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Stevens Cemetery 2009
Pike Township, Bradford County, PA


Photo of Stevens Cemetery by Lyle Rockwell


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Name of Cemetery:  Stevens Cemetery
Read By:  Lyle Rockwell
Date Read:   4-Apr-09
GPS Coordinates: N41 - 49.193, W76 - 10.282
Typed By:   Lyle Rockwell
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 2009
Location:  From downtown LeRaysville, Pike Township, Bradford County, PA, go south on Rte 467 for one mile, turn left on SR1013 Davis Rd. for 1/2 mile. Cemetery on right side.
Other comments:  Cemetery was read on south side of driveway first, then complete back row proceeding to front rows. "Astericks" In comments indicate message is from tombstone. I have a digital picture of each tombstone.
  Contact me at (Notes in these brackets are my information from research)
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Vance Geo. W.   12/03/ 26y  
Johnson Denison 5/06/1806 10/21/1889    
Matteson Susan E. 7/18/1805 1/14/1888   "His Wife" Same stone as Denison Johnson
Hodge James   11/05/1863 68y/4m  
Ransom Keturah   11/24/1862 61y/7m "Wife of James Hodge" Same stone as James Hodge
Blackman Bennett   7/11/1868    
Blackman Abigail   2/__/1868   "His Wife"
Edwards Boyce "Bucky" 8/14/1932 10/16/2004    
  Arvilla 2/10/1933 11/3/2005   Same stone as Boyce "Bucky" Edwards
McManus Robert Irad 11/2/1942 5/5/2006   "Married Jan. 3 1964"
  Rose Marie 8/2/1946     Same stone as Robert Irad McManus
Abbott Elisha C. 10/07/1822 8/27/1891    
Goodell Alvira A. 9/04/1823 2/01/1889   "Wife of E.C. Abbott" Same stone as Elisha C. Abbott
Northrop Oliver W.   11/04/1862 41y/9m/20d  
Rogers Julia O.     68y/9m/25d No death date on stone & weathered bad
Brush Cornwall       Weathered and hard to read (b. abt 1780, died bef 1850)
Brush Huldah       "Wife of Cornwall Brush" The death date is underground, since only 1/2 stone is standing (Maiden name Struble)
Bosworth Mary B.   7/19/1854   "Wife of Traver Bosworth"
Bosworth Traver       "Co.B 141st Pa. Inf." No birth or death date
Wood Sally   9/30/1856   "Wife of Albert Wood"
Bowker Albert O.   9/17/1856 4y/6d "Son of W & R Bowker"
Beers Sarah   2/09/1854 76y/2m/21d "Wife of Ebenezer T. Beers"
Beers Ebenezer T.   10/12/1855 76y/8m/13d  
Brink Polly   10/18/1847 60y "Wife of Jonathan Brink"
Brink Jonathan   7/05/1852 71y/3m/5d Weathered and hard to read & stone broken in 1/2
Goodell Jennett 10/11/1805 3/02/1884 78y/4m/20d  
Keech Louisa M.   2/10/1860 24y/3m/19d "Wife of Joseph B. Keech"
Abbott John   12/23/1863 82yrs  
Abbott Prudence   3/02/1864 72yrs "Wife of John Abbott" Same stone as John Abbott (Maiden name Ford, daughter of Bela Ford)
Ford Mary A.   2/05/1896   "Wife of Collins B. Abbott" Stone is only 1/2 there so age is not visable
Abbott Collins B.   11/28/1875 57y/5m  
Abbott Sarah O. 2/26/1833 6/07/1899   "Wife of Moses Depue"
Depue Moses   6/27/1893 68y Same stone as Sarah O. Abbott
Ross Kenneth Elliott 1920 1922    
Rose Fay L. 1873 1952    
  Eva T. 1873 1947   Same stone as Fay L. Rose
Rose Luah 12/08/1897 10/14/1899   "Daughter of Fay & Eva Rose"
