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Typed by: Pat Raymond from a Scrapbook belonging to Joyce M. Tice
July 3 Whiting Injuries received when struck by a falling telephone pole prove fatal to George Whiting, 83, of Sylvania
  14 Campbell Mrs. Garn Campbell of Wysox dies of injuries received when struck by a tractor
  15 Curtis George S. Curtis, 72, of Athens, feature editor for The Binghamton Press, suffers apoplectic seizure while motoring and dies in crash following
  16 White Harry N White, justice of the peace in Towanda since 1924, taken by death at the age of 67.
  17 Acla Death summons Howard Acla, 42, of Wysox township, well known World War veteran.
  18 Sattler Herman Sattler, veteran Towanda business man, dies at the age of 76.
  25 Weather Temperature goes to 94 for highest to date this summer
  27 LeRaysville Terrific cyclone strikes LeRaysville, doing untold damage uprooting trees, ripped roofs from homes, toppling barns, killing livestock.
  28 Rockefeller Large barn on Noah Rockefeller place at Warren Center, one of best in county, burns.
  29 Weather Mercury goes to 96 for hottest to date of summer
    Potter Mrs. William Potter, Towanda
    O'Donnell Miss Catherine O'Donnell, Sayre
    Bodnar George Bodnar, 77, Wyalusing
    Scott Walter Scott, 74, Liberty Corners
    Walborn Allen Walborn, 65, Granville Center
    Haverly Mrs. Amanda Haverly, 89, New Albany
    Lenox James Templeton Lenox of Rome
    Aspinwall Mrs. Laura Redington Aspinwall, Troy
    God Lobedia Campbell God, Wyalusing
    Campbell Mrs. Candace Campbell, 80, of Athens
    Covert W. H. Covert, 72, East Troy
    Willey Grant Willey, 73, Franklindale
    McCraney Mrs. Elisia McCraney, 81, LeRoy
    McGuire Miss Georgianna McGuire, 60, New Era
    Reynolds Mrs. Mary Reynolds, 94, of Athens
    Rockwell Judson Rockwell, 77, of Orwell
    Williams Mrs. Eleanor Williams, Towanda
    Weaver Bartley Weaver, 68, Sayre
    Harding Miss Ruth Harding, 39, Athens
    Gaylord Mrs. Angie Gaylord, 79, of Wyalusing
    Watkins Mrs. John H. Watkins, 62, Greens Landing
    Mitchell Mrs. Charles J. Mitchell, Towanda
    Covey Jacob Covey, New Albany
    Bowman Henrietta C. Bowman of Towanda
    MacMorran W. W. MacMorran, 84, Ulster
    Robinson James K. Robinson, 83, New Albany
August 4 Innes Death summons John A. Innes, 54, retired Canton business man
5 VanGorder John H. VanGorder, veteran railroader, dies at his home in Towanda, aged 51
  7 Bostwick Eva Bostwick, 17-year-old daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Manville Bostwick of North Towanda, drowns while on swimming party in Towanda creek near Monroeton
  7 Longo Alfred Longo 35, and
  7 Borgeson Harold Borgeson, 16, both of Troy killed when Longo's airplane crashes near Troy
  11 Frawley Bernard Frawley, 26, of Towanda RD 5, fatally injured when thrown from motorcycle while riding through Macedonia.
  13 Christian Charles Christian, 37, of Silvara commits suicide by holding stick of dynamite against side and touching it off with dry cell
  25 Weather Mercury falls to 33 above zero for coldest August day on record here; frost damages crops, garden truck
  26 Pennell George Pennell, 56, and his wife Josephine, both of Orwell township succumb to illness caused by poison food
  30 Inns Harry Inns, 60, of Sunbury drowns in Susquehanna river near Wyalusing
  31 Weather Rain totalling 3.48 inches falls at Towanda between 4:30 AM and 11:30 PM. "Flash" floods cause damage at West Warren, New Albany and other points along creeks.
