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Flatiron Building in Wyalusing. Old Postcard sent in by
Patty DECKER Shumway

Wyalusing Township

in Bradford County,


Wyalusing Township Histories
Named for an Indian word meaning 'the good hunting ground'. Formed in 1790 from Stoke which had been formed in Northumberland County in 1783. One of the oldest Bradford County Townships
Wyalusing History by H. C. Bradsby
Wyalusing History by D. C. Craft
Wyalusing History from Seven Counties Outline ...
Early Times on the Susquehanna
Township Articles
Wyalusing Borough & Township Postcards & Photos
Wyalusing Postcards  Rummsesfield Postcards
Post Offices of Wyalusing 1869
Camptown PO
Merryall PO
Wyalusing PO
Let's Visit
Village of Camptown
Homet's Ferry
Lime Hill
Wyalusing Borough
Scenic Overlook
Wyalusing Township Census Records
1800 Wyalusing, Luzerne County Census
1810 Wyalusing Township, Luzerne County
1820 Wyalusing Township Census
1830 Wyalusing Township Census
1840Wyalusing Township Census
1850 Wyalusing Township Census
1860 Wyalusing Township Census
1870 Wyalusing Township Census
1880 Wyalusing Township Census
1900 Wyalusing Census - District One
Wyalusing Township Directories
1900 Wyalusing Borough Directory
1900 Wyalusing Township Directory
1908 Wyalusing Borough Directory
1908 Wyalusing Township Directory
Township Tax Records
1812 Taxpayers
Wyalusing Township Cemetery Records
If You can Provide GOOD Driving Directions or GPS coordinates for any of our 700 cemeteries, please send to Joyce
Homet Cemetery Homet Cemetery Obituaries
Lime Hill Cemetery Lime Hill Cemetery Obituaries
Camptown Cemetery (Full Listing Needed) Biles/ Porterville Cemetery (2000)
Camptown Cemetery (Partial Listing) Camptown Cemetery Obituaries
Merryall Cemetery (Complete Listing Needed) Merryall Cemetery Obituaries
Merryall Cemetery Record Book
Wyalusing Cemetery in Wyalusing Boro (Partial Outdated Listing) Wyalusing Cemetery Obituaries
Wyalusing Cemetery 2006 Complete Tombstone Listing
Merryall Cemetery Lat N41 deg 42.80'  Long W76 deg 13.94'  Elev 810'
Camptown Cemetery N41-43.52, W76-14.05,  Elev.  769
In a message dated 7/4/2007 5:31:34 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
WOW,cool site. My wife and I live in the old Ira Brown Hotel in Browntown. This site has helped allot as We are trying to put a date on when this house was built. We have two graves on this property. Allen Brown, died 1854 and his wife Polly, died 1825. I have a friend who was up looking at my artifact collection from the Friedenshutten as he is studying the real location of the Wyalusing Path and will be writing a book on its true location. I read where there was a village on the Ira Brown property before they moved it to the friedenshutten and was wondering if there was a connection of the two Ira Browns. Do you have anymore information on them.                                                                                                                                                                                     Thanks
                                                                                                                                                                           Roland Smith,Browntown
Wyalusing Township Schools
Wyalusing High School 1900 Camptown School Photo
1869 Wyalusing School Districts
7. Porterville District
1. Merryall District 8. Camptown District
2. Wyalusing District  9. Oak Hill District
3. Browntown District 10. Vaughan Hill District
4. Lime Hill District 11. Taylorville District
5. Fairbanks District 12. Keelerville District
6. Half District 13. Inghamtown District
Wyalusing Township Business Histories & Photos
1907 Wyalusing Borough Businesses
1907 Wyalusing Township Businesses
H. J. Lloyd, Photographe
F. B. Porter, Photographer
Hotels in Township

Dimocks Store in Wyalusing, now it's the Physician Care office
Township Organizations
Wyalusing Township Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
1920s Wyalusing Methodist Church
Wyalusing Township Family Bible Records
Fanning - Spaulding Bible
Goff, Dimock, Braund, Stine Bible
Vaughan, Distel, Hinman Bible
Wyalusing Township Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos, Articles
Herman Brown 1900
Olive Carpenter & Benjamin Crawford
Joseph Maxfield Brown & Rebecca Vanderpool of Homet
Daniel "Doane" Vanderpool and Rebecca Ellen Vanderpool
Originally Published 1931, corrected 2006
Philip VanDoren Stern of Wyalusing
Anthony Vanderpool and Elizabeth Jansen
Lewcette LYON "Bolles" of Spring Hill - Tuscarora Township and Wyalusing
Wyalusing Township Resident Photo Album
1899 Vaughan Family Reunion
Wyalusing Township Diaries & Letters 
1936-1938 Diary of Alice VanDemark Jackson
Wyalusing Township Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
1804 Estate Notice of Benjamin Crawford
1852 Will of Elias Vaughan Sr.
Justus Gaylord Will
Township Military Records
Township Sports 
Township Population Statisticss