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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Christine Keel


For explanations, &c., see page 13.
Postoffice address Westfield unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis).

Ackley Jay C, r 29, farmer, on shares for John F, 84

Ackley John F, r 29, farm 84

Acla Ephraim J, r 7, manages farm for Erastus Hoose

Akins D Leslie, (Potter Brook) r 21, n 1, farm laborer

Andrews Harvey, (Phillips station), off 14, farmer, about 100

Anthony David (Phillips station) r 12, general mason

Austin Will R, (Potter Brook) r 21, barber, shoemaker, paper hanger

Bacon John W, off r 16, invalid, h and lot

Baker Emmet r 17 1-2, laborer

Baker Lester, r 15, apiarist 23 colonies, 10 cows, farmer, 120

Baker Vane W, r 15, farmer, son of Lester

Barker Susan M, r20, widow George W, bds with V LaBar

Barney E Adelbert, (Potter Brook) r 21, n1, teamster

Barney Mary J, (Potter Brook) r 21, n 1 widow Mason

Barney William, (Potter Brook), r 21, n 1, laborer

Barr Nathan, (Phillips Station) r 33, farmer, 88

Barrett Dan, r 17, laborer, h and lot

Barrett Melvin L, (Cowanesque) fireman sash and blind factory, h and lot Main

Bartoo Eli W, (Potter Brook) r 21, n 1, Wesleyan Methodist clergyman, farmer, 6

Batcheler J Harrison (Phillips Station) r 12 1-2, cor 12, tobacco grower, farmer on shares for Jonas H, 65

Bacheler Jonas H, (Phillips Station) r 12 1-2, cor 12, tobacco 2 1-2, 5 cows, farmer 65

Batcheler Jonas H, (Phillips Station) r 12 1-2, cor 12, tobacco 2 102 acres, 5 cows, farmer 65

Batcheller Sarah E, (Phillips Station) r 12 1-2, school cor 12, teacher

Belcher D Alonzo, (Potter Brook) section hand RR, h Thompson

Benn John, r 23, farmer, son of Leroy

Benn Leroy, r 23, carpenter, farmer on shares for R V Leach, 150

Bollen W Harris, (Sabinsville) r 29, dairy 7 cows and farmer on shares for Mrs Hattie A Decker, 80

Boon John W, (Knoxville)r 32

Bostwick Ariva H (Cowanesque) farmer, 75, owned by wife, h Main

Bostwick William C, (Phillips Station) off r 33, farmer on shares for Walker B of Knoxville 65

Boulio Henry, (Potter Brook) station agt Fall Brook Ry, agent American Ex Co telegraph, Potter Brook and Westfield, dealer in feed, coal, lime, brick, cement, etc, at depot, h depot

Bowman John G (Cowanesque) r 9 cor 11, treas school board, farmer 16 3-4

Boyce John O (Little Marsh) r 33, mason, farmer, 3 in Chatham and leases here of Nathan Barr, 88

Brace James, r 25, farmer, about 40 in Brookfield and works with William on shares for James LaBar 100

Brace William, r 25, farmer, 20 in Brookfield and works with James on shares for James LaBar 100

Brees Eliza A, r 16, dressmaker, h and lot

Bremigen Andrew J (Potter Brook) r 21 woodsman, farmer in Potter Co, 50 owned by wife

Briggs Fayette (Phillips Station) r 13, dairy 18 cows, tobacco grower 4 1-2 acres, farmer on shares for Fayette Pride of Westfield boro, 200

Briggs Frank C, r 5, tobacco grower 2 acres and farmer with William C, leases of Joel Calkin of Forksville, Sullivan Co, 30 tobacco grower 2 acres, apiarist 75 colonies

Brimmer Alonzo V, r 23, farmer, 72

Brimmer Llewellyn, r 23, farmer

Brimmer Miriam (Mrs Alonzo V) r 23, carpet weaver

Bristol Perry C, r 16, farm 29 in Hector, Potter Co, h and lot

Brock Thomas R Jr (Cowanesque) foreman sash and blink factory, h Mill

Brooks Calvin (Potter Brook) r 21 n 1, farmer, 3

Brooks Joseph P (Potter Brook) r 21 n 1, farmer, 3 and in Brookfield 52

Broughton William, r 15, farmer, 140

Brown Burt L (Phillips Station) R 12 off 11, cheese maker Cowanesque factory No 5

Brown Celia A, widow Mark V, r 17 1-2

Brown Ora L (Sabinsville) r 27, dressmaker

Brown Orville R (Sabinsville) r 27, apiarist 65 colonies, farmer, 87, and in Clymer 45

Brown William B (Potter Brook) r 1, carpenter, blacksmith and farmer, 40

Brown William B (Sabinsville), r 27, farmer

Brugger John, r 15, emp tannery and farmer, 51

Buck Eugene A (Potter Brook), r 1, school director, tobacco grower 2 acres, farmer, 82

