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1940s Scrapbook
Typed by: Pat Raymond from a Scrapbook belonging to Joyce M. Tice
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October 4 Crandall P. S. Crandall, 56, of Alba, veteran mail carrier, taken by death
  4 Morris Frank E. Morris, former Towanda and Ridgewood, N.J. business man, dies at home of daughter in Towanda
  5 Tupper Death summons Mrs. Edmund Tupper, 56, of South Towanda
  11 McClen Mrs. Patience McClen of Towanda passes away
  14 Carter Mr. & Mrs. Uriah Carter of Camptown and
  14 McHale Miss Mary McHale of Rushville killed in head-on automobile collision near Stevensville
  16 Register-Draft A total of 5238 young men register throughout Bradford county under National Selective Service Act.
  18 Darley Miss Dorothy D. Darley, 53, of Elmira is fatally injured in auto accident at Sayre
  18 Lauchner Charles William Lauchner, 54, veteran Athens business man, taken by death
  22 Rosenfield Mrs. Frank C. Rosenfield of Towanda passes away at the age of 83
  29 Shaw Death summons Henry J. Shaw, 40, of Ulster and veteran of World War service in France
  29 Rockwell Philip Rockwell of Sugar Run first Bradford county men to be called for examination in Selective Service drawing at Washington
  29 Tyson Bennett Ryson of Sayre first Bradford County men to be called for examination in Selective Service drawing at Washington
  30 Marks Mrs. Amelia L. Marks, widow of L. Marks of Towanda passes away
  30 Dibble Courtney Dibble, 68, veteran Athens business man passes away
    McKerrow Mrs. Lillie D. McKerrow of Columbia Cross Roads
    Roberts Guy Roberts, 56, Neath
    Wilson Mrs. Minnie Wilson, 69, Lime Hill
    Scott Emmett Scott, 82, Ulster
    Edsell Mrs. Ella Ellsworth Edsell, 84 of LeRaysville
    Johnson William D. Johnson, 67, South Towanda
    Armstrong Mrs. Harriet A. Armstrong, 84, Wyalusing
    Hancock Mrs. John E. Hancock, Sayre
    Whispell Frank Whispell, 74, South Waverly
    Lane Wayland Lane, 87, Ulster
    Kleim Mrs. Elizabeth L. Kleim, Towanda
    Ronan Mrs. Margaret Ronan, 78, Canton
    Pratt Mrs. Martha M. Pratt, 94, Durell
    Kornish Stanley J. Kornish, 47, Stevensville
    Roberts Guy Roberts of Neath
    Burgess Allen R. Burgess, 63, Wyalusing
    Pepper Frank Pepper, 87, Monroeton
    Cowell Mrs. Jesse Cowell, Shores Hill
    Cron Mrs. Richard Cron, Powell
    Stevens George W. Stevens, 74, Stevens Township
    Lane Mrs. G. G. Lane, 86, Luthers Mills
    Haines Mrs. Mary Haines, 84, Towanda
    Oliphant Bertha Kelley Oliphant, 80, East Smithfield
    Goodstall Mrs. Cecelia Goodstall, 42, Sayre
    Manchester Andrew P. Manchester, 71, Warren Center
Nov. 2 Vogt Norman A. Vogt, 59, veteran Towanda railroader taken by death
  5 Wilkie Bradford county voters give majority of approximatey 8,000 to Wendell Wilkie, Republican candidate for President
  5 Gillette W. D. Gillette of Towanda sent to the State Assembly for sixth time
  7 Charles P. Dewey of Gillett, former representative from Bradford county in General Assembly at Harrisburg, dies at age of 77 
