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Hanford's Tioga County (PA) 1899 Directory
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Annotated From Joyce M. Tice's Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project
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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janice Walker

Richmond Township Directory.
For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Richmond unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis.)

SRGP ID Added in parentheses by Joyce M .Tice if included in her Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project. If you are researching or descended from any of those so designated, it is requested that you share your research with Joycs's SRGP if you have not already done so. That is the price I ask for making this site available. It is your opportunity to share in the cost of creating this site and reward Joyce just a tad for making this enormous body of resource available to you. It is a way to pay your dues in a small way for use of this site. Please reference the SRGP ID and the page you found this on the site, when you write to me.

Adriance Wesley (Mansfield) r 10, laborer

Aldrich Benjamin (Mansfield) r 31, farmer, 100 (SRGP 5233)

Allis George (Lamb’s Creek) r 6, laborer

Angell Orlando (Lamb’s Creek) r 16, farmer, 25

Austin Edmund (Mansfield) r 11, farmer, 45 (SRGP 9033)

Avery A H & W R (Mansfield) r 37, proprs Maple Grove fruit farm, 20 acres

Avery Wyllys R (Mansfield) r 37 (A H & W R Avery) marble cutter

Ayres Moses Covington) r 49, farmer, 100 (SRGP 51646)

Badman William A Jr, (Crooked Creek) r 1, laborer

Bailey Dwight H (Mansfield) r 39, dairy 16 cows and farmer, works on shares for A W Bailey of Charleston, 112  (SRGP 17064)

Bailey Constant (Mansfield) r 39, farmer (SRGP 4873)

Bailey Eugene F (Mansfield) r 29, portable saw mill and farmer 89 (SRGP 10676)

Bailey La Fayette W (Mansfield) r 32, carpenter and farmer, leases of Mrs A M Perry, 68 (SRGP 31146)

Bailey Wesley V (Mardin) r 44, farmer, 49 (SRGP 17062)

Baity Elias (Canoe Camp) r 52, farmer, works on shares 350 (SRGP 4344)

Baker Fred (Canoe Camp) r 51, laborer (SRGP 13812)

Ballard Leroy (Mansfield) r 29, farmer, 80 (SRGP 9296)

Barden Samuel O (Mansfield) r 26 1-2, farmer, 40

Barkwell John (Mansfield) r 29, laborer

Barnes Frank (Lamb’s Creek) r 16, laborer

Barnes Miles J (Lamb’s Creek) r 16, laborer

Barnes William E (Lamb’s Creek) r 16, laborer (60077 ??)

Barnes Wilson O (Lamb’s Creek) r 16, laborer (SRGP 66873)

Barrett Lewis W (Mansfield) r 37, farmer, 26

Baynes Arthur (Mansfield) r 18, laborer

Baynes W Herbert (Mansfield) r 13 cor 11, farmer, 85

Beach Burdette L (Mansfield) r 32, laborer

Beach Charles (Mansfield) r 36

Beach Coly J (Mansfield) r 34, agt for DeLovel cream separator and dairy supplies, also breeder of thoroughbred Jersey cattle, dairy 15 cows, farmer, 77 (SRGP 5364)

BEACH NEWTON M, (Mansfield) r 29, breeder of thoroughbred Jersey cattle 25 head and Duroc Jersey swine, farmer 154 (SRGP 5366)

Beach Stephen W (Mansfield) r 29, 3 houses and lots (SRGP 5363)

Benedict Augustus M (East Charleston) r 43, farmer

Benedict Edmund L (East Charleston) r 43

Benedict Orson A (Mardin) r 44, farmer, 116

Benedict Orville A (East Charleston) r 43, farmer, 30

Benson John H (Mansfield) r 29, farmer, 140 (SRGP 18291)

Bentley Elisha (Hammond) r 1, laborer

Bentley G William (Canoe Camp) r 35, painter and paper hanger

Bloom William W (Mansfield) r 39, dairy 12 cows, farmer, 130 (SRGP 86513)

Borg Olof (Canoe Camp) r 33, farmer, 67 (SRGP 8341)

Boyce Charles (Mansfield) r 42, farmer, 70 (SRGP 29749)

Boyce C Edward (East Charleston) r 46, laborer (SRGP 29753)

Boyce Morice S (Mansfield) r 26, farmer, 50 (SRGP 73894)

Brace Eugene (Mansfield) r 11, farmer, 78 (SRGP 18635)

Brace Fred (Painter Run) r 12, laborer (SRGP 2071)

Brace George (Painter Run) r 9, farmer, 54 (SRGP 20520)

Brace William N (Mansfield) r 11, school teacher (SRGP 14888)

Bradway Noah W (Canoe Camp) r 33, farmer, 50 (SRGP 13316)

Bradway William D (Canoe Camp) r 33, farmer (SRGP 11738)

Brees Noble H (Canoe Camp) r 53, farmer, 24 (SRGP 11476)

Brewster Allen (Lambs Creek) r 16, farmer, 5 (SRGP 7117)

Brewster Susan (Lambs Creek) r 16, widow Lucius A, farm 320 (SRGP 32842)

Briggs Elmer R (Mansfield) r 32, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 75 (SRGP 10232)

Bryant Isaac (Mansfield) r 11, farmer, 180 (SRGP 5463)

Bryant Jane (Canoe Camp) r 48, widow Samuel, h and lot (SRGP 64510)

Buck Frank (Lambs Creek) r 16, laborer (SRGP 10896)

Buck Norman (Mansfield) r 29, farmer, 16 (SRGP 10899)

Bullock Lucelin S (Mardin) r 25, widow Asa A, farm 133 (SRGP 38444 - Lucelia Sweet)

