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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
30 August 2000

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Name of Cemetery:  Rome Cemetery
Read By:   Sarah Edsell
Date Read:    May 2000
Typed for Website By:  Pat Raymond
Location:   Rte. 187, Rome Borough - Bradford County
Other comments:  HISTORICAL MARKER -Philip P. Bliss  -  The great singing evangelist and gospel   song writer lived and taught school at one time in Bradford Co.  The cemetery   monument was built by Sunday School gifts from England and the U.S. After his   death in 1876.
Other comments:  From 1904 Mortuary Records:  Barbara Elliott, wife of Joseph died Jan. 22, 1833   age 41 was the first person buried in this cemetery.  The remains of those lying   in earlier marked graves were re-interred here after the opening of the cemetery.
The listing remains in cemetery order. If you do not wish to review the listing page by page, it will eventually be included in the search engine which you will find in the main page of the site (Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice) You will find this in the Bradford County Directory.
The Willows of Rome by Joyce M. Tice - I am illustrating these pages with pictures of tombstone carved willows, all found in Rome Cemetery. The willow is one of the commonest of the 19th century tombstone symbols. It is widely believed to be a sign of mourning - weeping willow. While the symbol itself is common, its diversity is infinite as each stone carver's style varied with his tastes and skills and creative need for variety. These illustrations are a sampling of the tombstone carving project I will eventually be including on this site.
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Park  Hugh 1856 1914    
Park Nora VanNess 1869 1943   w/o Hugh
Welliver John F. 1879 1949    
Welliver Leah Park 1888 1945    
Parks George M. 1869 1946    
Parks Minnie E. 1872 1958    
Fox Henry Feb.21.1850 Jun.7.1914    
Fox Abbie Oct.12.1859 Mar.3.1917   w/o Henry Fox
Fox Myrtle E. 1893 1986    
Fox Murray A. 1892 1964    
Fox Lester A, Sr. 1912 1977    
Fox Ina A. 1912 1985    
Welliver Karl       s/o J.F. & Leah Stone embedded
Welliver Francis 1913 1913   s/o J.F. & Leah 
Welliver Lyle 1910 1910   s/o J.F. & Leah
Abell Erma R. 1901 1982    
Abell George Lester Mar.18.1899 Mar.16.1986   Pvt. US Marine Corps WW1
Rockwell Kenneth   Sep.6.1912 1-5-6  
Rockwell Basil   Oct.8.1913 5m 14d  
Rockwell Lemuel S. Jul.17.1852 Sep.15.1918    
Rockwell Mae F. 1882 1949    
Rockwell Fred D. 1877 1937    
Russell Joseph P. 1844 1903   Co. K 109 NY Vol - Flag & Vet Marker
Tanner Emilia H. 1850 1930   w/o Joseph P. Russell
Russell Clay Fahlen 1874 1875   s/o Joseph & Emilia
Reynolds E.E. Dec.18.1836 Aug.10.1900   Co. D. 17 PA Calv. - Flag & Vet Marker
Reynolds Lucinda Dec.4.1828 May 15.1915   w/o E.E.
Lent George A. Apr.22.1841 Nov.9.1930  
Towner Alma E. Dec.26.1847 Sep.26.1926   w/o George Lent
Lent Jennie  Feb.27.1877 Mar.25.1944   w/o Arthur Sheeler
Lent A. Frederick Apr.25.1874 Jan.29.1895    
Sheeler F. Dudley Apr.1.1904 Mar.28.1940   s/o A.D. & J. M. Sheeler
Arnold William P.   Aug.30.1866 61 yr  
Arnold Phebe A.   No date   w/o William - No dates
Evans Daisy Whitney 1900 1927    
Whitney Lizzie Goff May 13.1877 Apr.26.1932    
Whitney Thomas W. Feb.26.1872 Sep.10.1919    
Russell Simon       No dates - Flag & Vet Marker
Russell Seth C.   Dec.28.1894 23 yr  
Russell Jannie C.       w/o Seth C. Russell - No dates - "Erected by Jannie C. Russell"
Bergstresser Franklin 1873 1934    
Snyder Charles H. Apr.12.1849 May 22.1899   Co. I 51 Regt. PA Vol - Flag & Vet Marker
Snyder Polly E. May 26.1849 Jan.25.1917   w/o Charles H. Snyder
Whitney Ruth Maynard 1877 1959    
Parks N.N. Sep.27.1826 Aug.31.1891   Co. G 185th NYS Vol.
