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Covington High School graduated classes from 1893 to 1957. These lists are from the alumni association. They include people who were in the Covington area but who attended North Penn High School at Blossburg  after Covington High School consolidated with Blossburg. Once Mansfield High School opened in 1912, some Covington students attended classes there for their senior year and graduated from both schools. Esther Mays Harer typed these lists for us.

I hope that all are listed by their own names, but if there are cases where a person is listed with married alias only, please let me know so I can correct it.

I am adding obituaries where I have them. There may be more obits already on the site which you may hunt down and copy and paste in an email to me so I can add them to the appropriate class list. Or you may have obits not already on the site which we would like to have. Just type them into an email to me -joycetice@aol.con or The more of you who help with this, the better it will be.

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  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1950 Glen L. Ames Glen L. Ames  
1950 Harold F Ames Harold F. Ames  
1950 Terrall William Ames Terrall William Ames  
1950 James Bidwell Carlton James Bidwell Carlton  
1950 Larry Grow Jr. Larry Grow Jr  
1950 Pauline Boyce Pauline Boyce Harding  
1950 Norma Copp Normal Copp Kilmer  
1950 Nicholas L. Lair Nicholas L Lair  
1950 June Smith June Smith Miller  
1950 Betty Jean Harvey Betty Jean Harvey Strauss  
  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1951 Emmaline E. Lee Emeline E. Lee Baity  
1951 Thomas R bogaczyk Thomas R Bogaczyk  
1951 Elenor E Evans Elinor E Evans Ryan  
1951 Joseph D Connelly Joseph D Connolly  
1951 Roma Jean Hutcheson Roman Jean Hutchison Dean  
1951 Beatrice Fay Beatrice Fay Grant  
1951 Dortha H Thomas Doris H Thomas Mackowiak  
1951 Leona Wickman Leona Wickman Mesuch  
1951 Dean Ritt Dean Ritt  
1951 Barry Shivas Barry Shivas  
  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1952 Evelyn Harvey Evelyn Harvey Roger  
1952 Joan Kendrick Joan Kendrick Antes  
1952 Ann Swanson Ann Swanson Black  
1952 Richard Bogaczyk Richard Bogaczyk  
1952 Lois Gee Lois G. Braman  
1952 Vera Aumick Vera Aumick Crawford  
1952 Mary Etta Boyce Mary Etta Boyce Luke  
1952 Leroy L Owens Leroy L Owens  
1952 Betty Jo Brueilly Betty Jo Bruelilly Putnam  
1952 Elsie Lair Elsie Lair Sprauer  
  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1953 George Copp George Copp  
1953 Larry Copp Larry Copp  
1953 Shane Georgi Shane Giorgi  
1953 Robert Turner Robert Turner  
1953 Russell Marvin Russell Marvin  
1953 Joan Hutcheson Joan Hutchison Ames  
1953 Ada Ann Fay Ada Ann Fay Donaldson  
1953 Margaret Baker Margaret Baker Davis  
1953 Jane Willis Jane Willis Golden  
1953 Erma A Stocum Erma A Stocum  
1953 Joyce A Greer Joyce A Greer Tinney  
1954 Ronald Warren Ronald Warren  
  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1954 Arthur F Cole Arthur F Cole  
1954 Eugene Fessler Eugene Fessler  
1954 Harold Kendrick Harold Kendrick  
1954 Mary Jane Wheatley Mary Jane Wheatley Ely  
1954 Bertha Davis Bertha Davis Jackson  
1954 Sandra K Smith Sandra K Smith  
  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1955 Donald La Pointe Donald Lapointe  
1955 Constance M Baker Constance M Baker  
1955 Paul Betts Paul Betts, Jr  
1955 Richards A Bower Richard A Bower  
1955 Roger D Chilson Roger Chilson Sr.  
1955 Norman Connelly Norman Connelly  
1955 Lanier Coons Lanier Coons  
1955 Phyllis Greer Phyllis Greer  
1955 Leon Munson Leon Munson  
1955 De Roy Seibert De Roy Seibert  
1955 Donald Welch Donald Welch  
1955 Wayne C Wilson Wayne C Wilson  
1955 Reed H Zimmer Reed H. Zimmer  
1956 Connie Hancher Connie Hancher Baxter  
1956 Jeanette Kendrick Jeanette Kenrick Brion  
1956 Mary Wakely Mary Wakely Delinski Cooper  
1956 Sandra Fay Sandra Fay Garrison  
1956 Marcia Smith Marcia Smith Greer  
1956 Bernita Stocum Bernita Stocum Tipple  
1956 Eloise Bower Eloise Bower Hilfiger  
1956 Edith Lair Edith Lair Stock  
1956 Mary Jane Coons Mary Jane Coons Lamonski  
1956 Pauline Bogaczyk Pauline Bogaczyk Plank  
1956 Charlotte Owens Charlotte Owens  
1956 Donald Wickman Donald Wickman  
1956 Kenneth Wilson Kenneth Wilson  
1956 Larry Wheeler Larry Wheeler  
Final Graduating Class from Covington High School. After this Covington area students attended Blossburg High School.
  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1957 Paul Bogaczyk Paul Bogaczyk  
1957 William Brooks William Brooks  
1957 Larry Frost Larry Frost  
1957 David Jones David Jones  
1957 Raymond Kendrick Raymond Kendrick  
1957 John Kroll John Kroll  
1957 Edward L Marvin Edward L Marvin, Jr.  
1957 Beverly Munson Beverly Munson  
1957 Wilma Erway Wilma Erway  
1957 Dorothy Wilson Dorothy Wilson Baity Chamberlain  
1957 Anita Warren Anita Warren Frost  
1957 Patricia Wilson Patricia Wilson Kaminski  
1957 Ellen Coons Ellen Coons Leblanc, Sr  
1957 Jean Bower Jean Bower Ogden  
1957 Polly Richards Polly Richards Wood  

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