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Place Names of Origin of Irish - Elmira, Chemung County NY
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Ridgebury Irish Catholic Church Cemetery
by Joyce M. Tice  May 1999
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Name Townland County Im. Date B and D Spouse Comments
FAHAY, Michael Aughonish Galway Bef 12/1851     MF-'Left wife in Elmira w/2sis, went to Dunkirk, and never returned.
FARR, Catherine   Cork   D 1/29/1891   Bu Ridgebury Cemetery w/Henry & Joseph Farr.
FARR, Henry   Cork   1817-1890   Bu Ridgebury Cemetery w/ Catherine & Joseph Farr.
FARR, Joseph   Cork   1798-1864   Bu Ridgebury Cemetery w/Catherine & Henry Farr.
FENNELL, Ellen Ross Clare   d 2/28/1906 Martin Powell 916 E.Church St. Sis:Mrs Hanrahan in Ire.Bro: John of Bridgeport. 8 ch.
FENNELL, Thos McCarthy Killballyowen Clare Elm 1876 1841-1914 Margaret Collins Fenian. Known as McCarthy. 416 W. Clinton. Son: Hon T.F.Fennell
FENNELL,John H. Kilballyowen Clare 1905 b 6/13/1883   5'8" - 165 lbs. 323 Webber Pl.,Elmira
FERRITER, James Smerwick Kerry 1841 b c 1830 Nancy Ann McDonnell Ferriter, Sullivan & Fitzgerald were all related. Res in Bradford Co.
FERRITER, John Smerwick,Dingle Peninsula Kerry c 1833 1803-1868 Honora Fitzgerald Mined coal when first in US. Died nr Blossberg.
FINN, Daniel Liscannor Parish Clare Bef 7/1861 1842-1890 Catherine Cusack 2nd Provinvial Cavalry NY Vol. Co. B. Keefe St.
FINN, Hannah D. Clahane, Liscannor Clare 1860-61 1843-1906 Thomas Donohue Ch John, Michl, Patk b Clahane. D/o Patrick Finn & Honora Guthrie
FINN, Margaret Liscannor Parish Clare 1848 1819-1911 Patrick Reidy D/o Patk Finn & Honora Guthrie. Res Lowmn & 822 Lincoln. SSPP
FINN, Sara Liscannor Parish Clare 1851 1825-1915 Thomas Looney D/o Patk Finn & Honora Guthrie. Dau Mgt mar Patsey McInerney E.Hill
FINNELL, Mary Ellen   Cork 1865 1854-1937 Edward O'Connor Im by self when 11 yrs old. D Hornell. Bu St. Mary Our Mother, HH
FITZGERALD, Garrett   Kerry 1841 b 1830s   Ferriter, Sullivan & Fitzgerald were all related. Res in Bradford Co.
FITZGERALD, Honora Ballyferriter Kerry 1834 Bapt. 8/1807 John Ferriter D/o John Fitzgerald & Margaret Tepie. Sis Mary mar Patsy Sullivan.
FITZGERALD, Margaret ?Derreen, Liscannor Clare bef 1878   John Halloran C/o Batt Fitzgerald & Mary Reidy of prob Derreen.
FITZGERALD, Michael Liscannor Parish Clare Bef 1874   Mary Shay S/o Bartholomew Fitzgerald and Mary Reidy.
FITZGERALD, Michael Kilkee area Clare 1872 1852-1932 Honora McInerney Died in Snedekerville, Bradford Co. PA
FITZGERALD, Patrick Analine Roscommon Bef 1871 c 1840-1893 Mary ______ Ch: Patrick, Mary, Bertha and John of Delaware. Bu w/Mary & Patk J.
FITZGERALD, Thomas   Cork Late 1830s b 1810 Isabella Lackey Hooked mules to boats on Erie & No Branch Canals. Owned canal boat
FITZGERALD, Thomas   Clare 1882 b 1865 Mary _______ Worked Erie Railcar shops. Res 210 Mechanic St., Elmira
FITZPATRICK, John   Clare   c 1820-1850 Prob. Mary Buried w/Michael Fitzpatrick of Co. Clare
FITZPATRICK, Michael Maybe Crusheen Clare   c1816-1858   Bro: Patrick of Elmira. Kin:Mgt Cahill Griffin, Ellen Grady, Bgt Griffin,…
FITZPATRICK, Patrick Maybe Crusheen Clare       Bro Michael died 1858. Kin: Mary Brody of Crusheen.
FLANAGAN, Patrick   Mayo   1841-1888   Killed in Lackawanna yards. Bu SSPP w/bro:Patk M.and Julia Flanagan
FLANIGAN, Mary Mellick Mayo     _____ Flanagan Ch: Michael of St. Clair, PA and Catherine Fisher who emig 3/1855 NY.
FLYNN, Bridget   Roscommon   d 4/11/1887 John Flynn Age 55 on tombstone.
FOGERTY, Mary Balnokill Killkinna   d 12/28/1878 John Foyle Bu State Road Cem., Standing Stone Twp. Bradford Co., PA.