Bullock Mary M (Mardin) r 25

Bullock School District (Mardin) r 44

Burley Wells R (Mansfield) r 36, farmer, 110 (SRGP 19886)

Burton James R (Canoe Camp) r 51, hay presser, diary 10 cows, farmer, 131 (SRGP 13326)

Burton Wesley (Mansfield) r 19 1-2, farmer, leases 80 (SRGP 76384)

Butcher Thomas (Mansfield) r 14, farmer, 60

Button John (Lambs Creek) r 22, farmer, works on shares for Mrs Shaw

Butts Dyre J (Mansfield) r 34 1-2, farmer, 260

Canoe Camp School District (Canoe Camp) r 35

Carlson John W (Mansfield) r 32

Cass Martin a (Canoe Camp) r 35, farmer, 10 (SRGP 18873)

Churchill John (Canoe Camp) r 51, laborer, h and lot

Clark Benjamin F (Mansfield) r 17, son of William H, now serving in Co K 5th Penn Vols (SRGP 76495)

Clark James W (Lambs Creek) r 16, farmer, works 20 (SRGP 60932)

Clark Justus B (Canoe Camp) r 33, farmer, 275 (SRGP 16278)

Clark Morris B (Mansfield) r 30, paper hanger, dairy 7 cows, farmer, 200 (SRGP 19179)

Clark Wesley E (Mansfield) r 30, farmer, works on shares for M B Clark 100 (SRGP 19182)

Clark William H (Mansfield) r 16 cor 14, tobacco grower 4 acres, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 80 (SRGP 25971)

Clement Joseph C (Canoe Camp) r 51, laborer

Clemons Joseph (Canoe Camp) r 53

Cleveland Abner C (Mansfield) r 19, farmer, 14 (SRGP 30893)

Cleveland Albert L (Mansfield) r 19, farmer (SRGP 17110)

Cleveland Amasa (Canoe Camp) r 35, laborer

Cleveland Carl (Mansfield) r 40, with Merton, dairy 15 cows, farmer, 100 (SRGP 8372)

Cleveland Cassius E (Canoe Camp) r 48, laborer (SRGP 30881)

Cleveland Elmer (Mansfield) r 50, works on shares for Asa, 117 (SRGP 3838)

Cleveland Harry (Covington) r 48, farmer, 50

Cleveland Homer (Mansfield) r 36, farmer, works on shares for Asa, 60 (SRGP 3839)

Cleveland Lewis (Canoe Camp) r 35, laborer (SRGP 9208)

Cleveland Luman (Canoe Camp) r 53, laborer, h and lot (SRGP 9956)

Cleveland Martin A (Mansfield) r 20, farmer, 87 (SRGP 9950)

Cleveland Merton (Mansfield) r 40, with Carl, dairy 15 cows, farmer, 100 (SRGP 8373)

Cleveland Malon S (Mansfield) r 39, farmer, 95 (SRGP 5120) [dec. NOV 1898]

Cleveland Orson (Mansfield) r 19, farmer, 50 (SRGP 17103)

Cleveland Sarah (Mansfield) r 40, widow Adin E (SRGP 2201 - Sarah Beardslee)

Cleveland Wilbert W (Mansfield) r 36, farmer, 90

Cole Milton (Lambs Creek) r 3, farmer, 500

Comfort Addie (Mansfield) r 26 1-2, widow Charles N (SRGP 42034 Adaline Marvin)

Comfort Allen (Mansfield) r 26 1-2, farmer

Comfort Alvah (Lambs Creek) r 5, laborer (SRGP 42120)

Comfort George D (Lambs Creek) r 5, laborer (SRGP 42117)

Comfort Isaac M (Mansfield) r 17, laborer (SRGP 14593)

Comfort Jesse (Painter Run) r 8, farmer, 25 (SRGP 13344)

Comfort Moses S (Lambs Creek) r 5, farmer, works on shares for G A Lamb, 35 (SRGP 14591)

Comfort Syvelan (Lambs Creek) r 5, laborer (SRGP 42118)

Comfort William (Mansfield) r 26 1-2, farmer

Congdon George (Mansfield) r 32, laborer

Coons George M (Mansfield) r 35 1-2, dairy 25 cows, breeder of Chester White swine, leases of V R Pratt of Reynoldsville, Pa, 250

Cooper Cornelia C (Lambs Creek) r 16, widow Harrison E, h and lot

Copley Lyman (Lambs Creek) r 1 1-2, farmer, 200

Copley Willis (Lambs Creek) r 1 1-2, laborer

Cory Creek diary and stock farm, (Mansfield) J M Clark prop, breeder of registered Jersey cattle, dairy 40 cows, Berkshire and Chester White swine and Pekin ducks, farmer, 200 (SRGP 9731)

Covert George S (Mansfield) r 19, laborer  (SRGP 52622)

Coveney George W (Mardin) r 25, farmer, 66

Coveney Harry (Mansfield) r 13, laborer

Cowley Joseph (Mansfield) r 17, laborer, h and lot

Crittenden William (Lambs Creek) r 16, fireman  (SRGP 62904)

Crumm Levi (Mansfield) r 29, laborer (SRGP 18496)

Cruttenden Charles (Lambs Creek) r 5, farmer

Cruttenden Edwin L (Lambs Creek) r 5, farmer

Cruttenden Fred (Lambs Creek) r 4, farmer, 100

Cruttenden Henry E (Lambs Creek) r 4, farmer 96

Cruttenden Levi V (lambs Creek) r 3, farmer 3

Cruttenden Lewis T (Mansfield) r 26, farmer, leases of Thomas Bailey 106

Cruttenden Nelson (Lambs Creek) r 4, farmer 81

Cruttenden Thomas (Mansfield) r 26, prop stock horse Young Tamaran Jr, dairy 10 cows, farmer 100

