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Photograph by Joyce M. Tice April 2001
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Name of Cemetery:    Fulton Street Cemetery
Read By:  Mrs. Hugh Staver 1932 (Sorry, her own name not given) - Joseph & Doris Boyd 1974
Date Read:   See Above
Typed By:   Pat SMITH Raymond
Location:  West side of Fulton St. between Franklin St. and South Ave., Elmira, Chemung Co., N.Y.
Other comments: See Article on History - * Indicates that no marker was found in 1974 Reading
NOTE:  6 miscellaneous parts of markers too broken up or eroded to read
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
*Magee Elizabeth   Nov.22.1874 94y11m par unknown
Mance Adah Hudson   Mar.18.1899 59 yr w/o Charles
Mance Charles M. 1842 1918   Civil War
Mance Mortimer 1870 1955    
Manderville Horace   Mar.13.1891 46 yr Civil War
Manderville James   Mar.13.1890 80 yr "Father"
*Manell male Oct.18.1870 Oct.18.1870   par George 7 Susan S.
*Mann John   Aug.20.1869(? 1y3m20d Age questionable--par. Thomas & Clarrisa
*Mattern Francis Apr.30.1880 Aug.7.1880   par Marcus & Maggie
*Maynard female   Dec.29.1878 4 da par. Thomas A. & Mary H.
*McCaffery Cora Apr.25.1875 Jan.9.1877   par. Peter & Liester
McConnell Andrew J. 1829 1886    
McConnell Amanda 1836 1900   w/o Andrew J.
McConnell Tillie Sep.6.1868 Apr.3.1883    
*McGinnis Willie H. Jan.12.1875 Sep.16.1876   par William & Mary
*McIntosh female Jun.2.1865 May 6.1868   par Samuel & Delphine
*McKatrick Bertha   Jun.10.1876 4 m par unknown
*McKay male   Jun.24.1878 8 da par. Donald & Clara
*McKay male   Jun.25.1875 10 da par. Donald & Clara
*McKen John   Mar.22.1874 6 da par. John & Margaret
*McKinney male Mar.22.1870 Jul.25.1870   par Peter & Frances
McNeely Willie Mar.16.1881 Jul.24.1881   par John & Ada L.
Miller Mary A.       Sm. Marker-no data-w/o David Miller
*Miller Mary Elizabeth Oct.28.1866 Mar.15.1869   par John & Elizabeth
*Miller William F. Mar.16.1824 May 18.1876   par unknown
Minier Dennis W. 1844 1867   Civil War
Molton Harriet C.   Jan.14.????   w/o Amasa K. (eroded stone)
*Moon James William   Sep.22.1874 1y5m par William A. & Maggie E.
Moon Philemon   Dec.12/14.1875 51 yr Civil War - par. John & Lucy
Moon Mary   Jun.1.1899 45y6m par. Philemon & Keziah
Morgan William W.   Jan.1.1878 64y 8m par unknown
Morgan Mary J. Warner   Apr.3.1878 55y 10m w/o William W.
Morgan Emma G. Jun.25.1845 Dec.8/10.1870   par William W. & Mary J. - Born in Brooklyn
Morgan Marcus A. May 1.1842 Apr.18.1870   par William W. & Mary J. - Born in Rochester
Mowbray Lillie E.   Aug.19.1879 14 m par. G.W. & H.E. Mowbray
Mowbray Maud A.   Feb.5.1884 2y9m par. G.W. & H.E. Mowbray
*Murphy Margaret Ireland Jul.11.1876 57 yr d/o ----O'Hanlan
Murray Edward 1866 1907   "Father"
*Murry Carrie Mar.2.1862 Apr.5.1880   d/o Theo J. & Sarah
Murray Horace   Aug.6.1866 62 yr  
Nash Maggie A.       Statistics obliterated--w/o Frank A Nash - par. Peter & Phebe ------
Nichols Frederica   Sep.17.1891   Only date - On stone w/Marcus F.
Nichols Marcus F.   May 29.1893   Only date - On stone w/Frederica
Nichols (?) Ray  1894 1895   (Near above marker)
*O'Klosky Elizabeth   Jul.15.1876 10 m. par. John & Anna
*Page Earl   Apr;4.1893   (Orphan) par unknown
Painton William E. 1853 1925    
*Palmer John   Aug.26.1877 2 yr par Peter L. & Phebe
*Parker male Jun.5.1871 Jun.5.1871   par Edward & Mary
Paulman Charles 1845 1895(or1905)   Civil War
Paulman Julia A. 1843 1911   w/o Charles
*Paulman Christina Feb.18.1871 Feb.25.1871   par Charles & Julia
Paulman Elvira   Jan.8.1948   "Sister"
*Paulman James R.   Jan.13.1876 2 mo par Charles & Julia
Paulman Grace 1892 1922    
Perine Robert S.   Apr.15.1863    
Perine Clara Sep.27.1807 Feb.12.1874   w/o Robert S.
