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Nelson Cemetery, Nelson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
2007 Listing
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
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Name of Cemetery: Nelson Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: November. 2007
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Cemetery Road in Nelson, Tioga Co., PA
Other Comments: Part of this cemetery was moved up the hill to make way for the lake.  Also moved to this cemetery was the Thomas & Paul C. Bennett/AKA Hazelet Cemetery
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SECTION A          
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Finch Alex M.       Co. L 2nd Pa. Cav.
Finch Alexander M. 1841     Co. L 2nd Pa. Cav.
Finch Alida M. 1854 1913   On marker w/Alexander M.
Finch Fredrick 1886 1930    
Finch Agnes Taft 1889 1923    
Finch Victor 1889 1966    
Finch Elvira M. 1902 1984   On marker w/Victor
Finch Davis 1937 1940    
Finch Warren L. 1892 1972    
Finch Celia Davis 1899 1987   On marker w/Warren L.
Taft L. Cylista 1911 1925   d/o Daniel & Eunice
Taft Daniel 1879 1951    
Taft Eunice 1888 1966   On marker w/Daniel
Sutfin Bertha M. 1909 1969    
Sutfin Norris A. 1912 1973    
Sutfin David H. 2/6/1939 10/26/2000   Pvt. U.S. Marine Corp.
Taft Helen A. 1920     On marker w/Loren D.
Taft Loren D. 1915 1986   S. Sgt. U.S. Army WW 2
Finch Spencer W. 1954 1994    
Finch Alice B. 1928 1988   On marker w/Robert E.
Finch Robert E. 5/24/1927 10/20/2000   S2 Navy WW 2
Finch Marion C. 1918 2005    
Finch Barbara J. 1927 2005   On marker w/Marion C.
Finch Sara Jean 1955 1979    
Taft Emma R. 1903 1995    
Taft Kenneth 1907 2000   On marker w/Emma R.
Taft John R. 1913 1987    
Taft Isabel C. 1913 2003   On marker w/John R.
Elliott Margaret E. 1901 1999    
Elliott Wallace W. 1893 1948   On marker w/Margaret E.
Lewis Harry 1880 1950    
Lewis Pearl 1886 1971   On marker w/Harry
Vanzile Nettie 5/9/1891 10/19/1910   d/o Harry & Sarah
Vanzile Harry 1859 1933    
Vanzile Sarah 1860 1941    
Elliott Constance L. 1925      
Mack Phillip 12/21/1866 2/25/1892   Killed
Mack Diantha R. 1847 1912   w/o Phillip
Mack J. R. 1845 1922    
Taft Mariam 1877 1943    
Taft Frank L. 1881 1958    
Spencer Annabelle Stewart 1917 1976    
Brisbois Adelia 1853 1929    
Brisbois S. D. 1861      
Stewart Minnie E. 1880 1936    
Stewart Sallyann 1827 1911   w/o Wm. Warren
Stewart Wm. Warren 1825 1911    
VanZile Perry R. 1880 1910    
Vanzile Jack Owen 1924 1956    
Dempsey Lena V. 1895 1984    
Dempsey Ralph W. 12/19/1894 9/5/1982   Mengr. J.G. US Army WW 1
Rice Harry C. 1912 1985    
Rice Genevieve A. 1915 2007   On marker w/Harry C.
Rice Cora Agnes 8/23/1908 10/20/1908   d/o Robert & Beulah
Rice Robert C. 1886 1969    
Rice A. Beulah 1889 1971   On marker w/Robert C.
Mertie 1871 1916   No last name on stone
Rowley Benson 1844 1923    
Rowley E. Jane 1850 1922    
Cole Ida M. 4/17/1866 11/21/1949    
Cole C. H.       Co. I 57 Pa Inft.
Selph Mary Campbell 1869 1954    
Selph Frank D. 1862 1927    
Selph George W. 1836 1914    
Selph Mary  1834 1911   w/o George W. - Same marker
Taft Herman A. 1891 1960    
Taft Gladys 1896 1927   w/o Herman - Same marker
Taft Douglas E. 7/26/1918 1/31/1946   NY Pvt Med. Dept. WW 2
Taft Doris B. 1918 1971   On marker w/James E.
Taft James E. 9/11/1914 12/25/1996   Sgt. US Army - WW 2
Davis Fred A. 1879 1940    
Davis Emily S. 1877 1936   On marker w/Fred A.
Davis Verna A. 1913 1922   On marker w/Fred A.
Davis George A. 1914 1915   On marker w/Fred A.
Davis Richard 1921 1922   On marker w/Fred A.
Davis Dorothy M. 1909 1909   On marker w/Fred A.
Cole Aaron 1852 1917    
Cole Lydia 1856 1918    
Loop A. M. M.D. 1816 1904    
Croffut George C.   9/4/1953   Pa. Sgt. 5 Field Art.
Croffut Maude 8/22/1885 2/13/1914   w/o Carlos B.
Croffut Carlos B. 1868 1909    
Croffut George H. 1872 1905    
Smith Cephas       Co. L 2 Pa. Cav.
Smith Cephas 1833 1905    
Smith Eunice 1834     On marker w/Cephas
Logue Lefa Cook 1843 1907    
Ball Fred   6/25/1936 51 yr Sgt. 4th F. A.
Ball John A. 1848 1924   Co C 48 NY Inf.
Ball Sarah 1855 1904   On marker w/John A.
Chamberlin Mae 5/1/1875 12/5/1901   w/o B. C.
Savey Stephen 1863 1936    
Savey Rachel 1869 1927   w/o Stephen
Savey Dennie        
Davis Lucretia 7/7/1903 12/5/1903   d/o B.W. & M.
Davis Mary Ellen 1929 1947    
Davis B. W. 10/25/1875 5/2/1904    
Davis Gladys A. 1895 1959    
Davis Carol P. 1895 1979    
Minor correction on
It lists 'Robert C. Rice'.  I know how hard it is to read old inscriptions and how hard it can be to distinguish between 'C' and 'G'..  But if you look at the 1942 WW2 Draft Registrations you will find him listed as 'Robert Grouver Rice'.  I've also seen it as 'Robert Grover Rice'.  His wife is correctly listed as 'A. Beulah Rice', but if anyone is interested her maiden name was Avrilla Beulah Cook (a relative of mine).

