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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janice Walker

Sullivan Township Directory.

For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Sullivan unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis).

Adams Fletcher (Mainesburg) r 39, laborer

Aldrich Benjamin (Mansfield) r 38, farmer, 110 (SRGP 5233)

Aldrich Joseph F (Mansfield) r 38, dairy 8 cows, farmer, 80 (SRGP 4950 pr)

Allen Bernard (Mainesburg) r 62, miner

Allen Mahlon (Mainesburg) r 62, miner and shipper of coal

Andrus Amander M (Mainesburg) r 66, dairy 10 cows and farmer, 80 (SRGP 7135)

Ashley Addison S (Mainesburg) r 63, dairy 40 cows and farmer, 185 (SRGP 4988)

Ashley Floyd (Mainesburg) r 42, peddler (SRGP 3910)

Ashley Floyd S (Mainesburg) r 60, farmer (SRGP 4992)

Ashley Orange (Mansfield) r 4, 12 cows, farmer, 115 (SRGP 4985)

Ashley Rich R (Mainesburg) r 60, farmer, 115 (SRGP 4986)

Ashley Sterne E (Mansfield) r 4, farmer (SRGP 6697)

Ashley Wells O (Mansfield) r 4, farmer (SRGP 4997) (Ashley Hill)

Aumick George (Mainesburg) r 74 1-2, farmer, 56 (SRGP 15579)

Austin Abner (Elk Run) r 5, farmer, 7 (SRGP 54314)

Austin Alvin (Mainesburg) r 58, laborer (SRGP 6740)

Austin Blanche E (Mainesburg) r 42, school teacher (SRGP 6565)

Austin Daniel (Elk run) r 5, laborer [SRGP 54913]

Austin Daniel B (Sylvania, Bradford Co) r 71, farmer, 169 (SRGP 10357)

Austin Emma (Mainesburg) r 42, widow Joseph, h and lot (SRGP 6856 Martha Emily Davenport)

Austin Enoch (Mainesburg) r 64, dairy 7 cows, 150 sheep and farmer, 80, also on shares for W P Rose, 200 (SRGP 73629)

Austin Jesse W (Mainesburg) r 42, mason (SRGP 3026)

Austin Lettie (Mainesburg) r 42, school teacher (SRGP 3024)

Austin Luther B (Sylvania, Bradford Co) r 71, retired farmer (SRGP 5957)

Austin Melissa E (Mainesburg) r 41, widow Leander R, farm 63, h and lot (SRGP 4498)

Austin Rebekah (Mainesburg) r 42, artist (SRGP 10360)

Bailey Delbert (Sylvania, Bradford Co) r 71, laborer

Bailey Eugene (Mansfield) r 2, farmer, 100 (SRGP 10676)

BAIRD HUGH H (Mainesburg) (Baird & Stauffer) (SRGP 76612)

BAIRD & STAUFFER (Mainesburg) (Hugh H B & Mack E S) general blacksmithing, fine horseshoeing a specialty. See adv page 436

Baity Daniel R (Mainesburg) r 76, 210 sheep, and farmer, 240 (SRGP 3849)

Baity Rozilla (Mainesburg) r 76, widow Edson (SRGP 3473 Rosilla Welch)

Baity School No. 8 (Mainesburg) r 76

Bakersburg School No. 7, r 30, cor 31

Ballard Adelbert, r 30, dairy, 20 cows, 90 sheep, farmer, 240 (SRGP 9297)

Bartlett Clarence W (Mainesburg) r 40, laborer (SRGP 74206)

BARTLETT FRANCIS E (Mainesburg) r 40, breeder of thoroughbred poultry, 16 varieties, collie, shepherd and fox hound dogs, h and 3 acres, leases of Byron Bartlett, of Mansfield, 70. See adv page 436 (SRGP 13313)

Bartlett Hubert E (Mainesburg) r 39, farmer, 67 (SRGP 6250)

Bartlett M Jane (Mainesburg) r 40, widow Ruel (SRGP 7768 Mary Jane Gitchell)

Beardsley Frank (Sylvania Brad Co) r 13, dairy, 20 cows, and farmer, 98, owned by wife, also on shares for Homer B Card, 98 (SRGP 2242)

Bessley Erna (Elk Run) r 13, farmer on shares for B Monroe, 109 (SRGP 6999 Ernest Monroe Besley)

Bolt Thomas (Mainesburg) r 72, farmer, 87 (SRGP 15511)

BRADFORD LEONARD J (Sylvania Bradford Co) r 13, cor 27, physician and surgeon, dairy, 22 cows, 140 sheep, breeder and dealer in horned Dorset sheep, and farmer, 440 (SRGP 9525)

Brewster Orris F (Mainesburg) r 23, farmer, 50 (SRGP 548)

Brewster Philo I (Mainesburg) r 23, farmer, 50

Briggs Omer E (Mainesburg) r 46, farmer for M E Rose, of Mansfield, dairy, 22 cows, 52 sheep, farm 108 (SRGP 70840)

