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Grover Cemetery, Canton Township,  Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Plot Ownership Listing 1972
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Photo by Pat MOTT Gobea 2001
Cemetery Plot Ownership Listing 1972 submitted
by Fay TILLER Morgan 

Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

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Note from Fay TILLER Morgan - In 1972 I copied Laura Morgan's Grover Cemetery book. She was only interested in the owner, the plot number and the occupants. Some of the occupants were only listed at "baby" or"husband."
New, Old, and Block C refer to areas of the cemetery
NEW 348 wife Bert l McIlwain  
NEW 349 Nellie Whitman Nellie W Whitman 1/2 sold to Paul & Nell Owen   
NEW 349   Paul - Nell Owen  
NEW 350 wife Wonda Gordon Morgan  
NEW 351 R G Williams Mr & Mrs R G Williams  
NEW 351 Mrs R G Williams Mr & Mrs R G Williams  
NEW 352 samll child Calvin Reynolds Canton Pa
NEW 353 husband Charles Mrs Edith Schanbacker  
NEW 354   Alfred Bower  
NEW 355 wife Clarence Kohler  
NEW 356 father Stephen Barnes mail card Mrs Wm Rupert- Laurence- Elwin- Stephen Jr- Aarthur Barnes & Frances Rupert  
NEW 357 Miss Ward Frank McNett  
NEW 358   Edward Owens  
NEW 359 Mr Innes Mable O Iness  
NEW 359 Mable Innes Mable O Innes  
NEW 360   Mr & Mrs Clayton Platt  
NEW 360 Laaurence Rice 1/2 lot of Clayton Platt  
NEW 361 husband Frank (1) Mrs Frank June  
NEW 361 Wesley matson (4) 1-4-72 Mrs Frank June  
NEW 362 Archie (2) Archie VanSychel  
NEW 362 wife (1) Archie VanSychel  
NEW 362 infant Carmen Jay Woodward Archie VanSychel  
NEW 363 Harriet Woodward Lowell Woodward  
NEW 364      
NEW 365      
NEW 366 husband grave (1) Mrs Lewis A Williams Sr  
NEW 367 husband William (1) Mrs Eva McIntosh  
NEW 368 Ralph McIlwain Ralph McIlwain  
NEW 369 infant daughter (4) Harley & Virginia Graham  
NEW 369 infant Aug 26 71 Harley & Virginia Graham  
NEW 370 mother Marion (4) Edward Snyder  
NEW 370 father Talbert Edward Snyder  
NEW 371 son Earl Bull  
NEW 372 Daniel Daniel Morgan- wife and son Endowed by Paul Keiffer  
NEW 377 son Terry (4) Elmo Vermilya  
NEW 378 E York Mr & Mrs Edward York  
NEW 379   Mr & Mrs William Ranck  
NEW 380 Barney Kelley grave (1) Myrtie M Kelley  
NEW 381   Harold Bull  
NEW 382 husbnd (1) Mrs Milton Haxton  
NEW 386   Phillip Graham  
NEW 387 husband (4) Mrs Edith Boesser  
NEW 388 wife Leah (2) Glenn Bailey Sr  
NEW 389   Mr & Mrs Joe Leonard & Edith Spencer  
NEW 390 husband Dorothy Lee  
NEW 392   Harold & Margaret Hemingway  
NEW 396 Mr Terry Eugene Terry  
NEW 397 Leon father grave (2) George W Tice  
NEW 398 husband Harry (1) Mrs Harry Abragast  
NEW 399   Mr & Mrs Joe Leonard & Edith Spencer see #389  
NEW 400   John & Lillian Lee 1/2lot Endowed  
NEW 400   Thomas- Shirley Daniels 1/2 lot  
NEW 406   Francis Stone  
NEW 407 husband William Ethel Snyder  
NEW 407 wife Ethel Ethel Snyder  
