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St. John's Chruch in Troy PA
Photo by John McCabe
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Name Townland County Im. Date B and D Spouse Comments
HILLIARY, Thomas Ballylane, Liscannor Clare bef 1893 b 5/10/1865 Helen Reidy S/o Thomas Hilliary & Bgt McMahon.
HILLIS, Richard Ballybay Monaghan bef 1827 1814-1880 Jane Wood Nesbitt D Herrick Twp. PA. Bu Ballibay Cem. S/o James Hillis
HIREEN, Timothy Fermoy Cork c 1835 1812-c1887   D Waverly Riverside Farm of bronchitis. In const of Erie,Lehigh Val RR
HOGAN, Matthew Parish Templebraden Limerick Bef 1851     MF - S/o Thomas Hogan and Ellen O'Brien.Bro Patk in Michigan City IN
HOLLERAN, Catherine   Clare   Died 1906 Patrick Cahill "mar in Elmira..settled in Thurston"
HOLLERAN, Martin   Galway   c1841-1885 Prob. Mary Bu Barclay Cemetery (now Franklin Twp) Bradford Co., PA
HOLLERAN, Mrs. Mary   Clare     ______ Holloran Sister of Mrs. Bridget McNamara, wife of Thomas.
HOLLEREN, Denis (Millport) Ennis Clare Bef 1855     MF - Seeks son John who was last in Cadiz, O (Ohio?)
HOURIHAN, Cornelius Trailibane Cork 1912 1891-1974 Nora Cullinan (Clare) 721 Seneca Pl, Elm. Emig from Queestown on SUMERICA to Boston.
HOURIHAN, Patrick Trailibane Cork   b 2/2/1886 Mary Troy (Irwin,NY) 5' 7" Res 727 Seneca Place, Elmira.
HOWARD, Mortimor B. Cloghane Cork Bef 1851     MF-Seeks bro John B. who arr NY Spr 1848, went to VA and then West.
HURLEY, Mary   Cork   D 1/18/1858 Michael Sullivan Bu Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA.
HURRIGAN, Daniel Ballenard Cork   1787-1864   Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA
IGOE, Mary Rustal, Ballunakill Galway   c1818-1886 Michael Mailley Son: Charles Mailey. Bu Barclay Cem.
JORDAN, Ann   Sligo   1821-1901 Michael Byron Bu Bradford Co.
JORDAN, James   Tipperary Bef 1860 1825-1889 Catherine ?Coffee His mother may be Mary listed as 87 in 1860.
JORDAN, Mrs. Catherine   Tipperary   1829-1891   Bu w/James, Margaret 1862-1924, Catherine 1848-1925 Jordan. SSPP
KAIN, Daniel   Cork   1790-1876   Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA
KANE, Matthias Killadysert Clare   1830-1875 Maybe Ellen _____ Killed by train #12 near Noyes Settlement, Big Flats.
KEANE, Catherine Newton Sands Kerry Bef 1865 1832-1869 John Hayes Son: John bapt SSPP 10/25/1865 w/spJohn Conners/Julia Fitzgerald.
KEANE, Mary Margaret Deerpark West,Ennistymon Clare c 1876 c1866-1942 John Jacob Suter D/o Michl Keane & Susan Wall. Came to US w/bros: Michl & Thomas.
KEANE, Michael Deerpark West,Ennistymon Clare c 1876     S/o Michl Keane & Susan Wall. Came to US w/sibs: Thom & Mary Mgt
KEANE, Thomas Deerpark West,Ennistymon Clare c 1876     S/o Michl Keane & Susan Wall. Settled with brother in Lyons, NY.
KELLY, Bridget ___anlia Clare   1795-1873   Possiby Bridget HOUGH, widow, of 358 RR Av., Elmira.
KELLY, Bridget ___anlia Clare   c1795-1873   Bu SSPP, Elmira
KELLY, John Cahircullen Clare Bef 1876 B 1844 Mary ______ Ch: James b 1876 PA, Michael b 1879 NY
KELLY, Mrs. Johanna Shessive, Kildysart Clare Bef 1857     MF - Adv for son John Kelly Oct. 24, 1857 in Boston Pilot.
KELLY, Mrs. Martin (Bridget)   Clare Bef 1860     MF - Adv for son Thomas of NYS b c 1834.SIL: Thomas O'Gorman of MI
KENNEDY, Patrick Crusheen Clare   b 3/3/1887   Res 1312 Baldwin St., Elmira
KENNEDY, Thomas Crusheen Clare        
KEOUGH, John   Clare   c1809-1894 Margaret ________ Bu SSPP, Elmira
KING, William   North Ireland 1849 b 1835   Organ builder. Organs at Grace Ch,1st Bapt, StPats,St Marys,SSPP
KINGSTON, John   Cork 1880s   Helen McCarthy S/o GeorgeKingston & HanoraFlynn. Ch:Rose,Mary,Elizb,John,Cecelia
KIRK, Mrs. Margaret Fassett, Parish of Inch Cork   c1810-1856 Michael Kirk Son Daniel d 1874. Bu State Rd Cem.,Standing Stone Twp.
KISSANE, ________ Farranfiree Kerry        
KNOLLES(Knowles),Francis   Cork 5/1829 b c 1809   Res. Wilmot Twp., Bradford Co. PA
LACKEY, Isabella   Down 1830s b 1826; Thomas Fitzgerald D/oJohn Lackey & Ellen McGee.
LACKEY, John   Down 1830s   Ellen McGee Dau Isabella mar Thomas Fitzgerald. Res Bradford Co.
LAFFERY, John   Antrim   1805-1890   D Herrick Twp. PA. Bu Ballibay Cem.