Bosworth Nelson E. 1862 1947    
Bosworth Jessie 1866 1949   Same stone as Nelson E. Bosworth
Bosworth James W.   1/16/1899 76y5m  
Bird Laura   1/01/1891 60y4m "His Wife" Same stone as James W. Bosworth
Bosworth Reed 6/27/1784 8/8/1863    
  Amarilla 7/03/1783 3/24/1864   Same stone as Reed Bosworth (Maiden name Peck)
  Amarilla 7/03/1783 3/24/1864 82yrs Separate stone from Reed Bosworth stone
Brink Mary E. 7/13/1840 5/26/1884   "Daughter of Wm & Laura Brink" Same stone as Wm Brink
Mercereau Laura 1/19/1812 10/04/1869   "Wife of Wm Brink" Same stone as William Brink
Brink Henrietta R. 9/13/1838 5/20/1845   "Daughter of Wm & Laura Brink" Same stone as Wm Brink
Brink William 1/24/1819 12/23/1883    
(____) (____)       Small stone weathered & unreadable
Whitehead Homer L.   6/25/1893 7y Son of J.B. & Martha Whitehead
Whitehead Lucy   5/3/1879   Weathered so some is unreadable
  Fredarior B.       Weathered so some is unreadable
Whitehead         Weathered so some is unreadable
Whitehead Elijah       Death date is there but weathered unreadable
(____) (____)       Weathered unreadable
McCumber Comfort   1/19/1861 73y10m "Wife of Sherad McCumber"
(____) (____)       Small stone unreadable
McCumber Jane E.   4/13/1863 53y Weathered so some is unreadable
  Almira A.       Weathered so some is unreadable
Tyrell Lydia   9/__/1856   "Wife of John Tyrell" Weathered so some is unreadable
Bailey Laura 1804 1875    
Bailey Daniel 1800 1872    
Bailey Dudley 1831 1864    
Bailey Ransford 1826 1857    
Bailey Deborah 1830 1859    
Bailey Nancy 1836 1862    
Bailey Harry 1870 1872    
Bailey James R. 1860 1934    
E.M.B.         Small stone with Initials only
A.M.B.         Small stone with Initials only
N.D.B.         Small stone with Initials only
Bailey Nelly D. 12/12/1861 4/16/1889   "In Loving Memory of Nelly D., only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E.M. Bailey
Bailey James 1860 1934   "Son of E.M. Bailey" Same stone as Nellie D. Bailey
Bailey E.M. 9/13/1835 5/11/1909   "In Memory of" (Martin E.)
Bosworth A.M. 10/19/1843 4/7/1921   "Wife of E.M. Bailey" (Arabella Martha)
Davis Morgan 4/22/1922     Birth year only. Back side: Married June 29, 1948 Daughters Barbara 1949 Diane 1960
  Mary Edith 11/1/1923     Birth year only. Same stone as Morgan Davis
Davis Francis H. 3/8/1924 7/21/2006   Back side: Our Children, Lynda 11/24/1959, Carol 8/09/1962, Our Grandchildren, Brennan 6/09/1990, Jolie 7/03/1997
  Jane L. 4/7/1924     "Married Oct. 4, 1958" No death date. Same stone as Francis H. Davis
Morris Samuel H. 8/13/1860 2/28/1939    
Northrop Susie E. 3/05/1858 1/28/1945   "His Wife" Same stone as Samuel H. Morris
Devine Charles L. 1878 1947   "Father"
  Phoebe A. 1883 1949   "Mother" Same stone as Charles L. Devine
Camp Theron E. 12/08/1879 1/10/1966    
  Mary G. 2/12/1885 2/12/1942   "His Wife" Same stone as Theron E. Camp
Bosworth George W. 1836 /1920   "G,W.B. 14 & 15 Ill. Line" Large stone
  Mary I. 1838 /1927   "His Wife" Same stone as George W. Bosworth
Bosworth Mary I. 1838 /1927   Separate small stone