    Peterpaul Michael Peterpaul of Sayre
    Snyder Mrs. Josephine Snyder, 53, Towanda
    Kithcart Paul Kithcart, 15, Herrick Township
    Slade Miss Barbara Slade, 19, Canton
    Walt Fred E. Walt, 68, Sayre
    Henry Mrs. Silas Henry 47, Sayre
    Cox James S. Cox, 47, Sayre
    Douglas C. Henry Douglas, 67, Hollenback
    Blake Miss Minnie Blake, Towanda
    Grace John Grace, 62, Towanda, RD 4
    Baldwin Mrs. James D. Baldwin of LeRaysville
    Spencer Mrs. Carrie I. Spencer, 73, Canton
    Mahood Margaret L. Mahood, Troy
    Mott Mrs. Iila Mott, 47, Big Pond
    Yontz Mrs. Lucy Helen Yontz, 85, Athens
    Hannon John P. Hannon, South Waverly
    Jenkins Jay R. Jenkins, 63, Wysox
    Kinney Frank Kinney, Wyalusing
    Turner Mrs. N. Matilda Turner of Towanda, 84
    Selleck Mark Selleck, 74 of Mountain Lake
    Morse Guy Morse, 25, Canton township
    Pine Raymond Pine, 19, Canton
    Pennell George Pennell, 56, Orwell
    Kitson Mrs. Alvada Kitson, 77, Towanda
    Stone Eugene E. Stone, 89, Camptown
    Coon Mrs. Frances M. Cook, 70, Canton
    Lindley Solomon Lindley, 77, of Granville Center
Sept. 2 Gustin Ronnie E. Gustin, Elmira aviator, fatally injured in plane crash at Athens
  9 Collins Thomas Collins of the Marie Antoinette Inn, Wyalusing township, taken by death
  9 Gooding John W. Gooding, 61, Sayre, victim of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  10 Kuykendall Death summons Benjamin Kuykendall, Esq., president of the Citizen's National Bank and one of Towanda's most distinguished men.
  11 Yanofsky Charles F. Yanofsky, veteran Towanda business man, dies at age of 68.
  14 Passage Harry C. Passage, veteran Towanda shoe merchant dies at the age of 72
  14 Pruyne Fire destroys large barn and contents on William Pruyne, Sr., farm near Milan
  17 Williams Lyle Williams, 30, of Orwell township instantly killed when struck by falling tree while working in woods.
  20 Mercur Death summons Mrs. Rodney A. Mercur, 82, prominent Towanda woman
  21 Cummiskey Robert Cummiskey, 65, of Towanda killed by Lehigh Valley train near East Towanda
  22 Rowland Richard Rowland, 52, of Sayre drowns in Chemung river near Athens
  29 Soper Death summons Roy C. Soper, veteran Sylvania merchant, at age of 63.
    Compton William Compton, 70, Franklindale
    Campbell William D. Campbell, 90, Herrickville
    Taynton Mrs. James Taynton, South Waverly
    Stevens Raymond D. Stevens, Gillett
    Bull Miss Florence Bull, 86, Liberty Corners
    Dixon Hugh J. Dixon, 54, Sayre
    Cobb Miss Eva Emeline Cobb of Stevensville
    Gowan Mrs. Theresa Dieffenbach Gowan, Evergreen
    Fredericks Mrs. Leroy Fredericks, Sayre
    Allyn Mrs. Cora A. Allyn, 83, Warren Center
    Eames Thomas Eames, 92, LeRaysville
    Keltz Rozell M. Keltz, 73, Canton
    Rockwell Mrs. Carrie Rockwell, 84, Granville township
    Strong Miss Lydia Strong, 77, Wyalusing
    Hawley Clara E. Hawley, Athens
    Barlow Mrs. Mary Barlow, Towanda
    Rickey Mrs. Margaret Rickey, Towanda
    Parker Truman Parker, 58, Canton
    VanVechten Mrs. Lizzie Thomas VanVechten, 75, Canton
    Spencer David Spencer, 78, Burlington
    Brewster Fred N. Brewster, 83, Herrick Township
    Fellows Mrs. Alice Nyphena Fellows, 87, Leroy
    Drost Edward Drost, 66, Canton
    Loder George C. Loder, 62, Canton
    Golden Mrs. Eva Isaacs Golden, 35, Canton
    Collins Allen Collins, 74, Canton
    Jackson Henry E. Jackson, Athens
    Bowman William H. Bowman, 72, Sayre
    Thayer Charles Thayer, Troy
    Bowen Mrs. Etta Bowen, 76, Warren Center
    Avery Mrs. Viola E. Avery, 72, Monroeton
    Cease Mrs. Gertrude Cease, 72, Canton

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By Joyce M. Tice
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