Buck John (Cowanesque) r 9, farm laborer for J E Green

Buck Lula M (Potter Brook) r 1, school teacher

BUCK RANDOLPH H (Potter Brook, r 1 n 20, town clerk, treas Cowanesque Valley Agricultural Society, farmer, 25, tobacco grower 4 acres, breeder pure blood Buff Rock fowls

Burdic Nelson, r 17, tobacco 2 acres, farmer, 25

Burdic Oliver, r 17, farmer

Burdick Mary M (Potter Brook) (Mrs Abraham) r 21 n 1, h and 1 acre with D Leslie Akins

Burley Emmet W (Sabinsville) r 13, cattle buyer and farmer

BUSH CORNELIUS, r 20, apiarist 42 colonies, dairy 6 cows and farmer, 115

BUSH EDWIN M, r 3, works farm, 135, belonging to self and Jacob P and John M, subject to life lease of Sarah, 17 cows, tobacco 4 acres

BUSH JACOB P, r 3 n 4, 1-3 interest in farm, 135, with Edwin M and John M, milk deliverer, to Cowanesque cheese factory, registered Yorkshire swine

Bush John M, r 3, farmer with Jacob P and Edwin M, 135, subject to life lease of Sarah

Bush Sarah widow Peter B, r 3, life lease of farm, 135

Button Albert, r 19, farm laborer

Butler Alvin B Rev, r 5 1-2, Advent Christian clergyman, h and lot

Butler Anna D (Potter Brook) widow Alvin, h and lot Railroad

Butler Austin A (Potter Brook) farmer, h and lot, Thompson

Butler John S (Potter Brook) setter in saw mill, h Thompson

Butler Simon V (Potter Brook) laborer, h Railroad

Calkins Elry, r 7, laborer, h and lot

Campbell George W (Potter Brook) jewelryman, watch repairer, &c, h and lot Thompson head of Depot

Carl Edgar (Phillips Station) tobacco grower, 3 1-2 acres, 13 cows, farmer, on shares for H Z Pride of Westfield boro

Champlain Mary (Cowanesque) widow James, interest in two farms, h and lot Main cor Mill

Champlin Frank, off r 15, farmer on shares for John, 56

Champlin John, r 9 n 8 dairy 10 cows, tobacco grower 4 acres and farmer, 176

Cheese Factory No 14 (Phillips Station) Cloverdale Combination, O H Snyder of North Ford, Pa, lessee and propr

Cisco Frank (Phillips Station) r 30, farmer, 16

Cisco William A (Phillips Station), r 30, farm laborer

Clark Milo (Phillips Station) r 32, farmer, leases of Chauncey Ackley estate of Clymer, about 100

Coburn Edward, off r 5 1-2, mason, broom manuf and farmer, 3 3-4

Cooper Amanda, widow Erastus (Cowanesque) farm, 106, h and 1 1-2 acres Main cor Greely

Cooper Celia L, (Cowanesque) dressmaker main cor Greeley, h do

Cooper Harvey N, (Phillips Station) r 32, dairy 10 cows, farmer, estate of Erastus Cooper, 126

Cowanesque Cheese Factory (Phillips Station) r 12, O H Snyder of North Fork, Potter Co, propr

COWANESQUE HOUSE, (Cowanesque) Marion S LaBar propr Main

COWANESQUE VALLEY IRON WORKS, (Cowanesque) John Rieppel propr, foundary and machine shop opp the depost Cowanesque

COWANESQUE WATER WORKS, (Cowanesque) reservoir 250 feet above village, John Rieppel propr Cowanesque

Craig Andrew, r 20, farmer, 113, breeder White Plymouth Rock fowls and Chester White swine

Crance William D, r 20 n 25, farm laborer

Croft Clarence D, (Phillips Station) r 13, laborer

Cronk John D, (Potter Brook) laborer, h Cross

Crout Homer A, (Potter Brook) r 21, clerk for C D Markham

Cuer Johnathan C, (Phillips Station) farmer, 71

Davis Allen, (Potter Brook) gun smith Railroad, h do

Davis Lucy A, r 27, farm 54

Davis Maggie, (Phillips Station) widow William, r 12, cor 12 1-2, housekeeper for George Lattimer

Davis Thomas E (Cowanesque) tobacco 3 acres, farmer, about 45

Davy Edwin, r 18, farmer, 67

Davy Norman C, r 18, hay dealer, farmer, 44

Decker C Francis, r 27, tobacco 2 acres, 12 cows and farmer on shares for Eliza A, 340

Decker Eliza A, widow Joseph, r 17, with Mrs Hattie A Decker, 3 farms, 340

Decker Hattie A, Mrs C Francis, r 27, with Mrs. Eliza A, three farms, 340

Decker Silas B (Potter Brook) off r 23, pensioner

Dillman Carl F, r 5, farm laborer

Dillman William G, r 5, farmer on shares for J W Smith and Wm Leach of Westerfield boro, 128, tobacco, 8

