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School: Red School
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County
Teacher: Robert R. Palmer
Year: 1911 / 1912
Submitted by: Clarice STILWELL Evans
Other Red School Memorabilia
1900 1912 1913 1914 1915
 Attendance Records 1891-1900

Stephen Mudge
Cole Mudge
Earl Mudge
Frank Hall
Owen Smith
Alton Bailey
Richard Smith
Edward Smith
Hilda McConnell
Ruth Smith
Louise Monroe
Emma Hall

Clifford McIntosh
Raymond McINtosh
Daniel Monroe
John Monroe
Hugh Smith
Thomas Wood
Elmer Smith
Gladys Mudge
Iva Smith
Lizzie Monroe
Nora Ashley
Anna Wood
The Red School stood at the foot of Ashley Hill in Sullivan Township. The Red School District was in the north west corner of Sullivan Township, on the boundaries with Rutland and Richmond. In fact, some Rutland township students attended the Red School. 

Map is from the 1875 Tioga County Atlas 

This Photo was taken by Joyce M. Tice on a misty day in April 1998 while standing on a stone wall on top of Round Top, looking north. (See the 1903 Elk Run School Page for Explanation of and location of  Round Top) The photo shows the McConnell and Wood places on the border of the Red School and Elk Run School Districts. Even though the Wood Place was in the Elk Run School District, students who lived there went to the Red School because it was closer. Conversely, in one year, Jim McConnell of the Red School District per the 1875 map, attended the Elk Run School. Either the district boundaries changed periodically, or chldren had some flexibility where they attended. On the map, the location where I stood to take the photo is just to the right of the name D. T. Smith who, with his wife Lucretia Welch, owned the property prior to my grandparents. The two locations photographed are identifed as J. McConnell in the Red School District, and the W. that shows at the edge of the map for the W. H. Wood place in the Elk Run District to the east.
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