  13 Brown Beecher Brown, 52, of Lime Hill instantly killed in sawmill accident at Lake O'Meadows
  14 Taylor Harry W. Taylor, 65, Sayre contractor, taken by death
  19 Beach Ray D. Beach, prominent East Smithfield business man, dies at 54.
  20 Griffin Death summons John B. Griffin of Towanda, 76, retired produce dealer and Democratic politician.
  24 Hall Frank Hall, veteran Towanda garageman, dies.
  24 Close Milton Close, 83, of Canton an old-time blacksmith dies.
  25 Carpenter Eugene E. Carpenter, 40, a prominent East Athens resident dies
  26 Weather Five inches of snow brings winter to county; mercury falls to 13
    Bisgrove Harrison J. Bisgrove, 49, Sayre
    Bennett Warren C. Bennett, 82, Towanda
    Forbes Lester Forbes, 73, Rome
    Smith Mrs. Emma Smith, 71, Canton
    Card Ray Card, 68, Sylvania
    Pierce Della Wilson Pierce, 68, East Smithfield
    Ayers Mrs. Addie Ayers, 73, East Troy
    Bigelow George Bigelow, 78, Silvara, Spanish War veteran
    Bailey Mrs. Ella J. Bailey, 76, Hornbrook
    Kenyon Buel R. Kenyon, 63, Athens
    Crum Mrs. J. Wilbur Crum, 81, Athens
    Miller Otto Miller, 72, South Waverly
    Voorhis Mrs. Zelphia J. Voorhis, 65, Terrytown
    Holcombe Mrs. Grant Holcombe, Ulster
    Moore Mrs. Martha Moore, Towanda RD 6
    Jones Thomas L. Jones, Hollenback
    Browning Mrs. Eliza Browning, Sayre
    Vandermark John Vandermark, 71, Athens
    Streby Mrs. Clinton Streby, Overton
    Brown Miss Lena Brown, 72, Powell
    McManus Miss Margaret McManus of Mountain Lake
    Murray Louise A. Murray, Troy
    Cease A. Henry Cease, Canton, 58
    O'Grady Miss Mary Ann O'Grady, 75, Towanda
    O'Connor Mrs. Nora O'Connor, 85, Rummerfield
    Davis Mrs. Fred Davis, Neath
    Horton Mrs. Anna Horton, 76, Sheshequin
    Kimball William K. Kimball, 68, East Smithfield
    Ackley George Ackley, Towanda
    Bailey John W. Bailey, 71, East Granville
    Keeler Leroy E. Keeler, 69, New Albany
    Yaw Miss Hattie Yaw, 78, New Albany
    Mosher John Mosher, 71, Stevensville
    Webster Mrs. Susan Webster, 80, Canton
    Anderson Lewis Raymond Anderson, 59, Wilmot township
    Bongard Mrs. Carolyn Bongard, 84, Towanda
    Decker Mrs. Jessie Maria Decker, 90, Towanda
    Lyons Walter Lyons, Monroeton
Dec. 3 Harrigan Dr. J. J. Harrigan, Towanda dentist, taken by death
  4 Weather Mercury drops to five below zero
  7 DeMun Mrs. Helen DeMun of Waverly meets death in auto accident at Sayre
  8 Moody Frank E. Moody, prominent Athens citizen taken by death
  13 Gates Mrs. H. C. Gates, 60, of Canton passes away
  15 Saxe Raymond G. Saxe of Sayre killed in automobile accident at Owego
  16 Redington Death summons Isaac S. Redington, prominent Troy resident, aged 70.
  19 Blackwell Alfred C. Blackwell, former treasurer of county, passes away at home in West Burlington, aged 92.
  22 Johnson Death summons Edwin L. Johnson of Towanda-Monroeton road, 69, a highly regarded retired farmer
    Close Mrs. Milton Close, 81, Canton
    McMorran Mrs. Alice McMorran, Athens RD 1
    Myers Victor A. Myers, 74, Towanda
    Salisbury Mrs. Alice Salisbury, 75, Troy
    Frutchey Mrs. Paul Frutchey, French Asylum
    Crain Mrs. Elizabeth Crain, Monroeton
    Walborn George Walborn, 71, Monroeton
    Harkness Charles B. Harkness, 68, East Smithfield
    White Fred W. White, 61, Camptown
    Kendall Mrs. Mertie Fleming Kendall, Troy
    Young Mrs Peter W Young, Rome
    Pettes Mrs. Elon R. Pettes of North Orwell
    Arnold Lawrence Arnold, 57, of Warren Center
    Case Samuel G. Case, 94, Tyrrell Hill
    Cole Kenneth Cole, 19, Orange Hill
    Yasharian Toris K. Yasharian, Lime Hill
    Acla Uriah R. Acla, Sayre
    McNeal Otis McNeal 60, Canton
    Cotter Mary Jane Cotter, 10, Dayre
    Lenox Mrs. Emily V. Lenox, 85, Sayre
    Hackett Mrs. Lottie Hackett, Canton, 61
    Waltman Mrs. Daniel Waltman, 76, Laddsburg
    Haflett Daniel Haflett, 81, Granville Township
    Waring Frank S. Waring, New Era
    Palmer Edward S. Palmer, Alba
    Hotaling Merrick Hotaling, 52, of Canton

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