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Ridgebury Irish Catholic Church
by Joyce M. Tice  May 1999
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Name Townland County Im. Date B and D Spouse Comments
CONSIDINE, Thom(SugarHill) Kilshannon, Smithstown Clare       MF Seeks sister Margaret Considine who was in Bedford CT 1860.
CONWAY, Catherine Prob Kilkee Clare     Thomas Wilson Ch: Mary b 1847, Bridget b 1853 Toronto.
COOPER, Ann Rusgnow, Knickapoul   Bef 3/1864   Giles Cooper Dau: Honora res Bread St. Boston at Patrick Sullivans. Breeseport res.
CORBIT, Ann (Watkins) Rabbit Park, Falhill Clare Bef 1854     MF - Seek bro James who sailed from Limerick May 3, 1849.
CORKERY, Jerry New Market Cork Bef 1854     MF-Emig to Blockville, Upper Canada, then Elmira. Mother in Boston.
CORMAN, John Parish of Bristlee Clare   c 1837-1863   Son of Martin Corman
CORMAN, Martin Parish of Bristlee Clare   1814-1865   Son: John.
CRAWFORD, Mary Ellen   Clare   1849-1891 Michael Crowley Bu w/Michael, Mgt and John Meehan of Co. Clare,Nellie Clare, Mary Riley
CROAK, _________   Tipperary        
CRONIN, John   Cork   d June 1, 1859   Buried Ridgebury Cem, Bradford Co.
CRONIN, John   Cork   1834-1863 Ellen SSPP
CRONIN, John   Cork   1802-1859   Bu in Ridgebury Cem., Bradford Co., PA
CROWLEY, Margaret Kinnah Cork   1827-1885 Jeremiah Collins Bu in Ridgebury Cem., Bradford Co., PA
CROWLEY, Michael Joseph Bantry Cork        
CROWLEY, Timothy Parish Ross Cork   c1818-1888   S/oMichael and Ellen H. Crowley. Bu Ridgebury Cem.
CROWLEY,Michael   Clare   1847-1892 Mary Crawfird Res RR Av. Dau Margt. Mar Thomas M McInerney 4/26/1911
CULLEN, Edward Drumskiny Fermanagh   b 2/28/1880 Mary _______ Res Elmira Heights
CULLINAN, James Calura Clare   Died 1925 Margaret McMahon 10 ch. Sis Nora mar Henry Graham and moved to Australia. Bro:Mickl
CULLINAN, Mary Calura Clare     JohnFrancis Lonergan D/oJames Cullinan & Mgt McMahon. Mar Elm St. Pat 2/22/1903
CULLINAN, Nora   Clare   1895-1977 Cornelius Hourihan Mar June 1916. D/o James Cullinan & Margaret McMahon.
CULLINEY, Bridget   Clare c 1873 1857-1921 John Ready D/oJohn Culliney &Mary Finney.Op boarding hse 207 South Av Elmira
CUMMINGS, Anna   Clare   c1813-1898 James Cummings Res. Catlin
CUMMINGS, James   Tipperary   Died 3/10/1885 Ann   
CUMMINGS, Margaret Lislahilly,Drumeheff Sligo Bef 1857     MF - Adv for brother Darby Cummings ae c 25.
CUMMINGS, Stephen   Tipperary   1806-1890 Ellen Croke Ch: Wm and Patrick. Bu SSPP Towanda.
CUMMINS, Edward Parish Clerihan Tipperary Bef 1857     MF-Looking for brother Cornelius who emig 1849 Ohio to St. Louis
CUNNINGHAM, Fr. Thom.   Cavan 1847 1822-1889   Ordained 1850 in Buffalo. Served in Corning and Elmira.
CUNNINGHAM, Michael   Meath   1828-1891   Res. E. Water St., Elmira
CURLEY, Pat Bitterfield Roscommon   Died 1/13/1889   Bros: Dennis/Michael of Big Flats, John of Great Bend. Sis:C.Spellman
CURRAN, Daniel   Prob. Kerry   1798-1868 Bridget Dungan Went to Canada. Res Towanda. Ch: John, Hanora, Mary Ann & Thomas
CURRAN, John   Prob. Kerry   1827-1860 Ann Valilee S/o Daniel Curran & Bgt Dungan. Bu Bradford Co.
CURRAN, Thomas   Monaghan Bef 1865 b 11/7/1838 Isabella Simmons Res Southport.Ch:Robt,David,Thom,Fanny,Albert,Harry,Georgia,Isabella
CURRY, Ann Prob Kilrush Clare   1839-1900 _______ O'Dea D/o Mihl & Eliza Curry. Sibs: John, Ellen, & prob James.
CURRY, Michael C. Kilrush Clare   1805-1854 Eliza Bu SSPP w/Eliza, Ann CURRY O'Dea, John and James Curry
CURRY, Mrs. Eliza Prob. Kilrush Clare   1809-1873 Michael Curry Bu SSPP w/Michael, Ann CURRY O'Dea, John & James Curry.