On there are two entries for 'Sturoivant', one for T. B. (of Co. B, NY Cav.) and one for Matilda.  On you will find

 6.  Thomas Baker Sturdivant b. c. 1825 enumerated 1850 census of Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania with wife Matilda b. 1826. Thomas served in Company B, New York Calvary during the Civil War. Enumerated in Mansfield, Tioga County in 1880 in the home of daughter Nancy, Thomas a blacksmith. Thomas was in Nelson in 1899. Matilda d. 1900 (ts) Nelson Cemetery, Nelson, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Thomas has only a military marker with no dates inscribed.

One of the differences on this page from the corresponding info from the 1971 reading on is that Alanson Hoyt and wife Mary Ann (Lugg) Hoyt show full dates for their deaths in the new reading, but only had years for their deaths in the previous one.  There are a number of other cases where a year only has become a full date.  Is this because the new reading was done more carefully (or with better techniques) or because the reading was supplemented with data from other sources? [Note from JMT - the latter. We have not taken the same shortcuts our predecessors did. If our listing was supplemented with additional sources, our pages would say so.Our 2007 reader copies the wording of the tombstones- no more -no less. ]

On there is a similar situation.  Benjamin Parks and wife Mary (Campbell) Parks have full death dates on the 2007 reading, but only had death years in the 1971 reading on  The death year to death date difference also exists for William Merritt and wife Eliza/Elizabeth Hazlett Merritt.  Her name shows as "Eliza A. Hazlett Merritt" in the 1971 reading, on,  and "Elizabeth Ann Merritt" in the 2007 reading.

The name of Ellen Stoddard, wife of Charles Fowler Merritt, shows on the 1971 reading as "Ellen L. Merritt" and on the 2007 reading as "Ellen J. Merritt".  The Wellsboro Agitator of Nov 1, 1933, p1 has her as "Mrs. Ellen J. Merritt", so presumably the new reading is correct.

Adelia J. Merritt's death is shown as "1851, age 1 year" in the 1971 reading and as :9/5/1851, 1y10m25d" in the 2007 reading.

Otis Richards death is shown in the 1971 reading as "1891 65 years" and in 2007 as "5/27/1894 65 yr".  (I believe 1894 is correct.)

On the 3 entries for "Basard' should read 'Bosard'.  And the first, 'Malgiah' is a mistake.  His wife is/was a relative of mine.  He is shown in Munsell's 1883 History on as "Malachi D. Bosard" and again on as "M. D. Bosard".  On he is shown as "Melchia D. Bosard".  Genealogist, Wm. E. Selph, Jr. has his name as "Malchia D. Bosard".

The 1972 reading had "Wm. H. Baxter 1832 1902 b. NY".  For 2007 it's "William H. Baxter 1/6/1832 6/7/1902" (the full dates are supported by newspaper articles).

The 2007 reading for Carrie A. (Amanda BUCKBEE)  Hazlett has no birth date for her but shows 5/22/1840 as her death date.  The 1971 reading correctly has that as her birth date, and no death date.  She was the wife of Edgar Hopestill Hazlett (1843 - 1910), and mother of Ernest M. Hazlett (1872 - 1898).  I don't know her death date, but it's after 1922.

Similarly the 2007 reading for Polly (CADY) Preston has no death date for her but shows  18/1848 as her birth date.  I believe that the 1971 reading correctly show it as her death date (no birth date) and that she was the first wife of Asa Preston (1803 - 1874).  I believe Asa's 2nd wife was Betsey (LOCKWOOD) Bottum Preston (1817 - 1870), who 1st married Nathan S. Bottom.

Bill Thompson,

Published on Tri-Counties 28 FEB 2008
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