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BY Wilber H. Parsons, Secretary

Published in 1922

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Glenwood Cemetery Association, Troy, Penna.


President, *E. Everitt VanDyne

Vice President, Benjamin B. Mitchell

Secretary, Wilber H. Parsons

Treasurer, John W. Pomeroy

Superintendent, Silas L. Putnam

*Died June 21, 1922 


President, *E. Everitt VanDyne

Vice President, Benjamin B. Mitchell

Secretary, Wilber H. Parsons

Treasurer, John W. Pomeroy

Superintendent, Silas L. Putnam

*Died June 21, 1922


N.M. Pomeroy Horace Pomeroy
E. Pomeroy David S. DeForest
N. A. Maynard John A. Parsons
Geo. N. Newbery Geo. L. Peck
E. S. Jewell Reuben Wilber
Daniel White Uel C. Porter
Joab Kinyon W. H. Carnochan
Brainard Bowen J. Monroe Smith
S. W. Pomeroy E. B. Parsons
Stephen F. Wilber Chas. F. Sayles
Mrs. D. E. Ward Mrs. M. E. Greeno
H. W. Greeno Edward VanDyne
A. D. Williams H. F. Long
Dewey & Company William Morgan
B. A. Long D. F. Pomeroy
Geo. B. Davison B. B. Mitchell
Norman Palmer Oliver Williams
Simeon U. Case Andrus Case
Hiram Kettle William F. Morse
Elisha Knights A. D. Joralemon
B. F. Newbery William S. Dobbins
A. R. Hickok Ambrose Williams
Lester G. VanHorn Leonard VanHorn
V. M. Long William E. Chilson
Albert Morgan


Rev. Elisha Rich was the first Minister to the First Baptist Church which was located in the Cemetery. This is the oldest grave of which there is a record.


The early history of Glenwood Cemetery is closely related to the history of the Baptist Church of Troy. In the early records of the church we find the following: "In 1808 Elder Elisha Rich, and Elisha Rich, Jr., also a minister of that denomination, both of whom now sleep in the older portion of the beautiful Glenwood Cemetery, and the latter of whom was the maternal grandfather of Mr. Edwin Loomis and Mrs. Frank Leonard, came from Vermont to carve them out a home and a fortune in this then wild and sparsely settled wilderness. Rich, not only in name but also in faith and good works, the pious father and son mourned over the desolations of Zion among the few and scattered pioneers, and longed for the time to come when God should visit His plantation and grant refreshing showers.

"They had not long to wait, for the same year came Elder Jesse Hartwell, a missionary from Massachusetts, who gathered the devout into an organization known at the time as: ‘The Baptized Church of Christ at Burlington,’ Troy not having as yet been formed from that large and generous township. True to ancient instincts and precedents, there were, in this case, just ‘eight persons saved by water’—Elder Elisha Rich, Elisha Rich, Jr., Phoebe Rich, Pegga Rich, Russell Rose, Lydia Rose, Moses Calkins and James Mattison, placing their names on the first church-roll written for Troy."

March 25, 1809, the heroic little band met, probably in the humble home of one of their number, and appointed a committee consisting of Aaron Case, Elisha Rich, Jr., John Barber and Eli Parsons, "to search for a place for a graveyard and suitable site to build a church." This quartette of earnest workers with a zeal well worthy of universal emulation, immediately addressed themselves to the business in hand, the result being that on May 6, just one month and thirteen days later, worship was held in the Block Meeting House, long since sunken into decay and invisibility within the limits of the old burying ground east of the village.

The church which was erected on these grounds was of hewn logs and was in size 24 by 36 feet with a gallery on three sides. It is reported that Reuben Wilber and Stephen Palmer hewed the logs.

In a history of the Baptist Church written by Elder Thomas Mitchell we have the following: I understand this land was donated by the Riches and that a deed of it is to be found among the Lycoming Records at Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The rectangular part of the cemetery enclosed by the road and row of maple trees is known as the "old section." There are no records showing the lot owners in this portion of the cemetery. However, nearly all lots or graves are distinctly marked with markers or monuments. It is believed that the log church stood on this section owned by the Ezra Long Estate. Records show that purchases were made from the land surrounding the church from time to time as more land was needed. These purchases all being within what is known as the "old section."

