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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
30 August 2000

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Name of Cemetery:  Rome Cemetery
Read By:   Sarah Edsell
Date Read:    May 2000
Typed for Website By:  Pat Raymond
Location:   Rte. 187, Rome Borough - Bradford County
Other comments:  HISTORICAL MARKER -Philip P. Bliss  -  The great singing evangelist and gospel   song writer lived and taught school at one time in Bradford Co.  The cemetery   monument was built by Sunday School gifts from England and the U.S. After his   death in 1876.
Other comments:  From 1904 Mortuary Records:  Barbara Elliott, wife of Joseph died Jan. 22, 1833   age 41 was the first person buried in this cemetery.  The remains of those lying   in earlier marked graves were re-interred here after the opening of the cemetery.
The listing remains in cemetery order. If you do not wish to review the listing page by page, it will eventually be included in the search engine which you will find in the main page of the site (Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice) You will find this in the Bradford County Directory.
The Willows of Rome by Joyce M. Tice - I am illustrating these pages with pictures of tombstone carved willows, all found in Rome Cemetery. The willow is one of the commonest of the 19th century tombstone symbols. It is widely believed to be a sign of mourning - weeping willow. While the symbol itself is common, its diversity is infinite as each stone carver's style varied with his tastes and skills and creative need for variety. These illustrations are a sampling of the tombstone carving project I will eventually be including on this site.
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Clark John M.   Oct.19.1840 5m 27d s/o Harry & Ellen Clark
  Annie       No other markings
Lent Henry D.   May 8.1867 59-4-14  
Lent Eliza   Oct.23.1892 81 yr w/o Henry Lent
Lent Mary E.   Apr.2.1854 18-1-9 d/o Henry & Eliza Lent
Lent Collette Dec.7.1892 23 yr w/o Newton C. Lent
Lent Mary E.   Mar.2.1891 16 yr d/o G. C. & S. M. Lent
Lent Augusta   May 27.1868 4y 7m d/o G. C. & S. M. Lent
Lent Charles W.   Nov.30.1892 20 yr  
Moore J. Earl 1875 1945   s/o Martin & Jane
Moore Jane A. Apr.10.1833 Apr.11.1901    
Lent Edward L.   Oct.3.1863 26-8-3 Co. E. 86 Reg. NY S.V. - Flag & Vet Marker
Lent Esther R.   Mar.11.1860 16y 6m d/o Rev. Smith & Mary
Lent Margaret   Mar.3.1874 25-4-3 d/o Elder S. & Mary A.
Lent Mary A.    Sep.5.1879 66-5-23 w/o Rev. Smith
Lent Rev. Smith Aug.27.1808 Jun.12.1894 85-9-15  
Lent Ealine (?)   Jul.14.1840 1yr 6m d/o Smith & Mary Ann
Forbes Preceptor C. Apr.17.1852 Mar.10.1915    
Angell Mary I. Apr.29.1856 Apr.29.1932   w/o Preceptor C. Forbes
Forbes Smith A. 1883 1967    
Forbes Lura G. 1889 1975    
Forbes Llewellyn   Mar.6.1921 9 yr s/o Smith & Lura - Drowned in Wysox Creek
Grandma         No other markings
Rockwell William P. 1843 1927   Co. I 3rd NY Cav.
Rockwell Frances Eudora High 1848 1916   w/o William P.
Rockwell Catherine Lent 1798 1880   w/o Simeon Rockwell
Rockwell Lucinda McEwen 1829 1901   w/o Rev. E. M. High
Rockwell Simeon   Oct.7.1854 61 yr  
Rockwell Catherine    Feb.10.1833 5-1-18 d/o S. & C.
Thurston Marian E. 1903 1964    
Thurston George H. 1901 1972    
Strope William P. Mar.6.1804 Apr.10.1890    
Strope Abagail Apr.23.1803 Oct.13.1895   w/o William
Strope Francis   Oct.8.1859 22-11-23  
Strope Murwin 1838 1921    
Dates Sarah E. 1834 1928   w/o Murwin Strope
Strope Alonzo   Nov.15.1834 5m 5d s/o William & Abigail
Strope Murr   No date 7m 4d s/o F. & A.
