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Stevens Cemetery 2009
Pike Township, Bradford County, PA


Photo of Stevens Cemetery by Lyle Rockwell


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Name of Cemetery:  Stevens Cemetery
Read By:  Lyle Rockwell
Date Read:   4-Apr-09
GPS Coordinates: N41 - 49.193, W76 - 10.282
Typed By:   Lyle Rockwell
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 2009
Location:  From downtown LeRaysville, Pike Township, Bradford County, PA, go south on Rte 467 for one mile, turn left on SR1013 Davis Rd. for 1/2 mile. Cemetery on right side.
Other comments:  Cemetery was read on south side of driveway first, then complete back row proceeding to front rows. "Astericks" In comments indicate message is from tombstone. I have a digital picture of each tombstone.
  Contact me at (Notes in these brackets are my information from research)
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Stevens William B. 8/12/1817 12/21/1903    
Bailey  Esther W. 4/20/1820 7/22/1892   "His Wife" Same stone as William B. stevens
Stevens Herbert I. 5/03/1859 12/18/1894   "Our Children" Same stone as William B. & Esther W. Bailey Stevens
Stevens Robert W. 6/18/1860 10/19/1897   "Our Children" Same stone as William B. & Esther W. Bailey Stevens
Stevens Irad 12/09/1849 8/28/1856   "Our Children" Same stone as William B. & Esther W. Bailey Stevens
Stevens Robert B. 8/17/1851 9/05/1856   "Our Children" Same stone as William B. & Esther W. Bailey Stevens
Morgan David 1859 1936    
Stevens Mary E. 1863 1886   "Wife of David Morgan"
Davis George H. 1899 1969    
  Esther M. 1897 1977   Same stone as George H. Davis
Dibble Santford 1847 1920    
Gage Nettie L. 1855 1935   "His Wife" Same stone as Santford Dibble
LaRue         Single Large Stone with no Names
LaRue? Isaac L. 1855 1915   Single small stone next to Large LaRue stone
Coolbaugh Walter S. 1879 1948   Same stone as George L. Coolbaugh
Coolbaugh George L. 1844 1919    
Coolbaugh Ada E. 1856 1946   Same stone as George L. Coolbaugh
Bailey  Marian A. Brink 4/27/1847 1/24/1893   Apparently maiden name was Brink. No husband name on stone
Brink  Abigail S. 1820 1889   Same stone as Marian A. Brink Bailey
Blackman   2/12/1822     No death date on stone & weathered bad
  Sarah A.  7/03/1826 3/19/1873   "His Wife" Same stone as Blackman
Evitts Ebenezer   9/07/1856 74y/8m/26d (Married Hannah Bosworth, daug. of Joseph & Medina Bosworth)
Smith Harriet   7/23/1855 50y  
Gartside         Large stone in between Two small stones on each side
  Alize P. 5/08/1856     On North side of large Gartside stone
  George T. 9/01/1864     On North side of large Gartside stone
Gartside Thomas 6/29/1828 3/11/1905   "Father" engraved on top of stone. Small stone on South side of large Gartside stone
  Permelia L.       "Mother" "Wife of Thomas Gartside" Small stone on South side of large Gartside stone
Michnich Nicholas 1889 1980    
  Katherine 1896 1968   Same stone as Nicholas Michnich
Huber Samuel H.   11/03/1884 45y/6m/4d  
(____) Gr       Small stone weathered & unreadable with two names side by side
(____) Gracie       Small stone weathered & unreadable with two names side by side
Keeler Addie P.   11/07/1873 5y/9m/10d "Daughter of Ezra P. & Martha I. Keeler."
Keeler Ezra P. 4/05/1838 10/12/1918   "Co. M 15th Regt. N.Y. Eng."
Wood Martha I. 8/18/1836 5/7/1909   "His Wife" Same stone as Ezra P. Keeler
Judson Austin James 1/10/1997     "Our Infant Son"
Williams Donald J. 12/25/1940      
Williams Cynthia A. 8/20/1940     Same stone as Donald J. Williams
Williams Michelle A. 4/17/1969     "LPN" Same stone as Donald J. Williams
Kurz Charles P. /1924      
  Florence L. /1932     Same stone as Charles P. Kurz
  Madillo   9/1876 12y/ "Son of (____)
Bender Samuel E. 1861 1914    
  Mary H. 1869 1961   "His Wife" Same stone as Samuel E. Bender
Hammerly John M. 4/30/1840 8/08/1886    
  Elvira M. 7/22/1844 10/10/1914   "His Wife" Same stone as John M. Hammerly
Hammerly Charles W. 4/17/1866 4/22/1889   "Their Son" Same stone as John M. Hammerly
Monroe Paul K. 1899 1973    
  Mildred L. 1916 1994   Same stone as Paul K. Monroe
  Ruth 1905 1936   Small stone with no last name, between two larger Monroe stones
Monroe Charles H. 1866 1951    
  Dora K. 1870 1945   Same stone as Charles H. Monroe