Bright Samuel, r 47, laborer (SRGP 58854)

BRODRICK ROBERT M (Mainesburg) breeder of Chester white and O I C swine and Southdown sheep, white Holland turkeys and white embden geese and Pekin ducks, see adv page 438 (SRGP 7684)

Brooks Judson (Mainesburg) r 55, laborer

Bryan Fred (Mainesburg) blacksmith (SRGP 7704)

Bryan Seth, r 30, farmer 26 (SRGP 4564)

Bryant Jerome W (Elk Run) r 4, 100 sheep, farmer, 186 (SRGP 5459)

Bryant Ransom (Mansfield) r 2, farmer, 24 (SRGP 5649)

Burgess Albert (Sylvania Bradford Co) r 70, farmer, 3 (SRGP 74759)

Burgess John (Sylvania, Bradford Co) r 70, farmer, 3 (SRGP 58945)

Burgess Miles (Sylvania, Bradford Co) r 70, farmer, 3 (SRGP 74760)

Button Myron, r 26, laborer

Calkins Helen M (Mainesburg) r 40, widow Newberry E, h and lot (SRGP 9750)

Card Homer B (Austinville, Bradford Co) r 12, dairy, 18 cows, and farmer, 160 (SRGP 5057)

Card Sarah E (Sylvania, Bradford Co) r 13, widow Henry B (SRGP 8054 Sarah Eliza Fish)

Chamberlain Thomas H (Elk Run) r 6, dairy 19 cows and farmer, 300 (SRGP 6846)

Chamberlin J Addison (Mainesburg) r 73, cor 72, dairy, 10 cows, and farmer, 190

Clark Elmer (Mainesburg) r 72, dairy 7 cows and farmer, leases of George Clark of Scipio, N Y, 107 (SRGP 9276)

Clark George (Elk Run) r 26, laborer

Clark James (Sullivan) r 68, farmer, 70 owned by wife (SRGP 9274)

Clark John C (Mainesburg) r 4, dairy 11 cows and farmer, 170 (SRGP 7307)

Clark School District No 3 (Mainesburg) r 72

Clark Susan (Mainesburg) r 72, widow Jason (SRGP 9101 Susan Sherman? dec.1898 bef. Dir. Pub.)

Cleveland Allen (Mainesburg) r 65, laborer (SRGP 9939)

Cleveland Ellen (Mainesburg) r 64, widow Curtis (SRGP 8954 Elizabeth Ellen Fletcher)

Cleveland Ellsworth (Elk Run) r 5, laborer

Cleveland Enos (Elk Run) r 5, laborer (SRGP 8962)

Cleveland Eugene (Elk Run) r 5, laborer

Cleveland Harvey (Mainesburg) r 64, farmer, 115 (SRGP 9087)

Cleveland Henry H (Mainesburg) r 62, laborer

Cleveland James H (Covington) r 77, farmer, 44 (SRGP 9082)

Cleveland Thomas D (Mainesburg) r 62, laborer (SRGP 35637)

Cleveland William C (Mainesburg) r 64, laborer, h and lot (SRGP 30937)

Cochran John L (Mainesburg) r 55, farmer, 18 (SRGP 18884)

Colton Jervis (Sylvania Bradford Co) r 71, farmer, 81

Comfort Joseph (Mainesburg) laborer

Comfort Nancy, r 70, widow Thomas J, farm 50 (SRGP 14606 Nancy Fletcher)

Connelly Benjamin F (Mainesburg) agent, h and lot (SRGP 7239)

Connelly Bert (Mainesburg) off r 65, 45 sheep and farmer, 73 (SRGP 19428)

Connelly Walter l (Mainesburg) r 73, 30 sheep and farmer, 115 (SRGP 3682)

Cook Charles (Covington) r 77, laborer (SRGP 4654)

Crawford George R (Mainesburg) r 56, carpenter, h and lot (SRGP 74181)

Crumb William (Mainesburg) r 34, laborer (Several in SRGP Database)

Cudworth James C (Mainesburg) dairy 20 cows and farmer, 179 (SRGP 6804)

Cudworth Jerome B (Mainesburg) r 42, h and lot (SRGP 6795)

Dann Ella R (Elk Run) r 16, dressmaker (SRGP 13319)

Dann Janette (Elk Run) r 16, dressmaker (SRGP 13320)

Dann Judson (Elk Run) r 21, carpenter (SRGP 11822)

Dann Susanna M (Elk Run) r 16, widow John B, farmer, 40 (SRGP 13317 Susannah M. Davenport)

Dewey Addison, r 47, farmer, 45 (SRGP 7023)

Dewey Charles R, r 47, dairy 13 cows and farmer, 225 (SRGP 7064)

Dewey Demmon S (Mainesburg) r 55, carpenter, h and lot (SRGP 7076)

Dewey Edwin (Mainesburg) r 66, farmer, 122 (SRGP 7038)

Dewey Fanny, r 47 (SRGP 5758)

Dewey George J (Mainesburg) shoemaker (SRGP 7030)

