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Mansfield's Civil War soldiers in 1907 
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Preface by Joyce M. Tice
The addition of this section to the Tri-Counties site is a good time to demonstrate the process by which information is made available to you, our site guest and potential (we hope) contributor to our collected body of knowledge. This presentaion  has been made possible by a chain of people interested in history, preserving it and sending it to our time and the future.  The chain starts with Byrissa B. Butts, who in 1896 presented the biographies of Mansfield's G.A.R. post members to the group in honor of her father. We most heartily thank Ms. Butts for this mounmental gift to us.  In the 1960s, to commemorate the centennial of the Civil War, the Mansfield Adveritiser published some of them in a series, some in whole and some abstracted. For that we thank then editors Edwin Coles and Chester P. Bailey.  Marion SMITH "Gee" cut out the clippings of these now published biographies and other related articles and saved them in a folder or box. While I have most of the Mansfield Advertisers of this era in my Sullivan Township Museum it would have been a WHILE before I got to them. Following her recent death, her son, James Gee, passed the clippings on to his cousin Norma SMITH "Mattison" who channeled them to me, Joyce M. Tice,  for publication on Tri-Counties site.  Pat NEWELL Smith typed them for the site and I am pulling it all together with related information already on the site. I am also checking the Mansfield Advertiser `1961 issues in my museum to make sure none  have been missing from the clipping collection. Hopefully some of you "out there" who have additonal resources and artifacts related to this set of work, will  make sure we get it to add in. I am including photos that are in my own Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project and Sullivan Township Museum collection. Perhaps some of you have photos that we can add here as well. It is by the cooperation of many people that this set of information, as well as everything else on the site, can exist and be available to anyone in the world with access to a computer.  Thanks to all the people past and present whose committment to and respect for our ancestral population made this possible.  If you have photos, obituaries, letters or diaries to add please let me know. Don't be shy., Your artifacts are valuable to all of us. Maybe this will bring forth  a similar body of work for some of the other G.A.R. posts in the three counties represented on this site.

Since writing the above, we found the original volume in the Mansfield Public Library and they most generously allowed us to copy its content to present to you. We add them to the list of those who have made this first ever complete publication of this material possible.

Mansfield GAR Post One Of Oldest In State

 Ten years after the great battles had become history the men of the Mansfield area organized the GAR Post No. 48. General Mansfield Post was organized August 14, 1875. The officers and member were.

A. M. Pitts, Commander
O. D. Goodenough, Senior Vice Commander
C. S. Kingsley, Junior Vice Commander
F. M. Shaw, Orderly
P. V. Clark, Officer of the Day
F. M. Spencer, Officer of Guard
M. D. Bailey, Adjutant
H. H. Lamb, Sgt. Major
M. A. Cass, Q. S.
A. J. Brown, I. G.
E. S. Keen, O. G.
Members: M. L. Clark, Henry Gaylord, John Kiley, H. B. Shaw, W. H. Matt and J. S. Palmer.

 There were 188 mustered in by 1895 and the roll shows 221 names in the history given by Miss Butts.
 The commanders for the first eleven years were as follows: A. M. Pitts, O. D. Goodenough, H. H. Lamb, H. C. Bailey, M. L. Clark, A. J. Brown, O. T. Haight, H. B. Shaw, Dr. Benjamin Moody, M. R. Goodall, W. B. Hall.
 The post was located in a handsomely furnished hall in the Allen building, corner of Main and Wellsboro Streets.
 Its auxiliary was founded on March 3, 1890 and known as the General Mansfield Corps No. 6, Women’s Relief Corps.

Officers were:
Esther M. Doane, Pres.
Frances E. Peterson, S. V. P.
Martha E. Shaw, J. V. P.
Jennie L. Kingsley, S.
Celia C. Shaw, Treas.
Elizabeth Howe, C.
Alice M. Ingalls, C.
Mina M. Parker, A. S.
Mary J. Pitts, G.
Ruby A. Daily, G.
Members: Adelia L. Moody, Rene Dalton and Jennie Welch, in 1896 numbered 30 members.

G.A.R. is the abbreviation for Grand Army of the Republic, an organization for Civil War Veterans.

