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Grover Cemetery, Canton Township,  Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Plot Ownership Listing 1972
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Photo by Pat MOTT Gobea 2001
Cemetery Plot Ownership Listing 1972 submitted
by Fay TILLER Morgan 

Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

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Note from Fay TILLER Morgan - In 1972 I copied Laura Morgan's Grover Cemetery book. She was only interested in the owner, the plot number and the occupants. Some of the occupants were only listed at "baby" or"husband."
New, Old, and Block C refer to areas of the cemetery
BLOCK C 539 wife Ellen grave (2) Albert Neilson  
BLOCK C 540 wife Clara grave (2) Arthur Bastion  
BLOCK C 542 husband (1) Mildred Thompson  
BLOCK C 543   Mark & Marguerite Hager  
BLOCK C 544 husband Francis (1) Mrs Grace Schmelzle  
BLOCK C 545 husband Leonard Mary Boyce  
BLOCK C 548 wife grave (2) Theron McIlwain  
BLOCK C 549 husband William (1) Mrs Grace Rauscher 1/2 sold to W W Hall  
BLOCK C 549   Mrs Grace Rauscher 1/2 sold to W W Hall  
BLOCK C 550   Thomas Owen  
BLOCK C 553 Charles husband (1) Julia High  
BLOCK C 554 Ellen Leonard 4 graves Harold Bailey  
BLOCK C 558   Harold Owens  
BLOCK C 563   Odessa & Miles Leonard  
BLOCK C 565 wife Rachel (2) Charles R Earle  
BLOCK C 568   William Transue  
BLOCK C 569   Lewis R Bebble 2332 t Wukkuansoirt Pa 17701

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/29/2000
By Joyce M. Tice