The deed for the land on which was located the original cemetery and the log church was held by the First Baptist Church of Troy until Feb. 3, 1912, when it was deeded to Glenwood Cemetery Association. This was done in order that the ground would be subject to the rules and regulations of the Association and that it might participate in the benefits derived from the care and maintenance of the association and in any bequests or endowments the association may receive for the keeping up of the cemetery.

The early Baptist Church was used for twenty-three years when, on account of their increasing members, and desiring a more convenient location, they erected a church on Canton Street where their present one now stands.


Published by A. S. Hooker, 1881

After the agitation of the subject of an improvement of the Troy Cemetery for a number of years by some of our citizens, foremost among whom were C. F. Sayles, H. F. Long and Rev. S. L. Conde, a meeting was called at the Troy House, June 5, 1877. At this meeting a good number of leading citizens were present, S. W. Pomeroy being chosen chairman and Delos Rockwell, secretary. S. W. Pomeroy, Delos Rockwell, John A. Parsons, Geo. N. Newbery, Brainard Bowen, Chas. F. Sayles, E. H. Dewey and Lester G. VanHorn were appointed "a committee to see what additional lands could be bought for, locate lines for old grounds, ascertain how many have been sold in the same and what has been done with proceeds of such sales." At the next meeting it was determined to purchase suitable lands, and S. W. Pomeroy, Geo. N. Newbery, Delos Rockwell, N. M. Pomeroy and Wm. Morgan were appointed a committee to purchase lands and secure subscriptions of stock. On the 9th of July, Capt. B. B. Mitchell proposed the name of Glenwood, which was adopted, and Geo. N. Newbery, Brainard Bowen and Wm. Morgan were appointed to purchase additional grounds, and Chas. F. Sayles to procure a landscape gardener. A charter was applied for and men were set at work on the grounds clearing them up. 17.27 acres of land were purchased from V. M. Long, extending the grounds to the road and widening the tract to embrace what is now contained in the cemetery enclosure. N. M. Pomeroy and Geo. N. Newbery were appointed to employ men and set them at improving the grounds. F. K. Knights, of Cortland, N.Y., a landscape gardener of skill and experience, was employed to lay out and beautify the grounds. At the meeting Sept. 24th work was reported as progressing favorably, fence built, walks nearly completed and a vault was decided upon.

The Association known as the Glenwood Cemetery Association having procured the necessary charter fixed its capital stock at $10,000 divided into 200 shares of $50 each.

On May 7th a clause was added to the By-Laws that lots in the old grounds should receive the same attention as lots in the new.


Incorporated 1877

President, S. W. Pomeroy

Secretary, B. B. Mitchell

Treasurer, Horace Pomeroy


Chas. F. Sayles

Geo. N. Newbery

N. M. Pomeroy


N. A. Maynard

B. F. Newbery

E. S. Jewell


S. W. Pomeroy B. A. Long
David S. DeForest John A. Parsons
S. U. Case Marvin Rockwell
Norman Palmer Geo. L. Peck
Uel C. Porter Brainard Bowen
Geo. N. Newbery Edward VanDyne
Nelson Maynard Stephen F. Wilber
Chas. F. Sayles B. B. Mitchell

With the exception of the changes made in the Auditing Committee the above officers and trustees were continued in office until 1898.


President, John A. Parsons

Secretary, B. B. Mitchell

Treasurer, S. B. Aspinwall


Chas. F. Sayles

David S. DeForest

John E. Dobbins


N. M. Pomeroy B. B. Mitchell
Geo. N. Newbery Geo. VanHorn
H. W. Greeno John A. Parsons
D. F. Pomeroy N. A. Maynard
Eli Williams Chas. F. Sayles
David S. DeForest B. A. Long
Brainard Bowen John E. Dobbins
Edward VanDyne John Carnwright


President, John A. Parsons

Secretary, Frederick E. VanDyne

Treasurer, S. B. Aspinwall


John E. Dobbins

James W. Lamkin

John F. Hunt


David S. DeForest D. F. Pomeroy
Liston Bliss John F. Hunt
John E. Dobbins Isaac Cleaver
Chas. W. Joralemon Lester VanHorn
E. Everitt VanDyne Harry R. Newbery
B. A. Long B. B. Mitchell
James Mahood John A. Parsons
N. A. Maynard
On this lot, owned by the Ezra Long Estate, stood the Block 
Meeting House, or First Baptist Church. Erected in 1809
This picture was taken June 2001 by Joyce M. Tice to show comparison with the 1922 photo at left.