Parks Esther Allis Oct.1.1825 Apr.17.1888   w/o N.N. Parks
Bennett Ettie E. 1854 1925    
Bennett William H.   1937   No other dates
Parks Nancy 1859 1900    
Parks Edgar 1859 1920    
Whaling Viola 1859 1932    
Whaling Scott 1852 1901    
Parks Stella M. 1856 1924    
Parks ? Oscar 1857 1929    
Parks Newton R. 1883 1948    
Parks Perry W. 1872 1961    
Parks Philena 1844 1942    
Parks Mahlon 1849 1927    
Martin John D. 1904 1962    
Martin Sarah  1865 1951    
Davis Levi F. Sep.1.1854 Mar.4.1924    
Russell Loretta D. Jan.13.1859 Jun.18.1915   w/o Levi F. Davis
Russell John M.   Mar.12.1886 59-4-12 Co. I 141 Regt. PA Vol. - Flag & Vet Marker
Russell Amanda Nov.13.1829 Jan.4.1906   w/o J.M.
Strope Josephine   Mar.25.1886 21y 21d w/o George W. 
Eastabrook Charles J. Nov.18.1838 Dec.19.1919   Enlisted Aug.8.1862-Discharged May 28, 1865 -Served as Com's Sergt of 141st PA Vol. - Flag & Vet Marker
Prince Hermina G. Jan.29.1839 Sep.25.1915   w/o Charles J. Eastabrook
Eastabrook Infant Son   Oct.15.1867    
Eastabrook Charles F. Apr.22.1870 May 13.1871    
Eastabrook C. Bert Dec.9.1873 Jan.14.1960    
Eastabrook Nettie L. Aug.6.1878 Sep.25.1951   w/o C. Bert
Eastabrook Lavere May 30.1898 Dec.7.1901    
Eastabrook Leah Boardman 1902 1936   w/o George
Eastabrook George M. 1900 1969    
Eastabrook Martha Dale 1903 1980    
Eastabrook Gladys P. 1938 No date    
Eastabrook B. Develle 1936 1984    
Swanger William "Dutch" 1898 1959    
Lung alanson B.   Sep.16.1889 71 yr  
Lung Maria James   Apr.10.1882 61 yr w/o A.B.
Lung Flora 1852 1934    
Rifenburg Charles H.   Aug.31.1882 32 yr  
Wilmot Ida   May.11.1893 35 yr w/o Charles Rifenburg
Rice Margie 1871 1895   w/o Dr. R. G.
Rice Mary W, Ph.G 1872 1947    
Rice William 1840 1919   Asst. Surgeon 9 PA Cav.
Whitney Emily V. 1839 1920   w/o Dr. William Rice
Rice Infant Daughter Mar.31.1879 Apr.6.1879   d/o William & Emily
Blackmer Donald C. Jan.1.1894 Oct.30.1973   NY PFC US Army WW 1 - Flag & Vet Marker
Blackmer Mary Elizabeth R. 1914 1990    
Rice Bertina H. 1887 1973    
Rice David S. 1884 1964    
Horton Josiah   Oct.30.1890 68y 9m  
Lung Mary H.       w/o Josiah Horton - No Dates
Gibbs Emery B.   Nov.21.1881 52-8-4  
Wickizer Samantha M Heath 1850 1885 34-7-11 w/o O. C.
Bush Charlotte   Jul.16.1877 42 yr w/o George - A Native of Bristol, England
Bush Thomas    Apr.29.1874 1-2-2 s/o George & Charlotte
Bush George   Dec.23.1916 82 yr  
Harvey Thomas Mar.25.1823 Jan.2.1904    
Harvey Anna Jun.29.1833 Mar.25.1911   w/o Thomas
Harvey Laura Post 1873 1949    
Harvey Charles 1874 1927    
Harvey Marian L. May 16.1915 No date    
Harvey Lester S. Nov.20.1910 Jun.15.1986   Children: Charles, Donna, Richard, Anna, Cherie, Thomas, Lester

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/10/2000
By Joyce M. Tice