Perkins Louisa W.   Mar.22.1899 41 yr w/o S.M.Perkins
Perkins Merritt S. 1849 1908   Civil War
*Perry male Jan.9.1870 Jan.9.1870   par Albert & Frances
*Perry male Jan. 1871 Jan. 1871   par Albert & Frances
*Perry female Oct.16.1871 Oct.16.1871   par Albert & Frances
*Peterson Joseph May29.1880 Aug.31.1880   par Robert & Jane
*Phillips Mina ca 1863 Nov.26.1872   Born in Poland - par. B. & Rachael
Piatt Catherine 1819 1905   "Mother" - par Joseph & Elizabeth Stein Strouse - w/o Daniel Piatt
*Piatt Charles May 8.1855 May 25.1944   Removed to Woodlawn cem.
*Piatt Eva L.   Oct.30.1893 1y 6m Removed to Woodlawn cem.
*Piatt Jennie E.   Nov.18.1935 69 yr Removed to Woodlawn cem. W/o Charles Piatt
*Pollak Hannah Dec.28.1871 Sep.30.1873   par Isaac & Rebecca
Rathbun John P. 1843 1901   Civil War
*Rathbun Mrs. W.A.   Oct.15.1883    
*Ray Stephen   Mar. 6.1878 7 mo  
*Reeder Robert S.   Feb.27.1868 40 yr par unknown
Rees Burton E. Sep.22.1867 Sep.2.1890   par J.H. & S. Rees
Rees Maye E. Dec.26.1878 Jul.9.1879   par J.H. & S. Rees
Rees John W. Mar.1.1810 Nov.7.1887   "Father"
Rees Sarah S. Jul.14.1812 Nov.10.1887   "Mother"
Rees Sarah  Jan.11.1844 Oct.10.1896   w/o W. Rees
*Rees Mary Emma Dec.30.1878 Jul.19.1879   par. William & Sarah
*Reine male Sep.23.1868 Sep.23.1868   par Johnson & Sarah
*Rhoades Hilda Alice   Oct.15.1879 18y 7m par Nathaniel & Ann E.
*Rhodes Joseph   Mar.8.1868 30 yr par unknown
Ritchie Willie J.   Aug.16.1878   par D.A. & A.D.
*Rogers Stephen ca 1813 Apr.2.1877   Born in Georgia - par John & Mary
*Rorick William M.   Apr.8.1888 83 yr  
*Rorick Polly Russell   Feb.4.1880 73 yr par John & Betsy - w/o William M.
*Rorick Sylvester   Oct.19.1879 7 da par Charles J. & Lillie
*Rosenthal Meier ca 1869 Jan.10.1874   Born in England - par. Levi & Rebecca
*Rovigno Carlo ca 1871 Jan.31.1876   Born in Italy - par unknown
*Rowley female Apr. 1869 Apr. 1869   par Franklin & Anna
*Rowley Elizabeth   Dec.30.1871 80 yr  
*Rowley Peter Oct. 26.1788 Mar.9.1871   Born Orange Co. - par. Shubal & Elizabeth
*Rumsey Charles W.   Dec.29.1863 16y 2m par Samuel H. & Sarah
*Russell John R. Aug.21.1869 Jun.4.1870   par Robinson & Mellissa
*Russell Melina   Mar.6.1874 23y 6m par Hugh & Harriet Hulien
*Rymenzer Herman 1850 Dec.22.1877 75y 3m Born in Germany - par unknown
Sage Earle G. Jun.22.1891 Nov.14.1891   "Baby"
*Samuel female Mar.19.1871 Mar.19.1871   par Jacob & Henrietta
*Savey Alfred O.   Dec.29.1870 29y 6m par Stephen & Sally
Savey Paul J. Sep.25.1847 Jun.17.1893   "Father"
Savey Sarah L. Nov.18.1844 Oct.7.1903   "Mother"
*Savingley Johnnie Aug.27.1870 Dec.11.1870   Born Owego - par John Savingley & Libbie Lowe
*Savoy Frances   Mar.9.1869   par Matthias & Mary
*Savoy Willie H.   Feb.23.1870 11 mo. par. Alfred & Rachel
*Schloss Nathan Jul.17.1870 Aug.29.1870   Born Binghamton - par Aaron & Dora
*Schnibel Eli  Aug.17.1873 3 mo par unknown
*Schuyler Fanny L. Mar.19.1859 Dec.16.1879   par John T.H. & Carolina
Scudder James D. 1927      
*Scutt Merritt L. Mar.11.1826 Feb.26.1891    
Scutt Clarinda Jun.28.1826 Sep.15.1885   w/o Merrit L.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/5/2001
By Joyce M. Tice