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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Compiled 1988 - Previously Unpublished, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1901-1904 by Mary Kingsley.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. 

Copies sent by James Streeter, Retyped by Pat Mott Gobea, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2011

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Note - Date is date of newspaper edition, NOT date of event.
1904 28-Sep M Adams, Walter Walter Adams & Miss Katherine Engler were m. last week, both of Tioga. She is dau. Of G. H. Engler. He is son of J. W. Adams of Mansfield
1904 27-Jan M Allen, Harry Harry Allen of Millerton & Mrs. Katherine Bauer of Elmira were m. 
1904 25-May M Allis, Delbert Delbert Allis of Lambs Creek & Miss Anna Quinn were m. at Watkins, N.Y. 18 May. He is son of Geo. Allis
1904 17-Feb M Aumich, Wella Wella Aumich & Miss Belle Clevenland of Frost Settlement were m. 13 Feb. in Covington by Rev. Burrell
1904 10-Aug M Avery, Mark Mark Avery of Rutland & Miss Hilda Newberry were m. 31 Jul. She is from Bloss.
1904 2-Mar M Ayers, Warren Warren Ayers of Corning & Miss Juva Frost were m. a few days ago. She is from Frost Settlement
1904 2-Mar M Baker, Max Max Baker & Miss Angie Gee of Tioga, last Wed. in Lindley, N.Y. were m.
1904 28-Dec M Bardwell, G. E. G. E. Bardwell of Mainesburg & Miss Ella May Gardner were m. last Wed. in Owego, N.Y. by Rev. Chaffee
1904 16-Mar M Baxter, Solomon Solomon Baxter & Mary Randall of North Union were m.
1904 13-Jul M Berry, L. M.  L. M. Berry of Millerton & Miss Selina Sisson of Jackson Summit were m. 3 Jul. in Elmira by Rev. C. C. Crawford
1904 7-Dec M Bicknell, J. D. Jr. H. D. Bicknell Jr. of Hornellsville, N.Y. & Miss Ethel Wilson of Mansfield were m. 24 Nov. in Corning, N.Y.
1904 29-Jun M Blanchard, Guy Guy Blanchard & Mrs. Addie Longbottom of Crooked Creek were m. last week
1904 30-Mar M Bodine, Henry E.  Henry E. Bodine Esq. Of Wellsboro & Miss Mabel Crane Smith of Wilkes-Barre were m. Wed. in Phila.
1904 22-Jun M Bolton, Arnold E. Arnold E. Bolton of Middlebury & Miss Lena Gertrude Swan of Mansfield were m. 22 Jun. By Rev. R. M. Cloud. She is dau. Of R. M. Swan
1904 31-Aug M Bowen, Ransom Ransom Bowen & Miss Vera Ingerick of E. Charleston were m. in Elmira 20 Aug. by Rev. J. VanKirk
1904 3-Feb M Brock, Chas. Chas. Brock of Elkland & Miss Delia M. Brown were m. last week in Elmira by Rev. H. S. Southall
1904 20-Jan M Campbell, Murray F. Murray F. Campbell & Miss Nevah McInroy of Wellsboro were m. at Buffalo 31 Dec. 1903. She is dau. Of John McInroy
1904 4-May M Campbell, Tracy E. Tracy E. Campbell of Stony Fork & Miss Iva L. Avery of Chatham Twp. were m. last Wed. in Delmar. She is dau. Of DeRuyter Avery
1904 28-Sep M Chamberlain, Henry Henry Chamberlain of Mainesburg & Miss Bessie Smith of Elk Run were m. at Lawrenceville on 21 Sep.
1904 6-Jan M Collins, John R. John R. Collins & Lena R. Ayers of Nelson were m. 24 Dec. 1903. He is res. Of Elkland
1904 30-Nov M Cornwell, Elmer Elmer Cornwell & Miss Grace McConnell of Mansfield were m. on Thanksgiving in Wellsboro by Rev. Reynolds
1904 5-Oct M Cory, Stephen A. Stephen A. Cory of Jackson Summit & Miss Amanda A. Austin were m. 13 Feb. in Richmond Twp. by Rev. O. T. Haight Esq. She is dau. Of Joel Austin
1904 6-Jan M Crichton, Thomas A. Thomas A. Crichton of Wellsboro & Miss Frances Potter in Washington, D. C. were m.
1904 24-Oct M Crowl, Rev. C. H. Rev. C. H. Crowl of Tioga & Mrs. Anna M. Fralic of Corning were m. on 24 Aug.
