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Typed by: Pat Raymond from a Scrapbook belonging to Joyce M. Tice
Jan. 2 Bird Injuries suffered in fall from tree prove fatal for Richard Bird, 27, of Overton
  3 Maryott Miss Gerda Maryott succeeds Fred R. Prince as commissioners' clerk after latter had held position 40 years
  3 Beeman Frank Beeman, 73, of Lime Hill dies of injuries received when struck by automobile.
  7 O'Boyle Joseph John O'Boyle, 23, of Sayre is victim of carbon monoxide poisoning in his own garage.
  11 Lehy Fall from ladder proves fatal to Hugh Lehy, 61, of Overton.
  13 Rowe Ernest Stanley Rowe, aged 9, of Herrick Twp., meets death in fall beneath rear wheels of truck father is driving.
  16 Hebert Mrs. Minnie Hebert, highly regarded Towanda woman, taken by death
  19 Willett Death summons Mrs. Sarah Ballard Willett, 88, prominent Troy woman.
  20   Mercury drops to zero here.
  22 Warburton Mrs. J. R. Warburton, 54, of Towanda taken by death.
  26 Merrill Death summons Arthur L. Merrill, 67, prominent Sayre business man.
  29 Backus Jay Backus, 59, prominent Warren township farmer, dies of injuries sustained in auto accident January 15.
    Pierce Mrs. Ella May Pierce, 83, Towanda
    Dowd Mrs. Helen Ruth Dowd, Austinville
    McNeal Chester E. McNeal, 63, Durell
    Johnson Mrs. Robert Johnson, 30, Towanda
    Bailey Mrs. John J.Bailey Towanda
    Bartch Mrs. Howard Bartch, Wilmot
    Mann Oren A. Mann, 81, East Towanda
    Haussman Mrs. E. G. Haussman, Towanda
    Spencer William Seward Spencer 74, Canton
    Ugliuzza Mary Ugliuzza, 19, Rummerfield RD
    Campbell Mrs. Juliette H. Campbell, 90, Burlington
    Ford Harold Elwin Ford, 39, LeRoy
    Delpeuch Andrew G. Delpeuch, 85, Hornbrook
    Baker Mrs. Edna K. Baker, 76, Towanda
    Cahill John Patrick Cahill of Athens
    McCue Miss Anna McCue, 44, Warren Center
    Oliver Mrs. Jessie Ann Oliver, 74, Athens
    Russell Mrs. George N. Russell, 64, Athens RD 2.
    Case Mrs. Julia F. Case, Granville Summit
    Leonard Mrs. Catherine Leonard, 78, Springfield
    Smith Benjamin Smith, East Smithfield
    Barrett Thomas Barrett, 81, Asylum township
    Case Mrs. Jennie A. Case, 75, South Waverly
    Bronson Mrs. Phoebe Bronson, 86, Shores Hill
    Gamble Roscoe Gamble, 60, Wilmot Township
    Teeter Mrs. Joseph Teeter, 50, Hatch Hill
    Layton Arthur L. Layton, Sr. 68, Towanda
    Perry Isaac Perry, 88, Powell
    Stacey Mrs. Grace Murray Stacey, 58, Troy
    Donovan James B. Donovan, Athens
    Grenell Lynn Grenell, 27, Monroeton
    Stephenson Mrs. Jennie H. Stephenson, 75, Ghent
    Underwood Mrs. Emma Underwood, 71, Milan
    McLaughlin Mrs. Lois McLaughlin, Rome
    Chaffee Carl A. Chaffee, 61, Potterville
    Hyde George Arlton Hyde, 72, East Smithfield
    Wandell Mrs. Rosa Wandell, 83, LeRaysville
    McCormick Mrs. Lydia McCormick, 96, Harmony Hill
    Burnham Miss Mildred Burnham, 35, Bentley Creek
    Spencer Sherman N. Spencer, 74, West LeRoy
    Terry Sherman W. Terry, 75, Terrytown
    Huff Edward M. Huff, 87, East Smithfield
    Alloway Robert Alloway, Towanda
    Ball Mrs. Walter David Ball, Towanda
February 3 Perkins Miss Ellen Gertrude Perkins, 85, distinguished Athens woman, dies
  6 Walker Nathan F. Walker, verteran surveyor and former county commissioner, burns to death while trying to save valuabel records from his flaming home in East Athens; was 81 years of age.
  12 Laws Death summons Attorney A. L. Laws, Sayre postmaster and veteran Democrat
  14   Terrific blizzard covers county with 27 inches of snow; heaviest snowfall on record for this section; schools close, highways blocked;
