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Roll for Classes - Judson Hill &Mosierville 1877,
Daggett's Mills 1879
Submitted by Kelsey Jones and Sherman Barnes
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Methodist Marriage Records 1869-1896
Methodist Marriages 1878 - 1892
Methodist Probationers 1866 - 1895
Members 1868 - 1869
Class Rolls 1868 - 1896
Name  State in Life  Residence  Remarks 
Judson Hill       
Meets at Church      
Revised Feb 5 1877      
Leslie Lawrence, leader      
R. Videan Pr in Charge      
E. J. Hermans+A902, P. E.      
O. C. Inscho m   Taken letter
Thomas J. Baker "    
Susan J. Baker "    
Phebe Barns w   Died in the Lord Feb 1878
Sarah Sturdevent m   Taken letter Oct 1878
Charles H. Titus "    
Susan E. Corson "    
Julia A. Baker s    
Theressa L. Baker "    
Ann Wood m    
Miranda S. Bond w    
Hellen V. Bond s    
Leslie Lawrence m    
Belinda Lawrence "   Taken letter Oct 1878
Squire Young      
Gideon Ingersol     Died int he Lord May 16 1878
Elisabeth Pinkney     Taken letter Mar 31/79
Miss F. Newton s   Taken letter oct 1878
Jane Fuller   Aspinwall Corners By letter July 22/77
Rachel E. Williams     Joined by letter Nov 1877
Charles W. Baker   Joined in full Feb 1879  
Selah Williams      
Michal Reynolds   Joined in full Feb 1879  
Anna Updyke      
Daggetts Mills      
Revised Sep 19 1879      
M. C. Congdon, leader     Gone by letter
T. Jolly, Pastor     "
J. B. Wentworth, P. E.      
M. C. Congdon, leader m Daggett Mills  
Sarah A. Congdon " "  
Samuel Wright w "  
Giles Bly m "  
Sarah M. Bly " "  
Malinda White w "  
Joseph Bly m "  
Sarah Bly " "  
Philoma Bly " " Dismissed by letter
Hulda Ferguson " "  
Frankie Lane " "  
Henry F. Beckhorn " "  
Jane S. Beckhorn " "  
Eva Searls s " Withdrawn
Kate Jennings w "  
Iabelle Parmeter s "  
Grace Miller m   Removed without letter
Eunice Garrison w Jobs Corners  
Libbie Crane s "  
Emma Garrison " "  
Artemas Barnheart m Daggetts Mills  
Annie Barnheart " "  
Lucinda Lefler w " Removed by death
Daggetts Mills      
Revised Sep 19 1879      
John Voorhes, leader      
T. Jolly, Pastor      
J. B. Wentworth, P. E.      
John Voorhees, leader m Daggett Mills  
Nancy M. Voorhees " "  
Emma Updyke w Jobs Corners  
Christiann Smith " "  
Caroline G. Garrison " "  
Mary Carley m "  
Levi B. Sheives " "  
Jane E. Sheives " "  
Adriann Harris " "  
Amelia Garrison " "  
Philoma Carr " "  
Lucy P. Wiley " Hill  
Charles Voorhees " Daggetts Mills  
Julia Voorhees " "  
Stephen Lewis w "  
Belle Voorhees s "  
Nora Garison m Jobs Corners  
Janson B. Lewis s Daggetts Mills  
Ellis Voorhees " Joined in full Sep 21 1879  
Emma Garison   " married
Meets Mosierville Church      
Revised Feb 5 1877      
R. Videan, Pr in Charge      
E. J. Hermans, P. E.      
Joseph Bly m   Transfered to Daggetts Mills
Jane Finch w   Taken letter Oct 23 1878
Naoma Jones "    
Amarilla Ferguson      
Sarah C. Ingals s    
Arvilla A. Harr m    
Mary A. Beckwith "    
Caroline Vansciver "    
David Beckwith "    
Anna Lucas w   Taken letter May 1878
Mariah White "    
Martha Tabor "   Died 1877
Samuel Ingersol m    
Mary Ingersol "    
James Carr "   Deceased 1879
Martha Carr "    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 3/18/2001
By Joyce M. Tice