y, two farms about 300 in Richmond, h and 3 acres, N Main (SRGP 53142)

Sherwood Clark B, farm in Richmond, h Prospect (SRGP 51875)

Sherwood Hiram M, h and lot owned by wife, Academy n First

Sherwood Hugh M, son of Andrew, h N Main (SRGP 68401)

Sherwood Julia A, widow Albert, h with Clark B (SRGP 68391)

Shipman George H, carpenter and millwright, h and 1 1-2 acres, Extension

Slingerland Alfred M, turner Novelty Works, h and lot Elmira (SRGP 66428)

Slingerland Dorrance D, laborer, h S Main

Slingerland John, h with A M, Elmira (SRGP 66413)

Slingerland William A, laborer, h Lincoln ave

Smith Arthur E, teamster, h 6 Main (SRGP 9648)

Smith Deborah, widow Joseph M, h with Clark B Sherwood, Prospect

Smith Fred, fireman at Doan’s sash and blind factory, h Sassafras Alley

Smith Horace R, stationary engineer, h 114 Main

Smith Henry B, student Normal School, h Academy cor Elmira

Smith Maltbie, farmer, 140 in Lawrence, h Main opp Sherwood

Smith Jesse W, boots, shoes, and rubbers Main opp Hotel French, h Main

Smith John R, farmer in Farmington, h Academy cor Elmira

Smith Judd, miller Sun Milling Co, h Wellsboro n bridge

Smith Lyman B, patternmaker and machinery repairer Novelty Works, h off N Main n grist mill (SRGP 1956)

Smith Merritt W, turner at Novelty Works, h Extension (SRGP 14823)

Smith Morton H, physician and surgeon, h with J Maltbie, Main (SRGP 68394 ??)

Smith Nelson J, hay shipper for Rose Bros, h E Wellsboro (SRGP 3649)

Smith Orson V, late supt Ross Cigar Co, h with Mrs C M Thompson, N Main

SNOVER URIAH S, manuf and dealer in Wilcox Automatic Wagon Brake, Main opp Smyth Park, h E Main cor First, See adv page 404 (SRGP 3640)

Soper Clara, h with J M Argetsinger, First (SRGP 70478)

SOURS CLAUDE M, laborer, h Brooklyn (SRGP 18557)

Sours D Wesley, laborer, h N Main (SRGP 18551)

Spencer Fred F, groceries, crockery, lamps, Main cor Wellsboro, bds over post office Main

Squire Julia A, widow Aaron, h 120 Main (SRGP 3179 Julia Ann Crippen)

Squires Lloyd, farmer in Rutland, h E Main  (SRGP 3163)

ST JAMES CHURCH (EPISCOPAL) Wellsboro cor St James, Rev Frank Marshall rector

Stacy Maria A, widow Allen, h with S E Coles, N Sullivan

STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, S H Albro principal, J A Elliott sec, A W Stevenson steward, Academy head of Wellsboro, See page 398 and next to title page

Steinfest Katie, dressmaker Elliott blk Wellsboro, h do

Stevens Isaac E, emp tannery, h E Main n Second (SRGP 74988)

Stevenson Albert W, steward State Normal School, h do

Stevenson William H, emp tannery, h Academy (SRGP 4815 ??)

Stocking W A Jr, Ph B, prof agriculture and natural study State Normal School, h do

Stone Merritt D, laborer, h Business College blk, Wellsboro (SRGP 5328)

Stone Myrtle, teacher of Piano, singing, harmony, theory and history of music Normal School, h do

Stout Jacob H, printer, h Main (SRGP 10132)

Stout John T, bicycle repairer, h N Main (SRGP 10133)

Stout Richard C, h N Main (SRGP 9628)

Strait Charles L, resident, Main cor Elmira (SRGP 14943)

Strait Cycle Co, T B Strait propr, dealer in bicycles and repairs, L A W repair shop 63 1-2 Main

Strait E Burt, instructor Mansfield Bank, h St James

Strait Fred W, clerk for Geo L, bds Main cor Elmira

STRAIT GEORGE L, hardware, stoves, tinware, plumbing and furnace work, bicycles, 61 Main, h Main cor Elmira

Strait Millard B, watchmaker and jeweler Main, died Nov 1898

Strait Thad B (Strait Cycle Co) 65 1-2 Main, h over Rose’s store, Central ave cor Main (SRGP 18423)