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Memories of the War by General Robert C. Cox

Parrot Cannon
Mansfield Advertiser, 27 October 1897
An Open Letter 
Concerning the Hundred-Pounder Parrot Gun Recently Received here from League Island
Editors Advertiser: - I wish to say a word to the citizens of Mansfield in regard to the cannon lately located on the triangular plot of ground at the intersection of Sullivan and Academy streets. 
It was given by the United States government to Gen. Mansfield Post, GAR. The Post paid for carting, loading, freight and mounting, in all, over $215. It is a splendid memento of the late war and as now located by unanimous consent of council belongs just as much to every citizen of Mansfield as to any member or members of the Grand Army Post. Contributions have been invited to defray in part the expense of bringing the cannon here and mounting it, but as yet less than one-third of the required amount has been pledged. All patriotic citizens who feel an interest in the beautification of Mansfield and appreciate the efforts of Gen. Mansfield Post in this connection, are hereby urged to lend a hand by leaving contributions with Col. M.L. Clark on or before November 10th. 
Gen. Mansfield Post has never asked or received the financial aid accorded the Posts in other cities and town toward defraying the expenses of Memorial Day or reunions. As we are all in common interested in the cannon all should contribute to this fund. Let everybody do the fair thing by chipping in something according to his means. 
---------- A.S. Reynolds, Commander

GAR Personal War Sketches Will Be Given In A Series (Mansfield Advertiser 1961)

Page One A B C D E F G

The personal war sketches of the members of the General Mansfield Post No. 48, Mansfield Department of Pennsylvania, Grand Army of the Republic will be presented by the Mansfield Advertiser. These will be given in a series of articles taken from the records as presented to the Post by Miss Byrissa B. Butts in memory of her father, Lorin Butts, in 1896. The Advertiser will run the series on the centennial anniversary of the Civil War, 1861-1865. The volume was presented to the GAR Post on the 11th day of January 1896. The presentation address was made by Rev. William C. Scofield and accepted by Col. M. L. Clark, Commander at a special program of the Post. Deacon Lorin Butts was born Oct. 28, 1796 and died in 1874. He was represented in the Grand Army by his two sons Lorin Hyde and Dyer Johnson. Many of the men, who formed the General Mansfield Post, fought with the Tioga County volunteers. Company "B", The Mountaineers, was from Mansfield and its Captain was Joseph S. Hoard, later promoted to Major. Captain Melvin L. Clark was later promoted to Lt. Col. and was also with the Mountaineers and was from Mansfield. Several others from this area also served in the company. Several members of the Post were with the famed ""Bucktail Regiment"" recruited partly in Tioga County. Others were in the ""Harlans Light Cavalry", "The Saber Regiment", and many others. The Gen. Mansfield Post represented nearly every battle of the Civil War.

Note from Joyce - Chester Bailey's 1964 Article (linked above) indicates a membership of over 200 at one time in Post 48. Only about half of the biographies from the Butts book were publishedin the Mansfield Advertiser in 1961, but we have located the original book in the Mansfield Library and will be adding all those that were missed.