Dingman Charles A, r 9 n 15, emp tannery, h and lot

Dodge James, r 16, n 15, dairy 24 cows, farmer, 230

Dutcher Warren H, (Phillips Station) r 13, carpenter, farmer, 3-4

Dykins C Arthur, r 16, painter and paper hanger

Dykens Jedediah, r 16, laborer

Edgecomb Carrie B, r 16, school teacher

Edgecomb Peter B, r 16, carpenter and millwright, h and 1-2 acre

Ellis Arthur B (Cowanesque) emp sash and blink factory, mechanic, h Main

Ellis Delos, r 1 n 2, inspector of election, tobacco 2 1-2, farmer on shares for Mrs Ann Leonard of Westfield boro, 100

Farrell James D (Potter Brook) laborer, h Railroad

Frasier Andrew (Sabinsville) r 27, h and 2 acres

Frazier Charles B (Cowanesque) emp sash and blink factory, wild land 57 acres in Brookfield, h and lot owned by wife, Main land 57 acres in Brookfield, h and lot owned by wife, Main

Frazier Perry L, r 6, laborer, h and 3 acres

Garner Lucius R (Phillips Station) r 31, farmer, 49

George Butler B, r 5, agt Common Sense washing machines

George Harry B, r 5, painter and decorator

George William E, r 5, farmer, lease of Rev O B Weaver about 95, tobacco 2 acres

Gilbert Edward D (Potter Brook), r 1, constable, apiarist 38 colonies, breeder golden Wyandotte fowls, tobacco 2 1-2 acres, farmer, 50, and in Clymer 60, owed by wife

Graham Adaline, widow George (Potter Brook) r 21 1-2

Graham Ellen A (Potter Brook) (Mrs Hiram N) milliner Main h do

Graham Hiram N (Potter Brook) farmer 50 in Brookfield h Main

Grantier Ellen E (Cowanesque) r 9 cor 11, h with J G. Bowman

Green Justice E (Cowanesque) r 9, tobacco 4 acres, farmer, 100

Grenolds Libbie (Cowanesque) school teacher, h with N H Seely Main

Gridley Charles L, r 28, farmer, on shares for Lewis H Knap 107

Grow Betsey A, (Potter Brook) widow William J, h and lot, Main

Guile Horace, r 9 farmer, 80

GUSTIN OLIVE J, r 5, widow Henry F, h and lot

Hackett Charles (Phillips Station) r 32, farmer on shares for Elmer, 78

Hackett Claude (Philips Station) r 32, farmer, stationary engineer, son of Charles

Hackett Elmer (Phillips Station) r 32, farmer, 78

Hall Charles (Phillips Station) r 31 n 32, cheese maker

Hancock De Forest (Potter Brook) r 21 n 1, woodsman

Hancock William H (Potter Brook) r 21 n 1, laborer, h and lot

Handy Dyer (Phillips Station) r 31, tobacco 2 archers, farmer 50

Havens Byron S, r 20, carpenter and builder, building moving and farmer for Amelia A, 57

Havens Amelia A, r 20, widow Solon, farm, about 57

Havens Bertram M, r 16, carpenter emp tannery, h and lot

Havens John L (Potter Brook) grocer and farm in Potter Co, 105, Main, h do

Havens Katie (Potter Brook) widow John, h with John L, Main

Hawley Adelbert (Potter Brook) lumberman in Potter Co, h Thompson

Hawley Guy E (Potter Brook) laborer, h and lot Thompson

Hawley Lettie M (Potter Brook) widow Adelbert, h Railroad

Hazlett Burt (Cowanesque) laborer, h Greeley

Hazlett Ervine (Cowanesque) laborer, h and lot Main

Hill Benjamin L (Cowanesque) r 9, farmer, son of K B

Hill Kirkland B (Cowanesque) r 9, dairy 8 cows, tobacco grower 4 acres and farmer, 100

Hinman Ransom (Potter Brook) local M E preacher, h and lot Main

Holly Alex W, off r 27, farmer, 30

HOLT SAMUEL D (Potter Brook) r 21 n 1, blacksmith and junk dealer

Hoose Erastus, r 7, dairy 6 cows and farmer, 79

Hoose R Elisha r 7, farmer, 50

Hoover Abram, off r 16, h with A P King

Hopkins George S, r 6 cor 7, bus driver Westfield House, h and 1 acre owned by wife

Hornsby David (Phillips Station) r 30, tobacco 2 acres, farmer, 27 on shares for Dyer Handy

Howard William (Cowanesque) Moulder, h and lot Main

Howland Courtney S (Phillips Station) r 14, farmer, 60

HOWLAND J MALVIN (Phillips Station, r 32, Democratic co committee, cattle buyer, farmer, 106, on r 13, and in Chatham, 120, half interest in farm, 106, in Steubon co, NY, dairy 10 cows and about 30 head of young cattle, tobacco grower 3 acres

Howland John (Phillips Station) r 14, life lease farm, 60

Howland Leuele (Phillips Station ) r 12, farm with O. L. Mack, 90, in Deerfield

Hunt Barton, r 24 n 25, farmer, 160

HUNT CHARLES BURT, r 24 n 25, farmer, works with Barton, and leases of Joseph Lane, 63