Bosworth George W. 1836 1920   "Co. C 14 & 15th Ill. Inf. & Vol." Small separate stone
Brown Walter A. 1887 1955    
Brown Mary A. 1858 1942    
Brown Lloyd F. 1881 1963    
Brown George R. 1853 1929    
Brink Albert W. 1875 1949    
  Mabel B. 1880 1975   Same stone as Albert W. Brink
Moore Abel 1/14/1817 2/14/1891    
  Mary C. 4/20/1827 3/2/1901   "His Wife" Same stone as Abel Moore (Maiden name Reese)
Moore Zachary T. 3/05/1849 9/16/1856   "Son of A. & M.C. Moore" Same stone as Abel Moore
Moore George R. 11/24/1851 3/24/1881   "Son of A. & M.C. Moore" "Many Fond Hopes lie Buried Here" Same stone as Abel Moore
  Amanda M.       No last name visible
Fairchild Augusta        
  Lucy J.   9/10/1854 26y3m/11d "Wife of Benjamin _______ * Daug. Of Jonathan & Sally Nichols"
Nichols Harriet L.   3/22/1855 31y "Daug. Of Jonathan & Sally Nichols"
Agnew Samuel   2/23/1854 69y/7d  
Nichols Jonathan       Only top portion of stone is visible so no death date
(____) (____)       This stone looks like bottom 1/2 of Jonathan Nichols stone
  Sarah       Weathered and unreadable
Nichols I. Clinton   9/1859 36y  
Gage Hendrick D. 10/11/1822 2/06/1892    
Edwards Lydia Ann 11/07/1826 9/12/1859   "His Wife" Same stone as Hendrick D. Gage
Goodell Harriet 2/31/1836 3/13/1894   "His Wife" Same stone as Hendrick D. Gage
Gage Lydia Ann 7/20/1859 9/25/1859   "Dau. Of H.D. & Lydia Ann Gage"
Reynolds Charles W.   11/20/1888 69y/11m/22d  
Denton Amanda M.   3/01/1883 64y/8m/27d "Wife of Charles W. Reynolds"
(____) (____)       Small stone weathered & unreadable
  John K.       Small stone weathered & unreadable
  Charles J.       "Son of ______
Rogers George E. 6/13/1919     Back side "Our Children Jerry, Jeannine, Michael, & Sandra (Death date is Nov. 24, 2008 but isn't on stone yet)
  Ruth A. 2/10/1923     Same stone as George E. Rogers
Brink Thomas   4/16/1868 70y/9m/24d  
Kasson Lois   12/03/1888 79y/2m/7d "Wife of Thomas Brink" Separate stone from Thomas Brink
Lines Lucy A. 11/24/1833 2/12/1898   "Wife of N.B. Brink"
Fassett Amarilla M.   12/30/1865 29y/7m/7d "Wife of A.D. Fassett"
(____) (____)       Small stone weathered & unreadable
Ellsworth William H. 12/06/1838 10/07/1878    
Brink Adelaide S. 6/13/1840 1/1/1903   "His Wife" Same stone as William H. Ellsworth
Bosworth Lewis L. 8/03/1809 12/14/1882   "In Memory of"
  Sarah A. 4/06/1809 2/28/1891   "His Wife" Same stone as Lewis L. Bosworth
Rose William S.   1/17/1865 20y "Died In US Service" "Son of G.W. & V.B. Rose"
  Valvasa B.       "Wife of G.W. Ross" Stone is not visable below Died… (Daug of Irad & Sarah Bosworth Stevens))
Rose Felix G. 1849 1920    
Rose Sophorina A. 1850 1922    
(____) (____)       Only top 1/2 of stone. Same Weeping Willow design as Irad Stevens stone, perhaps his wife Sarah
Stevens Irad Esc. 1792 1851   Only top 1/2 of stone
  Eliza   10/19/1842 8y/11m/3d "Daughter of Irad & Sarah Stevens"
Boughton Edward P.   3/12/1845 20y/6m/8d "Adopted son of Irad & Sarah Stevens"
  Irad S.       Small stone weathered bad
  Robert B.       Small stone weathered bad. Same style stone as Irad S.

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By Joyce M. Tice