Dewey Lucy (Mainesburg) r 66 (SRGP 7085)

Dewey Nancy, r 47, widow Lyman (SRGP 7063 Nancy J. Palmer)

Dewey O Eugene, r 30, dairy 8 cows, farmer, 118 (SRGP 7066)

Dewey Wallace L (Mainesburg) r 66, farmer, 50 (SRGP 3488)

Dewey Willard (Mainesburg) off r 66, farmer, 106, also on shares for Edwin Dewey, 122 (SRGP 7084)

DeWitt Calvin H (Mainesburg) r 59 cor 60, dairy 30 cows and farmer, 165 (SRGP 7803)

DeWITT JOHN W (Mainesburg) (J W DeWitt & Son) r 42, deputy postmaster (SRGP 7809)

DeWitt Joseph H (Mainesburg) dairy 21 cows, farmer, 127 (SRGP 7807)

DeWITT JOHN W & SON (Mainesburg) (John W and Ray J) dealers in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hardware, paints and oil &c.

DeWITT RAY J (Mainesburg) (J W DeWitt & Son) r 56 (SRGP 7812)

Dodge Lorain (Sylvania, Bradford Co) r 13, farmer, 140 (SRGP 747)

Dodge Orison (Mainesburg) r 46, farmer, 50 (SRGP 9143 Orrin Orson Dodge)

Doud Delbert (Mainesburg) r 66, farmer, 56 (SRGP 9242)

Doud Omer (Mainesburg) r 53, school director and farmer, 50 (SRGP 6814)

Doud Peleg W (Mainesburg) r 44 (SRGP 6143)

Doud School No 10 (Mainesburg) r 61

Doud Warren (Mainesburg) r 55, farmer, 12 (SRGP 6812)

Earley Lester M, r 28, farmer, works on shares for Mrs C H Lawrence of Mansfield, 93 (SRGP 34683)

East Sullivan Creamery Co, r 31, G B Squires president and manager, L L Reynolds secretary, manufrs of choice creamery butter

Eaton Samuel (Mainesburg) r 75 (SRGP 36283 OR 21588)

Edgerton Bradford C (Elk Run) r 35, farmer, 114 (SRGP 18964)

Edgerton Merritt B (Elk Run) r 35, farmer (SRGP 59528)

Elk Run School No 12 (Elk Run) r 15 cor 16

Elliott Howard C (Mansfield) r 100, laborer (SRGP 73215)

Feathers Samuel (Elk Run) r 18, farmer, 9 (SRGP 4133)

Fellows Fred W (Mainesburg) r 44, farmer, 25 (SRGP 8129)

Fields Sidney (Mainesburg) r 63 cor 62, laborer (SRGP 30892)

Fitzgerald Betsey (Mainesburg) widow James W

Fletcher Ella (Mainesburg) r 55, widow Boon, h and lot (SRGP 13269)

Fletcher Humphrey S (Mainesburg) off r 52, dairy 9 cows, 40 sheep and farmer, 89 (SRGP 9160)

Fletcher Nelson E (Mainesburg) r 66, retired (SRGP 9157)

Fletcher Porter (Mainesburg) r 66, farmer 12 on r 52

Fletcher Sarah E (Mainesburg) r 66, farmer, 24 (SRGP 9158)

Fletcher W Pembrook (Mainesburg) off r 52, farmer 20 on r 43 (SRGP 9874)

Gafford Samuel (Sylvania, Bradford Co) r 70 cor 71, farmer, 170 (SRGP 62180)

Gafford School (Sylvania) r 69

Gardner Adis E (Mainesburg) r 24, farmer with L C, 27 (SRGP 9429)

Gardner Elmer (Covington) r 77, laborer

Gardner George J (Mainesburg) r 44, farmer, 12, on r 55 (SRGP 15087)

Gardner George S (Mainesburg) bds r 42, laborer (SRGP 33087)

Gardner Leander C (Elk Run) r 24, farmer with Adis E, 27 (SRGP 9193)

GARRISON FOSTER (Elk Run) breeder of pure blood Jersey cattle dairy 15 cows and farmer, 137 (SRGP 4607)

Gilbert William (Mainesburg) r 56, laborer (SRGP 68237)

Gilkey Charles E (Mainesburg) r 22, dairy 20 cows and farmer, on shares for B J Rockwell of Mansfield, 160 (SRGP 36957)

Gray Alvah (Elk Run) r 18, farmer, 60 (SRGP 11358)

Gray James (Mainesburg) r 46, dairy 20 cows, farmer, 110

Gray James E (Mainesburg) r 46, dairy 20 cows, and farmer, 106 (SRGP 6162)

Gray LaFayette (Mainesburg) r 46, cor 31, farmer, 100 (SRGP 6156)

Gray Valley School No. 1 (Mainesburg) r 32

Gray Wilton D (Mainesburg) r 39, breeder of Jersey cattle, dairy 20 cows, 82 sheep and farmer, 187

