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School: Mansfield State Normal School
Mansfield, Tioga County PA
Alumni Listings
Year: 1887-1889
Submitted by: Carl Steingraber
Dennison C. Thomas was Principal
1880 to 1892
Photo from 1928 Carontawan (YearBook)
Progression of Names of This School
Mansfield Classical Seminary
Mansfield State Normal School
Mansfield State Teachers College
Mansfield State College
Mansfield University
Last name column is either real name or married name, whichever was last known. Since these early listings were kept in hard copy only and have been reconstructed from that, they may or may not be complete. If you have commencement brochures or other memorabilia that may add to this, please be sure we have copies.
Last Name Own Name First Name
Barhight Dennis Mary
Barnes Moody Nono
Beale   George
Bradley Wells Myrtle
Brigden   Charles
Brooks   Lee
Burch Lowe Vira
Caffrey   Julia
Campbell Vanaman Tillie
Connors Fogarty Anna
Corey   Althea
Cox   Mary
Davis Clemons Helen
Dodson   Margaret
Dorey   Althea
Dugan Gallagher Rose
Dunmore   Effie
Dunn McGann Ella
Fessenden   R
Gardner   J
Gillespie   W
Gilpin   Milton
Guiles Davis Anna
Hanyen   M
Harvey   James
Healey   Joanna
Hughes   Alice
Johnson   S
Krouse   Elizabeth
Lloyd   Morgan
McFarland   Agnes
McInroy Rockwell Rose
McKinney Baldwin Mary
Mold   Fred
Moyle Durand Clara
Mulhern   Mary
Pollock Gregory Mary
Reynolds   Joshua
Richards   J
Robert Smith Ella
Schultz   John
Shepard   Nettie 
Sherman   E
Snedden Gorman Chole
Stark   John
Strait   George
Vanness   Minnie
Walsh   Margaret
Watson Edwards Anna
Webster   J
Wells Neefe Addie
Wells   Ernest
Wells   Walter
Wilcox   Viola
Last Name Own Name First Name
Allen   Emma
Allen Baldwin Myra
Barnes   George
Barnhardt   Austin
Barrow   Mertin
Battle   Agnes
Beach   Coly
Beach Rockwell Frances
Beach   George
Benton   Jessie
Braunlieb Mills Agnes
Brigden   Emma
Buckman Dailey Elizabeth
Buckmaster Capwell Maud
Bull   Emily
Bullard   Lloyd
Burman   O
Carpenter   Hanson
Catlin   Edson
Catlin   Joel
Chapman   Jessie
Clark Allen Frederica
Coleman Updike Harriett
Cray   Anne
Cruttenden   Edwin
Devaney   Anna
Doane French Ettie
Ellsworth Evans Sarah
Ely   William
Eshelman Shaw Mary
Evans   George
Fay   Sarah
Frick   Charles
Grenolds Bailey Josephine
Hemminger Williams Mattie
Hess Smith Katherine
Heyler   Edward
Horton   Charles
Howard   Bloomfield
Huckins Thomas Jennie
Hudson   Mary
Hurlburt   Carrie
James Squier Etta
James   Violetta
Jones Shaw Edith
Judge Williams Myra
Kelley   Charles
Kelly   William
Knapp   Allen
Lent Johnson Lura
Mackey   Manley
Manley   Rush
Marvin   William
Mc Graw   Ella
Miller   Willis
Murray   M
Nicholson Crowell Blanche
Pratt Atwood Elizabeth
Pratt   Fred
Quinlan   Katherine
Regan   Ella
Richards   Alfred
Rockwell Bailey Lucy
Rosenkrans   C
Ryan   Stella
Shaffer Thomas Helen
Shaughnessy   Agnes
Shunk Baldwin Genevieve
Simmons Scouten Hattie
Simmons Lounsberry Ida
Smoulter   Elizabeth
Space Cook Adda
Stark   Oscar
Stearns   G
Stephens   Carrie
Strickland   John
Stull   Emmett
Townsend Stratton Jennie
Wagoner   Elizabeth
Webster Sayres E
Weeks   Abigail
Wetmore   William
Woodbury Searles Jennie
Wylie   Janet
1889 Principal's Report
Last Name Own Name First Name
Allen   W
Alworth   H
Andrew   G
Ayres Mitchell Mary
Bailey   Myrtle
Battle   Theresa
Benscoter Crawford Etta
Bianchard   Angie
Bowen   S
Briggs   C
Brown   Melia
Brown Adams Ruth
Bullard Adams Edna
Bullard Palmer Jessie
Burdick Munn Alice
Burdick   W