CURRY, Thomas   Monaghan 1865 b Nov. 7, 1838 Isabella Simmons S/o Wm Curran of Co Antrim & Rose McNeal. Res Rhodes farm SP.
CURTIN, Dennis Spancellhill Clare 1849 1793-1859 Mary Bu SSPP w/Daniel Hawkins of Clare. Ch: Patrick and Andrew.
CUSACK, Catherine Liscannor Parish Clare c 1860 b c 1836 Daniel Finn D/o Thomas Cusack and Elizabeth O'Loughlin.
CUSACK, Mary Ballysteen, Liscannor Clare     Thomas Dunleavy D/o Michael Cusack and Ellen (Eleanor or Nora) Whalen.
CUSACK,Susannah Mary Ballyherragh, Liscannor Clare Bef 1898 1873-1947 Thomas Dunleavy  
CUSICK, Catherine Ballysteen, Liscannor Clare   1871-1948 Michael J. McNamara D/o Michael Cusick &Helen Whelan. 610 Keefe St., Elmira
CUSICK, John    Prob Clare bef 1867 c 1840-1903 Bridget J. Reidy D BinghamtonNY.Res Powell St.Ch:Cath,Danl,Nellie,Mary C,Patk,Honora
CUSICK, John E. Ballysteen, Liscannor Clare May 1893 1869-1927   S/oMichl Cusack & Ellen WHALEN.Sis:Kath McNamara Mrs.T.Dunlavy
CUSICK, Michael John Ballysteen, Liscannor Clare   1840-1903 Bridget J. Reidy D. Binghamton. Res. Elmira 250 E. La France St. Bro: Patk of Elmira
CUSICK, Patrick Prob Liscannor Clare c 1865 1853-1909 Catherine Mack Saloon c S Main&Miller. Sis:Mrs.Flanagan of Iowa.Ch:Danl,Wm,Frances
CUSICK, Thomas Ballysteen, Liscannor Clare May-07 1882-1943   S/o Michael Cusack & Ellen WHELAN. Res Casey Pl.
DALTON, John   Limerick   Died 12/17/1886   Bu w/ John Dalton, Jr.
DALTON, Michael Parish of Galbally Limerick Bef 1859     MF - Adv for BIL/sis: Maurice Landers&Mary Dalton who left Elmira1855
DALY, James Martin   Limerick   1850-1927 Mary Teresa Morony Prince Consort's Own Rifle Brigade. Musician. Res Sayre. Accountant.
DALY, Mary Ennis Clare Bef 11/1859     MF Mary adv for brother John Daly of Ennis,landed NY 1849 ae 14
DALY, Mary Castleventry Cork Bef 8/1863     MF Adv for sibs Jeremiah and Julia Daly in Philadelphia.Res Brainard Hs
DALY, Mary Ennis Clare Bef 1859     MF - Adv for brother John who landed in NY 1849 ae 14
DAYTON, James Abbeyleiz Queens   Died 7/29/1876   Bu Barclay Cem, Bradford Co.
DEACY, Michael Dunmanway Cork   1803-1874 Prob Mary Bu in Ridgebury Cem., Bradford Co., PA.
DEACY, Mrs. Mary Dunmanway Cork   1812-1892 Michael Deacy Bu in Ridgebury Cem., Bradford Co., PA
DeCOURSEY, Thomas   Sligo   1798-1870 Anorah (Honora?) Bu St. John's Cem., Troy
DELANEY, Edward Coolbawn Qualia?   1807-1880   Bu in Ridgebury Cem., Bradford Co., PA
DEMPSEY, Mary Skibereen Cork Bef 1859 1840-1917 Cornelius Kane D of broken hip. Ch:Dennis 1859,Daniel,Catherine 1864,Ella J., James
DILLON, ________ Kilcox Kerry        
DILLON, Daniel Prob nr Brissia,Cooraclare Clare   d 5/27/1921 Hannah _______ Nephew John McInerney % dau NoraMcInerney res Cooraclare,Co.Clare
DINNINY, Ferral C.   Kerry       Lawyer. Member of Blossburg Coal Co. Erected iron furnace in VA.
DINON, Margaret Dunaha Clare   D 3/29/1887    Ae 100.
DOHERTY, Maggie Kilmurry Ibricken Clare   D. 8/5/1902 Single Sis: Mary Kelly, Wmsport and Ellen Walch of Kilmurry Ibricken.
DONAHUE, Bridget Affick, Tulla Clare Bef 1860 1836-1907 Michael Cahill D. Waverly
DONAHUE, Catherine Parish Bantry Cork 1846 c1800-1863 Jeremiah O'Leary D/o Ellen who settled in Elmira.Ch:John, Bridget, Patk, Ellen & Arthur.
