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Covington High School graduated classes from 1893 to 1957. These lists are from the alumni association. They include people who were in the Covington area but who attended North Penn High School at Blossburg  after Covington High School consolidated with Blossburg. Once Mansfield High School opened in 1912, some Covington students attended classes there for their senior year and graduated from both schools. Esther Mays Harer typed these lists for us.

I hope that all are listed by their own names, but if there are cases where a person is listed with married alias only, please let me know so I can correct it.

I am adding obituaries where I have them. There may be more obits already on the site which you may hunt down and copy and paste in an email to me so I can add them to the appropriate class list. Or you may have obits not already on the site which we would like to have. Just type them into an email to me -joycetice@aol.con or The more of you who help with this, the better it will be.

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  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1934 Barbara  Connolly Barbara Connolly Whitney  
1934 Elnora Sisson Elnora Sisson Waltz  
1934 Arnold Maneval Arnold Maneval  
1934 Pauline Ridge Pauline Ridge Husted  
1934 Marian McIntosh Marian McIntosh Fenstermacher  
1934 George Wilson George Wilson  
1934 Ivan  Zeger Ivan Zenger  
1934 Paul  English Paul English  
1934 Robert Matthews Robert Matthews  
1934 Bruce Sillaman Bruce Sillaman  
1934 Frederick Fletcher Frederick Fletcher  
  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1935 Kenneth Brown Kenneth Brown  
1935 Carrie Ingalls Carrie Ingalls Erway  
1935 Morton E. enkins Morton E. Jenkins  
1935 Vivian Clark Vivian Clark Sisson  
1935 Vaudine Nelson Vaudine Nelson Christie  
1935 Eleanor Ridge Eleanor Ridge Jones  
1935 Ellen Carson Ellen Carlson White  
1935 Marie Weiskopff Marie Weiskopff Boyce  
1935 Arthur Starks Arthur Starks  
1935 Duane Wilcox Duane Wilcox  
1935 Marian Fessler Myra Fessler Marvin  
1935 Harriett Carson Harriett Carson Higgins  
1935 Edson Watkins Edson Watkins  
1935 Helen Lisowski Helen Lisowski Kordyl  
  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1937 Alvah Walker Alvah Walker  
1937 Virginia  Bederman Virginia Bederman Kiegel  
1937 Gordon Carson Gordon Carson  
1937 Gertrude Harer Gertrude Harer Cowan  
1937 Robert Hall Robert Hall  
1937 Coralin Lisowski Caroline Lisowski Kolupski  
1937 Russell Larcom Russell Larcom  
1937 William Messner William Messner  
1937 Clement Mitchell Clement Mitchell  
1937 Maynard Reese Maynard Reese  
1937 Harold Wilson Harold Wilson  
1937 Betty Carlson Betty Carlson Sumner  
1937 Alice Connolly Alice Connolly Ade  
  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1938 Lowell Frost Lowell Frost  
1938 Floyd Haverly Floyd Haverly  
1938 Frederick Jupenlaz Frederick Jupenlaz  
1938 Lucille Ames Lucille Ames Sampson  
1938 Rachel Mudge Rachel Mudge  
1938 Elaine Carson Elaine Carson Cutler  
1938 Winona Fessler Winina Fessler Messner  
1938 Leona Jones Leona Jones Ward  
1938 Thelma Starks Thelma Starks Wheeler  
1938 Virginia Wood Virginia Wood Callegary  
  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1939 Egbert Owlett Egbert Owlett  
1939 Paul Rogers Paul Rogers  
1939 Joseph Brooks Joseph Brooks  
1939 Franklin Cowan Franklin Cowan  
1939 Evelyn Knowlton Evelyn Knowlton VanDusen  
1939 Thelma Bolt Thelma Bolt Hilfiger  
1939 Betty Crowe Betty Crowe Campman  
1939 Marie Olney Marie Olney Ross  
1939 Marian Jupenlaz Marian Jupenlaz Austin  
1939 Ruth Seidell Ruth Seidell Weigle  
1939 Ambrose Bogaczyk Ambrose Bogaczyk  
1939 Louis Schultz Louis Schultz  
1939 Leonard English Leonard English  
1939 Leonard Rakowski Leonard Rakowski  
1939 Roxanna Ames Roxanna Ames Hutchings  
  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1940 Geraldine Frost Geraldine Frost  
1940 Zola Watkins Zola Watkins Johnson  
1940 Richard Smith Richard Smith  
1940 Ernestine  Bolt Ernestine Bolt Grinell  
1940 Morton Wheeler Morton Wheeler  
1940 Jacob Bogaczyk Jr. Jacob Bogaczyk Jr.  
1940 Dorothy Packard Dorothy Packard Croley  
1940 Beverly Haverly Betty Haverly Crowe  
1940 Lorraine Kiley Lorraine Kiley Flint, Jr.  
1940 George Johnson George Johnson  
1940 Mary E. Wiklcox Mary E. Wilcox Kelsey  
1940 Pauline Seidell Pauline Seidell Lockhard  
1940 Leonard Mitchell Leonard Mitchell  
1940 William Mitchell William Mitchell  
1940 Beulah `Carson Beulah Carson Oliver Palmer  
1940 Marian Olney Marian Olney  
1940 Helen Manning Helen Manning Pease  
1940 Bernard L. Roe Bernard L. Roe  
1940 Seany  Haines Cena Haines Starks  
1940 Marguerite Van Order Marguerite Van Order Torpy  
  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1941 Lee Benson Lee Benson  
1941 Mona Owlett Mona Owlett Cleveland  
1941 Benjamin Connolly Benjamin Connelly  
1941 Rodney Mason Rodney Mason  
1941 Gerald Bolt Gerald Bolt  
1941 Betty Johnson Betty Johnson Hinder  
1941 Hildreth  Hutcheson Hildreth Hutcheson  
1941 Christine Clark Christine Clark Kennedy  
1941 Faye Cleveland Faye Cleveland Rogers  
1941 Helen Willis Helen Willis  
1941 Leonard Ames Leonard Ames  
1941 Howard Brewster Howard Brewster  
1941 Cora Janet Fay Cora Janet Fay E nroit  
1941 Jean E. Lathrop Jean E. Lathrop Ogden  
1941 Garth Danknich Garth Danknich  
1941 Chester Smith Chester Smith  
1941 Leora Colegrove Leora Colegrove  
1941 Raymond Watkins Raymond Watkins  
1941 Marian Leiby Marian Leiby Yusko  

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