Hunt Dan (Potter Brook) r 20 1-1, farmer, 17 1-2

Hunt Isaac (Potter Brook) r 20 1-2, farmer 53, apiarist 35 colonies

Hunt John C, (Potter Brook) r 20 1-2, laborer

Hurlbut Devillo L (Cowanesque) off r 12 1-2, works farm on shares for David B Lattimer 104

HUYLER JEROME, r 17 1-2, 1 orchard, 150 trees, sugar orchard, 200 trees, farmer 87

Huyler Joel C, r 17 1-2, laborer

Huyler Philinda, r 17 1-2, widow Morgan C, life lease of farm, 87, owned by Jerome

INSCHO MERRITT F, (Cowanesque) auditor, tobacco 4 acres, farm 98 1-2, h Main

Jacobs Homer H, r 9, 7 cows, 4 acres tobacco, farm on shares for James Dodge, 60

Jay Nathan, (Potter Brook) section hand on R R , h and lot, Thompson

Jennings Bros, (Edwin C, Joseph and Theron) removed to Blossburg

Johnson Eliza M, (Phillips Station) widow Abarm, off r 14, farm 34

Johnson Esson L, (Potter Brook), h Potter Brook

Johnson Herman T, (Phillips Station) off r 14 n 13, farm with Vernon H

Johnson Mary E (Phillips Station) widow Francis M, off r 14, n 13, farm 25 and interest in 40, estate of Francis M Johnson, 2 acres tobacco

JOHNSON VERNON H, (Phillips Station) off r 14, n 13, farmer owns interest in farm 40, estate Francis M, and farms for Mary E, r 1 cor 21

KENDALL HOUSE, (Potter Brook) r 1 cor r 21, erected 1898, Walter C Kendall propr, livery attached, Main

KENDALL WALTER C, (Potter Brook) propr Kendall House and livery, owns 2 farms, 117 and 50, in Independence, Allegany Co, NY, h main

Kent Harry D (Potter Brook) shingle sawyer for Geo W Potter

KILLBOURNE WILLIAM D, r 20, farm 65, partly in Clymer and partly in Hector township, Potter Co, and works on shares for C B Simmons of Westfield boro, 180

King A Pertello, off r 16, carpenter and builder, tobacco, 2 acres, farmer 4 and half interest with Lorenzo K, 250

King Ebenezer A, (Phillips Station) r 38, cor 32, farmer, 50, cheese factory leased to O H Snyder

King Eddie P, (Cowanesque) farmer, on shares for J Devillo, 34, h Main

King Frank H, (Cowanesque) laborer, h Greeley

King Frank J, (Phillips Station) r 13, farmer

King George W (Cowanesque)0 groceries, flour and feed, Main

KING LORENZO K, r 31, bridge builder, general jobber, building mover, lumberman, cut 200,000 feet this year, two farms, 268, 12 reg Devon cows, and farm A P King, 50

King Ozial H (Phillips Station) r 13, tobacco grower 3 acres, farmer, 55

King Prince W (Phillips Station) off r 12 1-2, tobacco grower 5 acres, dairy 20 cows and farmer, 230

King Rhadelska (Phillips Station) r 32, carpenter and builder and farmer, 50

King Ward L (Phillips Station) r 13, farmer

KING WILLARD (Phillips Station) r 13, propr portable steam saw mill, capacity 10,000 feet daily, tobacco grower, 9 acres on shares, farmer, 57, and in Deerfield, 200, and in Brookfield two farms, 404, also h and lot in Cowanesque

King Williard H (Phillips Station, 4r 12, farm laborer

King Ural (Phillips Station) r 14, farmer on shares for Prince W

Knapp John S (Potter Brook) r 20 1-2 n 1, laborer

KNAPP LEWIS H, r 17 1-2, township treasurer, apple orchard 160 trees, farmer 90, also on r 28, 107, worked by Charles Greedey

LaBar Charles (Potter Brook) r 22 n 21, farmer, 90

LaBar James, r 25, farmer, 150

LABAR MARION S (Cowanesque) propr Cowanesque House, Main

LABAR VERNON, r 20 n 25, thresher, blacksmith, carpenter, pres school board and farmer for James, 50

LaBar William J, r 20 n 25, farmer son of Vernon

Ladd Frank H, r 28, farmer for Henry E

Ladd Hannibal (Phillips Station) r 32, farmer, 3

Ladd Henry E, r 28, farmer, 65

Ladd Irving A r 9 n 15, farm laborer

Ladd Irvin A, r 28, farm laborer

Ladd Samuel J (Phillips Station) r 32, farmer

LANE JOSEPH (Potter Brook) r 21 n 1, works farm, 10 belonging too wife, farmer, 62 on r 23

Lane Mary H (Mrs Joseph) (Potter Brooks) r 21 n 1, apiarist 45 colonies and farm 10

LATTIMER DAVID B (Cowanesque) off r 12 1-2, farmer, 75, h and lot owned by wife, E Main

Lattimer George (Phillips Station) r 12 cor 12 1-2, tobacco grower 4 acres and farmer, 65

