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Place Names of Origin of Irish - Elmira, Chemung County NY
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St. Peter & Paul Cemetery, Elmira NY
by Joyce M. Tice  April 2001

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Name Townland County Im. Date B and D Spouse Comments
MORONEY, Mary Teresa   Clare   1850-1928 James Martin Daly D/o Patrick Moroney & Barbara White.Sis:Bridget b1855. Bro:James dy
MORRISEY, Kathryn Fews Waterford Aft 1861 B c 1820 Martin Powers Son Martin b 1861 Kilmacthomas,Co Waterford. Died in Canton, PA
MOYINAHIN, Anna Bantry Cork   d 5/28/1898 John Cronin  
MULCAHY, Maurice Cline Cork   1826-1883 Bridget Leary Morris Mulcahy mar Bridget Leary SSPP May 15, 1851.
MULCAHY, Mrs. Bridget Bantry Cork   1824-1908 Maurice Mulcahy Bu SSPP, Elmira
MURILY, Catherine Cahercannivan, Kilmihill Clare Bef 1854   Michael McCormick MF-Seeks hus who was in Quebec in 1849. Resp.c/o Timothy Galliher.
MURPHY, Honora Labasheeda Clare   1830-1868   SSPP
MURPHY, James Parish of Bright Limerick   c 1814-1862   Buried St. Johns Cemetery, Troy.
MURR, Catherine Kingsail (Kinsale?) Cork   1801-1879 Jeremiah McCarthy Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA.
MURTAGH, ________   Roscommon bef 1874     Son John F. was lawyer, senator, chairman of Judiciary Com of Senate
NAGLE, Melcior Bogontown?     1831-1908    
NASH, John Kildysart Clare   1820-1912 Mary ________ Bu St. Mary Our Mother in Horseheads w/wife, Thomas & Mgt Nash.
NESBITT, Jane Wood Ballybay Monaghan   1823-1898 Richard Hillis D & bu Ballybay, Herrick Twp. PA. D/o Wm Nesbitt & Eleanor Wood
NESBITT, William Ballybay Monaghan 1828 1789-1841 Eleanor Wood D Ballybay, Herrick Twp.S/o Nathaniel b 1753, Ire. Father stayed in Ire.
NIXON, John   Clare c 1858 1837-1913 Hannah Blake Worked Elmira Rolling Mills. Bro:Thomas,sis:Mrs. Michael Leydon, Elm.
NOLAN, David Bray Wicklow   1848-1893    
NOONAN, Hanora   Cork   1858-1927 James Manning (1) Mar (2) Oscar Eppler. D/oDaniel Noonan/Mary Staplilien.
NOONAN, Timothy Dunmanaway Cork   c 1821-1878 Ellen Lucy "Dillon" on tombstone in SSPP
O'BRIEN, Cornelius Schull Cork   1827-1862   Bu Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA.
O'BRIEN, Cornelius Tralibane Cork        
O'BRIEN, Lucius Kilmacrehy (Liscannor) Clare bef 1853 1815-1865 ?Mary Sheehan? Luther/Lucius O'Brien mar Mary Sheehan 10/23/1853 SSPP Elmira.
O'BRIEN, Mary Parish Clonakilty Cork   1794-1872   Bu SS Phillip & James Ch Cem, Bradford Co.
O'BRIEN, Mrs. Bridget Kilrush Clare   c1850-1876 Peter O'Brien Husband, Peter O'Brien 1848-1903
O'CONNELL, Margaret Grenagh,Whitechurch Cork 1870s 1829-1903 Cornelilus Donahue Husband gored by bull in Ire. Im w/9 ch as widow.
O'CONNOR, Catherine Listowel Kerry       MF Adv for bro Bartholomew who was in Pimlico, London c 1857.
O'CONNOR, Catherine Kilmeeree(Kilmurry?) Clare   c 1831-1863 Michael Reidy Birth could be Kilmurry or Kilmacrehee, Clare.