Hager Arthur (Sylvania Bradford Co) r 27, laborer

Hager Homer (Elk Run) r 6, laborer

Haight Allen M (Mainesburg) wagon maker, undertaker, justice of peace, h and lot

Hall William E (Elk Run) r 11, dairy 8 cows and farmer, 104

HARKNESS HARRY C (Mainesburg) physician and surgeon

Hart Adam (Mainesburg) r 56, h and lot

HART GEORGE H (Mainesburg) r 56, farmer, 10

Harvey Claude (Mainesburg) r 75, farmer, 50

Harvey Porter (Mainesburg) r 56, laborer

Harvey V L (Mainesburg) r 64, 50 sheep and farmer on shares for Harvey Cleveland, 115

Harvey William (Mainesburg) r 74, dairy 10 cows and farmer, 80

Hendricks Lydia (Mainesburg) r 62, widow James

Hilfiger Harry, off r 28, farmer on shares for Joanna Smith of Rutland, 100

Hilfiger Oliver C, r 30, works on shares for W P Rose of Roaring Branch, 98

Hilfiger Oscar (Mainesburg) r 40, laborer

HILLSIDE POULTRY FARM (Mainesburg) r 40, F E Bartlett propr, breeder of thoroughbred poultry (See adv page 436

Hogancamp Daniel (Mainesburg) r 66, laborer

Holcomb Burton C (Mainesburg) r 42, wagon maker

Holly Nelson (Elk Run) r 11, dairy 15 cows and farmer, leases of S L Wood, 180

Holly School No 14 (Elk Run) r 11

Holly Silas (Elk Run) r 11, retired

Hotchkiss Thomas F (Mainesburg) r 40, dairy 18 cows, leases of Belle Rose, of Col, 200

Hulslander Charles (Sylvania, Bradford Co) r 13, dairy 15 cows and farmer, 160

Hulslander Horace H (Mansfield) r 4, farmer

Hulslander School No 13, r 13

Hulslander Thomas B (Sylvania, Bradford Co) r 13, farmer, son of Charles

Hyde Hallett E (Mainesburg) pastor Mainesburg M E Church

IDE OLIVER (Elk Run) r 25, general blacksmithing and wheel repairing, h and lot

Jackson Amherst (Mainesburg) r 60, farmer, 70

Jackson Samuel B (Mainesburg) r 60, farmer, 67

Jackson William (Mainesburg) r 57, flagstone quarry and farmer 86

James James A (Mainesburg) r 42, pastor Baptist Church

Jaquish Floyd (Mainesburg) r 57, laborer

Johns Dennis (Mainesburg) r 42, laborer

Johnson Henry (Mainesburg) r 53, laborer

Jones Benjamin (Elk Run) r 24, farmer, 190

Jones Edward T (Elk Run) r 24, farmer

Jones Frederick (Mainesburg) r 55, Baptist preacher

Kendrick Harry (Covington) r 77, miner, shipper of coal and farmer 94, owned by wife

Kiser George W, r 47, farmer on shares for Charles R Dewey, 101

Krise Charles B (Mainesburg) clerk

KRISE ORIN L (Mainesburg) r 39 cor 36, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hardware, flour, feed, etc

Lay George L, r 28, farmer, 130

Lay James, r 31, farmer, 289

Lay Orrin E, r 31, dairy 8 cows, farmer, 100, owned by Mary Squires and Mrs O E Lay, and 103, owned by James Lay (SRGP 3208)

Lay William G, r 31, farmer

Layton Eugene (Elk Run) r 33, laborer

Leiby Jonathan (Elk Run) r 33, farmer, 30

Lewis Grant (Mansfield) r 38, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 96

Lewis Martin (Mansfield) r 38, farmer in Rutland, 18

Logsdorf Wilford E (Mainesburg) r 55, laborer

Love John (Mainesburg) r 63, farmer, leases of Enos Rose estate 100

Love Nelson (Sylvania, Bradford Co) r 13, laborer

Lucas Hardee G (Mainesburg) r 57, laborer

Lucas James C (Mainesburg) r 57, laborer

Lucas Lewis B (Mainesburg) blacksmith, h and lot

Ludington Perley K, r 30, leases of O R Palmer of Phila, 107

Lyle George, r 47, laborer

Mackley Frank (Elk Run) r 12, laborer

MAINE EDWIN R (Mainesburg) r 40, inventor and manufr of gravity hold fast door fastener and knock down wagon box and hay rack, dealer in fertilizers, dairy 15 cows, farmer, 100, agents wanted

Mainesburg Co-operative Creamery Co (Mainesburg) N L Spaulding secretary

Mainesburg School (Mainesburg)

