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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
30 August 2000

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Name of Cemetery:  Rome Cemetery
Read By:   Sarah Edsell
Date Read:    May 2000
Typed for Website By:  Pat Raymond
Location:   Rte. 187, Rome Borough - Bradford County
Other comments:  HISTORICAL MARKER -Philip P. Bliss  -  The great singing evangelist and gospel   song writer lived and taught school at one time in Bradford Co.  The cemetery   monument was built by Sunday School gifts from England and the U.S. After his   death in 1876.
Other comments:  From 1904 Mortuary Records:  Barbara Elliott, wife of Joseph died Jan. 22, 1833   age 41 was the first person buried in this cemetery.  The remains of those lying   in earlier marked graves were re-interred here after the opening of the cemetery.
The listing remains in cemetery order. If you do not wish to review the listing page by page, it will eventually be included in the search engine which you will find in the main page of the site (Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice) You will find this in the Bradford County Directory.
The Willows of Rome by Joyce M. Tice - I am illustrating these pages with pictures of tombstone carved willows, all found in Rome Cemetery. The willow is one of the commonest of the 19th century tombstone symbols. It is widely believed to be a sign of mourning - weeping willow. While the symbol itself is common, its diversity is infinite as each stone carver's style varied with his tastes and skills and creative need for variety. These illustrations are a sampling of the tombstone carving project I will eventually be including on this site.
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Parks Harry L. 1886 1947    
Parks Sylvia L. 1886 No date    
Fowler Hilda L. 1906 1983    
Fowler Harry G. 1900 1949    
Fowler Francis L. 1936 1991    
Fowler Charles E. 1874 1945    
Holcombe Guy D. Feb.9.1913 Sep.14.1990    
Holcombe Marian H. Sep.23.1914 No date    
Holcombe Fesa M. 1885 1976    
Holcombe F. Leslie 1882 1957    
Fowler George W. May 10.1925 Feb.10.1971   PA S1 US Coast Guard WW2 - Flag & Vet Marker
Fowler Leon H. Sep.4.1934 Jan.24.1981   A3c US Air Force Korea
Comstock Harry L. 1885 1951    
Comstock Edna R. 1891 1974    
Comstock Baby Flossie   1917    
Whitney Olive M. 1900 1968    
Whitney Andrew J. 1893 1952   Flag & Vet Marker
Doane Nina K. 1891 1977    
Doane Ernest 1892 1953    
Rockwell Lewis C. 1922 No date   WW2 Vet
Rockwell Shirley R. 1933 No date    
Seeley Ella May May 31.1878 May 6.1955    
Seeley Ernest Jul.27.1877 No date   Stone lying flat
Babcock Sybil 1901 1959    
Babcock Jason 1900 1972    
Comstock Clayton A. 1918 1975    
Comstock Georgianna B. 1924 1973    
Comstock Kathryn B. 1922 1994    
Comstock Elmer C. 1919 No date   Our sons: Thomas, Ronald
Depew Albert D. 1922 No date    
Depew Evelyn L. 1924 No date   Married Oct. 29, 1943
Miller Fred B. 1895 1967   Flag & Vet Marker
Miller Nina E. 1887 1978    
Cook Raymond R. 1912 1966    
Cook Ruth S. 1911 No date    
Edsell Clara P. 1898 1982    
Edsell Glenn W. 1892 1964    
Carrington Glen S. Dec.26.1910 Sep.23.1993    
Daugherty Zemma L. Oct.7.1909 Mar.12.1989   w/o Glen S. Carrington
Lee Richard Nov.27.1947 Feb.20.1967   could be Richard Lee Carrington (?)
Luce Theodore H. 1948 1965    
Miller James W. 1882 1967    
Miller Anna M. 1900 1971    
Miller James 1933 1975    
Zaleski Stella J. 1914 1973    
Zaleski A. Andy 1912 1987    
Janssen Major L. 1922 1982   Back of Stone-Major L. Janssen--S Sgt. US Marine Corps WW2
Janssen Thelma J. 1932 No date    
Robinson Marguerite G. 1912 1971    
Robinson Lucius E. 1907 1997    
Robinson Edna L. 1909 No date    
Evans Ruth E. 1942 1976    
Evans Stephanie Marie   May 29.1990    
Evans Margaret E. 1963 1991    
Maslin Tammy A. Jun.4.1970 Sep.18.1971    
Strope Charlotte M. 1912 1999    
Strope Howard L. 1916 1992    
Brown Harry E. Mar.12.1924 Jun.21.1984   Capt. US Navy - Flag & Vet Marker "fair winds and following seas"
Brown June M. Jun.1.1927 No date   His XO - Back of Stone: Harry Everett Brown: Capt. US Navy WW2 Korea
Phillips Alan E. Nov.4.1972 Mar.30.1974    
Jones Edward,Jr "Roy" 1940 1988    
Jones Edward L. 1912 1998    
Jones Elizabeth M. 1917 No date    
Coolbaugh Isabel D. 1931 No date    
Coolbaugh Elmer J. 1927 No date    
Coolbaugh Ramona K. 1951 1983    
Coolbaugh Gerald E. 1955 No date    
Sampson Alice M. Aug.7.1917 No date    
Sampson Donald C. Nov.26.1916 Mar.26.1984    
Walker Arthur E. 1923 1986    
Walker Isedora M. 1923 No date    
MacNeal Tracey L. 1918 1997    
MacNeal Barbara V. 1921 No date    
Evans Roy J. 1951 1991   Flag & Vet Marker
Evans Susan E. 1952 No date    
Marshall Dylan James May 4.1997 Oct.10.1998    
VanSice Lloyd C. 1916 No date    
VanSice Alice 1917 No date    
Moore Edward H. 1907 No date    
Moore Wilma F. 1911 1999    
Cashdollar William Russell Sep.17.1922 Aug.13.1996   Flag & Vet Marker
Cashdollar Beatrice Rockwell Nov.29.1917 No date    
DeYoung Theodore H. Jun.12.1898 Jan.5.1996    
Belles Gary K. Jul.31.1948 Jan.3.1999    
Elliott Oscar   Jul.7.1876 62-9-11  
Gates Ruth A. Prince   Dec.27.1873 69 yr w/o G.W. Gates
Stephens William H.   Jan.17.1868 28-7-10  
Vought William    Jun.30.1873 63-1-20  
Whitaker Ruhamah   Aug.1.1870 50y 4m  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/10/2000
By Joyce M. Tice