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Covington High School graduated classes from 1893 to 1957. These lists are from the alumni association. They include people who were in the Covington area but who attended North Penn High School at Blossburg  after Covington High School consolidated with Blossburg. Once Mansfield High School opened in 1912, some Covington students attended classes there for their senior year and graduated from both schools. Esther Mays Harer typed these lists for us.

I hope that all are listed by their own names, but if there are cases where a person is listed with married alias only, please let me know so I can correct it.

I am adding obituaries where I have them. There may be more obits already on the site which you may hunt down and copy and paste in an email to me so I can add them to the appropriate class list. Or you may have obits not already on the site which we would like to have. Just type them into an email to me -joycetice@aol.con or The more of you who help with this, the better it will be.

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1942 Marian Smith Marian Smith Ames  
1942 Shirley Kiley Shirley Kiley Booth  
1942 Adrian Bronson Adrian Bronson  
1942 Gladys Gee Gladys Gee Davies  
1942 Corabelle Bronson   Corabelle Bronson Frost  
1942 Hazel Carlton Hazel Carlton Htcheson  
1942 William  Johnson William Johnson  
1942 Arlene Fessler Arlene Fessler Kuster  
1942 Jeanette Avery Jeanette Avery Long  
1942 Veronica Shepherd Veronica Shepherd MdKee  
1942 Lorraine Sisson Lorraine Sisson Parker  
1942 Lena May Young Lena May Young Parker  
1942 Mary Alice Hane Mary Alice Hane Wenner  
1942 Beverly Lathrop Beverly Lathrop Campbell  
  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1943 Virginia  Brueilly Virginia Brueilly   
1943 Dorna Mudge Dorna Mudge Heyler  
1943 Kathryn Bogaczyk Kathryn Bogaczyk Holton  
1943 Margaret English Margaret English Livermore  
1943 Lillian Mitchell Lillian Mitchell Raniewicz  
1943 Wilda Colegrove Wilda Colegrove Simmons  
1943 Marie Turner Marie Turner Sisson  
1943 Mary Lou McConnell Mary Lou McConnell Stanford  
1943 June Woodard June Woodard Summers  
1943 Hilda Colegrove Hilda Colegrove Wheeler  
1943 Edward Smith Edward Smith  
1943 Malcom R. Frost Malcom R. Frost  
1943 Steve Medwick Steve Medwick  
  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1944 Irene Ames Irene Ames  
1944 Louise Turner Louise Turner Smith  
1944 Willism H. Haverly William H. Haverly  
1944 Robert Mitchell Robert Mitchell  
1944 Elinor Hane Elinor Hane  
1944 Phyllis Walker Phyllis Walker  
1944 George Edward Wheatley George Edward Wheatley  
  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1945 Doris Knowlton Doris Knowlton Alock  
1945 Ardis Fessler Ardis Fessler Baty  
1945 Francis Brewster Francis Brewster  
1945 Edward Brueilly Edward Brueilly  
1945 Grover D. Cleveland Grover D. Cleveland  
1945 Adrian A. Faye Adrian A. Faye  
1945 Leonard A. Gee Leonard A. Gee  
1945 Rose Marie Knowlton Rose Marie Knowlton Kendrick  
1945 William Kiley, Jr William Kiley Jr.  
1945 Louise  Bogaczyk Louise Bogaczyk Mitchell  
1945 Faye Smith Faye Smith Tokarz  
1945 Marian Lisowski Marian Lisowski Watkins\  
1945 Veronica Bogaczyk Veronica Bogaczyk Wojick  
  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1946 Richard Baity Richard Baity  
1946 James Evans James Evans  
1946 Althea Mason Althea Mason DeHaven  
1946 Jacqueline Dawson Jacqueline Dawson Bewsanceny  
1946 Marie Beach Marie Beach Colby  
1946 June Boyce June Boyce Stevens  
1946 Geraldine Owens Geraldine Owens Kjelgaard  
1946 Dorothy  Michaels Dorothy Michaels  
1946 Ruth Phillips Ruth Phillips Tuttle  
  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1947 Wilford Frost Wilford Frost  
1947 Charles Mitchell Charles Mitchell  
1947 Joyce Danknich Joyce Danknich White  
1947 Charles Bogaczyk Charles Bogaczyk  
1947 Bonnie  Wakley Bonnie Wakley Casselberry  
1947 Wilbur K. Cleveland Wilbur Cleveland  
1947 Donna Cowan Donna CowanDahlgren  
1947 Charles Fessler Charles Fessler  
1947 Lewis Hilfiger Lewis Hilfiger  
1947 Duane Olson Duane Olson  
1947 Betty Jean Smith Betty Jean Smith  
1947 Tomas Ridge Thomas Ridge  
1947 Frances Lisowski Frances Lisowski Ridge  
1947 Mary Hulslander Mary Hulslander Swinsick  
1947 Arnold VanDruff Arnold VanDruff  
  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1948 John  Knowlton John Knowlton  
1948 Andrew  Bogaczyk Andrew Bogaczyk  
1948 Joanne  Grow Joan Grow Ames  
1948 Joanne  Peyton Joanne Peyton Inkan  
1948 Joyce Hilfiger Joyce Hilfiger Garrison  
1948 Donald Rogers Donald Rogers  
  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried
1949 James Wakely James Wakley  
1949 Martha Bogaczyk Martha Bogaczk Bastian  
1949 Marcile Smith Marcile Smith Cleveland  
1949 Marjorie Beach Marjorie Beach McInroy  
1949 Lottie Bogaczyk Lottie Bogaczyk Nelcoski  
1949 Joycelyn L. Davis Joycvelyn Davis Park  
1949 Lucille Smith Lucille Smith Person  
1949 Erna  Lair Erna Lair Van Horn  

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By Joyce M. Tice

  Graduate Own name Married name SRGP Buried