Strange John C, school teacher, h Main n Elmira (SRGP 6956)

Strange Mariette, widow Charles, farm in Sullivan 100, and in Springfield, Bradford Co, 114, h Main n Elmira  (SRGP 6932 Mariette Cooley)

Stuart Irene, resident, h and lot N Main

Sturdevant Harry T, groceries and confectionery 64 Main, h off Wellsboro W of bridge

SUN MILLING CO, H P Breon supt, merchant and custom miller, full roller mills for wheat, buckwheat and rye, Valley road

Swan Henry, emp Novelty Works, h N Main (SRGP 75909)

Swan Katharine Morris, widow Charles F, farm 140, h Wellsboro

Swan Lena H, widow William, with Caroline J Lawrence farm 43 in Richmond, h 6 Elmira (SRGP 7752 Helena Lawrence, 7751 Caroline Grover)

Sweet Charles D, cigarmaker and insurance agt, h and lot St James

Sweet David D, sign and ornamental painter, h and lot N Sullivan

Sweet John S, farmer, h and lot S Main (SRGP 57165)

Sweet Milton, farmer, h and lot Academy n Second (SRGP 31698)

Sweet William S, fireman, engineer, h Valley road

Taylor Harry B, tinsmith for G L Strait, h Morris ave

TELEPHONE PAY STATION, Charles R Rogers manager, 59 Main

Teutsh Valentine, tailor, h Main cor First (SRGP 85610)

Thompson Anna, widow William H, store building and farmer in Shippen, h 19 Elmira

Thompson Charles N (Thompson & Wood) com trav, h S Main

THOMPSON OLIVER B, livery and boarding stable opp Hotel French, Main, h St James

Thompson & Wood (Charles N T and Edgar C Wood) wholesale confectioners, Wellsboro

Thurston Lewis S, emp Novelty Works, h Academy

Thurston William H, emp Novelty Works, h Academy n St James

Tillbury William, emp Novelty Works, h Elmira

TOMLINSON DEWITT C, machine shop and foundry East Main, h do

Tomlinson J Frederick, machinist for Dewitt C, h do

Updike Waldo W, farm 100 in Rutland, h Elmira cor Academy

Updyke Lewis, laborer, h Brooklyn

Urell Robert E, farm 6 at Tioga, h 120 Main (SRGP 3182)

Van Auken Henry H, h Elm

Vance Rinaldo, laborer, h 109 Main (SRGP 18392)

Van Duyn Isaac M, laborer, h Sherwood n Main

Vanhart Charles E, laborer, h Fourth

Vanhart Lizzie J (Mrs Charles E) cigarmaker, h Fourth

VAN KEUREN FRANK E (Van K & Coles) pres Mansfield Bldg and Loan Ass’n, pres Mansfield Opera House Co, limited, h E Main n First (SRGP 3786)

VAN KEUREN & COLES, (Frank E Van K and Sheridan E C) publishers of “Mansfield Advertiser,” general job printers 53 Main, See adv page 404

Van Ness Henry, farmer, 300, h First (SRGP 3782)

Van Ness John R, emp Normal School, boarding house 124 Main (SRGP 17031)

Van Ness Peter V, h 124 Main (SRGP 2090)

Van Norman Harvey J, prof English grammar State Normal School, h Normal ave Extension

Van Osten John, h Allen blk, Wellsboro

Van Valcalnar Herbert E, drayman, h over W C Miller & Co’s marble works, Wellsboro

Van Valcalnar Ida M (Mrs H E) dressmaker, Wellsboro

VEDDER B M COMPANY (Bert M Vedder propr) manuf and packer of the “old fashioned” brand of pickles, 154 S Main

VEDDER BERT M (B M Vedder & Co) farm 104 in Richmond, h 154 S Main (SRGP 13070)

Vedder Wentworth D, physician and surgeon Main bor Sherwood, h do (SRGP 32121)

Verrill Charles H, Am M, Ph D, institute instructor, h and lot Normal ave cor St James, bds Hotel French

VICKERS JOSEPH, r 27, prop imported thoroughbred percheron stock horse Joseph No 7464 (11612) farmer, 70, in Jackson, 112 in Tioga, 80 in Rutland, also works on shares for Clark Sherwood, dairy 14 cows, farm, 90, h Elmira cor Academy (SRGP 20451)

Wade Earl C, hay and straw dealer, farm 228 in Arcade, Wyoming Co, office Adams blk, Main, h S Main

