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Photograph by Joyce M. Tice April 2001
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Name of Cemetery:    Fulton Street Cemetery (Formerly Southport Cemetery)
Read By:  Mrs. Hugh Staver 1932 (Sorry, her own name not given) - Joseph & Doris Boyd 1974
Date Read:   See Above
Typed By:   Pat SMITH Raymond
Location:  West side of Fulton St. between Franklin St. and South Ave., Elmira, Chemung Co., N.Y.
Other comments: See Article on History - * Indicates that no marker was found in 1974 Reading
NOTE:  6 miscellaneous parts of markers too broken up or eroded to read
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
*Allen Addis Mar.3.1876 Jul.12.1876    
*Ammerman Mrs. Margaret   Dec.11.1869 45y8m par. George Gardner
*Angeleski   Oct.21.1870 Oct.21.1870   par. Marcus & Betsey
*Ausee Lizzie   Apr.24.1872 10y2m par. Henry & Bridget
*Backman   Apr.2.1869 Apr.2.1869   dau.of Theodore & Clara
*Bacon William H.   Jun.4.1867 46y3m  
*Bailey J. E.   Dec.3.1822 ? 64 yr  
*Baker Mable   Dec.3.1876 4y9m4d par. S. & Mary E.
*Batterson Minny Nov/Dec.1866 Apr.13.1871   par. Edmund & Jane
*Batty Clarence Eugene Feb.20.1874 Jul.26.1874   par. Jehiel A. & Frances A.
*Baty   Feb.7.1878 Feb.7.1878   dau. Of G.A. & J. P.
*Baty     Dec.30.1875 4 m par. Unknown
Beebe Ferdinand   Sep.22.1869 64y11m17d  
Beebe Jennie 1879 1890    
Beebe Susan Bradshaw   Sep.3.1870 62 yr  
*Beothe Poula J. Jun.24.1880 Oct.9.1880   par. John E. & Netti - Born Yates Co.
*Berman Abraham   Oct.10.1880 24 yr b. Poland - par. Kayser Berman
Bertholf Carrie A.   Mar.17.1890 17 yr par. William & Minerva
Bertholf Jennie A.   Jun.9.1893 12y4m19d par. William & Minerva
Bertholf Manerva S.   Nov.3.1884 50y4m16d w/o William P. - Maiden name-Tomer
*Bigg Doty Apr.25.1874 May 17.1874   s/o Edward & Laura
*Bigg Laura A. Jul.14.1846 Oct.24.1879   Born in Virginia-w/o Edward-d/o Luke & Jane Osborn
*Bogaswiska   Sep.15.1878 2y 5m d/o John & Alexandra
*Bradshaw Emily Jan.13.1871 Feb.18.1871   par. Alfred & Emily
*Bradshaw Luther Apr.3. 1848 Feb.27.1879   par. Aaron & Phebe
Braun Aaugusta       Mother
*Broadhurst Elizabeth Feb.8.1800 Oct.11.1871   b. England - par. Samuel & Elizabeth
*Broadhurst George Jan.21.1797 Jan.22.187?   b. England 
*Brockway Aaron R.   Jun.2.1874 19 y par. Aaron & Rebecca
*Brooks Jessee   Mar.8.1870 9 yr par. Asa G. & Margaret
Brown Charles W. Jan.30.1838 May 10.1911   Civil War
Brown Naomi P.   Oct.11.1868 18y5m w/o John Brown
*Brown Ellen Oct.7.1850 Nov.14.1868   par George & Delia
*Brown J. Lemual Jul.23.1872 Dec.1.1872   par John & Mary
*Brown Minnie Dec.10.1869 Jun.28.1871   par. William Brown & Margaret DeVore
Brownlow Sarah E. May 31.1857 Nov,8.1882   w/o James
Brownlow William  Sep.1909 Mar. 23.1910    
Buck Abnor Nov.7.1822 Sep.6.1896    
*Burghart John   Jan.2.1896 55y 7m par. Michael & Johanna
Burt Sarah Harden 1838 1912   w/o R.K. Burt
*Bush Esther   Mar.16.1874 1y 1m par. Lewis & Lena
Bush Harry Mar.12.1867 Nov.19.1868   par. Louis & Renee
*Butter John Oct.9.1876 Oct.23.1876   par. James & Elizabeth
*Cady Claud   Jan.27.1876 11 m. par unknown
*Cady Clyde Mar.23.1875 Dec.1.1875   par unknown
*Calvin John   Aug.27.1869 3y 6m par. J.D. & Mahola Kirk
*Campbell Michael   Jul.14.1875 5 m. par. John & Ellie
Carmen Ann 1830 1889   w/o Gabriel S.