Cruttenden William J (Lambs Creek) r 5, farmer 150

Davey Silas C (Mansfield) r 32, farmer 100 (SRGP 13536)

Davey Willis A (Mansfield) r 32, farmer

Davis Fred M (Mansfield) r 36, farmer 73 (SRGP 31111)

DAVIS HARRY L (Mansfield) r 19 1-2, farmer 107

Davis Sharon a (Mansfield) r 28, farmer 71

Day Charles A (Lambs Creek) r 1 1-2, farmer

Day Eugene (Lambs Creek) r 5, farmer 49

Day I Nelson (Lambs Creek) r 1 1-2, thresher and shingle mill, farmer 110

Day Jane S (Lambs Creek) r 16, widow Alonzo, postmaster and dealer in general merchandise

Day Stephen A (Mansfield) r 41, farmer 45

Day Ulysses (Lambs Creek) r 1 1-2, farmer

Day & Warters (Wilson Day and Reuben Warters) (Lambs Creek) r 5, props portable saw mill (SRGP 68466 & 67462)

Day Wilson (Day & Warters) (Lambs Creek) r 5, farmer 125 (SRGP 68466)

Dewey Elmer r (Canoe Camp) r 53, farmer (SRGP 12023)

Dewey James (Canoe Camp) r 53, farmer 105  (SRGP 7459)

Dorsett Edward B (Lambs Creek) r 5, school teacher, tax collector and farmer with Samuel 100 (SRGP 39454)

Dorsett Samuel C (Lambs Creek) r 5, dairy 20 cows, farmer 33 and works on shares for M H Dorsett 160

Dorsett School District (Lambs Creek) r 4

Douglass Frank (East Charleston) r 46 1-2, farmer

Douglass Rosetta (East Charleston) r 46 1-2, widow John, farmer 55

Durfec Henrietta Mrs (Mansfield) r 29, h and lot

Dyke Freeman A (Mansfield) r 36, thresher and farmer 75 (SRGP 61430)

Dyke Reuben (Mansfield) r 36 (SRGP 46827)

Evans Gabriel w (Canoe Camp) r 51, miller

Evarts Charles (Mansfield) off r 19, farmer 50

Estes Isaac (Mansfield) r 40, farmer 22 (SRGP 51512)

Faulkner Britain (Mansfield) r 14, farmer, 40

FAULKNER HIRAM M (Mansfield) r 17, laborer, ditcher and sewer pipe layer, h and lot N Main, Mansfield (SRGP 18687)

Fenton Freeman (Mansfield) r 19

FLAIG ALOIS (Canoe Camp) off r 51, blacksmith, farmer, 84

Flaig John F (Canoe Camp) r 51, farmer

Flaig Walter A (Canoe Camp) off r 51, farmer

Fletcher W Riley (Mansfield) r 29, laborer (SRGP 9159)

Flower Francis (Lambs Creek) r 16, h and lot

Forest E L (Lambs Creek) r 3, farmer, 90

Forest Spencer (Lambs Creek) r 3

FRALIC BROS (D L and M H) (Lambs Creek) r 5 cor 18, proprs steam saw and planing mills and dealers in rough and dressed lumber, lath, shingles &c, farmers, 150

FRALIC DANIEL L (Fralic Bros) h Corning N Y (SRGP 68397)

FRALIC M HENRY, (Lambs Creek) r 6 cor 7 (Fralic Bros)

Frost Elias (Covington) r 48, farmer, 132 (SRGP 13556)

Frost Harvey (East Charleston) r 46, works on shares for Hiram Kilborn of Wellsboro, 110 (SRGP 49767)

Frost Lewis E (Canoe Camp) r 52, farmer, leases of Mrs Schustler 190, and owns in Covington 85 (SRGP 38999)

Fuller Edward L (Lambs Creek) r 17, farmer with Samuel C, 51

Fuller George R (Lambs Creek) r 16, laborer, h and lot

Fuller Samuel C (Lambs Creek) r 17, farmer with Edward L, 51

Galusha Luman (Mansfield) r 19, farmer, works on shares for Alexander Logan of Arnot, 50

Gile Loriston K (Mansfield) r 16, dairy 13 cows, breeder of swine, farmer, 70 (SRGP 25983)

Gillett Andrew D (Canoe Camp) r 52 cor 53, postmaster, dealer in groceries and station agent, h and lot

Gillett Frank M (Canoe Camp) r 35, grocer and farmer, 50 (SRGP 73209 ?)

Gillette Aaron (Canoe Camp) r 35, carpenter

Gillette Dwight (Canoe Camp) r 35, farmer, 30 (SRGP 13977)

Gillette Russel (Mansfield) r 35

Glenwright Henry (Mansfield) r 14, farmer, 65

Goodall F Herbert (Canoe Camp) r 48, farmer  (SRGP 69507)

Goodall Henry (Canoe Camp) r 42, farmer, 65

Goodall Lewis (Canoe Camp) r 42, works for Henry 65

Goodall School District (East Charleston) r 46

Goodall Thomas (Canoe Camp) r 48, dairy 17 cows, farmer, 200

Goodrich James S (Mansfield) r 18, farmer

Graves Milton L (Covington) r 52, farmer, leases of B Vedder 106

Graves Truman (Mansfield) r 26

Griffin John (Lambs Creek) r 5, laborer

Griffin John Jr (Lambs Creek) r 5, farmer, 15

Griffin Patrick (Lambs Creek) r 5, farmer, 50

Grover Frank (Mansfield) off r 19, laborer

Gurnsey Calvin G (lambs Creek) r 6, general blacksmith

Hager Fred (Canoe Camp) r 53, blacksmith (SRGP 38774 OR 74939)