Ross Fred C. 1886 1958    
  Elsie R. 1890 1988   Same stone as Fred C. Ross
Johnson George D. 7/14/1825 4/28/1888    
  Susan C. 3/08/1827 7/7/1910   "His Wife" Same stone as George D. Johnson (maiden name Evitts)
Billings Frederick T. 4/26/1841 8/4/1909    
Birdsall Elvira F. 3/30/1841 5/20/1911   "His Wife" Same stone as Frederick T. Billings
Billings George E. 6/07/1863     Same stone as Frederick T. & Elvira F. Birdsall Billings, with no death date
Lines Eddie F.   5/14/1859 9m/4d "Son and Daughter of N.J. & E.P. Lines"
Lines Florence L.   1/11/1869 7y/10m/1d Same stone as Eddie F. Lines
Brink  Charles H.   12/13/1896 33y  
Canfield Jennie 1862 1922   "Wife of Chas. H. Brink" Same stone as Charles H. Brink
Bosworth Lewis Alba 1835 1918   Small stone with GAR flag holder
Bosworth         Large Bosworth Stone, with name only
Bosworth Elbertine S. 1842 1925   Small stone next to Large Bosworth marker
Warner Clara S.  9/12/1879 2/4/1910   "Wife of Hugh H. Bosworth"
Warner Anna 10/26/1882 6/19/1913   "Wife of Arthur G. Bosworth"
Stanton Williard E. 5/17/1928 6/10/1978   "S1 US Navy World War II" Military Bronze Marker
(____) (____)       Broken stone laying in pieces
Howell J. Gideon 9/16/1843 4/17/1922   "Co. M 2nd N.Y. Vet. Cav."
Ellsworth Betsey A. 8/13/1845 5/15/1915   "His Wife" Same stone as J. Gideon Howell
Stevens William H. 1862 /1939    
  Eliza B. 1867 /1944   Same stone as William H. Stevens
Otis Theodore E. 7/22/1844 1/1/1910    
Otis Elizabeth E. 1/22/1848     No death date. Same stone as Theodore E. Otis
Ellsworth John A. 2/07/1824 10/2/1901    
Brink  Philena E. 3/30/1828 1/5/1907   "His Wife" Same stone as John A. Ellsworth
Ellsworth Orval L. 1853 /1933   "Father" "Son of J.A. Ellsworth" Separate small stone from his father
Canfield Mary  1855 /1932   "Mother" "Wife of O.L. Ellsworth" Stone separate & next to Orval L. Ellsworth
Ellsworth Lena 1879 1904   "Daughter" "Wife of R.P. Davis"
Lewis Hanford S. 7 sep 1842 7 mar 1880   "Co. E. 54 Pa. Vol." 
  Martha L.       "Wife of H.S. Lewis" Separate stone from Hanford Lewis
  M.L.L.       Same stone as H.S.L., possible indicating Hanford & Martha Lewis
Worden (____)   6/04/1884   "Son of (____) & Rachael Worden" Stone is possibly broken and buried in ground, since no age is exposed
Worden Martin H.   12/14/1891 8y/4m "Son of A.P. & Clara Worden"
Worden Alfred P. 1840 1919    
  Rachael A.   4/10/1878   "Wife of Alfred P. Worden"
Ross Zadie R. 9/3/1917 1/7/1995    
Kissell Arlene Elaine Ross 9/21/1910 5/29/1994   "Casting all your care upon him for he careth for you. 1 Peter 5:7"
Denton Phebe Jane 1815 1916    
Brown George W. 10/10/1917 8/20/1987   "This stone is placed here with great Love and fond memories" Bronze plate
Brown Frank E. /1883 /1969    
  Lucy C. /1887 /1966   Same stone as Frank E. Brown
Brown Joanne 5/2/1932     Separate stone with no death date
Gates Linda 2/24/1945     Separate stone with no death date
Hickey Philip Steven /1918 /1989   "WW II"
Brown M. Jeanette /1921     Same stone as Philip Steven Hickey with no death date
Bender C. Raymond 5/19/1893 4/22/1966   Same stone as Florence H. Bender
  Florence H. 10/21/1896 1/16/1987   "Granmma Bender to Everyone"
Clink Jon C. "Jack" 1/28/1939 4/11/1995   "Our children Jonnie, Sandy, Randy, Roger, & Rick" No wife name on stone
Clink Leon A. 1918 /1922    
  Eleanor B. 1919 9/19/1902   Same stone as Leon A. Clink
Clink Randall T. 12/15/1964 11/2/1993   "Randy"
  Smantha   6/1897   Stone is weathered bad
  Huldah A.       Stone is weathered bad
  Francis       Stone is weathered bad
Prentice Martin S. 8/22/1837 9/2/1925    
Vaughn Ella 11/22/1842 5/28/1906   "His Wife" Same stone as Martin S. Prentice
Marvin Mary 1/15/1827 7/11/1902   "Erected by their only child" Separate stone
Marvin Francis   10/09/1877 61y "Child - Anne Martin Pratt" Separate stone
Northrop Dennis G. 12/02/1834 8/16/1916    
Fletcher Emily 5/15/1836 1/24/1902   "His Wife" Same stone as Dennis G. Northrop
Coolbaugh Frank M. 1856 /1907    
Coolbaugh Wallace M. 1854 /1934    
  Eva 1858 1930   Same stone as William M. Coolbaugh
Barton James C. 1864 1908    
Wells Cora D. 1869 1930   "His Wife" Same stone as James C. Barton
Barton Elwood W. 1895 1920    

Last Updated on 4/20/2009
By Joyce M. Tice