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Typed by: Pat Raymond from a Scrapbook belonging to Joyce M. Tice
April 1   River here reaches depth of 23.95 feet as high point of spring flood
  2 Dittrich Death summons William F. Dittrich, 88, retired Towanda business man
  2 Miller and John M. Miller, 50, East Towanda painter.
  3 Foster Mrs. William S. Foster, 62, of Canton is taken by death
  4   Annual convention of the Wyoming Conference of the Methodist church opens at Athens after days delay due to flood
  5 White Anna Lucille White, 25, of Athens drowns in Susquehanna river during flood.
  6 Chapman Fire destroys house and barn on the Arthur Bahr farm at Overton, home of Mr. And Mrs. Claude Chapman; extensive loss
  10 Kinner Death summons Charles E. Kinner, 91, pioneer Athens resident
  11 Lewis Lloyd Lewis, 55, and two horses found shot to death in barn of Lewis farm at Moxie
  19 Bryden Rev. James D. Bryden, formerly of Waymart, Pa. Is installed as pastor of the Presbyterian church at Canton.
  22 Bull Death summons Mrs. Anna Bull, 65, of Sayre, veteran county W.C.T.U. worker
  23 Rutherford A.G. Rutherford for Congress
  23 Gillette W.D. Gillette for State Assembly
  23 Tyler C. B. Tyler for State Senator
  23 Cooke Jay Cooke for U. S. Senate
  23 Guffy Joseph Guffey for U.S. Senate
  23 Winter W.J.B. Winter for State Committee
  23 Kresge Samuel Kresge for the State Committee
  23 Gelder F.T. Gelder for Auditor General - All in apathetic primary election throught county.
  24 Wilbur Edward T. Wilbur of Sugar Run, veteran of the Spanish American War, dies at the age of 64.
    Wayman Frank Wayman, 64, Sayre
    Chilson Frank Chilson, 64, New Albany
    Furman Millard Fillmore Furman, 88, Gillett
    Brownson Thomas Edward Brownson, 79, West Burlington
    Wright Mrs. Cora Wright, 70, Canton
    Wayman Frank Wayman, Sayre
    Wilson Mrs. Faith Wilson, Sylvania
    Simons Mrs. Hortense Simons, 80, Rome
    Sweeney Robert Sweeney, 77, Armenia
    Fuller Mrs. Emma Fuller of Sylvania
    Johns Eva Lena Johns of Sylvania
    Waring Mrs. F. J. Waring, 82, Wyalusing
    Johnson Ora Belle Johnson, 69, Columbia Cross Roads
    Hoffman Joel Troutman Hoffman, Wilmot
    Ayers George W. Ayers, 83, Gillett RD
    Eiklor Mrs. Smith Eiklor, 62, of Sheshequin
    Rinker Oscar Rinker, 72, of Milan
    Allis Miles E. Allis, 84, of Herrickville
    Cotter William Cotter, 61, Towanda
    Fish Lowman J. Fish, East Smithfield
    Irvine John M. Irvine, 82, Homets Ferry
    Kilgore Judson Kilgore, 67, East Troy
    Gerould Mrs. Ada Gerould, 67, Ulster
    Sullivan William T. Sullivan, Sheshequin
    Wheeler George W. Wheeler, 84, Green's Landing
    Hawkins Mrs. Johnnah Hawkins, 76, Canton
    Frisbie William Frisbie, 87, of South Waverly
    Kilpatrick Jay Milford Kilpatrick, 12, Wilawana
    Douglas Mrs. Neva Douglas, 55, Sayre
    Strope Edward Strope, 74, of East Smithfield
    Robinson Mrs. Ida Robinson, 81, Canton
    Olmstead Mrs. Fred Olmstead, East Towanda
    Catlin Allie Catlin of Windham
    Goodenough Mrs. Cornelia H. Goodenough, 81, North Towanda
    Hollingshead George W. Hollingshead, 70, Sayre
    Pace Umberta Pace, 53, Sayre
May 5 Clarke Miss Barbara Clarke, 77, veteran county school teacher dies at her Sugar Ridge home