Carrier Catharine Sep.3.1837 May 1.1866   w/o Willard
Carrier Florence A.       Prob. Infant - Eroded stone
*Carroll Willie Jun.14.1875 Dec.4.1875   par. Patrick & Bridget
*Carter Katy   Aug.6.1875 6 m. par. Unknown
*Church Arthur L. Sep.6.1868 Jun.28.1871   par. Edwin & Elizabeth Hasford
Churchill Leroy W. Dec.8.1820 Dec. 29.1889   "Father"
Churchill Minerva   Aug.13.1875 75 yr  
*Clapp Nicholas   Aug.12.1878 1y 1m par. George & Matilda
*Clark George Washington Sep.16.1874 Sep.17.1876   par. Charles & Susan
*Clark Harry B.   Jul.24.1881 5m par. G. Clark
*Claud Frank Jul.2.1876 Jul.9.1876   par unknown
*Coke Anna       No dates - par. Philip & Sarah
Coke Philip 1800 Jan.22.1877   born in England - par. William & Mary
Coke Sarah   Dec.24.1869 67 or 69 y w/o Philip
*Coke Sarah Sep.6.1853 Jun.9.1862   born in England - (rem to Woodlawn)
*Coleman     Sep.2.1875   par. J. & Mrs. Coleman
*Colson Frederick B.   Oct.30.1872 6m par. Frederick & Margaret
*Colvin Cora Sep.11.1874 Oct.4.1874   par. Daniel & Florence
*Cook Edgar T.   Aug.14.1883 80 y  
Cook Edward Oct.11.1833 Aug.22.1873   par unknown
*Cook Willie Burr Dec.12.1872 Mar.16.1879   par. Charles & Mary
Cooley Sarah   May 24.1880 90y 9m d/o -----Hurd - w/o Seth
Cooley Seth   Jan.7.1885 89 y  
*Coper Harry   Oct.8.1869 1y 8m par. John & Cornelia
Copp Mary 1887 1889 par. John & Esther  
*Converse Johnnie   Sep.11.1873 1y 1m par unknown
*Cotton Frederick B. Jun.29.1867 Jul.23.1868   par. George & Jane
*Coulson Frederick Byron Jul.31.1840 Jul.14.1877   born in Mass.
*Crane Susie B.   May 25.1883 31 y w/o Lewis
*Creeman Lizza Jul.9.1881 Jul.20.1881   par. J. Creeman & Lizza White
*Crooker   Nov.13.1871 Nov.13.1871   par. James R. & Elizabeth
*Culbert William ca 1835/36 Sep.13.1883   Born a slave - Served in Federal Army
*Culton J.J. Aug.21.1879 Dec.6.1879   par. John & Sarah
*Coulton   Sep.3.1878 Sep.3.1878   s/o John & Sarah M.
*Cummings John   Oct.21.1874 3 m par. Fanny Cummings
*Daily Annie   Mar.28.1873 21y 9m  
*Daily Fletcher Jun.9.1880 Oct.20.1880   par. Michael & Johanna
*Davis Jennie   Sep.5.1874 Abt. 9m par unknown
*Davis Mary Alice Sep.12.1870 Dec.20.1870   par. William & Elizabeth
*Decker Willie May 4.1876 Sep.9.1876   born in Conn. Par. William & Hulda
Dense Charles W. Apr.9.1803 Apr.28.1880    
Dense Sarah Apr.5.1801 Dec.11.1874   w/o Charles 
Dense Mary Aug.15.1838 Dec.18.1858    
Dethloff Augustus 1827 1903   Civil War
Dethloff Ella M. 1861 1930    
Dethloff Lewis C. 1854 1930    
*Dibble Willie H.   Sep.4.1876 1y 3m par. --- & Ellen
*Dildine Henry   Dec.7.1893 53 y Civil War
Dildine Minnie Feb.6.1871 Sep.10.1887    
*Dildine Joseph   Mar.17.1877 2y2m26d par. Henry & ----
*Doberstein Albert   May 8.1875 1y 6m Par. August & Louise
*Dolan Evaline Jun.26.1853 Aug.20.1877   par. Joseph & Phoebe
Drake Eliza E. 1879 1950    
Drake Jacob 1878 1940   "Father"
Drake Winfield, Sr. 1905 1940    
Drake Winfield    Sep.13.1977 72 yr  
Drake Naomi    Mar.22.1977 67 yr w/o Winfield, Sr.
Dunham Marshall Sep.28.1835 Nov.28.1921    
Dunham Mahala Jul.18.1826 May 27.1900   w/o Marshall
Dunham Abner   Mar.27.1880 9y 11m  

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By Joyce M. Tice
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