1904 6-Jan M Cummings, Milton Milton Cummings of Tioga & Miss Grace Kimbal of Tioga were married in Horseheads, N.Y. last Thurs.
1904 15-Jun M Dartt, Ralph Ralph Dartt & Miss Mabel Jackson of Charleston were m. 8 Jun. By Rev. L. A. Davis. She is dau. Of M. V., Jackson, he is son of O. W. Dartt
1904 24-Aug M Cavis, Clarence C. Clarence C. Davis of Middlebury & Miss Elma M. Lamb of Canton were m. 17 Aug. in Corning by Rev. Reese
1904 10-Jul M Davis, Jared Jared Davis of Stokesdale & Mrs. Josephine Greer were m. in Elmira 19 Jan. by Rev. Eli Pittman
1904 27-Jan M Day, Fred Fred Day of Lambs Creek & Fanny C. Steere of Elmira were m. 25 Jan. in Elmira by Rev. G. H. Haigh
1904 3-Feb M Deane, Allen B. Allen B. Deane & Miss Emma M. Smith of Wellsboro were m. Wed. in Wellsboro by Rev. A. C. Shaw
1904 28-Dec M Decker, Frederick Frederick Decker of Mansfield & Miss Mary Thompkins of Bloss were m. Fri. last in Lindley, N.Y. He is son of A. R. Decker
1904 14-Sep M Decker, Lee H. Lee H. Decker of Tioga & Miss Lulu Graves were m. in Presho, N.Y. on 5 May
1904 14-Sep M Decker, Portus Eugene of Athens & Miss Ida Belle Cummings of Mansfield were m. 14 Sep. by Rev. G. Hutchings. She is dau. Of Al Cummings
1904 17-Feb M Dewey, Wm. E. Wm. E. Dewey of Marshlands & Miss Daisy M. Fine of Luzerne Co. were m. in Athens, Pa. 10 Feb. by Rev. Dr. Coxe
1904 13-Jul M Doumaux, Lincoln Lincoln Doumaux of Rochester, N.Y. & Miss Anna Niles of Wellsboro were m. in Buffalo. She is dau. Of Jerome B. Niles of Wellsboro. He is son of John B. doumaux of Wellsboro
1904 26-Oct M Eighmey, Jerome Jerome Eighmey of Daggett & Miss Maude Littley were m. last Thurs. by Rev. Walker. She is from Mansfield
1904 5-Aug M Ely, George George Ely formerly of Covington & Miss Florence Renz were m. last week at Ottawa, Ill.
1904 27-Apr M English, Roland Roland English & Miss Mary Kelley of Olyphant, Pa. were m. last week. He is from Wellsboro
1904 19-Oct M Fisch, Edgar Thomas Cullen Edgar Thomas Cullen Fish of Tioga & Miss Emma Krieger were m. in Tioga Wed. by Rev. Fessenden
1904 31-Aug M French, Mark J. Mark J. French of Troy & Miss Lulu Bottcher were m. this eve. In Troy by Rev. A. E. Hall. He is formerly of Mansfield
1904 26-Oct M Friends, Jesse Jesse Friends of Jackson & Miss Emma Collum were m. Wed.
1904 25-May M Gee, Ephriam S. Ephriam S. Gee of Elbridge & Miss flora Dunham of Farmington were m. last week by Rev. J. Torkington. She is the dau. Of F. L. Dunham
1904 17-Feb M Gee, George George Gee of Tioga & Miss Maud Hathaway were m. at Lawrenceville last Thurs.
1904 30-Mar M Gilroy, Victor Victor Gilroy of Morris Run & Pearl McConnell of Arnot were m. by Rev. Luke in Arnot
1904 14-Dec M Goodall, Leon Leon Goodall of Canoe Camp & Miss Carrie E. Smith of Painted Post to be m. tomorrow
1904 6-Jan M Grinnell, Wilson S.  Wilson S. Grinnell & Miss May Estep of Antrim were m. in Elmiral ast week
1904 19-Feb M Gross, William D. William D. Gross of Delmar & Mrs. Mary V. Deisher were m. recently
1904 7-Sep M Giles, Ira Ira Giles of Tioga & Miss Eula A. Brace of Rutland were m. 24 Aug. by Rev. C. H. Hudson
1904 4-May M Giles, James B. James B. Giles of Wellsboro & Miss Effie Boren of Steubenville, Oh. Were m. 19 Apr.