Learn Allen, r 14 opp 30, farmer, son of Dana

Learn Claude, r 15, farmer, about 120

Learn Dana F, r 14 opp 50, sugar orchard 600 trees, apiarist 13 colonies, dairy 12 cows and farmer 158

Little H Jay (Potter Brook) r 21 n 1, farmer, son of John

Little Jesse H (Potter Brook) r 21, n 1, breeder White Holland turkeys, farmer, 120, and 19 owned by wife

Little Walter D (Potter Brook) r 21 n 1, farmer, son of John

LITTLE WILLIAM J (Potter Brook) r 21, 5 cows, farmer with his father, John

Locke Otis (Cowanesque) r 9, tobacco 3 acres, farmer 75

Lovelace Charles D (Cowanesque) farmer, 50, h Main

Luce Ira B (Cowanesque) farmer, 60, h Main

Mack James H (Phillips Station) r 30 n 13, farm laborer

MACK ORRIN L (Phillips Station) r 13, with Leuele Howland farm 90 in Deerfield, works on shares for J M Howland, tobacco 2 3-4 acres, farm, 106

Mack Sophia, r 16 n 15, housekeeper for James Dodge

Madison Mell, widow Albert (Cowanesque) h and 2 acres, Main

Maelison Joe (Cowanesque) section hand, h and lot, Main

Mass Frank (Potter Brook) second hand, h depot

Mann Jacob (Potter Brook) r 21, n 21 1-2, second hand R R

Manning Edward C (Potter Brook) laborer for George C Potter, Main

Markham Charles D (Potter Brook) dealer in dry goods carpets, groceries, boots and shoes, hats and caps, wall paper, drugs and medicines, etc, Main, h and lot r 21 n 1 Main

Martin Charles H (Cowanesque) sash and blink maker, h and lot Main and wood lot 36 acres

Martin Randle J (Cowanesque) laborer, bds Main

McCann Wm Jackson, r 7, laborer, h and 2 acres owned by wife

McNinch M Eugene, r 17, milk dealer and farmer on shares for Ambrose Close

METCALF JAMES H (Potter Brook) r 1, justice of the peace, 8 cows, 3 acres tobacco, farmer 147 1-2

Metcalf Jennie B (Potter Brook) r 1, dressmaker, tel operator

Metcalf Minnie (Potter Brook) r 1, stenographer, clerk for Price & Wood of Westfield boro

Methodist Episcopal Church, Main, Cowanesque, Rev Peet of Westfield, pastor

Millard Frank E (Potter Brook) blacksmith

Miller John V (Potter Brook) wool dealer ( J V Miller & Co), of West Pike Potter Co farmer, 170 in Hector, Potter Co, h and 1 acre, Main cor Depot

Millman Lewis, r 7, laborer

Moore Adelbert A (Phillips Station) r 13, 9 acres tobacco, farmer on shares Willard King

Moore Hiram G (Potter Brook) pensioner, h and 1 3-4 acres, off Potter Brook

Mosher Will (Potter Brook) laborer, h Thompson

Mosher William A (Phillips Station) r 12, painter and paper hanger

Mulford Sophronia M, widow Benj F (Potter Brook) r 21, farmer, 27

Mulhollen Lyman F Rev, M E clergyman, h r 31 n 1

Newman Orlando (Cowanesque) general blacksmith, Main, h and lot do

Northrop Byron G, r 16, laborer

O’Dell John (Phillips Station) r 32, laborer

Ordway Herman (Potter Brook) off r 22, farmer, 52

Osborn Melvin (Knoxville) r 12, laborer

Palmer Sherman, r 17 1-2, farm laborer

Parker Ardean L (Potter Brook) h and lot, Main

Pease Delford A (Cowanesque) r 9, tobacco grower 2 acres, 7 cows, farmer with Kenyon D, 64

Pease Kenyon D (Cowanesque) r 9, tobacco grower 2 acres, y cows, farmer with Delford A, 64

Peaso Silas E (Cowanesque) clerk Cowanesque House, Main

People’s Church (The) Main

Perry Andrew J (Potter Brook) r 21 n 1, farmer, 40 and with Henry Bolio 60 in Harrison, Potter Co

Perry Daniel E, r 19, farmer on shares for F B Leach, 100

Perry Eunice B (Potter Brook) r 21 n 1, widow William W

Perry George (Cowanesque) r 10, pensioner, h and lot

Perry Oliver H (Potter Brook) r 22, farmer, 50

Persing Nelson (Potter Brook) r 21 n 1, carpenter and farmer, 3, owned by wife

Phillips William D, r 6, laborer, h and 2 acres

Pierce Clarence A, r 17, farmer, 89, milk dealer, breeder Brown Wyandotte fowls

Pierce Samuel, r 15, farmer, 50, owned by wife

Pierce Vance S, r 15, farmer, son of Samuel

Plank A Dan (Potter Brook) r 1, carpenter

Plank Eliza (Potter Brook) r 1, widow Daniel, farmer, 75

Plank Sylvester L (Potter Brook) r 23 n 22, carpenter and farmer, 50

Potter Almeda E (Mrs John W) (Potter Brook) grocer, Main, h do

Potter Edward S (Potter Brook) son of George W, farmer, Main

Potter George W (Potter Brook) shingle, feed, planning mill and carding machine, farmer, 30, Main