NEW 408   Robert Abragast  
NEW 409 husband Harold Florence Sheppard  
NEW 412   Marshall & Elizabeth Boyce  
NEW 416 husband (1) Eloise Lundy  
NEW 417 Gertrude Bohart Miles Bohart  
NEW 417 Miles Bohart grave (1) Miles Bohart  
NEW 418   Thedor & Roberta Spemcer  
NEW 418 Roberta (2) Thedor & Roberta Spemcer  
NEW 419 husband Russell (1) Dorothy Lodge  
NEW 426   John Day  Keen NH
NEW 427 mother Irene Paquette Sept 1967 Paquette girls Nancy- Joline- Wendy- Penny Castle  
NEW 427 baby boy Castle bur top grandmother's vault Paquette girls Nancy- Joline- Wendy- Penny Castle  
NEW 428   Daniel & Theodor Jr Spencer  
NEW 429   Robert & Gladys Ellis  
NEW 436 husband Robert E Morrow Catherine Morrow  
NEW 437   Kenneth Fields Leicester Ny
NEW 438   Robert & Joyce Spencer  
NEW 438 Miss Grace Spencer 1/2 Robert & Joyce Spencer  
NEW 439   1/2 Albert Merrick  
NEW 443 husband Emma Bryington  
NEW 443 Theador Bryington Emma Bryington  
NEW 452 Mrs Tetherington (2) 2-6-72 Tetherington & Koernig  
NEW 452 Mr Tetherington & Koernig  
BLOCK C 502 wife Eva(1) Clarence Carl  
BLOCK C 503 wife Edwardf L Smith  
BLOCK C 503 Husband Edward L Smith  
BLOCK C 504   John & Mary Jones Repko  
BLOCK C 505   Leon & Mary Carl  
BLOCK C 507   Carlyle Wooster  
BLOCK C 508 infant child Donald Wilston  
BLOCK C 509 Etma Jones Brown Harry & Ruth Jones  
BLOCK C 510 infant child Carlyle Bagley  
BLOCK C 512 Mr Hackman (3) Mr & Mrs Hugh Nichols - South - Mr & Mrs Harry Hackman - North  
BLOCK C 512 Hugh Nichols (1) Mr & Mrs Hugh Nichols - South - Mr & Mrs Harry Hackman - North  
BLOCK C 512 wife mary Nichols (2) Mr & Mrs Hugh Nichols - South - Mr & Mrs Harry Hackman - North  
BLOCK C 513 husband grave (1) Alice N Hawkins  
BLOCK C 513 grandaughter bur top husband's vault Alice N Hawkins  
BLOCK C 514 son Fred Thaden Williams  Fred & Doris Williams  
BLOCK C 514 Doris Williams Fred & Doris Williams  
BLOCK C 515 husband grave (1) Mrs Stella Loomis  
BLOCK C 515 Mrs Edgbert (Alma) Loomis (4) 2-24-72 Mrs Stella Loomis  
BLOCK C 516      
BLOCK C 517   Mr & Mrs Francis Elliott  
BLOCK C 518 son Theus grave (1) Mr & Mrs Howard Fosmer  
BLOCK C 519   Leon & Verna Morgan  
BLOCK C 520 husband Carl Myrtle Gail  
BLOCK C 521      
BLOCK C 522 Ida wife (2) Adam Yaggie  
BLOCK C 523   Kenneth Yaggie  
BLOCK C 524 infant Foster Boyce  
BLOCK C 525   Mr & Mrs Sam Palmer  
BLOCK C 527   Andy (Andrew) Yaggie  
BLOCK C 528   Chris Yaggie  
BLOCK C 529 wife Ernestine Robert Boyce  
BLOCK C 530 J E Secrist (1) Mrs J E Secrist  
BLOCK C 532 Jack Schaffer (1) Jack & Edna Schaffer 1/2 sold to John & Helen Zeigler  
BLOCK C 533 husband Howard (1) Mrs Howard Gruver  
BLOCK C 534 husband Chester (1) Mrs Christine Mix  
BLOCK C 537 Mr Johnston (2) William Johnston 1/2 sold to Marie Blaney  
BLOCK C 537   William Johnston 1/2 sold to Marie Blaney  
BLOCK C 538 father Perry grae (1) Wm Blaney  

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