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Nelson Cemetery, Nelson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
2007 Listing
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
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Name of Cemetery: Nelson Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: November. 2007
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Cemetery Road in Nelson, Tioga Co., PA
Other Comments: Part of this cemetery was moved up the hill to make way for the lake.  Also moved to this cemetery was the Thomas & Paul C. Bennett/AKA Hazelet Cemetery
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Section "B" - moved by the Corp of Engineers X marks where it was originally. This section also contains two cemeteries - Thomas Cemetery and  Paul C. Bennett Cemetery that were moved for the lake. Bennett Cemetery was originally known as Hazetel Cemetery
SECTION B          
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Mosier Henrietta 4/28/1887 5/20/1889   d/o J. & M.
Harrison Ulam 8/18/1887 1/23/1890   d/o Joel & Delphena
Hoyt David 10/15/1816      
Hoyt Sarah 2/1/1819 3/10/1894   On marker w/David
Hoyt Lockwood C.   3/18/1842 54 yr  
Hoyt Martha   2/6/1880   In cement - On marker w/Lockwood
Sturdiman Benjamin M.   7/4/1892 44y9m4d Co P 188 Beg Pa V.
Mosier Oliver       Co I 86th NY Inf.
Knuppenburg Hattie E.   12/18/1876 18y9m d/o D.A. & Laura
Cole Ellie   10/18/1872 20y1m19d d/o J.B. & M.H.
Cole Jerome       Co H 161 NY Inf.
Cole Howard   6/29/1938   Pa Pvt C. L. 49 Inf.
Dailey Mable   3/19/1920    
Cole John R.   4/19/1886 32y11m  
Cole Ett 8/28/1863 ?/8/1892   w/o Frank
Cole Edwin   11/7/1895 36 yr  
Bliss Martha J.   4/16/1902 50y10m18d  
Bliss James O.   8/17/1900 28y3m s/o Lyman & Jane -On marker w/Martha
Bliss Lyman       Co D 207 Pa. Inf.
Rice Newell E. 9/21/1855 3/17/1903    
Rice Stephen 1853 1943    
Rice Elizabeth 1869 1931   On marker w/Stephen
Young John E. 1862 1922    
Young Carrie 1870 1913   On marker w/John E.
Brought Nelson 1877 1916    
Brought Mira 1878 1916   On marker w/Nelson
Young Samantha 1842 1914   w/o H.C.
Young Henry   9/17/1896 20 yr s/o H.C. & S.
Young Hazard 7/10/1829 10/1/1904    
Cady Francis Brizse   3/18/1872 28y7m Side 1 - Family Stone
Cady Frederick   2/16/1881 76y1m14d Side 2 - Family Stone
Cady Elizabeth 2/15/1809 5/23/1882   Side 2 - Family Stone
Cady Harvey S.   3/15/1878 31y10m6d s/o Frederick & Elizabeth - Side 3
Managan John   10/12/1884 52y6m  
Managan Nancy A. 3/4/1832 1/14/1881   On marker w/John 
Tremain Dan   1/24/1865 61 yr  
Tremain Catharine   12/27/1864 60 yr On marker w/Dan
Rice Luther 1847 1935    
Rice Betsey 1845 1932   w/o Luther
Rice Mary E. 5/26/1872 5/2/1890   Adopted d/o L. & B.
Thomas Charles   1/20/1857 36y7m14d Stone broken
Eaton Betsey 2/28/1815 8/25/1895   w/o Nathaniel
Babcock Charles A.   11/28/1870 19y8m28d s/o Samuel P. & Mary A.
Babcock Maxamillia   11/11/1835 27y1m Side 1 - wives of S. P. Babcock
Babcock Mary    3/5/1876 61y11m28d Side 1 - wives of S. P. Babcock
Babcock Samuel P.   2/19/1878 72y9m10d Side 2 - Above Stone
Babcock Mercy J.   5/16/1862 16y7m14d d/o Samuel & Mary
Babcock Dollie       d/o S.P. & Ann (Broken-stone in bad shape)
Hoyt David B. 1844      
Hoyt Arvilla 1847 1923   On marker w/David
Hoyt Curt 1869 1916    
Hoyt Wm. 1868 1914    
Bell Harriet 1859 1906   w/o Rev. R.S.
Bell Rev. R.S. 1860 1924   On marker w/Harriet
Bell John H. 1881 1906   s/o Rev. R.S. & Harriet - Same marker
Burdick Flora 1863 1927   w/o Uri
Burdick Uriaht 1/18/1853 11/11/1898    
Cadogan Bert A. 1878 1945    
Cadogan Leah M. 1881 1962    
Stevens Arthur 1854 1940    
Stevens Philo 1825 1905    
Stevens Susan 1824 1907    
Stevens Eva A. 1855 1939    
Brooks Emma   12/6/1886 40y8m2d w/o C.W.
Brooks Sarah A.   3/6/1893 55y1m2d 2nd w/o C.W.