Campbell   J
Carpenter   D
Carpenter   Phillip
Church   N
Coleman Conklin Lena
Conlon   Peter
Cook Gillespie Agnes
Darmstadt   Kate
Davis   David
Doane Berry Grace
Dobson   Jessie
Dolbare Sandbach Emily
Eckerson   Ray
Estabrook Robinson Ella
Evans Williams Anna
Farrer Strait Edith
Ferguson   John
Fessler Lawrence Josephine
French   Benjamin
Gaige   E
Garrison   C
Gates   B
Gray   J
Green   W
Haight   Fred
Hammond   Lewis
Harrer   W
Harris Bond Priscilla
Hewes Medley Ida
James   Wayne
Johnson   Lottie
Kehler   Sherman
Kelley   William
Kelly Kane Martha
Kenny   John
Kiley   Frank
Kinsloe   S
Klingersmith Rissell Nellie
Lain   Elizabeth
Lefler Carley Hattie
Longfellow Grom Catherine
Lubrecht   William
Lynch Clinton Mary
Lyon   Frank
Marsh   Jesse
Marvin Reese Ina
Mc Cormack   John
Melville Campbell Jessie
Moon   Charles
Morris Cooper Carrie
Odell Baynes Agnes
O'Neill   D
Paiter   Frances
Pneuman   Susie
Pratt Snover Stella
Rohrer Cogswell Carrie
Shaw   John
Simmons   John
Stevens   Alden
Stull Robinson Ina
Sweet   Frances
Terry   Nathaniel
Walraven Gregory Helen
Welliver   Earl
West Perkins Ruth
Wilcox Sheffer Maud
Williams   Bertha
S. N. S. Mansfield, Pa.
Mar. 14, 1886

My Dear Susie:
I was very glad indeed to receive a letter from you so soon. Why did Maud not write to me when you did? Tell her to be sure and write next time you write.
I enjoy your last letter very much. Much more than usual because you told me so much more news than you ever wrote to me before so that is the way I want you to write to me every time. I proceed to tell you the news Carrie’s mother and Edd Overfield’s mother is here visiting. They came here Friday noon and are going to stay till Tuesday morning.
And I must tell you about the entertainment last Friday night. It was grand they had the Mikado. I presume you have heard of it. I made a mask that I went with this time and the one I refused for the other entertainment had seats right by me.
But the poor fellow went home yesterday and is not coming back. He lives at Mehoopany and at society I had another fellow. He set with me after intermission and he is lovely his name is Wells.
I think Mrs. Overfield is a lovely woman. I like her so much she stays in our room nearly all the time. Edd comes in our room to see his mother. Miss Wirt let him come in.
Oh! Susie, we had such a grand time at the entertainment. We came home the front way so we had quite a walk and then we walked up and down the veranda a long time.
Mrs. O. and Mrs. E. and Carrie stays in this room and I go up stairs and sleep with one of girls.
Susie we have examinations this week and I will not have time to write any more this time and I will do better next time but I will look for a letter this week from you and please tell Maud to write. I was terribly surprised at Doc Jayne and Maggie Cook I feel awful about it. I don’t see what Uncle Elmar and Aunt Ella are thinking of to let Doc do so. I am glad Chas. Kintner is turning out so well. Who goes with Franie go with.
Good night. Write soon.
Your loving Old Chum,
This is probably from Addie Neefe who graduated 1887. She married a person surname Wells, mentioned in the letter – probably Ernest or Walter who graduated in same year with her. [Added to site 10 Feb 2011 - Original letter found in Joyce's STUFF when she got her new filing cabinets and could sort things. Not sure who sent this in or where it came from.][Transcribed by Pat NEWELL Smith]

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