Makeley Reuben (Mainesburg) r 22, laborer

McConnell John (Mansfield) r 2 1-2, farmer, 4

McConnell Joseph (Elk Run) r 7, dairy 8 cows and farmer, 100

McConnell Millie (Mansfield) widow Justus, farm 100

Mettler Clara M (Elk Run) r 15

Miller Charles R (Mainesburg) r 65, farmer, leases of D D Miller, 175

Miller Darwin D (Mainesburg) r 65, dairy 15 cows, 70 sheep and farmer, 175

Mitchell Ray R (Mainesburg) r 42, physician and surgeon and druggist

Monro Asenath (Elk Run) r 13, widow Thomas R

Monro Homer B (Elk Run) r 13, laborer

Monro John (Elk Run) r 13, farmer, 156

Monroe Bakeman (Elk Run) r 15, farmer, 109

Morgan Fordyce S (Mainesburg) r 47, dairy 8 cows and farmer, 132

Morrison Alonzo M (Elk Run) r 18, mason and farmer, 9

Mosher Albert (Sullivan) r 50, laborer

Mosher Charles (Sylvania, Bradford Co) r 71, laborer

Mudge Menzo A (Elk Run) r 26, dairy 7 cows, farmer, 46

Mudge Orris E (Mansfield) r 21, dairy 9 cows, 40 sheep and farmer, 40, and on shares for Stephen Mudge of Mansfield, 200

Nash Charles S, r 69, farmer, 115

Nevil Benjamin (Elk Run) r 16, laborer

Odell Verne (Covington) r 76 cor 59, supervisor and farmer, 71, also leases of E S Cleveland 100

Orvis Clark (Mainesburg) off r 65, farmer, life lease 75

Orvis Elisha R (Mainesburg) r 32, farmer, 175

Orvis George E, r 47, dairy 12 cows and farmer, 190

Packard Nehemiah R (Mainesburg) r 56, h and lot

Palmer Alvin T, r 30, blacksmith and farmer, 40

Palmer Bert L, r 30, farmer, 44

Palmer Charles R r 50, dairy 8 cows and farmer, 150

PALMER CHARLES W, r 30, postmaster, carriage painter, school souvenirs, farmer, 70

Palmer Frank H, r 47, dairy 8 cows, farmer, 80

Palmer Mark P, r 47, farmer, 95

Palmer Mellie J, r 47, machinist

Palmer Stephen M, r 30, laborer

Parkhurst Carl L (Mainesburg) r 39, farmer

Parkhurst C Frank (Mainesburg) r 39, dairy, 15 cows, farmer, 180

Patterson Alvah (Mainesburg) r 73, leases of Elsie Thompson, of Bentley Creek, 100

Pierce Frank (Mainesburg) r 40, laborer

Preston Marshall (Sylvania, Bradford Co) r 70, farmer, 9

Price Philip, r 50, laborer

Pruyne John (Mainesburg) r 76, laborer

Purvis George (Mainesburg) r 73, laborer

Randall James W (Canton, Pa) r 31, butter maker

Red School No 11 (Elk Run) r 4

Reitz George E (Mansfield) r 22, cor 21, 63 sheep, and farmer, 125

Rew Eleanor (Mainesburg) r 66

Rew Susan (Mainesburg) r 66, widow Benjamin J

Reynolds Frank (Mainesburg) r 54, dairy, 10 cows, 40 sheep, and farmer, 80

Reynolds Lyman L, r 47, dairy, 13 cows, and farmer, 133

Reynolds Mary (Mainesburg) off r 47, widow Thomas

Reynolds Nelson (Mainesburg) r 66, dairy, 9 cows, 100 sheep, and farmer, 180

Reynolds Susan M, r 47, widow Lyman I

Reynolds Van Beren (Mainesburg) r 52, dairy, 13 cows, and farmer, 130

Richards George F (Mainesburg) r 40, farmer

Richmond Amengo A (Sylvania, Bradford Co) r 13, dairy, 20 cows, and farmer, 200

Richmond Dayton F (Mainesburg) r 42, farmer, 40

Richmond Edith A Mrs (Mainesburg) r 42

Richmond Fred (Elk Run) r 33, farmer, 60

Richmond H Jehiel (Elk Run) r 15, farmer, 75

Richmond Isaac (Elk Run) r 15, dairy, 16 cows, and farmer on shares for Charles G Smith, 150, also owns farm 80, on r 26

Richmond Rose B (Mrs D F) (Mainesburg) r 42, mail carrier Elk Run to Mainesburg

Richmond Sally (Elk Run) r 15, widow Albert

RIPLEY HOMER J (Mainesburg) r 57, wool grower, 60 sheep, farmer, 135

Robbins Albert W (Mainesburg) r 58, laborer

Robbins Amos E (Mainesburg) r 58, laborer, h and lot in Richmond

Robbins Archibald (Mainesburg) r 44, farmer

Robbins Francis N (Mainesburg) r 58, blacksmith, h and lot

Robbins George E (Mainesburg) r 42, town clerk, dairy, 10 cows, 35 sheep, farmer, 80

Robbins Hill School No 9, (Mainesburg) r 33

Robbins Levi G (Mainesburg) r 58, wagon maker, h and lot

Robbins Otis F (Mainesburg) r 44, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 150

