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Photo Missing
Sorry, but this photos was scanned some years ago when all I had to work with was a four inch wide hand held B&W scanner. This is not the quality I'd like, but it is all I have for this group. 
Back Row: George Palmer, Arch Robbins, Jean Strait, Julia Rose (Teacher), Alice Gray, Alta Richmond, Jessie Robbins, John Strange, Jay Orvis. 
Front Row: Rell Richmond (1881-1971), Julia Strange [Note from Joyce - I believe this is Jane Rose based on other photo I have of her and I can't identify the Julia named here - probably an error on the label], Ada Smith, Edith Slingerland, Nellie Smith, Ina Richmond (1883-1970), Walter Robbins, Laura Strange. 
More Gray Valley School Memorabilia 
1890 1900 1903
School: Gray Valley School, District No. One
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1890
Photo Source: John Gray Strange
The above photo is of the remains of the 
Gray Valley School today. I have 
recently heard that John Gray Stange, who 
owns the property on which it stands, intends 
to keep it in repair. 
The map at left is from the 1875 Atlas
Sullivan Township
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