This volume is designed to contain the record of the war services (1861-1865) of the living and deceased members of this Post; the living to certify to the statement of their services, and the facts relating to the dead to be certified to by the Post Historian. The supplementary part of the Volume is for a continuance of the personal sketches as occasion may require in the opinion of the Post Historian, also for the preservation of the names, and record of other soldiers’ or sailors who enlisted from the immediate locality. Resolution pages are provided for containing the resolutions passed by the Post upon the death of a member. Record of burial pages are intended for the comrades of the Post and also for the names of all soldiers & sailors whose graves the Post may decorate from year to year. Record of presentation page is designed to contain the action of the Post upon receipt of the Volume. The Post should obtain permission of the donors for the insertion of a personal sketch, blank pages being provided for that purpose. A sketch of the person after whom the Post is named should also be prepared. When the Post shall have surrendered its charter this Volume can be preserved by the local municipality, if a suitable depository for safe keeping is provided, or it can be preserved in the archives of the State. The Volume is respectfully dedicated to the last surviving comrade of the Post by the – Author.
 This volume was presented to the Post on the eleventh day of January 1897. The presentation address was made by Rev. William Scofield and the Volume was accepted on behalf of the Post by Col. M. L. Clark. At a meeting of the Post, held on the eleventh day of January 1897 the following resolutions were adopted at the Hall of the Gen. Mansfield Post No. 48, GAR. Special meeting of the Post for the presentation of a book of record by, Miss Byrissa B. Butts. A programme was prepared by the committee as follows: -
Star Spangled Banner, by everyone
Recitation & Roll Call – Miss Hattie Hall
Song – The Song that reached my Heart by A. S. Reynolds
Recitation – Tobes Monument by Miss Josephine Doane
Song & Chorus – The Old State House Bell
Recitation – The Veteran & his Daughter by Miss Edna Shaw
Reading – Mickey got killed in the War by Mrs. Moody
Quartet & Medley – Mrs. Moody, Mrs. Reynolds, Dr. Moody & A.S. Reynolds
Miss Moody presided at the organ.
 After this came the presentation of the book by William Campbell Scofield, as the representative of Miss Butts, which he did with the following well chosen words: - “These are the days in which the, ‘Sons and Daughters of the Revolution’, are ransacking the musty contents of every tenement of the olden time, and all public records of the country side, and all private libraries and bundles of ancient manuscripts, to establish if possible their decent from the men who fought and suffered, and perhaps died, amid the birth throes of the Republic. The absence of a record, where record should have been, has been a sore disappointment, not to say a serious calamity, to those who would have traced their lineage though only three generations of those heroes of a seven years war. There is not a man of us whose blood would not course more rapidly in his veins, if he should come unexpectedly, in some out of the way nook or corner, upon some time stained document, that would make the assurance doubly sure, that his great grandsire had lent a hand in fixing the original thirteen stars in the galaxy of the Union. I confess to a weakness, if weakness it be, in this direction, and have felt but recently the thrill that such a discovery brings. And here comes in, the suggestion of special interest to this gathering. ‘What would I not give to know by an epitome however meager, the part taken by my great grandsire and his five brothers, in the struggles, in one or more went down to death?’ It is a happy thought to make a record in permanent form of the names and deeds of those who, in the late Civil War, were engaged on the loyal side and fought to save the nation to which the fierce battles of the Revolution gave birth. One man there was, who though not enlisted as a soldier in the ranks, is nevertheless deemed worthy to have his name enrolled on the scroll of honor, with those who bared their bosoms on the field of strife. Lorin Butts, - born Oct. 28, 1796 and dying Aug. 16, 1874, was represented in the Army by his two sons, Dyer Johnson and Lorin Hyde. The former a member of the 101st Pa. Vol. And the latter of 84th and 143rd Pa. Vol. Dyer was residing on one of the elevations overlooking the village, enlisting in the fall of 1861, served four years and came out Captain, but with broken health, the result of his long imprisonment which to many was worse than death. This man, Lorin Butts, Sr., is he whom I am desired to speak in behalf of his daughter, Byrissa, who on the 100th anniversary of her father’s birth, determined to make a votive offering to his memory, in a substantial and costly record book for the use of the Gen. Mansfield Post. It is her expressed wish that ‘No great fuss’ be made over the matter, and we must need respect her wishes. The few salient facts in Mr. Butts’ history relate to his removal from Norwich, Conn., to Lawrenceville, Pa., in 1829 and to Mansfield in 1833. Here he lived until his decease, in the house where his daughter, a maiden lady of 77, still resides and dispenses a hospitality that serves to keep green the memory of him who was always willing minded, and open-handed, dispenser of good things to his fellow men. He was a man of mark in his day, a versatile and resourceful man, ready to turn his hand as occasion served, to any useful pursuit. He was alternately, farmer, shepherd, herdsman, carpenter, mason, teacher, singing master, treasurer of the soldiers hard earned moneys, and almoner of the bounty provided for their needy households. He was above all a Christian man of note, an Elder of the Presbyterian Church that then was, and an enthusiastic and tireless worker in every department of Christian beneficence. From his early youth he had learned to endure hardships, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. It was perhaps during the first winter of his residence in Mansfield  (1833-34) that he volunteered to leave home and friends and make a long and perilous journey on horseback to Norwich, Binghamton, Bath, Syracuse and other places in NY state, to solicit funds where with to purchase a building that had been used as a Wagon Makers shop, for the use of the infant Presbyterian Church, which had until then worshipped in a log house. Upon the lid of this magnificent volume then is printed, in letters of gold, the inscription: - “Presented to, Gen. Mansfield Post No. 48, Mansfield, Department of Pennsylvania, by Byrissa Butts, In Memory of her father, Lorin Butts, 1896”. It is my honor and privilege in the name and by request of the donor to present this volume to the survivors of the Gen. Mansfield Post, with her best wishes for their future prosperity and with the earnest prayer, that on the day of all days, when ‘The books shall be opened, and men are judged out of the things written in the books’, every name that shall be inscribed in this volume may also be found written in, “The Lambs Book of Life”.
 The presentation was responded to by Col. M. L. Clark, in speech of acceptance as follows: - In behalf of Gen. Mansfield Post, I thank Miss Butts for her generous gift, perpetuating, as it does, the memory of her father, Deacon Lorin Butts, whose two sons, Dyer J. and Lorin H., were efficient soldiers in the war for the Union. In receiving this book it is appropriate, that a tribute be paid to the man in whose honor it is given. I first remember him as a visitor to the office of, “The Balance”, Mansfield’s first newspaper, where I used to set type. He always had a word of greeting and a handshake for the typo. He was a man whose deeds upheld his words. At one time when he was W. C. of lodge of Good Templers, a case of destitution was reported which drew out several expressions of sympathy. The Deacon said, “I am sorry five dollars worth”, and handed the money to the treasurer. He was loyal and patriotic and his daughter has very fittingly presented this beautiful memorial in his name. That we may all have an opportunity to express our thanks, I offer a preamble and resolution: - Whereas, in the generous gift to this Post, of the elegant memorial volume, by Miss Byrissa Butts, we recognize a spirit of loyalty and devotion to country, as well as an acknowledgement of the services of those who defended our country’s honor, therefore, Resolved, That we hereby express our appreciation of the liberality of the honor, with the assurance that the volume shall be properly filled in and card for. The resolution was adopted by a rising vote of the Post. The meeting closed by the singing of, “America”. Signed – Edward Doane, Adjt.
Sample of top of a page of this book
Detail of same

