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Photograph by Joyce M. Tice April 2001
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Name of Cemetery:    Fulton Street Cemetery
Read By:  Mrs. Hugh Staver 1932 (Sorry, her own name not given) - Joseph & Doris Boyd 1974
Date Read:   See Above
Typed By:   Pat SMITH Raymond
Location:  West side of Fulton St. between Franklin St. and South Ave., Elmira, Chemung Co., N.Y.
Other comments: See Article on History - * Indicates that no marker was found in 1974 Reading
NOTE:  6 miscellaneous parts of markers too broken up or eroded to read
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
*Eaton Nathaniel May 10.1822 Apr.7.1881   par. Abel & Bliss S.
*Eckenberger Charles Frank Feb.8.1880 Mar.20.1880   par. William & Clarinesta
*Eldred Lulu May Aug. 1.1877 Jan.26.1878   par. William & Mary
Elwell Lillie Aug.15.1870 Aug.4.1871   par. John & Susan
*Ettleson Sarah   Jan.15.1871 2y 1m  
Evans Clarence 1858 1955   "Father"
Evans Hannah E. 1860 1938   "Mother"
Evans Merle 1890 1895   "Son"
Evans Clyde Raymond 1917 1918   "Son"
*Evans Raymond S.   Jul.17.1867 35 yr par. Charles 
*Ferguson Abigail   Jul.23.1879 7 y par. Elnora Ferguson
Ferguson Charles N. 1853 1895    
Ferguson Sarah G. 1845 1938   w/o Charles N.
*Frank Rebecca Feb.8.1814 Mar.18.1870   born - New Jer. par. Charles & Elizabeth
Ferris Olie M. Jul.11.1861 Nov.8.1881   w/o William
Ferris Mary D. Aug.14.1864 Jun.6.1892   w/o William
*Frost Elizabeth 1839 Feb.3.1872   born - England - par. R. Richards
*Fry Bertha Dec.13.1872 Dec.20.1872   par. Joel & Bertha
Fuller William H.   Mar.5.1873 68 yr  
Fuller Ann       No dates - w/o William H.
Fuller William Jul.20.1844 Feb.14.1901    
*Fybush Bertha Feb.10.1872 Jun.4.1831   Born Poland - par. S. & Sarah Leshny
Fybush Charles Sep.12.1870 Feb.15.1871   Born Elmira - par A. & Bertha
Flybush   Jan.10.1872 Jan.10.1872   par. Casper & Bertha
Gary Charles C. 1844 1903   Civil War
Gary Minnie M. Jan.18.1854 Apr.18.1911   w/o Charles C.
*Gates Addison Jul.15.1870 Aug.3.1871   par Henry & Ellen
Geist Sarah J.   Nov.1.1892 65 yr  
Goble Guy 1884 1951   "Father"
Goble Christina 1872 1962   "Mother"
*Gornee Lillie May Oct.4.1877 Mar.10.1879   Par. William & Caroline Westbrook Gornee - Removed to Woodlawn
*Gornee Samuel Tilden May 5.1876 Mar.25.1879   Par. William & Caroline - Removed to Woodlawn
*Grant Moses May 29.1876 Jul.5.1876   par unknown
*Greene Laura Ann   Jul.5.1870 15 yr Par. Franklin & Elizabeth Greene
*Gregory Theodore N. Oct.7.1874 Mar.11.1875   par. Theodore & Caroline Gregory
*Griffing   Feb.6.1870 Jul.18.1870   dau. Of John & Sarah Griffing
*Hackett Mary C. Jun.22.1876 Jun.27.1876   par. John & Ellen
*Hainer May Jun.13.1878 Jul.30.1881 par. E. & Mabel
Hammond Flora D. Foy Dec.23.1849 Dec.6.1876   w/o A. D. Hammond
Harden Martha   Jul.14.1871 30 yr par. Thomas & Almina
*Harris Amariah Dec.6.1850 Jun.10.1867   born Penna. - par. R.T. & Louisa
*Harris Louisa       w/o R.T. Harris
*Harris Louisa   Jul.22.1870 55y 10m par. Amaria & Nancy
*Harris Tamon   Aug.20.1834(? 52 yr  
Harris Salmon   Aug.   Died Aug. 20 or 30 - 1851, 71 or 74 (badly eroded stone)
*Harrison John W. 1802/03 Jul.17.1870   Born in Virginia - par. Unknown
*Hart Alfred F.   Jun.26.1865 9 mo par unknown
*Harvey   Sep.11.1879 May 29.1880   par unknown
*Hawley Joseph Jul.3.1881 Jul.22.1881   par. J. & ---
Hess M.C. Jun.4.1820 Jul.23.1874   par. David & Betsey
*Hibler Louisa Doane Jul.28.1810 Jan.1.1873   born Mich.