1904 9-Nov M Hall, Fred Fred Hall of Mansfield & Miss Blanche Brewer of Littl Marsh were m. 2 Nov. in Mansfield by Rev. W. Gregory
1904 7-Dec M Hall, George George Hall of Rutland & Miss Mary Adeline Holcomb of Mainesburg wre m. at her grandparents home 7 Dec. by Rev. W. Miller. She is dau. Of Mrs. Clara Holcomb, Granddau. of Harrison Smith
1904 24-Feb M Harris, Frank B. Frank B. Harris of Elmira & Miss Grace I. Bliss of Westfield were m. there last week Mon. by Rev. Skottowe
1904 28-Sep M Hartzog, Samuel Samuel Hartzog of Corning & Miss Frederica Lounsbury of Wellsboro were m. last Thurs. She is dau. Of Cass Lonsberry
1904 23-Nov M Hendricks, Edward Edward Hendricks of Frost Settlement & Miss May Rockwell of Troy were m. last Sat. at Lindley, N.Y.
1904 30-Nov M Howard, Frank Frank Howard of Covington & Miss Alice Short of Wellsboro were m. 15 Nov. in Covington by J. P. John Brown
1904 28-Sep M Howland, Purl Purl Howland of Covington & Miss Alice Hutchinson of Newark, N.Y. last week, were m. She is formerly of Bloss.
1904 20-Jul M Hyde, Fred Fred Hyde & Mrs. Rose Button were m. (of Tioga) recently in Lindley, N.Y.
1904 31-Aug M Ingerick, Ross Ross Ingerick & Miss Charlotte Ludlam of E. Charleston were m. 20 Aug. in Elmira by Rev. J. Vankirk
1904 12-Oct M Isaacs, Henry Henry Isaacs of Fall Brook & Miss Rexa Nash of Sullivan were m. 28 Sep. in Elmira by Rev. C. D. Langford
1904 11-May M Jennings, Sealer E. Sealer E. Jennings of Daggett & Miss Rose Hogaboom of same were m. today by Rev. K. Walker. He is son of Ed Jennings. She is dau. Of Floyd F. Hogaboom
1904 24-Feb M Johnston, Hugh Dixon Hugh Dixon Johnston of Windber, Pa & Miss Margaret Goldmyer of Bloss were m. last wee Tues. in Elmira. She is dau. Of Philip Goldmyer
1904 27-Jul M Kiser, James James Kiser of Marsh Creek & Mrs. Ella Simpson wre m. last week, also baptized
1904 21-Sep M Knapp, Dr. Harry Dr. Harry Knapp of Phila. & Dr. Nettie Evans of Charleston were m. last week in Charleston by Rev. Joseph Dennis
1904 14-Dec M Knapp, Henry A. Henry A. Knapp & Miss Matilda C. Pearson were m. last week in Wellsboro by Rev. O. Hills
1904 15-Jun M Krebs, George Jr. of Corning & Miss Norah Griffin were m. at Wellsboro 8 Jun. By Rev. John O'Toole. She is from Lambs Creek
1904 6-Jul M Lapham, Frank H. Frank H. Laphm of Cherry Creek, N.Y. & Miss Clara Rebecca Miller of Millerton were m. last Wed. in Millerton by Rev. R. D. Munger. She is dau. Of Jesse Miller
1904 23-Mar M Lent, Fred Fred Lent of Elkland & Miss Della Kline were m. last week in Lindley, N.Y. She is from Osceola
1904 16-Nov M Leslie, Alexander Leslie Alexander & Mrs. Flora J. Chaffe of Wellsboro were m. there last week
1904 3-Aug M Longwell, Harry Harry Longwell & Miss Julia Benson of Rutland were m. 17 Jul in Pine City, N.Y. He is son of James Longwell. She is dau. Of Wm. H. Benson
1904 39-Dec M Loveless, Mark Mark Loveless of Tioga Twp. & Miss Bessie Wetmore of Mansfield were m. Christmas eve. At her sis. On Mill Creek, Mrs. Fred Loveless
1904 14-Sep M Mack, Everitt Wm. Everitt William Mack & Miss Emma Mae Smith both of Wellsboro were m. this afternoon by Rev. A. C. Shaw. He is son of R. L. Mack. She is dau. Of Richard E. Smith
1904 12-Oct M Marvin, David of Covington & Mrs. Clara Bailey of Mansfield were m. last Sat. in Elmira, N.Y.