Miss Byrissa Butts - 1820- 1907 Buried in Prospect Cemetery - Obituary and GAR Resolution and Biography in 1897 History

1896 Byrissa B. Butts
1961 Mansfield Advertiser
Page (10) Date in 
MA (7)
Presidents & Soldiers 
Biography (1)
1897 History Bio (1)
Born (9) Cemetery
where Buried (2)
Obituary (3) SRGP ID(4) Letters, Diaries (5) Joined GAR
John W. Adams 108 08 FEB 1843 Prospect Cemetery 59377
Irving Agney 125 87065
William B. Albert 227 87066
Nathan M. Allen 216 87067
Amander Mack Andrus 197 1843 State Road Cemetery 07135
Floyd Ashley 176 27 FEB 1837 Mainesburg Cemetery 03910
Elmer. R. Backer 098 1883 06 JAN 1840 18907
Burr R. Bailey 107 13 FEB 1843 Prospect Cemetery Obit 31051
Harrison C. Bailey 17, 18 26 April 04 OCT 1837 Oakwood Cemetery 75796 20 MAY 1878
Morris D. Bailey No Bio 15 APR 1842 31014
R. C. Bailey 97 87068
Edson Baity 179 1837 Frost Settlement 03474
Chancellor Barenger 220 ca 1838. Prospect Cemetery  yes 87069
Lewis Barret 194 87070
O. E. Bartlett 228 87071
John T. Baynes 102 03 DEC 1833 Prospect Cemetery 81367
Edwin D. Benedict 122 08 JUN 1838 07910 Diaries
Orson A. Benedict 214 1840 85922
Watson K. Benjamin 120 ca 1842    51524
Sylvanus S. Bixby 099 1838 74763
Solomon Blanchard 137 87072
Nathaniel Bloom 81,82 P&P 04 DEC 1830 Gray Cemetery 87073
Charles Boyce 41,42 19 July 10 AUG 1935 Prospect Cemetery Obit 29749 17 JUL 1893
Leonard J. Bradford 79 P&P 12 OCT 1833 Oak Hill Cemetery, Troy obit 09525
John W. Bradley 201 87074
H. G. Bardwell 101 87075
J. F. Brooks 209 87076
Andrew J. Brown 078 P&P 04 NOV 1842 Prospect Cemetery Two ???
Champlain Brown 207 88410
R. J. Brown 202
William W. Brown 127
Hawley Bunce 155
Dennis Burley 035 14 June 11 JUN 1828 15 AUG 1887
Thomas J. Butler 130, 240 P&P 1843 Prospect Cemetery 86130
Dyer J. Butts 077 P&P 22 AUG 1829 Prospect Cemetery 82409
Henry W. Calkins 093
Henry D. Calkins 1830 Prospect Cemetery Obit 85672
Newbury E. Calkins 178 29 NOV 1827 Mainesburg Cemetery 09748
Isaac Campbell 109 1838 Oakwood Cemetery Obit 73124
William Campbell 163
Martin A. Cass 029 25 OCT 1835 Prospect Cemetery 18873 16 AUG 1875
V. R. Champney  126 88411
Justus B. Clark 076 15 March P&P and 1897 04 JUN 1832 Prospect Cemetery 16278 Letters
Melvin L. Clark 13,14 08 March 1901 I.O.O.F. 10 APR 1840 Prospect Cemetery 60915 Letters
Phineas V. Clark 089 1838 Bloomfield, NJ 60912
William H,. Clark 075 P&P 1844 Oakwood Cemetery 25971
Charles Clemons 128
William Clemens 074 P&P 05 SEP 1836 poss. Gray Cemetery (11)
Malon S. Cleveland 028 P&P 1841 Orebed Cemetery Obit 05120 27 NOV 1887
Silas T. Cleveland 208 1842 Gray Cemetery 30898
Albert S. Cobb 073 P&P 12 DEC 1839 Oakwood Cemetery 14918
George H. Coe 180 09 MAY 1839 Gray Cemetery 88412
A. J. Cole 116 1824 80945
Amos Colegrove 072 P&P 24 MAR 1843 Prospect Cemetery 86156
William H. Colony 15,16 01 MAR 1840 77093
Isaac M. Comfort 231 01 NOV 1840 14593
Joseph B. Comfort 196 08 JUL 1845 Wyalusing 14594
Contine Connelly 143 1835 Lewis Farm Cemetery 09047
George W. Connelly 190 poss. 09048
David L. Copp 105 1847 Wellsboro Cemetery 51533
Charles Coveney 009 12 April P&P 01 SEP 1841 Prospect Cemetery 66412
Robert C. Cox 112, 244, 245 05 April P&P 18 NOV 1823 Wellsboro Cemetery 88423 Memoirs
Henry Coyle 166
William J. Crittenden 223 62904
Thomas Cruttenden 071 P&P 20 FEB 1843 Prospect Cemetery Obit 51509
1896 Byrissa B. Butts
1961 Mansfield Advertiser
Page (10) Date in 
MA (7)
Presidents & Soldiers 
Biography (1)
Born (9) Cemetery 
where Buried (2)
Obituary (3) SRGP ID(4) Letters, Diaries (5) Joined GAR
John F. Dailey 31, 32 22 March P&P 23 MAR 1840 Prospect Cemetery 80877 05 JAN 1880
Michael Daley 160 88432
Thomas Dallman
William L. Dann 103 29 DEC 1847 Prospect Cemetery 19825
Amos B. Dann 131 22 OCT 1840 19822
Alonzo Day 193 [1831] Obit 86933
Charles Day 156 Medal of Honor  28 MAY 1844 Prospect Cemetery Obit 85932
E. Z. Decker 133
Edward Doane 084 25 DEC 1840 Prospect Cemetery Obit 52630
E. C. Dorman 165 86735
Reuben Doty 141 1841 76708
Thomas O. Doud 144 28 APR 1835 Mainesburg Cemetery 07258
Charles F. Duel 236 88433
Reuben Dyke 070 P&P 29 OCT 1828 46827
Samuel Early 136 85339
Thomas D. Elliott 206 1897 08 SEP 1836 71138
Isaac G. Estes 069 29 JAN 1843 Prospect Cemetery Obit 51512 18 JUN 1898
Lucius Flowers 215 29 OCT 1842 Prospect Cemetery 85937
H. M. Foote 115 1846
John F. Fowler 158
Henry Fralic 154 1883, 1897 16 SEP 1844 Prospect Cemetery 85940
Curtis P. Fuller 023 26 SEP 1829 Prospect Cemetery Obit 74334 17 APR 1892
Josephus C. Fuller 20, 21 31 May P&P 02 SEP 1841 Prospect Cemetery 09847 25 MAY 1878
Francis L. Gardner 189 1827 09201
Foster Garrison 068 P&P 30 NOV 1835 Jobs Corners Cemetery Obit 04607 21 NOV 1892
Henry Gaylord 087 08 NOV 1844 Prospect Cemetery 82463
Otis G. Gerould 181 1897 17 DEC 1830 Old Settlers Cemetery 88457
William Gilbert 067 P&P 01 MAR 1845 Mainesburg Cemetery 68237
Milton R. Goodall 039 25 NOV 1845 Prospect Cemetery 52749 21 AUG 1893
O. D. Goodenough 085 86595 21 JAN 1873
Josiah Graves 210 1826 Gray Cemetery 86596
John Greenman 121
J. A. Hadley 094
Allen M. Haight 148 13 FEB 1837 Mainesburg Cemetery 40047
Orlando T. Haight 195 14 JUL 1841 Prospect Cemetery Obit 35979
Simon L. Hakes 066 11 MAY 1831 Prospect Cemetery Obit 09380 17 DEC 1899
William B. Hall 019 17 May P&P 01 MAR 1929 Mainesburg Cemetery 09418 25 JUL 1885
Adam Hart 012 P&P 03 JUL 1823 Orebed Cemetery 09258
Jacob Hartman 134 1821 Old Settlers 76126
Lafayette Havens 173 1846 Watson Cemetery Obit 01974
O. C. Hilfiger 065 P&P 21 MAR 1939 Mainesburg Cemetery 09680 Letter 16 OCT 1882
Henry Hilfedar 225
Phillip Hopple 167
Elias Horton 234 1836 Prospect Cemetery Obit 85891
Hervey S. Horton 47, 48 02 August 11 AUG 1829 Prospect Cemetery Obit 06979 08 MAY 1876
James E. Horton 043 26 July 09 JAN 1833 Prospect Cemetery 11771 20 AUG 1888
John Horton 142  1832 11770 
John C. Howe 064 P&P and 1897 15 JAN 1817 Prospect Cemetery Obit 09661 20 FEB 1888
1896 Byrissa B. Butts
1961 Mansfield Advertiser
Page (10) Presidents & Soldiers 
Biography (1)
Born (9) Cemetery 
where Buried (2)
