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Photograph by Joyce M. Tice April 2001
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Name of Cemetery:    Fulton Street Cemetery
Read By:  Mrs. Hugh Staver 1932 (Sorry, her own name not given) - Joseph & Doris Boyd 1974
Date Read:   See Above
Typed By:   Pat SMITH Raymond
Location:  West side of Fulton St. between Franklin St. and South Ave., Elmira, Chemung Co., N.Y.
Other comments: See Article on History - * Indicates that no marker was found in 1974 Reading
NOTE:  6 miscellaneous parts of markers too broken up or eroded to read
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Sergeant Belle   Oct.20(?)1881   par H.W. & H. J.
Sergeant Helen J.   ?Dec. 1900 57 yr  
Sergeant Henry W. 1838 1921   Civil War
*Shaples Emil   Feb.12.1880 2 da par Emil & Mary
*Shappee Leroy Jan.5.1879 Mar.8.1880   par. Henry L. & Johanna C.
Sharman James A.   Sep.25.1892   (Marker sunk in ground)
*Sherman  Twin daughters Jan.14.1875 Jan.14.1875   par James & Phebe
*Sherwood female   Sep.14.1870 21 da par Joseph & Ella
*Schultz Elizabeth 1869 Jul.19.1870   born in England - par Robert & Milia
*Slapinsky Michael Poland Aug.8.1873 19 yr par Jacob & Mary
*Slater Henry   Dec.11.1875 20 yr (Drowned) par. Isiah & Cathrine
Slingerland Bessie Mae Aug.26.1899 Mar.9.1929   w/o Raymond
Slingerland Raymond, Jr. Mar.9.1929 Apr.25.1929    
*Sly Ida Ann   Dec.4.1869 42y 10m par William & Anna Kirk
Small Eddie Oct.8.1849 Mar.3.1856   par M.I. & ???
*Smith Kittie   Sep.7.1876 2y 3m par --- & Sarah
Soper Elsie C. Oct.10.1830 Feb.12.1879   w/o Darius
Soper Earl F. Aug.8.1871 Jan.1.1876   par Darius & Elsie C.
Soper Guy Jan12.1872 Dec.28.1872    
Soper Martha Jane Aug.26.1866 Oct.27.1880   Born Fasset, PA--par. D. & E.C.
*Sprague William   Jul.19.1869 43 yr par John & Mary
*Sprigg Kittie M. Nov.17.1876 Apr.28.1877   par C.D. & Julia
*Stage Fannie Apr.30.1867 Jul.25.1867   par. Theodore Campbell & Caroline Stage
*Stanch L. G. ca. 1828 Oct.20.1878   Born Germany - par unknown
Stark Caroline   Aug.6.1900 82 yr  
Stark Tryphena   Apr.12.1891 82 yr  
*Steinberger Willie Apr.13.1866 Mar.1.1878   par George & Hattie A.
Stephens Hezekiah   Jan.28.1889 48 yr Civil War
Stiles Franklin E. Sep.4.1876 Apr.18.1877   par. O. C. & Mary C.
*Stone Henry S.   Sep.29.1863 63 yr  
Stout Edward   Aug.2.1878 4y 4m par John & Cathrine
*Straight Lewis 1870 Mar.21.1871   Born Virginia - par Charles & Helen
Stu??? Minnie Dec.29.1871 Jul.23.1872   par Charles & Sabrina
*Sutton Maggie Oct.14.1879 Aug.2.1880   par Arnold & Mary
Sutton Richard M. 1875 1910   "Husband"
Sutton Mary P. 1848 1883    
Taynton Wiliam F. ca 1833 Jun.23.1881   Born in England
Taynton Minnie Feb.10.1875 Sep.7.1879   par. William & Mary
Thayer Charles E. May 5.1848 Jun.25.1910   "Father"
Thayer Mable W. Mar.23.1892 Jan.2.1898    
  Theodore   Jul.31.1872 4 mo (Orphans Home) Only name given is Theodore-prob. Given name
Thompson Anne E. 1848 1902    
Thompson Retta May 1879 1881   par. G.W. & A.E.
*Thompson Catherine Jan.11.1872 Dec.13.1874   par Edward & Margaret
Thompson female Dec. 1875 Dec. 1875   par Samuel E. & Mary
*Thompson female Jan.14.1875 Jan.14.1875   par Samuel E. & Mary
Thompson   Jun.17.1877 Aug.30.1877   par Samuel E. & Mary
Titus   Aug.2.1888 Oct.5.1888   par. George R. & E. T.
