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School: Red School
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County
Teacher: Pearl Rumsey
Year: 1914
Book Submitted by: Clarice STILWELL Evans
Red School Photo Submitted by Joan NASH O'Dell
Other Red School Memorabilia
1900 1912 1913 1914 1915
Attendance Records 1891-1900
The Photos above include the cover of the 1914 Red School Souvenier book, the contents of which are shown below. Also included is a picture of the Red School and its students when Carrie McConnell was teacher. This is not the same year as the souvenir book represented on this page, but some of the same students are there, ie Anna Wood and Tom Wood, Stephen Mudge.
Annie Wood
Daisy Hager
Thomas Wood
Lucie Ashley
Gladys Mudge
Cole Mudge
Nora Ashley
Raymond McIntosh
Harltey Smith
Hilda McConnell
Hugh Smith
Earl Mudge
Helena Dewey
Stephen Mudge
Clifford McIntosh
Doris Seymour
Milton McIntosh
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