Seth Adams Solomon Morse
Jazeb M. Baldwin Eli Parsons
William Furman Rev. Elisha Rich
Laban Landon Samuel Strait
Thomas Merritt John Wilber
Caleb Williams


Hezekiah Avery Rev. Ezra Rich
Churchill Barnes Aldrick Ward
Colburn Preston Reuben Wilber
Chester Williams


James Otis Adams Edward Greenough
Oscar P. Adams James M. Gustin
G. B. Alvord Joseph O. Gustin
George B. Armstrong Richard Gustin
Isaac Ayers Chauncey Hewett
Philander Ayers Newton Hickok
Daniel D. Baird Stephen Hickok
Gordon M. Ballard A. J. Horton
Chas. Batterson J. Scott Howe
Lewis E. Batterson John S. Hoyles
James M. Beach George H. Humphrey
Orthellow G. Blakeslee Peter Hungerford
Oscar E. Blakeslee John F. Hunt
John A. Bloom James D. Hunter
Henry Boughton Alexander Kennedy
J. G. Boyce Lafayette Kingsley
Edward Buffum Thomas Knights
Warner H. Carnochan David G. Lamb
Simeon U. Case Israel S. Leonard
James H. Cease William Letts
S. L. Chilson Joseph H. Lewis
Howard Cole E. Frank Lilley
Daniel Compton A. K. Linderman
Charles V. Dare Gilford D. Long
Peter H. Darrow James Lucas
Ruben Dudley George Ludlam
Dr. Thomas A. Gamble Joseph D. Minturn
Marcus A. Gates Benjamin B. Mitchell
Stephen D. Gifford Page Morgan
Frank Godard Solomon L. Morse
J. W. Gould Allen Murray
Edson Murray John C. Strait
George N. Newbery John Sweeney
Daniel C. Newell Edward VanDyne
Wm. F. Newell L. G. VanHorn
J. E. M. Pennell Edwin Watkins
Joseph W. Phillips David P. Wheeler
William Phillips Charles S. Wilcox
Eleazer Pomeroy Norman Wilcox
W. G. Sadler Ambrose Williams
Charles F. Sayles Anson Williams
Edwin Scott Chas. S. Williams
Capt. L. Scott Obadiah Williams
Francis M. Sherman S. C. Williams
J. S. Smead Vel Williams
Francis Smith John N. Wolfe
Gilbert D. Smith Seth W. Wood
Harry P. Smith Robert Young
William W. Young


Private Ernest Allen Borgeson

335th Field Artillery

Born January 23, 1893 – Died October 23, 1918

At No 9 Hospital, France

Aged 25 Years

Private Milan Wayne Flick

Sanitary Detachment, 108th Inf., Co. L.

Killed in Action

At Roussoy, France, September 29, 1918

Aged 24 years

Frank Harold Flick

Born October 15, 1896 – Died October 21, 1918

At U. S. Military Camp

Cambridge Springs, Pa.

Aged 22 years

Private Lewis Earl Batterson

305th Ambulance Co.

Born April 12, 1895 – Died March 28, 1921

Corporal Charles George DeVoe

Company G, 314th Infantry, 79th Division

Born April 11, 1894 – Died November 10, 1918

Killed in Action

At Hill 328, Opposite Moirey, France

Marker in Honor of

Corporal Stephen Creighton Kennedy

Company C, 60th Infantry, 5th Division

Born December 29, 1894 – Died October 14, 1918

Killed in Action

At Cunnell, France

Meetings of the association were held annually or more often when required up to the year 1887. During the next few years there were very few meetings probably due to the fact that many of the original stockholders who had formerly taken an active interest in the association as trustees or officers had passed away and it was impossible to secure a quorum.

On June 18th, 1904, a meeting of the stockholders and stockholders’ representatives was called. There were six persons present. The treasurer’s report at that time showed a balance of $2.38 and about $150.00 due the association from notes and accounts.

At this meeting the following persons were elected trustees:

David S. DeForest B. B. Mitchell
B. A. Long Chas.W.Joralemon
Lester VanHorn John A. Parsons
Liston Bliss N. A. Maynard
James Mahood D. F. Pomeroy
Harry R. Newbery Isaac Cleaver
John E. Dobbins John F. Hunt
E. Everitt VanDyne

John A. Parsons was re-elected president and S. B. Aspinwall, treasurer, Frederick E. VanDyne was elected to succeed Benjamin B. Mitchell as secretary, who died May 24th, 1904.