Hagar Henry S (Canoe Camp) r 35, laborer, h and lot owned by wife

Hagar John L (Mansfield) r 37, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 126

Hakes Fred L (Mardin) off r 26, farmer, works on shares for S K Hakes, 80 (SRGP 62257)

Hakes Ira (Lambs Creek) r 20, farmer, 50 (SRGP 5398)

Hakes Willis L (Lambs Creek) r 20, farmer (SRGP 73534)

Hall Charles E (Painter Run) r 9, farmer, 32, owned by wife

Hall Harry H (Painter Run) r 9, laborer

Hanson Andrew (Mansfield) off r 39, farmer

Hart James E (Mansfield) r 40, farmer, 50 (SRGP 9695)

Harvey Asa R (Lambs Creek) r 5, butcher and farmer, 110 (SRGP 14425)

Harvey John N (Mansfield) r 30, farmer, 4 (SRGP 14952)

Harvey Julius C (Mansfield) r 26 1-2, laborer (SRGP 68716)

Hayes Edgar E (Mansfield) r 41, dairy 20 cows and farmer, 100

HAYES MARTIN J (Mansfield) r 41, farmer, 100

Hayward Orlette (Mansfield) r 29, h and lot, and farmer in Rutland, 100 (SRGP 16939)

Hemmer Charles (Mansfield) r 32, hay presser

Hemmer John (Mansfield) r 32, farmer (SRGP 59394)

Hollow Road School District (Mansfield) r 36 cor 37 (West of Mansfield)

Howe Bert (Mansfield) r 34 1-2, laborer (SRGP 40405)

Howell Edward (Mansfield) r 30, laborer

Hotchkiss Millard F (Lambs Creek) r 6, farmer, 60 and mgr C S Ross, tobacco grower 10 acres, farmer, 325

Hotchkiss Seymour L (Lambs Creek) r 16, farmer, 5

Hubbard Charles B (Mansfield) r 37, farmer, 4 and in Rutland, 100 (SRGP 18883)

Hubbard Clarison E (East Charleston) r 46, lumberman and farmer, 83 (Probably Clarence SRGP 35894)

Hubbard Roxanna (East Charleston) r 46, widow Delos W, farm with Wilson R, 114 (Roxana Burley - SRGP 18881)

Hubbard Wilson R (East Charleston) r 46, farmer with Roxanna, 114 (SRGP 35893)

Husted Ann J (East Charleston) r 46, widow Henry K, farm, 200

Ingalls Fred (Lambs Creek) r 22, farmer, 50

Ingalls William (Lambs Creek) r 21, farmer, 50

Inscho Ernest P (Canoe Camp) r 52, farmer (SRGP 76681)

Inscho Thomas F (Canoe Camp) r 52, farmer (SRGP 76682)

INSCHO WILLIAM W (Canoe Camp) r 52, market gardener, dairy 9 cows, apiarist 40 colonies, dealer in great eastern fertilizers, 35 sheep and farmer, 130 (SRGP 74996)

Ireton John C (Canoe Camp) r 35, h and lot

Jackson Delos (East Charleston) r 46, farmer (SRGP 73594)

Jackson James (East Charleston) r 46, works on shares for Hiram Kilborn of Wellsboro 118

Jackson Olin (Mardin) r 25, laborer (SRGP 15112)

Jaquish Elvin W (Canoe Camp) r 55, dairy 25 cows and farmer, 380 (SRGP 3800)

Jaquish Mary (Canoe Camp) r 53, widow Horace (SRGP 76498)

Jenkins Abner (Lambs Creek) r 5, laborer

Jenkins John C (Lambs Creek) r 5, laborer

JERALD WILLIAM B (Mansfield) r 34, breeder of thoroughbred Holstein cattle, dairy 12 cows, farmer, 225 (SRGP 5385)

Johnson William (Mansfield) r 26 1-2, farmer, 10 (poss. SRGP 74830)

Jones George (Painter Run) r 8, farmer, 25 (SRGP 1505 or 5018)

Jones Herman C (Lambs Creek) r 16, laborer

Jordan Philip (Hammond) r 1, laborer

Judd Sarah (Canoe Camp) r 53, widow Thomas J, h and lot

Jupenlaz Ernest (Painter Run) r 10, farmer, 85 (SRGP 22778)

Jupenlaz Jacob (Painter Run) r 8 cor 10, farmer, 125 (SRGP 17109)

Jupenlaz Paul (Painter Run) r 8, farmer, works on shares for Jacob 125 (SRGP 6966)

KELLEY IRA W (Mansfield) r 16, funeral director and embalmer and dealer in furniture, upholstering &c, h and lot

Kelly William H (Lambs Creek) r 6, section foreman, farmer, 100

Kelts Horace E (Mansfield) r 36, farmer, 50 (SRGP 62137)

Kelts Sobrine (Mansfield) r 17, h and lot, owned by wife (SRGP 62308)

Kentner Harry (Mansfield) r 29, laborer

Kingsley Clark D (Painter Run) r 9, farmer, 100 (SRGP 26916)

Knapp Adelbert C (Mansfield) r 50, works estate of Michael Gibson, 81

Knapp Charles H (Canoe Camp) r 52, market gardener and farmer, leases 43 (SRGP 53140)

Knapp Hiram B (Lambs Camp) r 20, laborer (SRGP 12909)

Knight Frank (Canoe Camp) r 52, laborer

Knights Henry (Lambs Creek) r 18, farmer, 6 (SRGP 27712)

Knowlton Charles J (Canoe Camp) r 35, farmer, leases of John C 100 (SRGP 9369)