Robbins Truman (Mainesburg) r 44, laborer

Robert Edward B (Mainesburg) r 47, farmer, 21

Roblyer Hiram L (Elk Run) r 4, farmer, 104

Roblyer Levi (Austinville) r 11, farmer, 74

Rockwell Levi E (Mansfield) r 21, dairy 11 cows and farmer for H T Ames of Williamsport, 100

Rockwell Mary (Mainesburg) off 65, widow Eli P

Rockwell Samuel B (Sullivan) breeder of Durham cattle, dairy 13 cows, farmer, 173

Rockwell Susie (Mainesburg) r 22, widow Allen

Rockwell Wilbur G (Covington) r 77, farmer, 130

Rogers Charles H (Covington) r 77, laborer, h and lot

Rogers Darwin (Mansfield) r 70, laborer

Rolason Charles, r 51, dairy 8 cows, farmer on shares for Orrin Smith, 60

Rorapaugh Maggie (Mainesburg) r 39, widow Merton G

Rose Daniel E (Mainesburg) r 63, laborer

Rose Elliott S (Mainesburg) r 65, farmer, 275

Rose Emeline (Mainesburg) r 63, widow Enos

Rose George (Mainesburg) r 61, dairy 13 cows, farmer, 90

ROSE WARREN D (Mainesburg) r 53 (Rose Bros of Mansfield) dairy 18 cows, breeder and dealer in Shropshire sheep, 300 sheep and farmer, 400

Ruggles Archibald (Sullivan) r 28, farmer, 140

Ruggles Edward F (Sullivan) r 28, dairy 10 cows, works on shares for Archibald 140

Rumsey Albert J (Mansfield) r 22, dairy 11 cows, farmer, 124, for Benjamin W Green of Emporium Pa, owns 172 in Springfield, Bradford Co

Rumsey Artemus (Elk Run) r 24, pensioner

RUMSEY BARTON (Mainesburg) mason, h and lot

Rumsey Charles M (Mainesburg) off r 39, dairy 7 cows, 70 sheep

Rumsey Charles S (Mainesburg) r 40, wool grower 100 sheep, farmer, 50, and in Richmond 115

Rumsey Clarence (Mainesburg) r 41. laborer

Rumsey Daniel F (Mainesburg) r 44, farmer, 80

Rumsey Daniel (Mainesburg) r 66, laborer

Rumsey Ellis D (Mainesburg) r 55, mason

Rumsey Emery J (Mainesburg) off r 47, town auditor, dairy 12 cows, 40 sheep, farmer, 100

Rumsey Fannie A (Mainesburg) r 56, widow Orlando S, h and lot

Rumsey Frances E (Mainesburg) r 36, farmer 50

RUMSEY GEORGE (Mainesburg) r 56, mason and stone cutter, farmer, 8

Rumsey Hill School No 2 (Mainesburg) r 58

Rumsey Horace (Mainesburg) r 38, laborer

Rumsey Jesse (Mainesburg) r 57, dairy 12 cows, 40 sheep and farmer, 80

Rumsey Julius (Mainesburg) r 38, farmer, 15

Rumsey Oliver (Mainesburg) off r 47, farmer, leases of Clark Colby of Rutland 120

Rumsey Orilla (Mainesburg) r 57, widow Aaron, farm 14, and estate of Aaron 60

Rumsey Rosina (Mainesburg) r 66, h and lot

Rumsey Thomas (Mainesburg) r 66, laborer

Rumsey William A (Mainesburg) clerk, bds r 42

Safford School District (Sylvania, Bradford Co) r 69 [This is an error - Should be Gafford School]

Sargeant Levi (Austinville, Bradford Co) r 12, laborer

Schucker Adam, r 49, leases of F D Palmer diary 10 cows, farm 100

Schwenk Emma (Austinville, Bradford Co) r 12, farm 110

Scouten Herman A (Mainesburg) r 38, carpenter, cider mill and farmer, 47

Scouten Hill School District No 15 (Mainesburg) r 37

Seymour Ernest A (Mainesburg) r 40, farmer, 70

Shaw C Milton (Mansfield) r 36, dairy 9 cows, farmer, 100

Shaw Elmer M (Elk Run) r 8, farmer on shares for H J Richmond 75

SHAW FREEMAN (Mainesburg) r 39, breeder of registered Jersey cattle, dairy 15 cows, registered Chester white swine and Southdown sheep, farmer, 168

Sherman John E (Elk Run) r 11 1-2, farmer, 12

Slingerland Helen, r 30, widow Abram, farm 96

Smith Albert (Elk Run) r 26, hay presser and farmer, 125

SMITH ALONZO O (Mansfield) r 4, butter maker, apiarist 30 colonies, farmer, 73

Smith Andrew J (Mainesburg) r 42, farmer, 25

Smith Byron C (Elk Run) r 26, dairy 20 cows, farmer, 150

Smith Caroline (Elk Run) r 17, widow Tristram, h and lot

Smith Charles (Elk Run) r 26, farmer

Smith Charles (Mainesburg) r 57 (W M & Charles)