Several endowments had been received from individuals but the income from them and from the sale of lots was not sufficient to keep the cemetery in good condition. It became a question among the stockholders how the association could be continued without additional funds for doing the necessary work.

Through some of his friends located in Troy, Mr. Henry P. Davison of New York City became interested in the financial condition of the cemetery and after visiting Troy and conferring with the officers of the association was pleased to offer to make an endowment of $25,000.00 in memory of his father and mother, George B. And Henrietta Davison, provided those interested in the cemetery would raise an amount sufficient to make the following improvements:

First.—In building a lodge or house to be occupied permanently by the caretaker of the cemetery.

Second—In improving the driveways and paths, as they appear upon the plan or chart prepared by the landscape architect and adopted by the association when said cemetery was laid out, by macadamizing or otherwise treating them so that they will be neat in appearance and permanent in character.

Third—In installing a system of water supply throughout the grounds to serve, from hydrants conveniently located, for the purpose of sprinkling lawns and flower beds.

A circular letter regarding the above was sent out Sept. 27th, 1911, by the president to those interested in the cemetery, and on Oct. 19th, 1911, a special meeting of the stockholders was called.

A motion was passed to accept the proposition of Mr. Davison, and the following committee was appointed to raise the necessary fund: Frederick E. VanDyne, Benjamin B. Mitchell, Thos. W. Parsons, Mrs. Geo. O. Holcombe and Mrs. Mary E. Hoffman.

At a meeting held on March 28th, 1912, the subscription committee reported $13,200.00 subscribed. At a later date the above amount was increased to $15,000.00.


W. W. Adams Miss Eva I. Gustin E. L. Newbery
Mrs. Lucy Spalding Allen Miss Nettie Gustin Newbery Estate
Mrs. J. Anderson Miss Mary H. Hill Jesse Oldroyd
Mrs. Anna Backer Mrs. J. E. Hillis  Mrs. E. B. Parsons
M. E. Bailey Mrs. Mary G. Hoffman John A. Parsons
F. L. Ballard Mrs. Annie Pomeroy Holcombe Mrs. G. L. Peck
L. J. Ballard Theodore C. Hovey L. E. Phoenix
Perley N. Barker John Hunt C. B. Pomeroy & Family
Liston Bliss J. H. Huntington D. F. Pomeroy
Misses Bowen Mrs. Louise McCollom Hurlburt N. M. & D. E. Pomeroy
R. H. Burley Mrs. Louise Pomeroy Inches Mrs. Fanny M. Porter
H. E. Burt A. R. Johnson Mrs. Caroline Rockwell
I. N. Burt D. F. Johnson Perry Rockwell
Wm. E. Carnochan C. W. Joralemon Mrs. Jennie Pomeroy Roe
H. C. Carpenter R. C. Kendall Mrs. Ida M. Roosa
A. F. Case Mrs. Margaret Kenyon Mrs. Nellie G. F. Root
F. P. Case Charles Lee John W. Sadler
Miss Carrie Chapin Edgar H. Lee Miss Lucy Smith
Mrs. Maria L. Cleaver Mrs. Frances Leonard Mrs. Helen J. Strait
Harry M. Cleaver Mrs. J. M. Leonard Charles H. Tate
Mrs. M. O. Colley Mrs. Addie Morse Long E. L. Teeter
Daniel Compton B. A. Long Estate James VanBuskirk
C. W. Dare John Luckey Mrs. Edward VanDyne
D. S. DeForest W. P. Maxwell George VanNess
Geo. A. Dudley & Bro. Mrs. Emily L. McCabe Rufus R. Wilson
Grace B. Fletcher McClelland Brothers Mrs. Sarah B. Willett
Mrs. A. Flick Mrs. John McGoughran A. R. Williams
Manly F. Gates Mrs. M. McPhail Mr. & Mrs. J. N. Wolfe
Mrs. J. O. Gustin Mrs. Ellen Pomeroy Mitchell W. E. Wilcox
Grant H. Gustin Mrs. Jennie M. Mitchell Mrs. Robert Young

Inasmuch as the committee had succeeded in raising more than $12,000.00, the amount originally estimated for the improvements, Mr. Davison offered to make a further contribution of $15,000.00 or to expend an amount equal to that to be used to construct a bridge and put in the necessary grading for an entrance on the Long’s Pond Road or the north side of the cemetery.