Knowlton John C (Canoe Camp) r 35, farmer, 100 (SRGP 7782)

Knowlton Kelley (Canoe Camp) r 52, farmer, 100 (SRGP 8409)

Knowlton Louie B (Lambs Creek) r 16, dealer in groceries and provisions (SRGP 27984)

Knowlton Mary A (Mansfield( r 17, widow Andrew J, h and lot (SRGP 9359 Margaret Augusta Kelley)

Kohler Lewis (Mardin) r 21, farmer, 300

Kohler School District (Mardin) r 21

LaBarron Delbert (Mardin) r 1 1-2, farmer, 50

Lamb Daniel B (Lambs Creek) r 7, station agent and farmer, 20

Lamb Frederick W (Lambs Creek) r 16, farmer with Maria, 50

Lamb Gad A (Lambs Creek) r 5, farmer, 35

Lamb James (Lambs Creek) r 7, works on shares for C S Ross, 200

Lamb Lorain C (Lambs Creek) r 7, laborer, h and lot

Lamb Maria (Lambs Creek) r 16, farm with Fred, 50

Lamb Creek School District (Lambs Creek) r 6

Lenox George (Mansfield) r 14, laborer

Lenox George H (Mansfield) r 17, peddler, h and lot

LENT J FRANK (Mansfield) r 19 1-2, farmer, 240

Lent Lewis H (Mansfield) r 19, laborer (SRGP 66870 ?)

Lent Philip (Mansfield) r 19 1-2

Lewis Erwin (Hammond) r 1, farmer, 70

Lewis Howard B (Mansfield) r 29, emp novelty works, h and lot (SRGP 8293)

Longwell Gardner A (Mansfield) r 29, dairy 15 cows, wool grower, 135 sheep and farmer, 150

Longwell Harry W (Mansfield) r 29, farmer

Love Burt (Mansfield) r 19, laborer

Love John (Mansfield) r 17, laborer (SRGP 62202)

Lownsberry Almond N (Canoe Camp) r 33, farmer, 110 (SRGP 28373)

Lownsberry Elias (Canoe Camp) r 33, farmer, 50

Lownsberry Frank C (Lambs Creek) r 2 cor 3, farmer, leases of Mrs Millard Hotchkiss, 65 (SRGP 74066)

Lownsberry Franklin D (Canoe Camp) r 33 (SRGP 67167)

Lownsberry Isaac P (Canoe Camp) r 35, farmer, 65 (SRGP 51514)

Lownsberry John (Canoe Camp) r 35, farmer, 60 (poss SRGP 39961)

Madison George (Lambs Creek) r 16, laborer

Mann Creek School District (Mansfield) r 19

Marsh Jesse M (Lambs Creek) r 16, school teacher and farmer, 30 (SRGP 6655 ?)

Matteson William W (Lambs Creek) r 5, laborer

McAuliff John (Mardin) r 21, farm, 50

McCONNELL ALLEN N (Mansfield) r 29, farmer, 86 (SRGP 5269)

McConnell Charles (Mansfield) r 29, farmer (SRGP 2261)

McConnell Dallas (Mansfield) off r 19, farmer, 35 (SRGP 4966)

McConnell Samuel B (Mansfield) r 29, thresher and hay presser and farmer, 95 (SRGP 5265)

McConnell William A (Mansfield) r 29, thresher and hay presser and farmer, 100 (SRGP 5263)

McCrumb Thurston F (Mansfield) r 19, farmer, leases of D H Pitts

Metcalf Hubbard E (Canoe Camp) r 52, farmer, 90

Methodist Episcopal Church (Lambs Creek) Rev C E Sutton of Covington pastor

Miles Charles T (Mansfield) r 26 1-2, farmer, 40 and in Rutland, 84

Miles Stephen M, r 25, refused information

Million Peter (Mansfield) r 32, farmer, leases of Lucy Welsh 85 (SRGP 17113 Peter Omelion)

MOORE CLARENCE E (Mansfield) r 41, apiarist 36 colonies, farmer 100 (SRGP 45303)

Moore Jeremiah R (Mansfield) r 39, h and lot (SRGP 5810)

Moore Jonathan (Lambs Creek) r 18, assessor and farmer 30

Mudge Czarina (Canoe Camp) r 35, widow Nelson (SRGP 39954 Czarina Graves)

Mudge Frank W (Mansfield) r 31, farmer 100 (SRGP 2560)

Mudge Martin V (East Charleston) r 46 1-2, farmer 150 (SRGP 662)

Mudge R Albert (Covington) r 48, works on shares for Elias Frost 132

Myers John A (Mansfield) r 27, tobacco grower 6 acres, fruit grower and market gardener, farmer 25

Nelson Andrew (Canoe Camp) r 33, farmer (SRGP 14864)

Nelson Charles (Canoe Camp) r 33, farmer 100

Nichols Oliver W (Mansfield) r 27, laborer

Nickerson Fred (Mansfield) r 39, laborer (SRGP 2554)

Niles Nathan (Mansfield) r 14, farmer (SRGP 5477)

Odell Earl (Mansfield) r 36, laborer  (SRGP 23359)

Odell Horace (Mansfield) r 38, dairy 12 cows, farmer, 125 (SRGP 9652)

Odell LaFayette L (Mansfield) r 35 1-2, dairy 14 cows, farmer, works on shares for estate of F E Smith 300 (SRGP 781)

Odell Oscar (Mansfield) r 32, farmer  (SRGP 1192)

Osgood Benjamin H (Mansfield) r 14, supervisor, dairy 12 cows, farmer 112 (SRGP 2269)

Packard William R (Mansfield) r 28, farmer 30 (SRGP 14960)