Obituary (3) SRGP ID(4) Letters, Diaries (5) Joined GAR
Alvin H. Ingalls 063 11 October 11 SEP 1840 Prospect Cemetery 86384 16 OCT 1882
Joshua Ingalls 145 02 JAN 1838 Prospect Cemetery Obit 82252
Abner Jenkins 188 1846 Ansonia Cemetery
C. T. Johnson 213
George W. Johnson 062 13 NOV 1845
Henry L. Johnson 219
J. G. Jones 205
E. T. Keen 088
John S. Kelley 241 12 NOV 1844 Prospect Cemetery 12024
Charles E. Kelsey 030 14 June P&P 04 JUN 1838 Gray Cemetery 82250 15 FEB 1886
George W. Kelts 151 88398
R. Kennelly 221  
John Kiley 086 27 MAY 1821 Gray Cemetery 80219
Charles S. Kingsley 061 19 April 1897 13 JUN 1844 Prospect Cemetery 21935
Charles King
Henry Knights 011 1846 Prospect Cemetery 27712
John Knipple 218 1897 22 AUG 1840 88422
Lewis Kohler 060 1883 27 FEB 1842 Bullock Cemetery 85960 08 MAR 1887
D. S. LaFrance 199
Horatio Lamb 037 28 June 18 FEB 1820 Prospect Cemetery 85829 18 AUG 1875
B. T. Lamberson 169
William Lamphear 172
Ormus Henry Langdon 139 04 NOV 1844 Prospect Cemetery 31410
George C. Lee 114
Henry G. Levalley 153 1845 Gray Cemetery 82733
Volney M. Levalley 184 1842 Gray Cemetery 88434
D. W. Lewis 132
S. T. Lewis 170 1821 Lawrence Corners 14905
John Lownsbery 040 12 MAY 1846 Prospect Cemetery Obit 39957 21 AUG 1890 or 93
1896 Byrissa B. Butts
1961 Mansfield Advertiser
Page (10) Date in 
MA (7)
Presidents & Soldiers 
Biography (1)
1897 History Bio (1)
Born (9) Cemetery
where Buried (2)
Obituary (3) SRGP ID(4) Letters, Diaries (5) Joined GAR
Scott McKinney 217
Edson Meeker 182 10 FEB 1832 Old Settlers Cemetery 88356
George W. Merrick 111 27 MAR 1838
Stephen M. Miles 224 80169
Benjamin Moody 083 28 SEP 1841 Prospect Cemetery 85777
Jonathan L. Moore 45, 46 23 JUL 1843 Prospect Cemetery 85679 21 JUL 1884
Miller C. Moore 059 17 APR 1830 Prospect Cemetery 85775 19 NOV 1888
Fordyce S. Morgan 164 27 MAR 1840 State Road Cemetery Obit 06844
W. H. Mott 092
Martin V. Mudge 058 P&P 23 APR 1838 State Road Cemetery Obit 00662 06 AUG 1880
Stephen Godfrey Mudge 226 20 JUN 1844 Prospect Cemetery Obit 00539
Ferdinand Newell 057 01 JAN 1841 88456 02 SEP 1889
Horace H. Odell 104 31 OCT 1833 Cleveland Cemetery 09652 Diary (to be transcribed)
John H. Packard 192 23 NOV 1832 Gray Cemetery 08993
Nehemiah R. Packard 212 24 MAY 1829 Mainesburg Cemetery 08998
William R. Packard 056 P&P 04 AUG 1841 Prospect Cemetery 14960
David Palmer 168
James S. Palmer 022 24 JAN 1815 Prospect Cemetery 20 DEC 1875
David Parker 237 1839 88460
W. P. Parker 232
John Patterson 183
John Paulman 118
William E. Peck 055 01 MAY 1843 Prospect Cemetery Obit 85713 18 OCT 1886
Orrin C. Perry 113
Almiron. H. Perry  203 1883 1846 Prospect Cemetery Obit 67164
H. C. Peters 138
Aaron Mudge Pitts 90, 290, 291 1897 27 OCT 1934 Oakwood Cemetery Obit 04220 18 AUG 1875
Daniel H. Pitts 242 1897 11 MAY 1839 Oakwood Cemetery Obit 04217
William L. Pitts 159 1843 Prospect Cemetery 21658
Henry Post 150
Osman A. Pratt 123 1851
Carl Presit 238 1843 Prospect Cemetery 82579
Charles H. Ramsdell 146 1843 Prospect Cemetery 86198
Joseph E. Ramsdell 147 1842 Prospect Cemetery 88472
Abijah S. Reynolds 185 03 MAY 1842 Prospect Cemetery 04438 Andersonville Account
S. G. Rhinevault 186 01 SEP 1815 Mainesburg Cemetery Obit 51549
Obediah Richmond 175 14 MAY 1833 Mainesburg Cemetery 05573
L. A. Ridgeway 106 (wife in Prospect) 86740
Alfred Ripley 230 04 OCT 1833 20890
Homer J. Ripley 054 P&P and 1897 08 DEC 1839 Mainesburg Cemetery Obit 01796 05 APR 1875
Joseph F. Ripley 152 1847 Prospect Cemetery 53258
Volney Ripley 053 P&P and 1897 05 OCT 1843 Mainesburg Cemetery 01749 21 APR 1884
Charles M. Rumsey 149 1897 30 JUL 1837 Mainesburg Cemetery 06901
Charles Rundell 117 1835 Park Cemetery, Canton 88476
James Sharp 044 26 July 11 JUN 1845 Prospect Cemetery Obit 85709 05 MAR 1884
Francis Marion Shaw 080 05 JAN 1831 Prospect Cemetery 44745
Horry B. Shaw 052 P&P , 1883 07 JUL 1838 Prospect Cemetery 09655 16 JUN 1888
Orin Shaw 024 19 JAN 1842 Prospect Cemetery 16299 20 AUG 1888
Robert G. Shelton 177 1883 08 JUN 1822 Mainesburg Cemetery Obit 07121
C. N. Shepard 119 (wife in Prospect)
Harlin D. Shepard 140 1883 24 MAY 1847 Prospect Cemetery 61738
Benjamin P. Sherman 211 28 MAR 1845 Watson Cemetery Obit 07380
John P. Shipman 246 29 JUL 1845 Prospect Cemetery Obit 86484
Ira Smith 243 Note from JMT 09 MAR 1842 Prospect Cemetery 01954 Last to Die in Mansfield (1932)
Francis M. Spencer 091 1840 58033 Photographer
G. A. Spring 161 24 SEP 1839 88522
William A. Stone 110 18 APR 1846 88483 Governor of Pennsylvania
Richard Stout 038 05 July 11 FEB 1828 Prospect Cemetery Obit 09628 19 APR 1886
T. B. Sturdivant 124 Nelson Cemetery
Randall Wyatt Sumner 036 01 SEP 1841 Orebed Cemetery 09625 18 JUN 1888
Luther S. Townsend 135 1840 Gray Cemetery Obit 88484
Guy Tuttle No Bio.in Book Died in War
Peter N. Tuttle 222
Hiram B. Tuttle 010 05 FEB 1833 (one child in Prospect) 87122
Henry Harvey VanNocken 198 1824 Prospect Cemetery Obit 08114
Charles H. Veil 235 04 AUG 1842
Stephen Warters 051 09 AUG 1830 62268 25 APR 1896
William Warters 034,35 29 FEB 1831 Prospect Cemetery Obit 86359 18 APR 1897
J. H. Washburn 100
D. C. Waters 095 26 APR 1842
Danforth H. Watkins 050 15 OCT 1846 Oakwood Cemetery Obit 07630 18 NOV 1889
George Watson 200 1838 State Road Cemetery Obit 03477
Gilbert N. Welch 204 1847 Prospect Cemetery 03478
Benjamin F. Westbrook 25, 26 10 May 19 DEC 1837 88488 22 MAY 1880
Ephriam Westbrook 27 10 May 28 DEC 1831 Prospect Cemetery (?) 85663 01 JAN 1893
Charles L. Whitman 191 1847 58320
George W. Wilson 157 08 MAR 1829 Prospect Cemetery 18219
George N. Wood 229 26 MAY 1847 Prospect Cemetery 06427
Solomon L. Wood 049 16 MAY 1838 Prospect Cemetery 00526 Letters
Isaac S. Woodburn 174 1830 Mainesburg Cemetery 38516
William Woodhouse 129
William Worden 171 27 APR 1848 Watson Cemetery 06969
Other area People who served in Civil War but not included in GAR Post 048 records.
George Maine 1897 SRGP 06808 Maineburg Cemetery
Truman Mudge - Ames Hill Cemetery
Clymena Rumsey -
John F. Daily, Member of “Bucktail” Regiment