O'CONNOR, Jeremiah J.   Kerry 1864 1844-1913 Mary Purcell Principal SSPP School. Founder "Free Press".Assembly member 1883
O'CONNOR, Margaret   Cork   1811-1891 George Chambers Settled in Ridgebury.
O'DEA Michael   Kerry   1833-1895   St Peter & Paul's Ch and Cem, Elmira
O'DEA, Bridget   Clare Bef 1854 1840-1910 Michael McInerney Ch: Mary, Catherine, Michael, John, Maggie,Thomas, James.Bu SSPP
O'DONNELL, Jeremiah Liscannor Townland,Liscan Clare 1885-1890 c 1862-1934 Mary Reidy 410 E. 2nd St. Elm. Bro: Patk & Francis of Ire. 5 daughters.
O'DONNELL, Margaret Clahane, Liscannor Clare Early 1890s 1890-1947 Frank C. Brightly D/o Jerome O'Donnell & Mary Reidy. Died Elmwood Park, Ill.
O'DONNELL, Mary   Clare   1830-1910 Timothy Quealy D/o Wm O'Donnell & Mgt Kane. Sibs:Arthur,Simon&William.D Gr Rapids
O'DONNELL, Mary "Mame" Clahane, Liscannor Clare Early 1890s b 12/5/1886 ______ O'Connor D/o Jerome O'Donnell & Mary Reidy. Died after 12/24/1949
O'DONNELL, Michael Patrick Clahane, Liscannor Clare Early 1890s 1888-1959 Laura "Daisy" Grube S/o Jerome O'Donnell & Mary Reidy.Ch:Harry and Jerome.
O'DONNELL, Simon   Clare   1834-1893 Catherine Daily S/o Wm o'Donnell & Mgt Kane. D Chicago. Sibs: Arthur J/, Mary, Wm
O'DONNELL, William   Clare   1837-1905 Bridget McCarthy S/o Wm O'Donnell & Mgt Kane. D Grand Rapids.
O'DRISCOLL, Mrs. Mary Bantry Cork   c 1806-1859 Michael O'Driscoll SSPP
O'DWYER, ________ Nenagh Tipperary        
O'HALLORAN, Johanna Derryhalla,Clooney(QuinClooney) Clare c 1892 1870-1954 Francis McCann D/o Matthew O'Halloran & Ellen Maroney. 
O'HAR, Mrs. Bridget   Tipperary   1823-1895 William D. O'Har SSPP
O'HAR, William D.   Tipperary   1805-1897 Bridget _______  
O'HARE, Thomas Prob Ennis Clare   c 1841-1895 Margaret ______ No linial desc. Bros:John & Patk. Sis:Mary O'Loughlin of Ennis.
O'KEEFE, Bridget   Clare c 1880   Daniel Kane D/o Jeremiah & Ellen. 10 Ch: Agnes Cusick, Henry.
O'KEEFE, Jeremiah   Clare c 1880     S/o Jeremiah & Ellen.
O'KEEFE, John   Clare c 1880     S/o Jeremiah & Ellen.
O'KEEFE, Mrs. Joanna Kildino Limerick   c 1831-1883 Denis O'Keefe Bu SS Phillip & James Ch Cem, Bradford Co.
O'KEEFE, Thomas   Clare c 1880     S/o Jeremiah & Ellen.
O'LEARY, Dennis Drimoleague Cork   1/1/1884   Bu Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA.
O'LEARY, Ellen Bandon Cork     Patrick Reagan 473 South Av. Brother: Timothy O'Leary who moved to Chicago.
O'LEARY, James Drimoleague Cork   1830-1888   Bu Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA.
O'LEARY, Mrs. Catherine Bantry Cork Bef 1860 1800-1863 Jeremiah O'Leary In 1860 Cath ae 60 w/Arthur Leary ae 16.
O'LEARY, Mrs. Margaret Drimoleague Cork   1811-1888 George O'Leary Bu Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA.
O'LEARY, Thomas   Cork   1809-1881   Bu Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA.