Hill James Nov. 5.1821 Nov.21.1870   Born in England - par. Richard & Elizabeth
*Hines William Apr15.1873 Aug.12.1873   par. Harrison & Lucy
*Hogancamp Louisa   Dec. 14.1880   par. Henry & Josephine
*Holzeheimer Sidney   Aug. 27.1871 2 yr par. Louis & Bertha
*Howland Frank Jun.5.1880 Jul.26.1880   par. William & Evangeline
Howland James A.   Jan.4.1865 14y9m par. J.B. & E. J.
*Howland James Benjamin Jun.4.1815 Jul.22.1874   par. John & Ruth
*Howland Mary Jane Mar.17.1863 Mar.26.1881   par. Joseph & Lournia
Hudson Dean   Oct.18.1849 37 yr "Father"
Hudson Harriet   Dec.1.1884 66 yr "Mother"
*Hulion John   Oct.23.1870 28 yr par. Thomas & Ursula
*Hulihur Harriet Jun.24.1818 Feb.2.1876   par. John & Elizabeth
Hull Francis Dec.29.1802 Jun.18.1888   "Father"
Hull Maria Feb.24.1811 Sep.4.1893   "Mother" - w/o Francis
*Inman Joel Jan.9.1877 Jan.11.1877   born in Wellsburg - par. Isaac & Mary
*Infant     Oct.13.1875   par unknown
*Infant male   Dec.7.1878 5mo par unknown
*Infant male   Oct.18.1875   par unknown
Janowski Anna 1822 1901   "Mother"
Janowski Charles L. 1854 1907    
Janowski Louisa A. 1861 1939   (Copy says died 1839)
Janowski Daniel F. 1844 1919    
Janowski Caroline E. 1854 1933    
Janowski Fred C. 1893 1943    
*Jackson Catharine 1797 Dec.5.1871   Born in Virginia - par unknown
*Jackson Catharine ca 1814 Oct.6.1879   Born in Penna - par. Unknown
*Johnson Francis M.   Nov.19.1880 8y 7m par. Alonzo & Johanna
*Jones Denny   Jan.3.1872 16 yr  
*Jones Jennie   Feb.8.1869 29y5m par. John & Matilda Dick
*Jones Willie   Jul.1.1874 1y 3m par unknown
*Julian John Aug.17.1880 Jul.16.1881    
*Karin Anna   Apr.21.1875 17 yr par Thomas & Anna
Kent Raymond Aug.1.1889 Sep.8.1890    
*Keyser Jacob   Aug.23.1870 1 yr par. Joseph & Lina
*Kines Harry Mar.28.1873 Sep.4.1873   par unknown
King Sophia K. 1854 1882    
*Kingsbury Howard N. Jun.30.1877 Feb.17.1878   par. Harry F. & Mary M.(Moved to Woodlawn 1909)
*Kirsch Mary Ella May26.1850 Aug.24.1880   par. George Hopkin & Elizabeth Jane
Knox Morris H. 1840 1915   Civil War
*Knox Adelaide R.   Dec.10.1874 2y 3m par. Morris H. & Adelaide
Knox Adelaide  1840 1917   "Mother" - w/o Morris H.
*Kobaslow Marian   Oct.13.1873 7 yr (born Prussia) - par. S. & Mariane
*Koch Catherin Feb.11.1858 Aug.28.1867   Born in Penna - par. Adam & Georgianna
*Koch Harry Oct.28.1868 Jul.11.1877   (killed by R.R. Cars)-par. Adam & Georgianna
*Kweosky (?) Leo Jul.13.1872 Sep.28.1873   born Germany - par. John & Josephine
*Lane Peter   Apr.2.1871 1y 6m par. Peter Lane & Susan Miller
*Lantz Anna Aug. 1825 Oct.30.1875   born Germany - par. unknown
*Lazarus Max   Jul.25.1870 10 yr (died in Chemung River) par. Abraham & Mary
*Lazerus Thura Jun.5.1866 Jul.13.1873   par. Abram & Sarah
*Lee Lizzie   Jul.26.1874 6 mo par unknown
*Lewis Betsey   Feb.5.1876 6 mo par Isaac & Dora
*Litch Henry   Jul.17.1874 3 mo par. John Litch
*Lockwood Eli N.   Sep.2.1871 1y 1m par. George & Oramel
Love James 1837 1890   Civil War - Husband of Ann E. Drake
*Love Philine D. Jul.17.1839 Mar.10.1878   par Levi & Jerusha Brockway Wisner
*Lumbard Margatta Jan.29.1851 Mar.25.1876   par James & Francis Wilkie
*Lush Henry Feb.27.1843 Feb.15.1881   par Peter & Dartha
Lyon Lucy (?)       w/o Silas - Broken eroded stone

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/5/2001
By Joyce M. Tice