Potter John W, (Potter Brook) painter, manager A E, h Main cor Potter Brook

Potter Joseph, (Potter Brook) laborer, h and lot Main

Potter Norman H, (Potter Brook) carpenter, h Potter Brook

Potter Sarah J, (Potter Brook) widow Merritt, h and lot Railroad

Potter William, (Potter Brook) farmer, h and lot Main

Poucher Clara E, r 6, dressmaker, h and 1 acre

Poucher Hiram, r 6, laborer

Preston Fred B, (Cowanesque) r 9 opp 11, tobacco 2 acres, farmer, 10

Price J Eugene, (Phillips Station) r 12, tobacco 4 acres, 7 cows, farmer, 65

Pyer George F, r 20, farm laborer

Reed Platt B, (Sabinsville) r 27, farm laborer

Rexford P Emerson, (Potter Brook) r 1 n 20 1-2, 8 cows, tobacco 2 acres, farmer 84

Richardson Burt (Potter Brook) laborer, h off Thompson

Richmond Obadiah C, r 5, farmer, h and lot

Rieppel Emma F, (Cowanesque) dressmaker, h with John, Main

Rieppel George M, (Cowanesque) machinist for John, h do, Main

RIEPPEL JOHN, (Cowanesque) propr Cowanesque Valley Iron Works, machinist and foundryman, specialty of tannery liquor pumps and bark mill couplings, farmer, h Main 3 acres tobacco, propr Cowanesque water works, 120 pounds pressure, 259 feet above village

Rieppel John Jr, machinist for John, h do, Main

Roach Martin, (Potter Brook) section foreman Fall Brook Ry, h Railroad

Roach William (Potter Brook) section hand, bds Main

ROLISON PERRY V, r, 20, 7 grade Jersey cows, breeder barred Plymouth Rock Fowls, farmer, 80

Rood Amos P, (Potter Brook) r 21, laborer

ROOD ENOS A, (Potter Brook r 21, laborer

Rood Isaac S, (Potter Brook) r 21, apiarist 20 colonies and farmer, 27

Rood Wesley J (Potter Brook) r 21, laborer

Rowland G, r 19, farmer, 100, also leases of Mrs E M Ketchum of Owego, N Y, 100

Rowley Milo (Cowanesque) h and lot Main

Rumsey Elizabeth J (Cowanesque) Mrs S K, tailoress, Main, h do

Rumsey Soverine K (Cowanesque) sash door and blind finisher, h and 1 acre Main

Rushmore Frank J, r 27, farms 27 for Nelson Plank of Brookfield and works on shares for Mrs Lucy A Davis 54 and for A H Holly 25

School District No 1, r 23

School District No 2 (Phillips Station) r 13

School District No 3 (Round Top) r 29 cor 15

School District No 4 (Cowanesque) r 9

School District No 5 (Westfield) r 8

School District No 6 (Westfield) r 27 cor 28

School District No 8 (Westfield) r 20

School District No 9 (Westfield) r 20

School Dist No 10 (Potter Brook) r 21 n 1, Westfield

School Dist No 11 (Potter Brook) r 22 n 23

Schoonover Job (Cowanesque) saw mill, farmer, 5 1-2, mill n depot

Scofield Maryette, widow George (Cowanesque) Main cor Mill

Scott Mary, widow Luke (Potter Brook) h and lot Thompson

Scott Wilmot O, r 17 1-2, farmer, 81

Seagers Claude M (Potter Brook) r 22, n 23, clerk and farmer

SEAGERS SIMON S (Potter Brook) r 22 n 23, carpenter and builder, farmer, 53, owned by wife Mary A

Seagers William R (Potter Brook) r 22 n 23, machinist

Seamans Edna R, r 1 n 2, school teacher

Seamans Eli B, r 1 cor 2, farmer, 148, worked by I H Waren

Seamans Elbert L, r 1 n 2, farmer and lumber jobber

Seamans Frank (Mrs John) r 3, dressmaker

Seamans John M, r 3, tobacco grower, assessor, brick manufacturer, farmer, 80

Seamans Loren V, r 3 n r 2, tobacco grower 5 acres, 12 cows, and farmer with W Orville, 110

Seamans Orrie G, r 3, brick maker and farmer with John M

Seamans S Alonzo, r 1 n r 2, tobacco grower 4 acres, propr stock horse Patrick Henry, farmer, 40 and 35 owned by wife

Seamans William H, r 1 n r 2, invalid

Seeley Elias (Seeley Bros) r 26

Seeley Herman A, r 6, farmer, 71 in Brookfield

Seeley Albert T, r 15, apiarist 15 colonies, farmer, on shares for W Broughton, 140