O'LEARY, Timothy Bandon Cork   1842-1921 Hannah Ready S/oTimothy O'Leary & Helen Ling. Daus:Mrs Fred Seeger,Mrs Philip Fay
O'SHEA, Helena   Cork   1846-1928   SSPP
O'SHEA, Phillip Newmarket Cork   c 1814-1892 Johanna Reagen SSPP
O'SULLIVAN, Michael Prob. Valentia Island Kerry   b bef 1828   Bro: Cornelius & Timothy. Settled first Bradford Co,Chicago,Rock Is. RR
PICKLEY, Margaret New Castle Limerick   1838-1921 John J. Leahy Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery w/ch Mary and Patrick.
POWERS, Martin Fews Waterford Aft 1861 1808-1878 Kathryn Morrisey Son Martin mar Bridget Gorman in Tamaqua, PA.Wife died in Canton PA
POWERS, Martin Kilmacthomas Waterford   1861-1914 Bridget Gorman Ch:John,Mgt,Martin,Ann Barnes,Kath,Mary,Helen Murphy,Marie Bolger
PURTELL, Bridget   Clare   1793-1873 Michael McInerney Townland unreadable on monument. D/o Martin & Ann Purtle/Pastell?
PURTELL, Susan ? Nr Munmore, Kilrush Clare bef 1877 1843-1912 Thomas McGrath Bro:Martin. Nephew John Quinlan of Munmore. D/oJohn P &Mary O'Dea
PURTILL, John Kilrush Clare   c 1821-1857 ?Ann________  
QUINLAN, Mrs. Patrick Parish Carrigaholt Clare   c 1851-1886 Patrick Quinlan Died 862 Dickson St., Chicago. Bu Chicago.
QUINN, James   Tyrone 1839 d 6/30/1878 Jane Quinn Ch: Susan, Mary, Patrick, John, Catherine, Chrysostum & Arthur. HH
QUINN, Simon Kilrush Clare   c 1826-1885   SSPP
RAGAN, Dennis Birnly Cork   D 1856   Bu Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA.
READY, Bridget J. Prob Liscannor Clare   1846-1908 John Cusick Perhaps b in Troy,PA. Mar 3/11/1867. Res Powell St., Elmira
READY, Catherine Liscannor Parish Clare   1845-1817 Dennis J. McGrath 420 W.Clinton.D/oJohn Ready& Mary Ready.Ch:Helen,Dennis,John,Mgt
READY, Margaret Ballysteen, Liscannor Clare   1855-1899 John Ford Bu SSPP Elm. Res Owego. D/oJohn Ready and Mary Ready.
READY, Margaret "Maggie" Prob Liscannor Clare Bef 1865 b 4/4/1845   D/o Timothy Ready & Mary Cherry.In 1865 ae 19 res Wilson Hotel,Elm
READY, Mary Ballysteen, Liscannor Clare 1848 c1820-1911 Patrick Liddy D/o James Ready & Cath O'Loughlin. Farmed in Lowman. 5 children.
READY, Mary Liscannor Parish Clare   1849-1916 Patrick Thomas Ryan Ch: Ed, John Thomas, James, Frances, Henry & "Minnie" Mary Flynn.
READY, Mary Prob Liscannor Clare c 1870 1852-1915 Paul Mantell 962 College Av,Elm.Ch:Nellie,Mary,Jennie,Mgt,Henry,John,Agnes,Wm
READY, Patrick Liscannor Parish Clare 1848 1819-1912 Margaret Finn S/o James Ready & Cath. O'Loughlin. Farmed in Lowman. 822 LincolnSt.
READY, Thomas Liscannor Parish Clare   1852-1934   S/o John Ready & Mary Reidy. Foreman on Lackawanna.
REAGAN, Ellen Castletown Rock Cork   c1828-1882 James Mungoven  
REAGEN, Johanna Castletown Rock Cork   1818-1884 Philip Sha SSPP
REAL, Edmond Reagurdan,Herbertstown Limerick Bef 1854     MF-Bro Patrick & mother of Canton, Bradford Co seek him. Last Elmira
REAL, Patrick Herbertstown Limerick Bef 1853     MF-Adv for bro Edw from Limerick on "John Murry" 12/1847. West Troy
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