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Roll for Classes - Maple Ridge 1868
and Everett School 1868
Alder Run 1868
PumpkinHill 1868
Submitted by Kelsey Jones and Sherman Barnes
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Methodist Marriage Records 1869-1896
Methodist Marriages 1878 - 1892
Methodist Probationers 1866 - 1895
Members 1868 - 1869
Class Rolls 1868 - 1896
Names State In Life Residence Remarks
Samuel Baker, leader      
Meets at Maple Ridge      
Rachel Baker      
Isaac Spencer   Maple Ridge Dismissed by letter
Almira Spencer      
Albert D. Gaige      
Phebe Gaige      
Francis Spencer      
Aurilla Jewell      
Amy A. Sherman      
Eliphalet Stephens      
Jacob Larrison      
Ruby J. Larrison      
Archibald Spencer      
Theodore Sisson      
Nancy Sisson      
Stephen Orcutt      
Elizabeth Orcutt     Dismissed by letter
Lydia Fox     Dismissed by letter
Nancy Drake      
Abigail Drake      
Amy Hazen     Died March/71
David Stephens      
N. R. Starks      
Hannah Starks      
James Nichols      
Sarah Nichols      
Wilbor Spencer      
Lydia A. Gaige      
C. P. Sherman      
Ben Hughs      
George Hughs      
Phebe Hughs   Hughs crossed out and Gaige written in  
Amda Young      
Clarra Gage   Gage crossed out and Jewel written in  
Juliett Gage     Departed this life June 1870
O. J. Inscho   moved to Judson Hill  
Sarah Sherman      
Names State In Life Residence Remarks
William Stephens, leader      
Meets Everett School      
Neoma Everett      
Laura Stillwell      
Alice Andrus     Removed by letter
Abram Wilson     Removed by letter
Jemima Wilson     Removed by letter
Laura L. Everett      
Persis Vanheart      
David Everett      
Anna Everett      
Caroline Vanheart      
Mary E. Everett      
Orrilla Firman      
George S. Everett      
Doritha M. Everett      
Wm Everett      
Edward Everett      
Wm J. Everett      
Rachel Cunningham     Removed by letter
George Vanheart      
Bill Everett      
Amanda P. Shieves      
Magie Everett      
Julia A. Everett      
Sarah J. Cook      
Huldah J. Firman      
Thomas Andrus      
Mary E. Gaige      
Richard J. Stillwell      
Charles B. Vanheart      
Joseph Woodford     Removed by letter
Emeline Cook      
Mariah Everett      
David Crumb      
Betsey Crumb      
David W. Crumb      
Wm French      
John H. McIntyre      
Ruth R. McIntyre      
Julia Cunningham      
Names State In Life Residence Remarks
John F. Cleveland, leader      
Alder Run      
John Mitchell     Died March 17 1870
Thadeus Mitchell      
Ella Mitchell      
John B. Woodhouse      
Edward Cleveland      
Harriet Wilcox      
John Stafford      
Matilda Stafford      
Sarah A. Mitchell      
Mary A. Mitchell      
Mary F. Cleveland      
Lorana Beman      
George W. Mitchell      
Anna R. Mitchell      
Eliza A. Ross      
Catharine Wheeler     Moved away without a letter
Names State In Life Residence Remarks
Pumpkin Hill      
Phillip Tice     Died in Jan 1871
Amanda Tice      
L. M. Palmer      
Emeline Palmer      
Drusilla Updyke      
Hannah Wood     transfered to the Hollow
Charles Palmer      
Esther A. Rockwell      
Sarah A. Rockwell      

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 03/06/2001
By Joyce M. Tice