Brown Daughter   Feb.27.1861? 7 yr Daughter of (?) Year may be 1864
Strope William H.   Apr.12.1876?   s/o Jacob & Sarah (Date hard to read)
Taylor Addison W. Apr.3.1824 May 1.1904    
Taylor Mary H. May 14.1828 Feb.7.1901   w/o Addison W. Taylor
Taylor Hartly C.S. Oct.17.1857 Oct.17.1886    
Taylor Mertella E. Feb.26.1852 No date    
Taylor Benj. J. May 26.1781 Sep.11.1860    
Taylor Bathsheba Nov.15.1788 Dec.21.1876   w/o Benj. J.
Taylor Rev. C. E. Aug.11.1818 Apr.27.1888    
Taylor Emeline A. Jun.4.1822 Oct.5.1884   w/o Rev. C.E.
Taylor Hedding O. Jan.22.1857 May 3.1858 1-3-11 s/o Rev. C.E. & E. A.
Taylor Charles   Feb.9.1850 ??  
Wells Tamer   Feb.15.1852 70-6-15 w/o Amasa Wells
Vought Lucy   Aug.6.1849 43-4-14 w/o Thomas
Vought Thomas   Sep.12.1876 74-6-10  
Vought George N.   Feb.21.1864 17-10-10  
Vought Charles H.   Jul.17.1857 19y 7m  
Vought Daniel A.   Feb.9.1854   s/o Thomas & Mary
Bates Lucy J. Alger 1853 1883   w/o J.A. Bates - Erected by her Aunt, Rosamond Hiney
Vought H. Harrison   Dec.3.1874 18-4-19 s/o Thomas & Mary
Elsworth Zibbie   Dec.8.1866 32-10-4 w/o James B. Elsworth - Former w/o James L. Alger
Alger James L.   Apr.5.1855 24y 6m  
Taylor Samuel       Co. H 57 PA Inf / No other markings; flag & Vet Marker
Unknown         Foundation only - Flag & Vet. Marker
Lent Sarah E.   Apr.15.1845 10m 5d  
Vought Alonzo   Nov.20.1840?   Stone broken & embedded
Morris H.        No other markings
Morris Ruth   May 5.1865 82 yr w/o Eli 
Morris Irene   Feb.22.1887 66-11-5 w/o William
Howes Rowland S.   Jul.11.1867 56 yr  
Gable Ferdinand   Feb.24.1872 50y 3m  
Fitzkee Elizabeth M.   Feb.22.1888 65-10-22 w/o Ferdinand Gable
Gable Lizzie J.   Oct.8.1878 13-1-16 d/o F. & E.B. Gable
Vought Dora 1856 1898    
Gable (?) Julia       No other markings; could be Gable
Payne Milton E. Oct.4.1866 Aug.15.1930    
Bennett Edith Oct.8.1874 Aug.29.1936   w/o Milton E. Payne
Bennett Arthur, Jr. 1925 1938    
Bennett Clarence Arthur 1922 1923    
Bennett Lloyd Milton 1933    
Bennett Phyllis Lucille 1932 1935    
Bennett Loraine Alberta 1929 1930    
Bennett Geneva G. 1897 1973    
Bennett Rev. Arthur A. 1801 1965    
Trumbull Morgan D. 1879 No date    
Trumbull Ida S. 1873 1938    
Trumbull Evelyn M. 1915 No date    
Martin Arthur T. 1911 1952   Corporal WW 2 - Flag & Vet Marker
Martin Sarah L. 1913 No date    
Martin Nellie C. 1876 1954    
Martin John W. 1875 1935    
Martin John G. 1907 1976   PFC US Army WW 2 - Flag & Vet marker
Martin Daisy B. 1910 1982    
Russell Arthur L. 1906 1983    
Russell Elizabeth L. 1908 1951    
Russell Esther J. 1929 1966   d/o Arthur & Elizabeth - Missionary So. Rhodesia
Russell Marion 1907 1997    
McCabe Paul R. 1933 No date    
McCabe William J. Jun.7.1865 Feb.5.1920    
Russell Lottie A. Jul.24.1864 Apr.19.1902   w/o William J. McCabe
McCabe Charlotte R. Sep.21.1895 Feb.22.1920   d/o William & Lottie
McCabe Hugh May 8.1831 Dec.14.1903    
Layton Harriet Dec.12.1836 Jun.20.1906   w/o Hugh McCabe
McCabe Lester Hugh Jun.22.1876 Mar.17.1949    
Elliott Barbara Jan.22.1833 41 yr w/o Joseph
Elliott Mary Ellen   Dec.6?.1832 6-3-1 d/o Joseph & Barbara
Unknown         Field Stone, no markings

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/10/2000
By Joyce M. Tice