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Graduate Photos Mansfield State Normal School 1899
The following class photos were in the belongings of Ernest Inscho. His niece, Jane Webb, has scanned them for us and sent them to me on CD ROM. 
I have edited them for size and added names. All were taken by Bailey of Mansfield who did many of the Normal School photos. 
This is not necessarily the entire graduating class for this year.

Postcard above showing North Hall and Alumni Hall 
is from Joyce M. Tice Collection
If you know these individuals, you may submit BRIEF biographical sketches to be added to the photo pages.
Alumni Listings MSNS
School: Mansfield State Normal School
Mansfield, Tioga County PA
Photos of Graduates
Year: 1899
Submitted by: Jane WOHLSCHLEGEL Webb
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Progression of Names of This School
Mansfield Classical Seminary
Mansfield State Normal School
Mansfield State Teachers College
Mansfield State College
Mansfield University
Index of Antique Postcards & Photos Illustrating the Class Photo Pages
Mansfield Classical Seminary North Hall North Hall Alumni Hall President's House Dining Room Clionon 1899
Gymnasium Arcade & Dorm Arcade with Students South Hall South Hall 1870 South Hall 1881 South Hall 1900
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1886 MSNS Graduates (Incomplete)
Eva Ely Marion Lacey Emma Starkey Louise Reese Carrie Wiggins Herbert Taylor
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1887 MSNS Graduates (Incomplete)
Nettie Shepard
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1898 MSNS Graduates (Incomplete)
Clarence Stewart
Big Flats NY
Edith Harer
East Point PA
Ernest G. Webster
Mainesburg PA
Frederika Michelfelder
Harrison Valley
Leon M. Atwood
Rome PA
Nellie K. Burt
1899 MSNS Graduates (Incomplete)
Arling R. Baker
Andover NY
B. W. Richmond
Mansfield PA
Charles Blanchard
Farmington PA
Clara B. Reynolds
Covert PA
Clara Miller
Liberty PA
Clay W. Harkness
Springfield PA
Delwin Chapin
Harrison Valley
E. J. Watson
E. W. Saxe
Wilmot PA
Ernest G. Smith
Mansfield PA
F. A. Dalbuurg
Red Burn
Frank P. Layman
West Terry
Fred Ballard
Mansfield PA
H. A. Husted
Mansfield PA
Ida A. Meaker
Mitchell Creek
J. O. Coleman
Lena B. Valentine
W. Nicholson
Lila Kohler
Mansfield PA
M. H. Reo
Pittston PA
M. Jennie Shaw
Mansfield PA
M. Pauline Lambert
Galeton PA
Margaret Garra
Mark Webster
Sullivan Township
Max R. Lefler
Jobs Corners
N. P. Benson
Austin PA
Nellie C. Hern
Newcomb G. Parke
Montrose PA
Philip J. Lent
Mansfield PA
R. E. Simpson
Arnot PA
Rexford Soper
Rutland PA
Taylor Clinus Hinckley
Vesta A. Fritzsche
Liberty PA
Vesta G. Langdon
Mansfield PA
W. Tubbs
Osceola PA
John C. Strange
Sullivan Township
Other 1899 Era MSNS Graduates - Graduation Year not Specified
Alice J. Fields
Anna A. Nelson
Canoe Camp
C. C. Squier 
W. Nicholson
Charles M. Elliott E. B. Pitts Edith Passmore
Edith S. Mudge
Mansfield PA
Ethel G. Shaw
Mansfield PA
Ethel M. Smith
Sherman PA
Frank Doughty
Morris Run
G. A. Shook
Stull PA
Harriet Inscho
Herman H. Gaige
Jackson Summit
J. W. Spencer
Jennie M. Beardslee
Little Meadows
Katherine A. Gilmartin
Tunkhannock PA
Margaret Hutchison
Mary Erway
Harrison Valley
Mary Booker
Mina A. Lewis
W. J. Neal
Peter F. Toye
R. Luvinnie Cornwall
S. Alice Strout
Sylvene Nye
Thomas B. Hubbard
Wells A. Shaw
Fayette Tyrrell of Neath MSNS 1900 E. J. Boyer of Mansfield MSNS 1901
Unidentified One Unidentified Two Unidentified Three
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