Seely Amanda M, widow William G (Cowanesque) h with William G, Main

Seely Bros (Walter V and Elias) r 28, steam threshers and farmer, leases of Samuel Loomis of Dundee N Y, 90

Seely Hudson G (Cowanesque) justice of the peace, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 40

Seely J (Cowanesque) farmer with H G, Main

Seely Nathaniel H (Cowanesque) station agent Fall Brook Ry and B & S R R, agent American Express Co, local manager N Y & Pa Telephone Co, office at Depot, h Main

Seely Water V (Seely Bros) r 28

Seely William G (Cowanesque) auditor, dairy 15 cows, farmer, 40, and in Brookfield 110, h Main

Sheehan Nettie, widow Michael (Potter Brook) dressmaker Cross, h do

Sheehan William M (Potter Brook) laborer, bds Cross

Sherman Albert B (Cowanesque) sash and blind maker, Mechanic, h Mill

SHERMAN EUGENE (Cowanesque) planning mill, manuf sash, doors, blinds, mouldings, cut work, and building furnishing, general merchant, apiarist 75 colonies, Main, h do

Sherman Martin (Cowanesque) teamster, h Main

Sherwood Ira, r 19 cor 25, farmer, 85

Sherwood John E, r 19 cor 25, hay presser, farmer, 70

Short Derius S (Phillips Station) r 12, farmer, 25, tobacco 4 acres, 50 sheep, also leases of W H Shirley of Westfield boro, 185

Short Dorothy (Phillips Station) r 12, widow Caleb, h with D S

Simons George E (Potter Brook) farmer on shares for Mrs Sophronia Mulford, 27, h off Thompson

Simons Rhoda M (Potter Brook) widow George B, h with Geo E

Skinner Leo A (Potter Brook) carpenter, son of L J, Main

Skinner LeRoy J (Potter Brook) carpenter and builder, h and lot Main, owned by wife

Skinner Louisa V (Potter Brook) farmer, 36 in Clymer, h Main

Skinner William E (Potter Brook) laborer, bds Main

Slade George (Cowanesque) machinist, h Greeley

Smith Bros (Phillips Station) r 12 opp 12 1-2, blacksmiths

Smith J Mortimer (Phillips Station) (Smith Bros) r 12 opp 12 1-2, shop, h and 1 acre

Smith Louis B (Phillips Station) r 13 (Smith Bros)

Spaulding S Tyler, r 27, farmer, 113

Sperry Charles (Potter Brook) r 23, farmer, 44

Sperry James (Potter Brook) r 3, farm laborer

SPERRY STEPHEN (Potter Brook) off r 23, carpenter, farmer, life lease, 100, h with Charles

Sperry William (Potter Brook) r 22, farmer, 45

Sprague Elvira (Mrs Lewis) (Phillips Station) r 12 1-2, postmaster

Sprague Hiram (Phillips Station) r 31, farmer, 51

Sprague Lewis (Phillips Station) r 12 1-2, constable, general merchant, station agt F B and B & S R R’s, tobacco grower 6 acres

Stebbins A Eveline Mrs (Potter Brook) r 21 n 1, farmer, 10

Stebbins Burt L (Potter Brook) r 21 n 1, woodsman

Stephenson Agnes, widow John C, r 16, h and lot

Stephenson George, r 16, laborer

Stephenson James, r 16, laborer

Stevenson John L (Cowanesque) farm, 100, h Main

STONE HARRISON, r 20, dairy 5 cows, 32 sheep and farmer, 150

SCOTT BROS (George, Harry and Nimrod) r 5 1-2, props Westfield Blue Stone quarry, and stone cutters, masons and builders

STOTT HARRY (Stott Bross) off 5 1-2, farmer 8

Stott Maria, r 5 1-2, widow Nimrod, h and 2 acres

STOTT NIMROD (Stott Brothers) r 5 1-2, h and 1-2 acre

Strahar George, emp tanner, h and lot

Strait Fred (Potter Brook) teamster, h and lot Main cor Cross

Strait Mary (Potter Brook widow John, farm 80 in Hector, Potter co, h with Fred, Main cor Cross

Sweazey Charles H, r 9, tobacco grower 4 acres, farmer, on shares for John Champlin, about 140

Swimler Hiram (Phillips Station) off r 15, farmer, 34, owned by Eliza M Johnson

Swimley Benjamin F (Cowanesque) emp sash and blind factory, h and 1 acre Main

Swimley Edward, r 29, hay presser with William, farmer, 40

Swimley J Shirley (Phillips Station) r 14, carpenter and farmer with John, 40

Swimley John (Phillips Station) r 14, tobacco grower 5 acres, farmer, 68 and with J Shirley, 40

SWIMLEY WILLIAM V (Phillips Station) r 13, hay presser with Edward, supervisor, apiarist 15 colonies, dairy 5 cows, tobacco grower 2 1-2 acres, farmer 84, and timber land, 50