FOLEY, Mrs. Margaret Castleberry? Kerry   d 10/6/1863   Died Owego age 74.
FOYLE, John Balnokill Killkinna   d 11/14/1878 Mary Fogerty 9 ch. Bu State Rd Cem. Son Wm became lawyer/politician in Brad. Co.
FRAWLEY, Margaret   Clare   1794-1873 Thomas Meehan Bu/Michl & Mary Crowley,John Meehan,Anthony Howard,Mary Riley …
GAFFEY, Thomas Ballanakill Galway   1831-1878   Bu Barclay Cem w/Michael, Esther and John Gaffey.
GARVEY, Honora   Clare   1836-1900 Martin Lynch D/o Patk & Catherine Garvey. Dau:Mgt G. LYNCH Lynch of Williamsport
GATELY, Michael Four Rds, Tisarra Roscommon c 1848     MF - "Sailed from Liverpool to Boston c 4 yrs ago". In Elmira Aug 1850
GEARY, Daniel   Limerick   1845-1905   Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA
GERITY, Thomas S. Dublin Dublin 1847 b c 1816   Built St. Peter & Paul's Ch., Park Ch and Chemung Co. Court House.
GLANTON, Michael J.   Cork   c 1934-1999 Nora "Phil" _______ S/o Denis Glanton & Mary Hayes. Bro:Cornelius, Denis, Larry and Bill
GLEASON, Cornelius Woodcock-Hill,Aheraun Clare Bef 1851     MF-Bro James of Corning seeks him. Cornelius working Big Flatts.
GLYNN, Catherine   Clare   c 1823-1881 Martin Liddy May have been b Liscannor. Lived in South Creek, Bradford Co.PA
GLYNN, Patrick Balunakill Galway   c 1836-1880   Bu Barclay w/Mary IGOE Mailley of Rustal Parish, Ballunakill, Galway
GODFREY, Ellen Bantry Cork 1895 1845-1947 Michael Reidy Husband, land overseer, d Kilgarvin,Kerry. Ellen came to US as a widow
GOLDEN, Patrick   Cork   1818-1898   Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA.
GORCORY, Denis   Cork   1818-1853   Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA
GORMAN, Patrick   Clare Bef 1863 b 1820 Margaret McInerney Dau Bridget mar Martin Powers. Died in Canton, PA
GRACE, Michael Lisbeeled Cork c 1841 1820-1893 Nora Cain Ch:Ellen, James, Patk, Denis,Michl, Cath, Jeremiah,Julia. Ridgebury.
GRADY, Catherine   Clare   c 1820-1881 Jeremiah "Jerry"Liddy Left estate to Mgt Donelly,Annie & Daniel O'Neil.Late husband had debt.
GRADY, Patrick   Clare Bef 1860 b c 1816 Mary Dorrity Poss this is 2nd mar.Res Millport.Patrick worked on canal. Dau:Jane A.
GREGG, Andrew Enniskellen Fermanagh 1785-1795     Came to Newtown ae 63 w/son John. Bought land/now 4th Ward.
GREGG, John Enniskellen Fermanagh 1785     Son of Andrew. Purchase land on Eastside of what is now Elmira.
GRIFFY, Anna Finnure More,nr Miltown M. Clare     Patrick McCarthy Married before 1833.
GUTHRIE, Andrew Clahane, Liscannor Clare 1888 1842-1910 Bridget Beaky S/o Michael Guthrie/Mgt Whalen. 328 Webber Pl.Sons: Thom, Michl.
GUTHRIE, Ann or Nancy Clahane, Liscannor Clare c 1888 D 3/8/1948 ______ Kehoe Settled in Hoosick Falls & then Schenectady.Sis Kate Dempsey in Elm.
GUTHRIE, Catherine  Clahane, Liscannor Clare 1868-69 d 8/25/1895 ae60 Patrick Donahue D/o Michael Guthrie & Mgt Whalen. 327 Webber Pl. Most ch dy.
GUTHRIE, Catherine A. Clahane, Liscannor Clare Bef 1900 c1888-1958 Jeremiah Dempsey D/o Daniel Guthrie & Bgt Beaky. Res 101 Rose Pl. Sis:Nancy Kehoe
GUTHRIE, Delia Ballymaclinaun,Liscannor Clare Bef 1899 b 6/13/1866 Patrick Nelan D/o Daniel Guthrie & Bridget Beaky. Mar St. Pats 7/8/1899
GUTHRIE, Honora "Nora" Prob Clahane, Liscannor Clare bef 1860 b c 1800 Patrick Finn Ch:Hanna Donahue, Mgt Ready, Sarah Looney, Daniel Finn, Michael.
GUTHRIE, John Clahane, Liscannor Clare   1864-1888 Unmarried S/o Andrew Guthrie & Bridget Beaky. Died of TB. Uncle: Patk Bolton
GUTHRIE, John Clahane, Liscannor Clare 1875 1854-1905 Bridget Kelly S/o Michael Guthrie & Mgt Whalen.Ch:Andrew,Mary,Thomas,Jennie,Wm
GUTHRIE, Michael G. Clahane, Liscannor Clare   1878-1930   S/o Andrew Guthrie & Bridget Beaky. 326 Webber. Bro: Thomas
GUTHRIE, Patrick Clahane, Liscannor Clare   1875-1892   S/o Andrew Guthrie & Bridget Beaky. 228 Webber Pl.