  10 Willow Street Willow Street school at Athens destroyed in early morning fire; loss set at $50,000
  11 Sayre H.S. Sayre High wins annual SVIAA track meet, held under lights
  15 Fire Sayre has $15,000 fire as three stores on West Lockhart street are destroyed by fire and a fourth is damaged.
  17 Lilley Mrs. C.S. Lilley, wife of Towanda's burgess, dies at the age of 73.
  19 Saco Church 85th anniversary of the founding of the Saco Presbyterian church is observed
  19 Brink Maurice Brink, 78, veteran New Albany merchant, dies
  21 Burgess Joseph Burgess, 60, of Towanda dies at St. Mary's, Pa., of injuries received in fall from church roof
  21 Wilson Mrs. Eliza Wilson, 92, of Canton is taken by death; was Canton's oldest resident
  24 Mitchell Death summons Attorney H. Ken Mitchell, 70, of Troy
  24 Bahr and Lewis M. Bahr, 85, Hollenback merchant
  28 Sayre H.S. Sayre High School graduates class of 116
    Birney Frank G. Birney, 66, of Athens
    Pelton Morgan K. Pelton, 81, Canton
    Bennett John Bennett, 21, Athens
    Snover Miss Capitola Snover of Homets Ferry
    Cowan Betty Cowan, 12, Overton
    Gerould George Clinton Gerould, 71, Ulster
    Cole Charles Cole, 23, Towanda
    Fox Norman Fox, Athens
    Ackley Mrs. George Ackley, 80, French Asylum
    Viall Mrs. Eliza Viall, Standing Stone
    Williams Mrs Jennie M. Williams, 80, Canton
    Park Hays M. Park, 81, Athens
    Wilcox Mrs. Catherine Wilcox, 83, of Luthers Mills
    Brenchley Fred Brenchley, 71, Canton
    Flannery Thomas Flannery, 78, North Towanda township
    Bennett William D. Bennett, 66, Pike township
    Brennan Mrs. Mary A. Brennan, 78, Towanda
    Hoose William Hoose, 81, Beech Flats
    Morgan Sylvester Morgan, 84, Armenia
    Sackett Rose Sackett, Ghent
    MacMorran Mrs. Harlan A. MacMorran, 40, Athens
    Russell Avery Russell, 65, Slater Hollow
June 4 Summers Mrs. Amelia M. Summers, 94, of Monroeton, passes away
  4 Troy H.S. Troy High School graduates class of 80
  4 Kirk Death summons Fred G. Kirk, prominent Ulster resident
  4 Temperature Temperature goes to 91
  5 Canton H.S. Sixty-seven Seniors graduate from Canton High School
  6 Towanda H.S. Towanda High School graduates class of 102
  6 Bull LaRue Bull of Towanda, veteran Highway Department employee, passes away
  6 Hodge Lila Belle Hodge, 5, of East Smithfield fatally injured when struck by automobile near Montour Falls
  6 Athens H.S. Athens High School graduates class of 74
  12 Hawley Robert Hawley, Canton barber, fatally injured in Canton auto crash
  15 Marter Frank S. Marter, Sayre blind man, killed in fall at home
  16 St.Agnes H.S. St. Agnes High School at Towanda graduates class of 13
  18 Frain Charles Frain, 26, of Sayre fatally injured in auto crash at Johnson City
  29 Arnold Death summons Mrs. Edward Bliss Arnold, 72, of Athens
  29 McKean Death summons W. Durbin McKean, 91, of West Burlington
    Peppard Isaac Louis Peppard, 49, South Waverly
    May Mrs. Fred May, 84, North Towanda
    Wagner Mrs. Mary Davis Wagner, 84, Sayre
    Race George G. Race, Terrytown
    Booth Bert Booth, 58, Towanda
    Andrews Mrs. Edward S. Andrews, 83, Powell
    Smith Mrs. Mary Smith, 91, Sayre
    Brown O. W. Brown, 82, Myersburg
    Hoffman Mrs. Mary C. Grohs Hoffman, 83, Troy
    McPherson Mrs. Anna McPherson, 90, Herrickville
    Young John M. Young, 88, Standing Stone
    Raub James Addison Raub, 35, Athens
    Wood Austin Wood, Towanda
    Mingos Mrs. Orpha Mingos, 59, Ellis Hill
    Lake Mrs. O. W. Lake, 71, Sayre
    Adams Charles C. Adams, 54, Troy
    Clayton Richard Clayton, Fairview
    Marbaker Miles Marbaker, 69, Clapper Hill
    Dunn William H. Dunn, 74, Monroeton
    Gilmartin Thomas Gilmartin, 78, Sayre
    Magee Adeline Frances Magee, 88, Silvara
    Hines Miner T. Hines, 79, Wyalusing
    Tuttle Henry H. Tuttle, Athens R.D. 2
    Congdon Edgar Congdon, 83, Gillett
    Shook Mrs. Nellie Shook, 61, Wyalusing
    Babcock Mrs. Grant Babcock, 66, LeRaysville
    Johnson Mrs. Carrie Lewis Johnson, Athens
    Watkins Emma R. Watkins, 79, Ulster
    Johnson Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, 71, Athens
    Walters Lorey W. Walters, 74, Athens
    Garris Mrs. Matilda Garris, 60, Towanda
    Tucker Mrs. Emily Tucker, 93, Herrick township
    Rogers Miss Amy Rogers, Sugar Run
    Walborn Allen Walborn, 65, Granville Center
    Brown Mrs. Iva Brown, 67, Canton
    McGraw Peter J. McGraw, 58, Sayre
    Morse William Morse, 76, Granville
    Lattimore William O. Lattimore, Indian Hill
    Marbaker Mrs. Emma Marbaker, 87, Silvara
    Byron Matthew Byron, 78, Overton
    Walsh James Walsh, Towanda

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By Joyce M. Tice
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