Paris Edwin (Lambs Creek) r 16, laborer

Paris George W (Lambs Creek) r 20, farmer (SRGP 54596)

Paris James N (Lambs Creek) r 20, apiarist 100 colonies and carpenter (SRGP 54592)

Paris Nelson (Lambs Creek) r 20, farmer 100 (SRGP 54594)

Payne Edward J (Canoe Camp) r 35, farmer (SRGP 76499)

Peck Clark E (Lambs Creek) r 6, farmer

Peck Elmer E (Lambs Creek) r 6, farmer

Peck William E (Lambs Creek) r 6, farmer, 96

Peterson Charles (West Covington) r 48, farmer, leases 256  (SRGP 75343)

Phelps Floyd E (Covington) r 52, farmer 50 (SRGP 12032)

Pickle Hill School District (Mansfield) r 11

PITTS JOHN F (Mansfield) r 33, dairy 20 cows, wool grower 80 sheep, agt for the Wood cattle tie farmer 284 (SRGP 4218)

Pitts Pembroke P (Mansfield) r 33, stone cutter (SRGP 4214)

Pitts Ray D (Mansfield) r 33, farmer (SRGP 4243)

Pitts School District (Mansfield) r 54

Pittsley Sarah M Mrs (Lambs Creek) r 16, h and lot (SRGP 30836 Sarah Malvina Ripley)

Post Charles H (Canoe Camp) r 35, laborer

Powers Fred F (Mansfield) r 34, laborer (SRGP 65944)

Powers Henry (Mansfield) off r 28, farmer with H Howe, leases of J C Howe, 100

Powers Reid A (Mansfield) r 34, laborer (SRGP 45309)

Powers School District (Mansfield) r 34

Powers W Vedder (Mansfield) r 34, cooper, h and lot (SRGP 65945)

Pratt Fred H (East Charleston) r 46, dairy 15 cows and farmer, 190, owned by Edwin

Pratt School District (Canoe Camp) r 50

Prentiss Martha (Canoe Camp) r 53, widow Charles

Preston Claude (Mansfield) r 35 1-2, laborer

Prime William (Mansfield) r 11, farmer, 80

Rankin Ella D (Lambs Creek) r 16, assistant postmaster

Rankin Ida R (Lambs Creek) r 16, music teacher

Rarick G Francis (Lambs Creek) r 7, laborer (SRGP 26152)

Rarick James L (Lambs Creek) r 3, farmer (SRGP 5468)

Rarick James M (Lambs Creek) r 3, farmer, 117 (SRGP 23428)

Rarick Lorenzo D (Lambs Creek) r 7, Died since canvass (SRGP 2250)

Reep Frank W (Mansfield) r 37, laborer

Reep Valentine (Mansfield) r 37, farmer, 42 (SRGP 62321)

Rexford J Colie (Mansfield) r 13, thresher and farmer (SRGP 11542)

Rexford Philemon D (Mansfield) r 13, dairy 22 cows, farmer, 235 (SRGP 3064)

Rice Hugh (East Charleston) r 45, farmer (SRGP 8347)

Rice Joseph (Lambs Creek) r 16, laborer (SRGP 11761)

Rice Otis (East Charleston) r 45, carpenter and farmer, 50 (SRGP 68757)

Richmond Bert W (Mansfield) r 30, student (SRGP 8684)

Richmond Oscar H (Mansfield) r 30, dairy 11 cows, 25 sheep, farmer, 94 (SRGP 9454)

Richmond Sperry (Mansfield) r 26 1-2, farmer in Sullivan, 25, owned by wife (SRGP 5564)

Ripley Charles J (Lambs Creek) r 16, laborer, h and lot (SRGP 30837)

Ripley Edmund S (Mansfield) r 30, farmer  (SRGP 7754)

Ripley Horace F (Mansfield) r 18, milk dealer, dairy 19 cows, farmer, leases of Mrs Mariette Van Order of Corning, 130

Ripley Joseph F (Lambs Creek) r 16, carpenter and farmer, 14

RIPLEY ROSWELL P (Mansfield) r 30, breeder of Jersey cattle, dairy 18 cows, farmer, 110 (SRGP 1652)

RIPLEY VOLNEY (Mansfield) r 30, breeder of Jersey cattle, dairy 15 cows, farmer, 100 (SRGP 1749)

Ripley William B (Lambs Creek) r 2, dairy 8 cows, farmer, 100 (SRGP 13515)

Robbins Amos (Mainsburg) r 55, laborer, h and lot (SRGP 22287)

Robbins Emory (Mardin) r 23, notion peddler

Rogers Newcomb H (Mansfield) r 37, laborer, h and lot

Rounsville Thomas J (Mansfield) r 26, farmer

Rumsey Clarence (Mansfield) r 15, laborer (SRGP 10829)

Ryan Charles A (Lambs Creek) r 3, farmer on shares for Henry Van Ness 300, dairy 9 cows

Schodac School District (Mansfield) r 39

Seaman Orrin H (Mansfield) r 32, farmer, 70 (SRGP 13883)

Searles Henry (Mansfield) r 42, farmer, 80

Searles James (Mansfield) r 30, farmer (may be SRGP 8578)

Seelye Albert R (Mansfield) r 34, laborer  (SRGP 10420)

Seelye Allen G (Mansfield) r 34, farmer, works for Sally A, 48 (SRGP 10419)

Seelye Sally A (Mansfield) r 34, widow Charles E, farm 48 (SRGP 7146 Sally A. Shelton)

Shaw Alfred (Mansfield) r 13, farmer

Shaw Benjamin F (Lambs Creek) r 16, school teacher

Shaw Edward P (Lambs Creek) r 16, school teacher

Shaw Seymour D (Mansfield) r 11, secretary school board and farmer, 140 (SRGP 21381)