Walker Delos H, farmer, 130 in Covington, h Valley road (SRGP 13539)

Walters John, farmer, 230 in Richmond, h Wellsboro cor Morris ave

Wanck George W, emp Novelty Works, h Academy n Normal ave

Wanck Nellie L, dressmaker Academy n Normal ave, h do

WARTERS LUCY (Mrs Will) dressmaker Main cor Elmira, h do (SRGP 58988)

Warters Stephen H, teamster, h Adams blk, Main

Warters Thomas A, general blacksmith Wellsboro, h 19 E Main

WARTERS WILL, laborer, cattle dehorner, h Main cor Elmira (SRGP 58987)

Watkins Osmer, laborer for R Curtis, bds do (SRGP 8343)

Webster Mary J, widow Roswell D, h S Main  (SRGP 9450 Mary Jane Soper)

WELCH DARWIN D, fine carriages, agricultural implements, horse furnishing goods, bicycles and bicycle repairing, Main below Hotel French  (SRGP 3563)

Welch Mary, widow William, h Sherwood n Sullivan (SRGP 2375 Mollie Mary McConnell)

Welch S Elizabeth, widow Edward H, h Sherwood

Westbrook Benjamin F, mail carrier and stage route daily between Mansfield and Wellsboro, stage leaves Mansfield 8 a m, arrives 5 p m, fare 75c, farm 20 in Rutland, h Sullivan cor Wilson ave

Weston Mollie Tracy, B E, teacher of elocution and oratory State Normal School, h do

Wetmore Edith M, dressmaker 55 Allen blk, Main, h do

Wheeler Harry E, laborer, h Lincoln ave

WHEELER JOHN (M B W & Co) h N Main (SRGP 65768)

Wheeler Lloyd S, laborer, h E Main (SRGP 18248)

Wheeler Louis P, section man on railroad, h 117 Main

WHEELER M B & CO (Martin B & John Wheeler) grocers and meat market opp Hotel French, Main, also meat market at Arnot

WHEELER MARTIN B (M B W & Co) h Sherwood (SRGP 65779)

Whitcomb J Alonzo, emp tannery, h Prospect

Whitcomb Ray, emp tannery, h Clinton cor First

White Bradford F, laborer, h and lot Fourth

White Euclid E, wholesale lumber dealer, h Elmira n Academy

Whiting Isaac N, veterinary surgeon, h First cor Academy (SRGP 9180)

Wicks Carrie L, dressmaker, 11 Elmira, h do

Wicks George H, clerk Pitts, Judge & Co, h 11 Elmira

Wicks Leander, hostler, h 11 Elmira

Wicks Lee, lumber foreman in woods, hostler Hotel Allen, bds do

Wicks Marvella, school teacher, h 11 Elmira

Wicks Nancy J, widow Charles, h 11 Elmira

Wilcox Elizabeth E, widow Silas, dressmaker, h St James

Wilcox Linnie, dressmaker, h St James

WILLIAMS ELLEN B, widow Philip, h and lot, Main cor Normal ave (SRGP 31271 Ellen Marie Bailey)

Winston Eugenia, professor Ancient Languages and History State Normal School, h do

Wilson Amos M, stone mason, boarding house, h and lot Academy n Wellsboro (SRGP 5054)

Wilson Delmar, laborer, h S Main cor Lincoln ave

Wilson Edgar S (W & Ramsdell) h and lot Sherwood cor Academy

Wilson George, laborer, h and lot Brooklyn

Wilson William, laborer, h S Main cor Lincoln ave

Wilson & Ramsdell (Edgar S W & Florian L R) proprs Mansfield Steam Laundry, Elmira cor Extension

Wood Edgar C (Thompson & W) h St James

Wood Ezra, laborer, h St James n Normal ave

WOOD FRED G, M D physician and surgeon, office and h Normal ave cor St James (SRGP 6437)

Wood George N, farm 156 in Wells, Bradford Co, h N Main  (SRGP 6427)

Wood Holloway D, farm in Rutland 89, h Sullivan n Sherwood (SRGP 5119)

Wood Mary J, widow Stephen H, interest in farm over 200 in Bloss, h and lot Academy

Wright Ira, carpenter and builder, health officer, h Extension

Wright Minerva L (Mrs Ira) h and lot Extension

Zimmer Frank E, cheese maker, owns 7 factories, farm 115 in Potter Co, h 150 Main