DONAHUE, Charles Knychury Cork   1771-1857   Bu in Ridgebury Cem., Bradford Co., PA
DONAHUE, James J.   Cork Bef 1861 1838-1900 Elizabeth or Eliza __ Fought in Civil War.City official of Elmira.Gson Danl J. a fam court judge.
DONAHUE, John Bally___ia Cork   1807-1874 Honora McCarthy Grocer on Broadway. S/o Timothy and Catherine Donohue.
DONAHUE, Mary Clahane, Liscannor Clare   1868-1891 Single D/o Patk Donahue & Catherine Guthrie. Res. 327 W. Clayton.
DONAHUE, Mary Affick, Tulla Clare   1826-1928 Patrick Gallagher D/o Peter Donohue and Catherine McNamera. Died Waverly.
DONAHUE, Michael Affick, Tulla Clare   1831-1917 Catherine O'Brien S/oPeter Donohue & Cath. McNamara. Worked as lab for gas co.
DONAHUE, Mrs. Mary Colinuli Cork   1823-1889 Thomas Donahue Bu in Ridgebury Cem., Bradford Co., PA
DONAHUE, Patrick Clahane, Liscannor Clare 1868-69 1834-1888 Catherine Guthrie ?Lower Quay, Liscannor. 204 Broadway.
DONAHUE, Patrick Prob Affick, Tulla Clare   1824-1904 Single S/oPeter Donohue & Cath. McNamara. Died NYC. Bro: Michael
DONAHUE, Penelope Prob Affick, Tulla Clare Bef 1870 1842-1905 Patrick McGrath D/oPeter Donahue/Cath McNamara.Ch:James,Peter,John,Mary,Wm
DONAHUE, Peter Affick, Tulla Clare 1856 1792-1875 Catherine McNamara Lab. Res. 605 John St., Elmira. Ch:Mary, Martin, Michl,John, Bgt,Patk
DONAHUE, Thomas Clahane, Liscannor Clare   1865-1892   S/o Patrick Donahue & Kate Guthrie. Died Buffalo. Bu SSPP
DONAHUE, Thomas Liscannor Parish Clare 1860-61 c 1829-1904 Hannah Finn S/o Frank Donahue & Mary Baker(Beaky?). Sons:John, Thom.,Frk,Patk
DONOHUE, Charles   Cork   c1822-1857   Bu Ridgebury Cem w/Cornelius Donohue and Morris O'Connell
DONOHUE, John Maybe Kilrush Clare Bef 1871 1833-1877 Ann Halloran Ch: James Jos died young.
DONOHUE, Wm. Joseph Affick, Tulla Clare   1878-1954 Honora O'Leary S/o Michael Donohue & Cath O'Brien.
DONOVAN, _______ Ballybunion Kerry       Dau Mary F. Donovan Sullivan (1899-1992), wife of Charles H Sullivan.
DONOVAN, James Clonakilty Cork     Mary Austin Came to work on the canal. Res Rome Township. Bu State Rd. Cem.
DONOVAN, Mary    Cork   1814-1882   Bu in Ridgebury Cem., Bradford Co., PA
DONOVAN, Mary (Wellsburg)Clogough,w of Bandon   Cork Bef 1859   _______ Boyle MF-Adv for bro Dennis in 1)Catteraugus on NY & Erie Rr 2)Cincinnati
DOWNEY, Ann   Down   1837-1871   Bu in Ridgebury Cem., Bradford Co., PA.
DOWNS, Mary   Clare   1816-1886 John Looney Bu SSPP w/James, Ann, Nellie Mooney, Mary, Patk & John Downs.
DRISCOL, Dennis   Cork   1821-1876   Bu in Ridgebury Cem., Bradford Co., PA.
DRISCOLL, Daniel   Cork 1850s   Cath.(Mary) McCarthy Res Ridgebury. All six ch b US. Daniel may have gone to Canada.
DUFFY, Owen   Louth Bef 1856 d 1864 Mary Carr Died in prob East Dubuque, IL.
DUNLEAVY, Patrick Liscannor Parish Clare Bef 1897 1871-1900   S/o Michael Dunleavy & Eleanora Whalen. Res 55 Keefe St.Bro:Thomas
DUNLEAVY, Thomas Liscannor Parish Clare   D 1929or 1939 Susan.MARYCusack Either s/o Pat Dunleavy/Anne Nagle or Pat Dunleavy/Hannah Guthrie
EAGAN, Patrick Kilrush Clare   c1815-1815 Bridget _______ Bu St. Mary Our Mother Cemetery, Horseheads.
EGAN, Denis Ballinebara, Ardagh Limerick 1846     MF-Sail from Limerick in ROYALIST. Rochester,Chemung,Dauphin PA
ENIS, James Parish of Eni__     D 3/18/1855    
ESPY, Daniel   Tyrone   1832-1874   S/o John & Martha Espy. Bu Woodlawn. Protestant.
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