Smith Charles G (Elk Run) r 15, farmer, 150

SMITH CLARENCE A (Elk Run) r 16, portable saw mill and farmer, h and lot

Smith Cornelius (Elk Run) r 26, farmer, 120

Smith Delbert C (Mainesburg) r 42, dairy 14 cows, farmer, 118

Smith Dennis V (Mainesburg) r 44, dairy 15 cows, farmer, 310

Smith Ephraim C (Mainesburg) r 44, farmer

Smith Frank, r 50, cor 68, farmer, 150

Smith George, r 31, dairy 25 cows, farmer, 460

Smith George M (Mainesburg) r 55 1-2, dairy 10 cows, 58 sheep, farmer, 100 and in Rutland, 77

Smith Harrison (Mainesburg) r 42, h and lot owned by wife

Smith Ira (Elk Run) r 6, supervisor and farmer, 50

Smith James T (Elk Run) r 19, works on shares for William H, 130

Smith Jonathan (Mainesburg) r 23 cor 22, dairy 7 cows, farmer, 215, and in Richmond, 50

Smith Julia A (Mainesburg) r 46, widow Isaac, farm, 85

Smith Lee (Elk Run) r 6, carpenter

Smith Louis N (Elk Run) r 16, fireman

Smith Lyman R (Mainesburg) r 66, dairy 9 cows, 70 sheep and farmer, 200

SMITH MARK S (Elk Run) r 10 steam thresher, dairy 27 cows, breeder and dealer in Jersey cattle, and farmer on Northrup Smith estate, 336

Smith Mordecai (Elk Run) r 26, farmer, 86, owned by wife

Smith Orin, r 51, farmer, 60

Smith Orin W (Mainesburg) r 34, leases of William, 80

Smith Philetus (Mainesburg) farmer, h and lot owned by wife

Smith Ralph (Elk Run) r 6 cor 7, carpenter

Smith Ray I (Elk Run) r 26, dairy 16 cows, farmer on shares for Byron C, 140

Smith Ray I (Elk Run) r 26, farmer leases of I H Richmond, 80

Smith Sally A (Elk Run) r 10, widow Northrup

Smith Sarah L (Mainesburg) r 47

Smith Victor (Mainesburg) r 23 cor 22, carpenter

Smith Wayne (Mainesburg) r 23, farmer

Smith William (Mainesburg) r 35, dairy 10 cows, 60 sheep and farmer, 240

Smith William H (Elk Run) r 18, apiarist, constable and collector, dairy 13 cows and farmer, 145

Smith William M (Mainesburg) r 57, (W M & Charles) breeder of ferrets

Smith W M & Charles (Mainesburg) r 57, apiarists 150 colonies, fruit growers 7 acres, farmer, 90

Soper Darius A (Elk Run) r 18, dairy 8 cows and farmer, 115

Spaulding Hanford (Mainesburg) r 53, laborer

Spaulding Norman L (Mainesburg) r 55, sect Mainesburg co-operative Creamery Co, diary 12 cows and farmer, 78

Squires Andrew W (Elk Run) r 23, farmer, 100

Squires Charles F (Mainesburg) r 47, dairy 10 cows and farmer, on shares for E R Orvis, 180

Squires C Porter, r 31, butter maker

Squires G Bert, r 31, pres and mgr East Sullivan Creamery Co, dairy 20 cows and farmer, 105

Squires George, r 31, farmer, 150

Squires Isaac, r 32, refused information

Squires Judson (Elk Run) r 21

Squires Mary, r 31, widow La Fayette, farm, with Mrs O E Lay 100

Squires Reuben F (Elk Run) r 18, carpenter and farmer, 12

Squires William (Mainesburg) r 66, farmer, 60 on r 44

Stauffer Alice M (Mainesburg) r 39, widow George, h and lot

STAUFFER MACK E (Mainesburg) r 39 (Baird & Stauffer)

Stannard Silas G (Mainesburg) mgr Mainesburg Co-operative Creamery Co

State Road School No 7 (Mainesburg) r 66

Steele Alonzo (Mainesburg) r 74 1-2, farmer, 100

Stevens Charles (Elk Run) r 17, laborer

Strait George E, r 30, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 110

Strange Charles (Mainesburg) r 43, dairy 13 cows, and farmer for Marietta Strange of Mansfield, 100

STRANGE JOSEPH, r 26 cor 31, breeder of registered short horn Durham cattle, 15 head, and Berkshire swine, farmer, 122, and with estate of Charles Strange 70. See adv page 436

Sturdevant Jesse H (Mainesburg) r 41, works on shares for J H Dewitt, dairy 20 cows, farmer, 130

Sturdevant Marvin (Mansfield) r 1, works on shares for John Benson of Mansfield, 100

Styres Bert (Elk Run) r 27, laborer

Styres John W (Elk Run) off r 13, apiarist 40 colonies, school director, dairy 18 cows and farmer, 127

Sutton Emma, r 50, widow William, farm with Fred Sutton, 200

Sutton Fred, r 50, dairy 20 cows and farmer with Emma Sutton, 200

Tears J Nelson (Elk Run) r 8, justice of the peace, dairy 15 cows and farmer, 400