Shaw William M (Mansfield) r 13, dairy 14 cows, farmer, 183 (SRGP 8275)

Shepard Frank (Mansfield) r 30, laborer (SRGP 61797)

Sherman Benjamin (Mansfield) r 13 cor 15, farmer, 50 (SRGP 7380)

Sherman Charles (Mansfield) r 39, laborer (SRGP 7378)

Sherman Emmet J (Mansfield) r 36, farmer, 6, owned by wife

Sherman G Wallace (Mansfield) r 43 cor 45, farmer, with W Burton, 91

Sherman Harry P (Mansfield) r 39, laborer

Sherman J Wesley (Mansfield) r 30, farmer, 25 (SRGP 2813)

Sherman W Burton (Mansfield) r 43 cor 45, farmer, with G Wallace, 91

Skelton Manuel A (East Charleston) r 46, farmer, 53

Slingerland George (West Covington) r 47, farmer, leases of Mrs Anna Harding of Covington, 65

Slingerland James D (Mansfield) r 26 1-2, farmer, 50 (SRGP 66395)

Smith Adam (Mansfield) r 15, farmer, 60

Smith Alfred (Mansfield) r 45, farmer, 50 (SRGP 38328)

Smith Burt (Mansfield) r 41, thresher and farmer with Martha, 50

Smith Chester C (Mansfield) r 41, farmer, 108 (SRGP 50876)

Smith Clarence M (Mansfield) r 41, farmer (SRGP 50882)

Smith Edgar (Mansfield) r 11, farmer, 50 (SRGP 4482)

Smith Ephraim N (Canoe Camp) r 53, brick mason

Smith George A (Mansfield) r 45, farmer (SRGP 62274)

Smith George W (Painter Run) r 8, farmer, 85 (SRGP 28848)

Smith Jackson (Mansfield) r 34, farmer 20

Smith Martha Mrs (Mansfield) r 41, farm with Burt, 50

Smith Martin V (Canoe Camp) r 53, farmer 130, dairy 11 cows

Smith Timothy (Mansfield) r 13, farmer 100 (SRGP 346)

Smith William B (Mansfield) r 13, farmer (SRGP 3096)

Smith Willis E (Mansfield) r 41, farmer

Snover Emmet D (Mansfield) r 50, farmer, leases of Guy 125

Snover Guy (Mansfield) r 30, farmer, 240 (SRGP 67188)

Soper Clinton E (Mansfield) r 36, works on shares for W R Burley 110(SRGP 7292)

Sours Clyde (Lambs Creek) r 1, farmer (SRGP 18558)

Sours James (Mardin) r 25, laborer (SRGP 75878)

Sours Susan (Lambs Creek) r 1, widow Napoleon, farm 50 (SRGP 18556)

Spear Hiram N (Mardin) r 25, postmaster and farmer, 100

Spencer Alonzo M (Canoe Camp) r 35, resident, died since canvass (SRGP 52754)

SPENCER E A & CO (Canoe Camp) r 51, (E A Spencer, Fred F Spencer, Mrs L I Eighmey of Athens, Mrs Ellen D Goodall of Ithaca, N Y) props Tioga Valley Mills, manufs flour, feed, meal and lumber, buckwheat flour a specialty, farmers 190

SPENCER ELWIN A (Canoe Camp) r 35, (E A Spencer & Co)

Spencer Gifford O (Mansfield) r 17, dairy 20 cows and farmer on shares for R W Rose 100

Spencer M C (Lambs Creek) r 6, farmer, works on shares for Daniel Pitts

Sperry Eugene F (Mansfield) r 28, farmer 100

Sperry John C (Mansfield) r 28, farmer

Spoor Sally A (Covington) r 48, widow Maxon M

Spoor William L (Covington) r 48, dairy 11 cows, farmer 85

Starkey F Lewis (Mansfield) r 29, dairy 16 cows, farmer 84, and works on shares for Henry M 90 (SRGP 53261)

Starkey Henry M (Mansfield) r 29, farmer 90 (SRGP 67155)

Starkey J Lyman (Mansfield) r 29, farmer

Starkey Levi A (Mansfield) r 29, farmer 50

Starkey Levi C (Mansfield) r 29, farmer 86 (SRGP 27743)

Starkey School District (Mansfield) r 29

Stewart Hart (Mansfield) r 28, farmer 100

Stone Artemas (Mansfield) r 26 1-2, h and lot

Stratton William J (Mansfield) r 35, laborer

Streeter Lewis (Canoe Camp) r 33, farmer, works on shares for J B Clark 275

Styres Rachael (Lambs Creek) r 16, widow William (SRGP 2082)

Sullivan Daniel F (Mardin) r 23, farmer 50

Sumner Hector R (Mardin) r 21, thresher (SRGP 22274)

Sumner Joel E (Mardin) r 23, peddler (SRGP 9622)

Sumner Omer R (Mardin) r 23, farmer 72 (SRGP 9621)

SUMNER RANDALL W (Mardin) r 23, apiarist 52 colonies, farmer, 70 (SRGP 9625)

SWAN RANSOM M (Mansfield) r 18, fancy dairying, breeder of Jersey cattle, 20 head, works on shares for L H Shattuck estate, 100

Tichnor Franklin P (Mansfield) r 37, laborer, h and lot

Tuttle Hiram B (Canoe Camp) r 35, h and lot

Tuttle Peter N (Lambs Creek) r 16, farmer, 6 1-2

Van Duyn Isaac M (Lambs Creek) r 16, laborer

Van Ness John N (Mansfield) r 34, farmer, 200 (SRGP 3783)