John F. Daily, born at the Daily Farm, Tioga Township in 1840. He died near Tioga at the age of 91 in 1931. He was next to the last surviving member of the famous Bucktail Regiment of the Civil War. At the age of 13 he began working in the woods on Pine Creek every winter until the call from President Lincoln for 75,000 in April 1861 for 80 days, to quell the disturbance following the firing on Fort Sumpter. Mr. Daily enlisted at Tioga in a Company organized by Capt. H. McDonald, known as Company G. of the old “Bucktail” Rev. 1st Rifles or 13th Infantry Vol. Reserves. A Captain Biddle was Commander. On arriving at Harrisburg they found all the 90-day companies filled but were told they could join three-year companies. Mr. Daily enlisted in one of these companies. He took part in the following battles: New Creek Station, Drainsville, South Mountain, Seven Day’s Fight on the Peninsula, Mechanicsville, Cole Harbor Savage Station, Chickahorning, Peach Orchard, White Oak Swamp, Glendale, Nelson Farm, Turkey Bend, Gettysburg, Mine Run and the Battle of the Wilderness. In July 1861, he was sent from Cumberland, Md. With a scouting party of 34 picked men under Col. Kane to a point near Romney to clear the B & O RR for passage of trains with Union Troops and supplies. At New Creek Station, the enemy got between them and their camp.