Thompson Rose (Covington) r 77, widow Charles F

Tice Harvey L (Elk Run) r 12, dairy 8 cows and farmer on shares for Abbie Whitlock, 100

Union School No 5, r 47

Updyke Anson (Elk Run) r 9, laborer

Updyke Elmer (Elk Run) r 26, laborer

Updyke Foster (Elk Run) r 18, farmer on shares for Alvah Gray 60

Updyke Herman C (Elk Run) r 9, dairy 11 cows and farmer, 117

Van Valkner Elmer (Elk Run) r 4, works on shares for H L Roblyer, 104

Watkins Edward (Austinville, Bradford Co) r 12, laborer

Watkins Justus (Austinville, Bradford Co) r 12, dairy 18 cows and farmer, 154

Watson George (Mainesburg) r 76, farmer, 70

Webster Burt A (Mainesburg) r 60, farmer, 138

Webster Clinton M (Mansfield) r 21, dairy 11 cows and farmer 101

Webster Cora E (Mansfield) r 21, school teacher

Webster Ernest (Mainesburg) off r 52, school teacher

Webster Mark A (Mainesburg) off r 52, laborer

Webster Orso (Mainesburg) r 60, farmer, 98

Webster Rhoda C (Mainesburg) r 60, farmer, 40

Webster William H (Mainesburg) off r 52, farmer, 52

Welch Amos (Mainesburg)

Welch Charlotte (Mainesburg) r 75, widow Hiram

Welch Edgar (Mainesburg) r 63, 40 sheep and farmer, 80

Welch Ellis (Elk Run) r 33, laborer

Welch Elmer L (Elk Run) r 18, carpenter, dairy 7 cows and farmer, 53

Welch Herman P (Mainesburg) r 75, farmer, 60

Welch Layton (Elk Run) r 33, farmer

Welch Leon E (Elk Run) r 18, farmer

Welch Leroy D (Mainesburg) r 76, 150 sheep and farmer, 150

Welch Lillie (Mainesburg) r 63, school teacher

Welch Lucy, r 51, widow Uriah

Welch Lydia J (Mainesburg) r 63, farmer, 50

Welch Nelson, r 51, dairy 11 cows and farmer, 133

Welch Ransom L, r 51, farmer, son of Nelson

Welch Samuel (Mainesburg) r 75, 75 sheep and farmer, 170

Welch Victor (Mainesburg) r 63, building mover

WELCH WILLIAM L (Mainesburg) feed mill and propr grade Percheron stock horse Black Chief

WEST SULLIVAN CREAMERY (Mansfield) r 4, Homer Wilson secretary, manufr choice butter

Whitlock Abbie (Elk Run) r 12, widow Rufus, farm 100

Williams Eri (Mainesburg) off r 72, laborer

WILLIAMS JESSE N (Mainesburg) r 42, dealer in agricultural implements, agent for D M Osborn harvesting machinery, threshers, gasoline engines, wagons &c, 1000 sugar trees, dairy 30 to 50 cows and farmer, 365, and in Troy, Bradford Co, 265

Williams Orson (Elk Run) R 10, works on shares for A Richmond, of Mansfield, dairy, 11 cows, farm, 200

Wilkins George (Mainesburg) r 72, dairy, 12 cows, and farmer, 282

Wilkins George Jr, (Mainesburg) r 72, farmer, 68

Wilson Frank (Austinville, Bradford CO) r 11, farmer, 50, in Rutland, also leases of Olive Lutz of Covington, 160

Wood Edgar (Elk Run) r 7, laborer

Wood Ernest (Elk Run) r 25, laborer, h and lot

Wood Eugene, r 31, laborer

Wood Eugene, r 47, laborer

Wood La Mott (Sylvania, Bradford Co) r 13, laborer

Wood Martin (Elk Run) r 7, farmer, with W H Wood, 80

Wood Mary, r 47, widow Jonathan

WOOD SOLOMON L (Elk Run) r 25, cor 26, postmaster and dealer in general merchandise, farmer, 160

Wood Sylva (Sylvania, Bradford Co) r 27, widow Bert

Wood Welland (Elk Run) r 16, thresher and farmer, 75

Wood Wesley (Mainesburg) r 53, laborer

Wood William H (Elk Run) r 7, dairy, 9 cows, and farmer with Martin, 80

Wood William H (Mainesburg) off r 65, farmer, life lease, 75

Woodard Abbie (Mainesburg) r 75, widow Jason

Woodard John B, r 30, farmer, 66, dairy 11 cows in Ward, works on shares for Helen Slingerland, 96

Woodburn Isaac S (Mainesburg) r 56, carpenter and wagon maker

York Bird (Elk Run) r 14, dairy, 10 cows, 100 sheep, and farmer, 225

York Galusha (Elk run) r 14, dairy, 12 cows, and farmer, 200

Youngs J Edward (Elk Run) r 18, laborer