On June 25th, 1913, Glenwood Cemetery Association purchased from N. R. Stanton 2.42 acres of land which extended from the original boundary line north to the Long’s Pond Road. With this land arrangements were completed for the bridge and road, making a north entrance to the cemetery.

The improvements were commenced in 1913 and completed in 1915. The firm of Wadley & Smythe, New York City, Landscape Contractors, looked after the complete work of improving the roads, grading, drainage, water system, etc.

At a meeting held on Oct. 19th, 1911, action was taken on the amendment of the charter, Section 6, to change the number of trustees from sixteen to five and also to change the word trustees to directors and to add a vice-president to the office so that the same shall read as follows:

Sixth, the business of this corporation shall be done by a board of five directors who shall be stockholders and be annually elected by the stockholders on the second Tuesday in January in each year and such directors shall elect one of their number as president, and one of their number as vice-president, one of the number as secretary, and a suitable person as treasurer. Carried, on motion.

Action was also taken to change Section Seven by striking out the clause: "Income shall not exceed $500.00 per annum."

In 1916 the need for a new tool house was so apparent that Mr. Davison instructed the officers of the cemetery to see that it was constructed, and made an additional gift of this building. This was placed on the north side of the cemetery near the lodge.

According to the trust agreement between Henry P. Davison and the Bankers Trust Company the terms of which are in perpetuity the trust fund is known as the "George B. And Henrietta Davison Endowment Fund."

The Bankers Trust Company Trustees pay the income received from the trust fund semi-annually to Glenwood Cemetery Association after deducting the Trustees’ Commission, provided always that the Trustee may withhold the payment of any installment of income, at any time if in its discretion it shall determine that the income is not being applied in a satisfactory way and may resume the payment of income when the Trustee shall be satisfied that it will be applied in accordance with the intention of the instrument.

The said trust fund shall be used for the purpose of defraying the expense of keeping the grounds, roads, buildings and fences of Glenwood Cemetery in good condition and repair and generally for the purpose of appropriately beautifying the same and maintaining it as a fit and proper burial ground.

At a meeting of the directors of Glenwood Cemetery on april 30th, 1913, it was moved and carried that the President and Secretary are hereby authorized to issue to Henry P. Davison the one hundred sixteen and on-half shares of the unissued or treasury stock of the association.

It was also agreed that an effort be made to secure the assignment to Mr. Davison of all the outstanding shares of stock all in consideration of his gifts, and it being the desire of Mr. Davison that the stock be deposited with the Bankers Trust Co. Trustee.


Year established, 1883

Estate of Jacob Fries. Lot in old section, $100.00

Year established, 1909

Estate of Mrs. Lucinda Fitch. Lot in old section, $100.00

Year established, 1907

Estate of L. W. Eighmey. Lot No. 51, Section No. 8, $100.00

Year established, 1909

Estate of Mrs. Jane Blakeslee. Lot No. 48, Section No. 8, $35.00

Year established, 1911

Estates of R. Wilber and W. H. Carnochan

Lots Nos. 22 and 23, Section No. 9, $200.00

Year established, 1922

Merville H. Sweet. Lot No. 38 ½, Section No. 2, $25.00

The above endowments have been invested as securely as possible under the direction of the Board of Directors and the interest from the same to be used in the care of the lots; provided, that if the interest so received should exceed the amount required to keep said lots in an orderly condition, then the excess may go into the general fund for the maintenance of the grounds in common as directed by the Board.

Year established, 1909

George B. Davison, Henry P. Davison, Executor

Lot in old section, $200.00 Bankers Trust Co., Trustee

On December 4, 1909, the association obligated itself to care for the George B. Davison lot, in the first addition to the old grounds, to keep it in an orderly condition, mowed through the season, possibly resodded and fertilized occasionally, and, should the income exceed this expense, to have the excess go into the general fund for keeping up the grounds, drives, etc.

On June 12, 1918, Mr. Daniel E. Pomeroy established a trust fund of $5,000.00 with the Bankers Trust Company, New York, known as "The Newton M. Pomeroy Endowment Fund," the income of which is to be paid to Glenwood Cemetery Association for the purpose of defraying the expenses in connection with the upkeep of the Newton M. Pomeroy cemetery lot.

As the income from this trust fund is more than sufficient for this purpose it was the desire of Mr. Daniel E. Pomeroy that the association should use such excess income for its general purposes, provided, however, that at all times a reserve fund of $1,000.00 is maintained to cover such planting, filling in, etc., as may be necessary by reason of washouts or other emergencies.