 The scouts quartered in a stone and brick house were attacked by a Confederate detachment numbering 400 and repulsed them. Col. Biddle heard the scouts were surrounded and came to their relief. At the battle of Fredericksburg, Daily helped carry back the wounded. The second day of the battle of the Wilderness, while in woods in line of battle, waiting orders, under fire, three men were killed within a few feet of him. Next day he was wounded. He was in hospitals at Washington, D.C, Baltimore, Md., and Little York, Pa. Early in 1862, he was detailed as Teamster of Ammunition wagons, which place he held for six months. While employed in this capacity he was in Chambersburg when that city was captured by the rebel cavalry under General Stuart. He secured a suit of civilian clothes and escaped. He was honorably discharged in June 1864 and returned to Mansfield, where he lived until about 1929. He sold out and visited relatives in the west and died at the home of a cousin near Tioga. He was buried in Prospect Cemetery with military honors. He was a member of General Mansfield Post No. 48 GAR, which he joined on Jan. 1880. He held office of Senior Vice Commander, Surgeon, Officer of the Guard and Officer of the Day. Lester Barden, who sent a clipping on Mr. Daily, lives in the former Daily property on Cole St. 
JOHN F. DAILEY was born the 23rd day of March 1840 in Tioga, County of Tioga, State of Pennsylvania. He enlisted April 17, 1861 at Tioga, PA as a Private in Company G, 1st Rifles, or 13th Infantry Vol. Reserves known at “Bucktails”. He was discharged from the service at Harrisburg, PA June 11th, 1864 on account of expiration of term of enlistment. Early in 1862 he was detailed as teamster of ammunition wagon, which place he held for six months. He was engaged in the battles of Drainsville, Mechanicsville, Malvern Hill, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg and the Wilderness; and in skirmishes at New Creek, Hunters Mills and others. He was in hospital at Washington, DC, at Baltimore, MD and at Little York, PA. In July 1861 he was sent from Cumberland, MD with a scouting party of 34 picked men under Col. Kane to a point near Romney, to clear the Baltimore and Ohio RR for passage of trains with Union Troops and supplies. At New Creek Station the enemy got between them and their camp. The scouts quartered in a stone and brick house were attacked by a Confederate detachment numbering 400 and repulsed them. Col. Biddle heard that the scouts were surrounded and came to their relief. At the battle of Fredericksburg Dailey helped carry back the wounded. The second day of the battle of the Wilderness, while in the woods in line of battle, waiting orders, under fire, three men were killed within a few feet of him. Next day he was wounded. He was in Chambersburg when that place was captured by Stewart’s Cavalry and himself narrowly escaped capture. Among his intimate comrades were Thomas B. Johnson, Charles Shearer, Thomas St. Ryan, H.C. Bailey, T.J. Garrison, A.J. Graham. -  John F. Dailey joined Gen. Mansfield Post No. 48 Department of PA Jan 5th 1880. Held offices of Senior Vice Commander, Surgeon, Officer of the Day – SIGNED by W.H. Colony, Commander. – GAR48 pp.31-32