Varny Joseph (Mansfield) r 35, laborer (SRGP 22532)

Walker Joseph (Mansfield) r 38, farmer

Walker Minerva J (Mansfield) r 39, widow Nelson, farm, 70

Walker Warren S (Mansfield) r 38, farmer, 64

Walker William W (Mansfield) r 39, farmer, 70, owned by Minerva J

Walter Hill School District (Mansfield) r 10

Walters C Fremont (Mansfield) r 10, wool grower, 100 sheep and farmer, 200

Walters Henry V (Mansfield) r 11, farmer, 50

Warters Adelbert L (Mansfield) r 27, laborer

Warters Alfred (Lambs Creek) r 5, stationary engineer (SRGP 18478)

Warters Alonzo J (Lambs Creek) r 20, farmer, 50

WARTERS ELMER E (Lambs Creek) r 5, lumberman, dairy 9 cows and farmer, 100

Warters Henry S (Lambs Creek) r 5, engineer pump station, sawyer and farmer, 100 (SRGP 18476)

Warters Reuben (Lambs Creek) r 5, (Day & Warters) farmer, 100 (SRGP 67462)

Warters Sherman (Lambs Creek) r 5, teamster

Warters Stephen (Mansfield) r 18, lumberman

Warters Willard (Lambs Creek) r 20, farmer, 50

Warters William M (Mansfield) r 27, market gardener, 4 acres

Waters Edward A (Canoe Camp) r 35, laborer, h and lot (SRGP 74950)

Watkins Orlando W (Canoe Camp) r 53, farmer, 140 (SRGP 3492)

Watkins Osmar (Mansfield) r 51, laborer (SRGP 8343)

Watkins Selah (Mansfield) r 10, farmer, 625  (SRGP 7246)

Watkins Seth (Mansfield) r 51, laborer (SRGP 7629)

WATSON ARTHUR D (Mansfield) r 29, apiarist 64 colonies, dealer in bee keepers supplies and farmer, 10 (SRGP 10146)

Watson Enos A (Mansfield) r 49, farmer, 10 (SRGP 10147)

Watson Fannie C (Mansfield) r 29, school teacher (SRGP 10148)

Watson Russel (Mansfield) r 29, farmer, 40 (SRGP 10144)

Webster Gilbert G (Lambs Creek) r 22, farmer, 19

Webster Oscar L (Mansfield) r 30, farmer, works on shares for M B Clark, 199 (SRGP 10036)

Wells John E (Canoe Camp) r 51, thresher, dairy 17 cows, farmer, 57, and works on shares for Asa Cleveland, 170 (SRGP 46877)

Westbrook Ephriam C (Mansfield) r 26 1-2, farmer, 12

WEST SULLIVAN CREAMERY (Mansfield) r 30, R P Ripley pres, O H Richmond Treas, H H Wilson sec: directors, H H Wilson, F L Starkey, O Ashley, O H Richmond, R P Ripley, W B Jerald, Volney Ripley, manufrs of creamery butter

White Clarence L (Mansfield) r 26, thresher and farmer with Merton D, 387

White Merton D (Mansfield) r 26, thresher and farmer with Clarence L, 387

Whittaker Barney (Canoe Camp) r 53, farmer, 70 (SRGP 75225)

Whittaker Frank M (Canoe Camp) r 53, farmer

Whittaker John E (Canoe Camp) r 53 farmer

Whittaker School District (Canoe Camp) r 55

Whitteker Almeron J (Canoe Camp) r 55, farmer with A L and N L, 200

Whitteker Andrew L (Canoe Camp) r 55, farmer with A J and N L, 200 (SRGP 13467)

Whitteker James M (Canoe Camp) r 53, farmer, 100

Whitteker Nelson L (Canoe Camp) r 55, farmer with A L And A J, 200 (SRGP 52724)

Whitteker Peter H (Canoe Camp) r 48, dairy 14 cows, farmer, 91

Whitteker Vincent A (Canoe Camp) r 48, farmer

Wilcox Asa L (Canoe Camp) r 35, tobacco grower 1 1-2 acres, farmer, 65

Wilcox Mahlon L (Canoe Camp) r 53, wool grower 160 sheep and farmer, 180 (SRGP 3494)

Wiles Burt R (Mansfield) off r 19, farmer, 15

Williams McKean (Mansfield) r 30, laborer

Willsey Andrew (East Charleston) r 46, farmer, works on shares for W R Hubbard 114

Willsey Edward (East Charleston) r 46, carpenter

WILSON HOMER H (Mansfield) r 29, secretary West Sullivan creamery, dairy 12 cows, farmer, 82

Wilson James (Mansfield) r 12, apiarist 55 colonies, farmer, 80 (SRGP 54574)

Wilson Lewis N (Mansfield) r 12, farmer, 80 (SRGP 5053)

Wilson Margaret (Mansfield) r 34, widow George W, h and lot

Wilson Monroe W (Mansfield) r 29, dairy 4 cows, farmer, 40

Woitwich William S (Mansfield) r 36, farmer, 93

Wood Andrew (Mansfield) r 11, farmer, 12 (SRGP 589)

Wood Justus P (Mansfield) r 11, farmer, 52 (SRGP 587)

Wood Lawrence R (Painter Run) r 9, farmer, 20 (SRGP 2056)

Wood Mary Mrs (Lambs Creek) r 16

Youmans Alfonzo (Covington) r 49, farmer, 75 (SRGP 38826)

Youmans Thomas J (Mardin) r 25, farmer, works 107 owned by J Hoard

Youmans Walter (Mardin) r 24, farmer

Youmans William (Mardin) r 24, farmer

Youmans William H (Mardin) r 24, farmer, 100 

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