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School: Red School
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County
Teacher: Pearl Rumsey
Year: 1912 / 1913
Submitted by: Clarice STILWELL Evans
Other Red School Memorabilia
1900 1912 1913 1914 1915
Attendance Records 1891-1900
The Red School District was in the north west corner of Sullivan Township, bordering Rutland on the north and Richmond on the west. Some Rutland Township children attended here ie the children of Addie Makeley and Emerson Smith. Ruth, Owen, Iva and Erma were of that family. Tom and Annie Wood also lived just out of the boundaries of the Red School District as shown on the map, in the Elk Run School District.

Pearl Rumsey
Hilda McConnell
Stephen Mudge
Hugh Smith
Annie Wood
Ruth Smith
Thomas Wood


Iva Smith
Daniel Wood
Alice Wood
Cole Mudge
Dorthy Smith
Gladys Mudge
Raymond McI'ntosh
Daisy Hager
Nora Ashley
Owen Smith
Erma Smith
Eva Wood
Mable Wood
Clifford McI'ntosh
Earl Mudge
Helena Dewey
Milton McI'ntosh
Charles Strange
George Bardwell
Arch Robbins
Dalbert Ballard
Baird Bradford
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