GUTHRIE, Roger Clahane, Liscannor Clare   c 1881-1916   Sibs: Catherine Dempsey of Elmira, Nancy Kehoe of Hoosick Falls
GUTHRIE, Thomas Clahane, Liscannor Clare   1866-1932 1)Hannah Moroney S/o Andrew Guthrie & Bgt Beaky.Res Harrisburg.Son John:328 Webber
HAGERTY, Elizabeth   Cork   1814-1850 Daniel Chambers Settled in Ridgebury.
HALCIN, Mrs. Catherine Newtown Sand Kerry   c 1832-1869 John Halcin  
HALEY, Catherine   Clare   1843-1874 _______ Bran D/o Thomas & Johannah Haley
HALEY, Michael Glanworth Cork   1816-1875 Prob Mary M. _____ Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA
HALEY, Mrs. Mary M.   Cork   1816-1893 Michael Haley Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA
HALLINAN, John J. Crusheen Clare Oct. 1912 b 6/24/1892 Mary ?Sweeney? Res. 410/411 Broadway, Elmira in 1920.
HALLINAN, Mrs. Mary Crusheen Clare Oct. 1912   John J. Hallinan Res. 410/411 Broadway, Elmira in 1920.
HALLORAN, Bridget Cragroe, Tulla Clare Bef 1854   _______ Halloran With sons: James, Patrick and Thomas. May have gone West.
HAMAN, Mary   Waterford Bef 1862 1821-1880 _______ Pelbrough Res.311 W 4th St. D/oThomas & Catherine Halman.
HANDERHAN, Michael   Clare     Margaret Tuberty Res bet Elmira, Horseheads, Gillette & South Creek Twp & Pittsburgh
HANLY, Daniel Caraban, Killmurey Cork c 1848     MF Bro Patk of Brackneyville, PA seeking him in Elmira.
HANRAHAN, John Ileroe, Coolmeen Clare Bef 1858     MF- Adv for sister Margaret Hanrahan arr NY from Liverpool 4/28/1858
HANRAHAN, John Raliana, Point of Cross Clare   1802-1892   51_ Sullivan St. Bu in lot of Chas Hanrahan SSPP, Elmira.
HARIGAN, Mary   Cork   1799-1879   Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA
HARRINGTON, Dennis Parish Dewchista Kerry 1945     MF- Dau Mary came from Liverpool in JOSEPH WALKER to NY & to MS
HARRINGTON, Julia   Cork     Mickl Birmingham Mar Oct. 30, 1842
HARTIGAN, Anna F.   Clare   c 1885-1946 Single D/o Patrick Hartigan and Anna McMahon
HARTIGAN, Margaret ?Gurtnanoule, 6 Mi Bridge Clare     Michael Looney Res Big Flats. Bro John res nr Gourtnanowel, Six Mi Bridge, Clare.
HARTIGAN, Patrick   Clare c 1867 1848-1914 Anna McMahan Capt. EPD. Powell St. Ch: Roger, James, John, Anna, Wm.
HARTIGAN, Rodger Cratloe Clare   c1875-1958   S/o Patrick Hartigan and Anna McMahon
HARTNETT, Catherine New Castle  Limerick   1829-1885 Thomas Gallivan D/o Robt Hartnett & Hannorah Conners. Bu Ridgebury Cemetery.
HASSETT, Ellen Near Shannon Airport Clare     PeterMcAllister(Ithaca)  
HAUNSELL, Catherine Ardinare or Ardmore Waterford   c1834-1882 Michael Haunsell Bu Barclay Cem.
HAW, James Richard Kilclougher Clare 1906 b 8/4/1880   5'9" - 140 lbs. Blacksmith. 604 John St. Arr NYC 6/25/1906
HAWKINS, Daniel   Clare   1817-1853   Bu w/Dennis Curtin of Spancellhill, Co. Clare
HAYES, John   Limerick Bef 1865 1832-1871 1)Cath. Cain/Kane Res Horseheads. 2nd wife Bgt. Ch: John, Jane, Michael and Mary
HAYES, John Clonakilty Cork     Johannah Sullivan Bu State Road Cem., Standing Stone Twp. Bradford Co., PA.
HEAD, James   Tipperary   c1831-1850   Son of Ireland. Bu 2nd St. Cem. Elmira. Catholic burial.
HEALY, Michael   Prob. Cork   c1800-1865    
HICKEY, Honora Craggaknock,Kilmurry-Ibric. Clare     Timothy Casey Homeland is not far from Miltown Malbay.
HICKY, Martin   Clare Bef 1851 1827-1879 Hannah Grady Laborer. 103 Henry St.
HIGGINS, Bridget   Clare   c1829-1864 _______ Higgins Bu w/Andrew and Thomas Higgins.
HILL, Thomas   Wexford c 1820     In charge of stable at "Black Horse Tavern" 4 sons.
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