It is the desire of the association that others who are interested will establish similar funds for the care of individual lots and the general expenses of the cemetery.


It is important that all monuments and markers in the cemetery should remain in a plumb condition. This can be accomplished only with proper foundations. After carefully considering this subject and making inquires in regard to what was the custom in other towns of this size, the directors made the following rules which are being observed:

The foundation for all markers must be 4 feet deep.

The foundation for all monuments is to be to the depth of the bottom of the grave.

The present price for this work is to be 30 cents per cubic foot for stone and 35 cents per cubic foot for all concrete footings.

All work of this nature is to be done by the superintendent of the cemetery or under his supervision.

Persons owning lots in the cemetery will not be allowed to do any of this work, but can make arrangements with the superintendent of the cemetery.

When any work is done on a lot, the above prices include cleaning up the lot and removing any surplus dirt or stone which may not have been used.

No corner markers on a lot can project above the level of the ground. The association furnishes suitable terra cotta pins for this purpose, marking the boundaries of the lots.

All graves are to be level with the surface of the lot.

All rubbish made by lot owners, or persons employed by them, must be removed immediately to such place or places of deposit as are or shall be provided for the purpose.

The planting of any shrubs, trees, vines or flowers on a lot can only be done with the consent of the superintendent.


The deed given out when a lot or single grave is purchased specifies that it is sold subject to the conditions and limitations and with the privileges that are now or hereafter may be specified in the Rules, Regulations and By-Laws of the Association.


Sunday Funerals require a large amount of work on the day of rest and interfere with the regular work of the churches on that day. In accordance with a growing sentiment this association expresses its disapproval of funerals on the Lord’s Day, except in special cases where other arrangements can not be made.


The old or central section of the cemetery has 290 lots which contain 1,044 graves. The lots were selected before the incorporation of the cemetery in 1877 and the association has no record of the owners or early burials in these lots except by the monuments and markers.

Since the incorporation of the cemetery there have been 300 deeds issued for lots and single graves. There are 661 graves in the ten sections of the new portion of the cemetery. This makes a total of 590 lots and 1,705 burials.

The cemetery is divided up into ten sections and these sections are divided into plots of various sizes, the smallest having room for three graves. From this they increase in size to plots large enough for any requirement. In addition to this, there is one section in which single graves can be purchased. While the prices of plots vary considerably, according to size and location, all are moderate and in every case, the purchaser has the satisfaction of knowing that his lot will have perpetual care through the "George B. And Henrietta Davison Endowment Fund."

Full information regarding the prices of available plots may be obtained from the Superintendent occupying the lodge at the entrance to the cemetery.


To provide a temporary resting place for the dead while arrangements are made for final interment, the association maintains a Receiving Vault, where bodies, if contained in metal-lined caskets, may remain a reasonable length of time.

In May, 1921, the firm of Wadley and Smythe, New York City, presented the cemetery association with some tall weeping willows, laurel leaf willows and other shrubs and trees. There were 122 of these and they were planted at each end of the bridge leading to the cemetery. The gift was much appreciated as it improves the entrance to the cemetery.


Glenwood Cemetery covers a tract of 23 acres situated northeast of the borough of Troy, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. It is just outside the residential section of the town and while readily accessible, it enjoys a rural seclusion highly appropriate to its purpose and most unusual in a site so near a town.


It is a place of great natural beauty, and this advantage has been accentuated by careful development. Trees and shrubbery have been planted, lawns have been perfected and excellent roads have been maintained.

A Newspaper Clipping sent in by Don Stanton
DeForest-Glenwood Cemetery

March 22, 1912

A fine addition to Glenwood cemetery fund was received the first of the week from David DeForest in a subscription of $500 in memory of his parents, Carlos M. and Elizabeth DeForest.  The former is probably the only person buried in Glenwood or anywhere else in this section who was born in what a late magazine article says is today the richest agricultural country in the world, Argentina, South America.  The DeForest’s were an old, influential and wealthy New Haven, Conn., family but it was while our townsman’s grandfather was serving as United States Consul to Buenos Aires that Carlos was born, a thorough American but still of foreign birth.  The older DeForest and others of the name were potent factors in the founding of Yale university in New Haven which even then was aglow with the educational fire which to this day illumines the greater part of New England.

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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