1. Presidents, Soldiers and Statesmen, Civil War Biographies have been on the site for several years. Where available these are linked in so guests can see both.
1897 Tioga County History is reprinted in its entirety on the site and includes biographies of some of these same people.
1883 Tioga County History is reprinted in its entirety on the site and includes biographies of some of these same people.
2. Most of these people are buried locally. If you know the location of burial, whether local or not, please let me know so I can add it to this project. This informatin has been added by Joyce. It is not included in the B. Butts book
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4. SRGP ID  refers to the idenitfication number in Joyce M. Tice's Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project. At this writing this database  includes over 80,000 iindividuals with genetic ties to our local population. It includes both ancestors and descendants to the present day. To participate contact Joyce. I share information generously with those who share with me.
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6. Justus B. Clark, Reuben Dyke, Oliver HIlfiger. John C,. Howe are not included in the clipping collection. Perhaps there are articles from the series missing which will come later, or perhaps another reason. They are listed in Presidents. Soldiers, Statesmen as a member of Post 48. - Found JBC article in my collection of 1961 Mansfield Advertiser newspapers. Since starting this project, we have located the original book of biographies and membership lists. We are in process of getting them copied so we can type them and add them in to this project. Many Thanks to Mansfield Library for their cooperation in forwarding this project.
7. Date in 1961 article appeared in Mansfield Advertiser. Most clippings did not include date. Where dates are present it is bacause I have that issue in myown collection.
8. Stephen Mudge, brother of Martin, was a member of Post 48. He is included in its photos and his obituary includes that information. Lore comes down that of the two brothers one would never talk about the war (Stephen) and the other would always talk about it (Martin).
9. Birth Dates added by Joyce M. Tice from Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project or by Pat NEWELL Smith
10. Page Number in the Original Byrissa Butts hand written Membership Biography Book.
11 - A William S. Clemons, born 1846, buried in Gray Cemetey,Covington. May be this person.
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