Brooks Clark W. 1844 1917    
Brooks Jacob 2/3/1823      
Brooks Sophrona 10/2/1824 7/11/1898   w/o Jacob
Brooks Floyd 1876 1941    
Brooks Lena 1877 1905   w/o F. J.
Stanley George   2/22/1869 58y17d  
Burr Leroy E. 8/20/1861 2/11/1901    
Davis Benjamin  1851 1919    
Davis Augusta M. Harrison 1858 1913   On marker w/Benjamin
Davis Nora 1877 1886   On marker w/Benjamin
Davis Joel B. 1874 1954    
Blend Rosett 1844 1924    
Blend Emery W. 1844 1925    
Blend Cassius 1887 1968    
Blend Emery W. 8/7/1844     Corp of Co. C 141 Reg. NY Vol.
Blend Rosett 12/15/1844     On marker w/Emery W.
Blend Myra 2/23/1870 1/2/1871   On marker w/Emery W.
Blend Minnie H. 7/15/1873 11/5/1873   On marker w/Emery W.
Blend Thomas 4/24/1883 6/14/1883   On marker w/Emery W.
Blend Katie 8/6/1876 3/1/1878   c/o E.W. & R. - On marker w/Emery W.
Stevens Carrie B. 1872 1928    
Newcomb Wellington A. 8/20/1838 7/4/1899    
Newcomb Jerusha K. 3/26/1838 1/11/1901   w/o W. A.
Bates Bertha N. 1867 1934    
Bates Elched E. 1866 1948    
Smith David 1895 1937    
Smith Alma 1864 1951    
Smith Charles 1863 1939    
Eckerson   10/12/1897   Infant d/o Ray & Alice
Eckerson Alice M. 10/4/1869 12/25/1905    
Goodrich James S. 1830 1903    
Goodrich Charlotte S. 1837 1908   w/o C. F.
Goodrich Chas. B. 7/8/1832 11/27/1894    
Goodrich Cemantha 1842 1908    
Goodrich Sabrina Burget 10/5/1810 7/11/1886   w/o David
McCallum J. G. 1/30/1833 2/19/1898    
McCallum Elizabeth 7/9/1848     On marker w/J. G.
Harrison Abren 1828 1901    
Harrison Ruhamy 1834 1924   On marker w/Abren
          Some people on the 1971 reading were moved by the Corp.-no longer have stones, they are among the unmarked graves in this section
Thomas Cemetery moved for the lake          
Thomas Mary A.   8/10/1866 39y10m16d w/o William
Thomas Wm. 4/15/1818 2/17/1892    
Thomas Sally   3/5/1849 59 yr w/o Ephraim
Thomas Ephraim   9/8/1852 64 yr  
Matteson George 9/27/1860     Rest of Stone gone
Richardson Franis 1/20/1827 4/20/1853 3y9m20d s/o Thos. & Mary
Mosier Samuel 1/20/1827      
Mosier Susan 11/4/1822 11/23/1886   On marker w/Samuel
          The Mosiers were buried in Nelson Cem.-Unknown why they are in this Section
Paul C. Bennet Cemetery -          Moved for the lake-Originally known as Hazetel Cem. 
Fowler Albert   8/30/1865 48y11m17d  
Fowler Sarah 2/11/1817 1/1/1899    
Ellison Richard, Jr.   1/22/1849 7y10m25d s/o Richard & Jane
Ellison Richard    1/2/1842 42 yr  
Ellison Elizabeth   5/20/1820 26y w/o Richard
Hazlet Archibald   10/13/1824 8y9d s/o John & Jane
Richardson John   12/22/1853 21 yr  
Richardson S. H.   4/9/1854 25y4m  
Richardson Thomas       Rest of stone unreadable
Cook James       s/o Rachel & James - Rest of stone gone
Hazelet Jane   10/23/1824 3y9m d/o John & Jane
Hazelet Jane   1/8/1832 41y8d w/o John
Hazelet Samuel   2/25/1840 59y11m25d  
      1860 6m22d All that remains of this stone - This stone might belong in Nelson section or any of the reinterments
Joyce [May 2011]
Thank you for providing information on the Tri County area. It is quite helpful especially as I research my Bliss heritage on my Grandmothers side of the family.
I noticed that for my Great Great Great Uncle Lyman Bliss on page B-16 of the 2007 Nelson cemetery listing Lyman does not have a birth date, death date, or age though it does note he served with the 207th Penn. Infantry in the Civil War. He and my Great Great Grandfather Joseph D Bliss joined and served in the same fighting unit together.
I also looked for an obituary on your site and it does have his. According to it he died Oct. 28, 1907 at the age of 61. He was born on 04 Dec 1845 in New York. Had he lived he would have been 62 in Dec, and that is consistent with the information I have.
The question is can this information be added in to the cemetery posted record?
I would appreciate you looking into this. Thank you so much.
Dan Huggins, Sacramento CA

Published on Tri-Counties 28 FEB 2008
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