1904 11-May M Marvin, Edward E. Edward E. Marvin of Mansfield & Miss Lulu B. Blughton of Little Marsh were m. yesterday in same
1904 26-Oct M Marvin, Lee Rexford  Lee Rexford Marvin of Covington & Miss Jennie Elizabeth Sherwood of Mansfield were m. 19 Oct. by Rev. Burrell
1904 12-Oct M Maynard, Edith Ward Ide of Covington & Miss Edith Maynard were m. last week
1904 3-Aug M Maynard, Millard Millard Maynard & Maddie Hutchinson were m. last Sat. in Lawrenceville
1904 20-Jan M McConnell, Herbert W. Herbert W. McConnell & Miss Mary Frances Smith both of Mansfield were m. in Elmira last Thurs.
1904 23-Nov M McNeil, Alonzo  Alonzo McNeil of Lawrenceville & Miss Bessie Bisbee of Montrose were m. yesterday at her home
1904 17-Feb M Mertz, William E. William E. Mertz of Morris & Miss Mattie Root of Texas, Lyco., Co. were m. last week in Wellsboro by Rev. J. O'Toole
1904 2-Nov M Milllery, Ray H. Ray H. Miller & Miss Eliza Michenfelder both of Tioga were m. last week in Corning
1904 29-Jun M Miller, Daniel Daniel Miller of Millerton & Miss Etta Tillinghast were m. last Wed. by Rev. Bull. She is dau. Of Wm. Tillinghast
1904 12-Oct M Miles, Stephen M. Stephen M. Miles & Mrs. Emma C. Turner were m. in Covington by Rev. O. B. Kinney
1904 29-Jun M Moore, Clarence Clarence Moore of Richmond Twp. & Miss Maude Oldroyd were m. 22 Jun. By Rev. G. E. Hutchings
1904 14-Dec M Morris, Philip Philip Morris of Binghamton, N.Y. & Mrs. Clara E. Guile of Lawrenceville were m. recently
1904 29-Jun M Mosher, Walter Walter Mosher & Miss livina Osgood of Richmond Twp. were m. today in Elmira
1904 5-Oct M Patchen, John Calvin John Calvin Patchen of Covington & Miss Gertrude May Hazlett of Wmspt. Were m. 21 Sep. in Williamsport by Rev. Emory Stevens. He is son of F. M. Patchen. She is dau. Of N. G. Hazlett
1904 13-Jul M Peckham, Royal D. Royal D. Peckham of Wellsboro & Miss Viola B. Lane of Brooklyn, N.Y.
1904 13-Jan M Plaster, Otto Otto Plaster & Eva M. Sample of Niles Valley wre m. last week
1904 2-Nov M Pond, Hooister S. Hooister S. Pond of N.Y.C. & Miss Anna C. Evans of Bloss were m. recently. She is dau. Of Evan Evans
1904 13-Jul M Powers, N. D. N. D. Powers & Miss Jennie Gibbs of Mansfield last Sat. in Lindley, N.Y.
1904 26-Oct M Precit, Edward Edward Precit & Miss Bertha Tillburg of Mansfield were m. last Wed. in Lindley, N.Y.
1904 20-Apr M Preston, Charles L. Charles L. Preston of Lawrenceville & Grace Casbeer of Nelson were m. last week. She is dau. Of D. Casbeer
1904 31-Aug M Quackenbush, Will Will Quackenbush of Big Flats, N.Y. & Miss Margaret Gerow of E. Charleston were m. last Thur. At her home by Rev. E. Anderson
1904 24-Aug M Quimby, A. W. A. W. Quimby of Tiadaghton & Miss May Kelley of Covington were m. last week
???? ????? M Kelts, Ernest Ernest Keltz & Miss Blanche Stage were m. last Wed. in Lawrenceville by Rev. Harry Witmore. She is dau. Of Charles Stage of Corning (There was no date in 1901 thru 1904 file)
???? ???? M Mack, James Miss Arlene Metcalf dau. Of Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Metcalf of Westfield & James Mack son of Will Mack of Knoxville were m. 30 Jan. by Rev. Arthur Bailey of Shinglehouse. They are res. In Knoxville. (Westfield area scrapbook) - In Volume 8, Mansfield Advertiser 1900-1905 
1904 23-Nov M Rarick, LaFayette LaFayette Rarick & Miss Mabel Gillett of Tioga were m. in Lindley, N.Y. by Rev. H. Wagner
1904 8-Jun M Reynolds, Lee Lee Reynolds of Rutland & Miss Esther Orvis of Sullivan where m. 1 Jun. She is dau. Of G. Orvis
1904 28-Dec M Rose, Charles Charles Rose of Mansfield & Miss Jean Doane were m. yesterday in same by Rev. R. Green. He is son of R. W. Rose. She is dau. Of Prof. J. C. Doane
1904 6-Jan M Sanford, Ray Ray Sanford of Troupsburg, N.Y. & Miss Cora Westbrook of Knoxville were m.