Taft Arch, r 9, dairy 10 cows, tobacco grower 2 to 4 acres and farmer, 165

Taft Charles (Phillips Station) r 12, farmer, 71

Taft Charles E (Phillips Station) r 14. farmer, 71, owned by Charles

Taylor Charles (Phillips Station) r34, laborer

Taylor George W (Phillips Station) r 31, farmer, works on shares for A H Bostwick of Cowanesque

THOMSON I CHAUNCEY (Potter Brook) r 21 n 1, farmer, 14, of which 6 belongs to wife, each owns several houses and lots

Thurber Fred E (Cowanesque) emp in sash and blind factory at Knoxville, h and lot Main

Toland William D, r 16, tobacco grower 4 acres, dairy 18 cows and farmer on shares for James Dodge, 170

Tremain David F (Phillips Station) r 30, farmer, 75

Tremain Lyman H (Cowanesque) laborer, h Main

Tremain Theodore (Cowanesque) h and lot Main

Tubbs Benjamin, r 5 cor 4, farmer, 18

Tubbs J Augustus, r 19 n 25, farmer, 100

Tubbs James B, r 16, assessor, florist, tobacco grower 3 1-2, apiarist 25 colonies and farmer, 2, also 25 in Brookfield

TUBBS JOSEPH G, r 19 n 25, farmer, son of J Augustus

Tucker Ephriam S, r 28, farm laborer

Tuttle Charles R, r 9 n 15, farm laborer

Tuttle Cyrus, r 9 n 15, farmer, about 125

Tuttle Ira S, r 9 n 15, manager for Cyrus, 3 acres tobacco

Van Dusen Stephen, r 16, laborer, h and lot, owned by wife

Vincent James T, r 19, farmer, 83

Waklee Arthur T (Phillips Station) r 12, tobacco grower 12 acres, farmer on shares for George Lattimer, 8

Waklee Gertha S (Phillips Station) r 12 (Mrs Arthur T) dressmaker

Wakeley Frank E (Potter Brook) laborer, h Potter Brook)

Wakeley Robert A, r 5, agent for McCormick Harvestor Co

Wakeley Stephen, r 5, agent for McCormick Harvestor Co, farm 25 in Troupsburg


Walter Calvin, r 17 1-2, farmer, 70

Walter G Derpu. r 17 1-2. farmer, 43

Warren A Jerome (Cowanesque) r 12 n 11, tobacco grower and farmer, 40

WARREN FRANCES F, widow John M (Cowanesque) r 12 n 11, tobacco grower 2 1-2 acres, dairy 5 cows and farmer, 96

Warren Ira L, r 1 cor 3, tobacco grower 1 1-2 acres, farmer on shares for Eli B Seamans, 148

WATKINS WELLS W (Potter Brook) general mason, h and lot owned by son Jay W of New York

Weeks Albert B (Potter Brook) r 21 n 1, farmer, 10

Weeks Charles (Potter Brook, r 21 n 1, supervisor and farmer in Clymer, 158 1-2

Weeks Emeline R (Potter Brook) (Mrs Charles) r 21 n 1, h and r 1-2 acres

Weeks Francis M, r 5, school teacher, farmer, son of W D

Weeks Lillian C (Potter Brook) (Mrs Albert B) r 21 n 1, dressmaker

Weeks William D, r 6, tobacco grower 3 acres, farmer, 30 and works farm of John H Weeks, 80 and 3 acres owned by wife

Westcott Eleanor M (Mrs J Edward) r 5 cor 4, music teacher

Westcott J Edward, r 5 cor 4, collector of taxes, apiarist 42 colonies, works farm, 15 owned by Benj Tubbs

Westfall Charles H (Potter Brook) laborer, h Railroad

Wheaton Harry W, r 6, invalid

Whitaker J Edward, r 30, farmer, 100

Whitaker James L, r 30, school teacher and farmer

White Mary A (Potter Brook) dressmaker, h off Railroad

White Willis (Potter Brook) postmaster, Depot, owns farm, 60 in Troupsburg N Y, h off Railroad

WHITMARSH DEWEY (Westfield) off r 19, farmer, 43

Whitmore W Henry, r 5, emp tannery

Whittier Albert E, r 26, laborer

Whittier George M, r 26, laborer

WIGHTMAN ELIHU B, (Potter Brook) r 20 1-2 n 1, works on shares for D Mahlon Pritchard of Harrison Valley Potter co, 85, dairy 12 cows and 5 thoroughbred Jersey and 3 registered

Wilson Eva M (Cowanesque) milliner, h Main

Wilson Martin (Cowanesque) farmer, 50, h Main

Witter Lee (Philips Station) r 3, laborer

Wood Nathan N Jr (Potter Brook) r 20 1-2, laborer, h and 2 1-2 acres

Wood Nathan N Sr (Potter Brook) r 20 1-2

Wood William (Potter Brook) r 21 n 1, carpenter and farmer, 3

Zeigler Samuel E (Sabinsville) r 29, laborer

Zimmer Bert H, r 7, farm laborer

Zimmer Diantha, r 7, widow Levi, lives with Fred W

Zimmer Fred W, r 7, laborer, owns h and 2 acres