  14 Keeler Mrs. Pearl L. Keeler, LeRaysville's oldest resident, dies at the age of 90.
  21   Mercury drops to five degrees below zero for coldest of winter.
  23 McCraney Death summons Miss Elnettie McCraney, 76, distinguished Towanda woman.
  26 Miles G. Arthur Miles, 78, suffers fatal burns at his home on Spring Hill.
  27 Weldy Death summons I. Morgan Weldy, 67, of Towanda-Monroeton road.
  28   Mercury drops to seven below zero for winter's coldest.
  28 Grosjean Howard H. Grosjean, prominent Troy resident, suffers fatal heart attack.
    Kreamer J. N. Kreamer, 73, Athens
    Elliott Wickham N. Elliott, Merryall
    Norconk Mrs. Emma Jane Norconk, Wilmot
    Hunter Mrs. Elizabeth L. Hunter, 74, South Waverly
    Barnes Mrs. Millie Barnes, 64, Canton
    Mason Gordon J. Mason, 27, Canton
    Wildrick William Wildrick 66, Sayre
    Blackwell J. D. Blackwell, 88, West Burlington
    Watts Mary Louise Watts, 74, East Canton
    Mapes Mrs. Sarah P. Mapes, 70, Terry Township
    Taylor Encil Taylor, 76, Granville Summitt
    Hope Mrs. Francis Hope, 73, Wilmot Township
    Burnham Mrs. Effie A. Burnham, Troy
    Brown Clyde W. Brown, 59, of Wyalusing
    Ketchem Martin E. Ketchem, 79, Canton
    Allen Russell Allen, 48, Standing Stone Township
    Emery Sonya Emery, 8, Asylum Township
    Smith Mahlon Smith, 68, Litchfield
    Rockwell Helen Elizabeth Rockwell, 71, East Troy
    French Pearl French, 59, Ulster
    Pine Mrs. Sarah Pine, 58, Canton
    McKernan William McKernan, 48, Albany Valley
    Hall May Belle Hall, 74, Troy
    Roberts Manville Roberts, Towanda
    Arnold Mrs. Elizabeth Ross Arnold, 80, East Towanda
    Strange Burt R. Strange, 74, Sylvania
    Jones Mrs. Ella Jones, 75, West Warren
    Johnson Davis Johnson, 3rd, age 7, Towanda
    Whiting Frank Whiting, 88, Canton
    Webster Mrs Cora Webster, 71, Granville township
    Potter Mrs. Beatrice Potter, 65, Ulster
    Pearl Mrs. Julia Pearl, 81, Athens
    Brague Archie Brague, 55, Powell
    Murphy Peter Murphy, Sayre
    Phillips Mrs. Jeanette Phillips, Springville
    Harris Mrs. Anna Harris, Canton, RD 2
    Phillips Mrs. Berdell Phillips, 63, New Albany
    God William God, 81, Terrytown
    Reed Gilbert Reed, 63, Canton
    Pratt Mrs. Perley Pratt, 60, Granville township
March 2 Dodge Death summons Bruce Dodge, 68, prominent Wyalusing resident
  6 Stevens Miss H. Sue Stevens, 73, of Towanda passes away
  8 Wyalusing H.S. Wyalusing High School boys' basketball team wins BCAA championship for second straight year, defeating Ulster two consecutive games in play-offs.
  10 Middaugh Death summons Mrs. Miles Middaugh, 62, of Towanda
  11 Griffin Mrs. John B. Griffin, resident of Towanda 44 years, passes away
  13 Haverly Oran L. Haverly, 84, distinguished Athens citizen, passes away at West Palm Beach, Fla., where he had been spending the winter.
  15   7 inch falll of snow, heavy with moisture, ties up traffic and communications just as they are re-gaining normalcy after February 14 blizzard;
  15   Wyalusing High School girls win BCAA championship by defeating Orwell in final of play-off series
  18 Farrell Michael J. Farrell, 66, of Athens suffers fatal injuries in industrial accident at Ingersoll-Rand plant.
  21 Piollet Lieut. Victor Piollet of Towanda in flying accident at South Towanda airport when he attempts to land Army plane on snow-covered field.
  23 Benedict Death summons Merton Benedict, 49, well known Athens business man.
  23 Luther Death summons Mrs. Martin D. Luther of Towanda
  24   Thermometer drops to 9 above zero for very cold and raw Easter; much snow and high wind
  25 Wilcox George H. Wilcox of New Albany, Spanish War veteran, dies at 86
  25 Gore Death summons Mrs. Mahlon H. Gore, 92, of Sheshequin
  27 Allen Elwin Allen, prominent Canton business man and public official, is taken by death
  31   River here reaches depth of 23.95 feet, flooding lowlands about Towanda, Athens, Sheshequin, tying up traffic, causing families to vacate homes
    Rockwell Mrs. Malina Rockwell, 81, Canton
    Aires John S. Aires, 82, LeRaysville
    Sheehan Daniel Sheehan, 78, Wilawana
    Danton Mrs. Stephen T. Danton, 74, Sayre
    Watson Mrs. Caroline (?) Watson, 87, Sayre
    French Lee French, Sheshequin
    Mann Harvey Mann, Wyalusing
    Dodge Mrs. Frank Dodge, 65, Sayre
    Crandell David Crandell, 86, West Franklin
    Quatrini Mrs. Joseph Quatrini of Sayre
    Nusbaum Inza E. Nusbaum, 38, Athens
    Cain Mary Louise Cain, 21, Sayre
    Cole Frank Cole, 69, Sayre
    Ryan Harry Ryan, 64, Towanda
    Schaad Mrs. George Schaad, Canton
    Brunvidge Mrs. Nora Brunvidge, 83, Granville Center
    York Milton H. York, 62, Austinville
    Cummings John Cummings, South Waverly
    Young Walter Young, 66, Smithfield Township
    Bozinsky Michael Bozinsky, 56, Sayre
    Waltman Mrs. Florence Waltman, 80, Grover
    Lurcock Robert Lurcock, 87, East Smithfield
    Miller Mrs. Rosa Miller, 79, Rome
    Young Scott Young, 61, Sayre
    Coyle Mrs. Diana Coyle, 55, Burlington
    McConnell Amos McConnell, 93, South Waverly
    McMahan David E. McMahan, 81, of Athens
    McKeon Mrs. C. L. McKeon, Ulster
    Prince Joseph E. Prince, Cadis
    Morley Fay Morley, North Rome
    Hill Mrs. Belle Hill, 84, Canton
    Chilson Miles R. Chilson, 41, North Orwell
    Huston Mrs. S. M. Huston, 78, Towanda
    Solomon Peter M. Solomon, 43, Athens

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 12/08/2001
By Joyce M. Tice
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