1904 15-Jul M Shafle, Lewis P. Lewis P. Shafle of Osceola & Martha E. Smith of Wellsboro were m. Lindley, N.Y.
1904 17-Feb M Shaw, Allie Allie Shaw of Nelson & Miss Gussie Davis of Farmington last week were m.
1904 22-Jun M Shutter, Edward Edward Shutter of Tioga & Miss Ella Loveless to be m. today by Rev. Tarkington. She is dau. Of C. A. Loveless
1904 8-Jun M Sick, Harman Harman Sick & Miss May Squire of Rutland were m. Thurs. She is dau. Of Seymour Squire
1904 12-Oct M Smith, Hugh Young Hugh Young Smith of Keeneyville & Miss Ida Mae Paul of Dansville, N.Y. were m. 28 Oct in Dansville
1904 24-Apr M Smith, John E. of Delmar Twp. & Miss Margaret Sullivan of Marden to be m. today at Wellsboro
1904 23-Nov M Stauffer, Harry G. Harry G. Stauffer of Watkins, N.Y. & Miss Maud Tillinghast of Millerton were m. in Watkins recently
1904 15-Jul M Steele, Robert E. Robert E. Steele of Delmar Twp. & Mrs. Geo. (Lodenia) Wilcox wre m. at Stoney Fork last Sun.
1904 24-Aug M Stevens, Daniel G. Daniel G. Stevens & Miss Lena Dora Winterberger of Tioga were m. today by Rev. Emil Winterberger, bro. Of bride
1904 11-May M Suhr, Jesse Jesse Suhr & Miss Margaret Jackson both of Wellsboro were m. last week in Lawrenceville
1904 6-Apr M Titus, Geo. Geo. Titus & Miss Stella Stage were m. last Wed. in Lawrenceville by Rev. Harry Witman. She is dau. Of Charles Stage of Corning
1904 20-Jul M Vincent, Jack Jack Vincent of Tioga & Miss Hannah Jenkins of Morris Run were m.
1904 20-Apr M Walker, Louis Louis Walker & Miss Lucy Corbin were m. 14 April in Frost Settlement by Rev. Kinney
1904 21-Dec M Warner, Harry Wolfe Harry Wolfe Warner of Gillett & Miss Maude Estella Sweely of Roseville to be m. 28 Dec. She is dau. Of J. M. Sweely
1904 6-Apr M Webster, Emmick Emmick Webster age 82 & Mrs. Laverne age 67 of Morris were m. last week
1904 27-Jul M Webster, Ernest G. Ernest G. Webster of Sullivan Twp. & Miss Mary Louise Webber of Troy were m. 20 Jul. by Rev. T. A. Hughes; She is dau. Of B. F. Webber
1904 27-Jul M Webster, John H. John H. Webster of Mansfield & Miss Adelaide Glass of Binghamton were m. recently
1904 24-Feb M Webster, LaVern LaVern Webster of Tioga & Miss Ethel Reynolds of Farmington were m. in Elmira by Rev. D. Henry
1904 23-Mar M West, George George West of New Bedford, Mass. & Miss May N. Day of Keeneyville were m. at her home last week by Rev. W. S. Holland
1904 27-Apr M Wetmore, Lyman Lyman Westmore & Miss Pearl Walker of Mansfield were m.Mon. in Corning. She is dau. Of Mrs. Addie Walker
1904 1-Jun M White, Bert M. Bert M. White & Miss Leah M. Keeney were m. today in Middlebury by Rev. Cloud
1904 9-Nov M Whitney, J.  J. Whitney of E. Charleston & Miss Anna Brown of Cherry Flats were m. Mon. at her home
1904 25-May M Williams, Fred C. Fred C. Williams of Wellsboro & Miss Lelia D. Campbell of Delmar to be m. next Wed. She is dau. Of Wm. P. Campbell
1904 19-Oct M Wilson, Walter I. Walter I. Wilson of Punxsutawney, Pa. & Miss Jennie F. Brew of Wellsboro were m. last week by Rev. O'Toole. He is son of Ira Wilson of Delmar. She is dau. Of Mrs. Wm. Brew of Wellsboro
1904 11-May M Wood, Leon Leon Wood of Elk Run & Miss Ellen Bartlett of Mainesburg were m. last week
1904 30-Nov M York, Dr. H. C. Dr. H. C. York & Miss Katherin Murray of Arnot were m. 5 Nov. in Elmira. She is dau. Of Mrs. B. A. Murray

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