Titus   Aug.2.1888 Aug.14.1888   par. George R. & E. T.--Same stone as above
Titus Luie M.   Jan.31.1892 6y8m par. George R. & Esther
Titus Willie C.   Jun.26.1893 12y9m par. George R. & Esther
*Townsend Peter B. Apr.24.1821 Mar. 20.1879   Born New Jersey - par. John H. & Ruth
Tracy Anna M. Foy Aug.10.1854 May 5.1911   "Mother" w/o Charles M.
Tracy Alice E. 1882 1890    
*Tracy Charley Mar.24.1880 Aug.30.1881    
*Tracy Emma A. Jul.24.1875 Oct.30.1875   par Charles & Anna
Tracy Harrie J. 1884 1887    
*Turner Ann ca 1802 May 9.1879   born England - par. Jonathan & Mary Crockett
Tyrell Sidney Feb.7.1875 Jan.28.1877   par. Miles O & Susan
Vail Eliza  Sep.1.1825 Oct.7.1883    
*Vail Ira Nov.30.1788 Aug.7.1856    
*Vail Margaret Dec.20.1788 Dec.4.1862   w/o Ira
*Vandermaker Gilbert Sep.1.1874 Sep.11.1876   Born Bradford Co. - par. Sarah Taylor
*Vanderpool Mary Ellen   Aug.27.1876 1y 8m  par unknown
Vangelder Levi B.   Jul.29.1861 21 yr Civil War - par. Charles & Clarissa
Vangelder E.B. (Eli)   Mar.10.1863 19y8m19d Civil War - par. Charles & Clarissa
*Vanorman Julia   Feb.23.1870 2y3m par David & Susan
*VanPelt Mary M. Oct.12.1814 Jun.10.1880   par Peter & Sarah
VanWormen Charlotte 1856 1918   "Mother"
VanWormen George 1850 1901    
*Walker Jennie   May26.1881 2 mo. par Jennie Walker
*Warner Sarah J. ca. 1796 May 18.1873   Born Penna - par. Randolph & Mary Simmons
*Warren Ester Isabel Mar.20.1859 Jun.5.1881   par. Solomon & Celistia Race
*Watkins James Sep.9.1868 Killed by R.R. Cars--par unknown
*Watson Holland   Feb.23.1872 4 yr par. Holland & Margaret
Watson Mira   Aug.4.1881 14 da par. Harvey & Georgenia
Week Charles May 6.1821 Jan.31.1887    
Weir William C. Mar.9.1793 Apr.3.1871 par. John & Sarah
Weir Mary Mar.11.1798 Apr.5.1870   par. John & Hannah Jones-w/o W. C. Weir
*Werthin Leonore 1872 Sep.30.1872   Born in London - par. Samuel & Rebecca
Wheeler "Baby"       No dates, may be Janny Wheeler
Wheeler Edward L. 1902      
*Wheeler George   Jul.6.1868 5y7m par. William & Emeline
Wheeler George S. 1885 1910   "Brother"
*Wheeler Janny Mar.26.1872 Mar.30.1872   par. William E. Emeline
Wheeler Josephine K. 1891 1899    
Wheeler Lafayette 1863 1940    
Wheeler Helen  1866 1936    
Wheeler Mary E. 1867 1944   "Mother"
Wheeler Orrin S. 1861 1904   "Father"
Wheeler William 1840 No date   Civil War
Wheeler Emeline 1851 1898   w/o William Wheeler
Wheeler Josephine K. 1878 1910    
Wheeler Charles H. 1888 1915    
Wheeler Benjamin 1888 1914   (Three above children of William & Emeline)
*White Albie   Dec.3.1874 3 mo par. Albie & Mary
*Wilbur Almon J. Jan.31.1858 Jan.5.1870   par John R. & Sybil
Williams Dolly   Jan.13.1860 23 yr w/o S.J.W.C.
Williams Thomas H.B. Oct.10.1838 Jan.18.1876   par. James & Caroline
Williams Carrie E.   Feb.17.1895 52 yr w/o Thomas B.
Wilson Augusta 1855 1908   "Mother"
*Winkler F. (male) ca 1802 Aug.20.1880   Born Saxony
*Witkoski Frank   Sep.10.1879 3y 1m par Michael & Catherine
*Witkoski Catherine   Dec.1.1877 9m 9d par Michael & Catherine
*Wittman Anna  ca 1841 May 17.1875   born Germany - par. Martin & Cunn---- Beumler
*Wright Ellis G. 1855 1889    
*Wright Susan Dec.25.1870 Jan.2.1878   par. Henry Wright 7 Mary Townsend
*Young Jessie ca 1823 Dec.2.1874   Born England - par. John & Mary
*Young Julia May Oct.12.1876 Nov.14.1876   par. Augustus Young & Ella Hawks
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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