LAFFLIN, Mark   Wexford       First draying business in Elm.Owned land on E.Water. Dealt in horses
LAFFLIN, Mary   Wexford   1821-1843 Patrick McInerney D/o Mark & Catherine Lafflin. Tombstone: "D/o Michael & Catherine"
LARKIN, Mary Agnes   Prob Cork Bef 1900   Thomas Fenton Sr. Thomas k by bear? She took surv ch to family in Saratoga Springs.
LEAHY, Edmond Glinn Limerick   1825-1893   Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA
LEAHY, Gerald Glin Limerick   c 1837-1862   Bu w/Ellen Leahy, wife of John Leahy.
LEAHY, Gerald Glinn Limerick   1841-1867   Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA
LEAHY, John Glynn Limerick   1785-1877   Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA
LEAHY, John  Glinn Limerick   1852-1890   Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA
LEAHY, John J. Glin Limerick   c 1817-1903 Margaret Pickley Bu Ridgebury Cem, Bradford Co., PA
LEAHY, Mrs. Ellen Glin Limerick   c 1841-1866 John Leahy Bu w/Gerald Leahy in Ridgebury Cem.
LEAHY, Patrick Knocklong Limerick   1810-1888   Bu St. Phillip & James Church Cem, Bradford Co., PA
LEAHY, Patrick Newcastle Limerick   d 1913   Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery.
LEARY, Bridget Bantry Cork   1824-1908 Maurice Mulcahy St. Patricks Elmira.
LEYDEN, Mary Ballyherragh, Liscannor Clare     _______ Scopes D/o James Leyden & Bridget Devitt. Sibs in Chicago and Ballyherragh.
LEYDON, Mary Ballylane, Liscannor Clare       D/o Conor Leydon & Mgt Clare. Sibs in Akron & Chicago.
LEYDON, Michael Liscannor Parish Clare 1896 1873-1910    
LEYDON, Michael Ballyherragh, Liscannor Clare 1896 d 10/1910 Akron   S/o Conor Leydon & Bgt Healy of Ballyherragh.
LEYDON, Patrick J. Ballyherragh, Liscannor Clare 1897 b 2/11/1868 Margaret C. _____ S/o Conor Leydon & Bgt Healy of Ballyherragh. Worked DL&W & PRR
LIDDY, Delia Tulla Clare   b 12/13/1881   AKA Sister Mary Felicitas. Left Ireland from Queenstown. 405 Linden
LIDDY, Edward M.   Clare   1807-1889   515 Perine St., Elmira
LIDDY, Jeremiah L.   Clare Bef 1865 1819-1879 Catherine Grady Shoe manufacturer. 521 PA Av. Elm. S/o James & Ann Liddy.
LIDDY, John Liscannor Parish Clare 1846 1846-1904 Ruth M. Garavant S/o Patk Liddy & Mary Ready.Surv by wid,Wm,Alice,Chas,Martin,Esther
LIDDY, Martin   Clare Bef 1855 c 1807-1889 Catherine Glinn Settled 1st Elmira, then Fassett. D South Creek.Ch: MaryJudson,Michl
LIDDY, Mary Liscannor Clare c 1890 c 1836-1816 Michael Reidy Prob im w/son Michael. Res 33 Keefe St. Bu SSPP in Mgt Cully lot.
LIDDY, Mary Ann   Clare Bef 1855 c 1844-1904 Owen B. Judson D/oMartin Liddy/Catherine Glinn.D Gillett.Bro:Michl of Elm. Bu SSPP.
LIDDY, Michael   Clare Bef 1855 b c 1842 Catherine McCormick S/o Martin & Cath. Mar 1/10/1864 SSPP Elm. Merchant. Bu SSPP Elm
LIDDY, Patrick Liscannor Parish Clare 1848 c 1822-1893 Mary Ready D Lowman. Farmer. Ch:James, John, Susan, Esther & Timothy.
LILLIS, Anna Kilrush Clare 1860-62 1946-1914 Patrick J. Ready 706 Magee.Bro: John of Kilcarol,Clare.Ch:Nellie,Mary,Kate,John,Michl…
LILLIS, Margaret Kilrush Clare   1838-1890   706 Magee. Sibs res Parish Killeany and Kilcarol, Co. Clare.
LILLIS, Michael   Prob Clare   c1839-1906 Margaret Murrihy? Res Watkins Glen. Ch: Mary, John, Michl, Simon, Peter, Cath, & Wm.
LOAN, John Cork City Cork   D 3/1/1902 Prob. Bridget Brennan Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA
LONERGAN, Morris Mothel Waterford   b 1820 1) Mary Crowley 2nd wife: Bridget Flahive
LOONEY, Thomas Prob. Liscannor Parish Clare Bef 1862 1823-1879 Sarah Finn  
LOUGHRAN, James Parish Jonesborough Louth   c 1836-1858    
LUNDREGIN, ______ Kilbeheny Limerick        
LYNCH, Bridget Kilrush Clare   c1850-1876 Peter O'Brien D/oMichl & Mgt Lynch. Ch: Dennis,Joseph,Mary,John,Mgt,Peter,James
LYNCH, Catherine   Clare   d 5/28/1874 Andrew Brennan 2nd wife. Bu State Road Cem., Standing Stone Twp., Bradford Co. PA.
LYNCH, Daniel   Clare   d Oct. 1881   Bu Barclay Cem., Franklin Twp., Bradford Co., PA
LYNCH, John Rooves Bay Cork   1803-1876 Julia _______ Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA.
LYNCH, Martin   Clare   1830-1902 Hanora Garvey S/o John and Mary Lynch. Dau Mgt mar Michael F. Lynch 4/30/1889,
LYNCH, Michael Ennistymon Clare 1850     S/o Patrick Lynch and Mary Leydon. York & Erie RR. 
LYNCH, Mrs. Julia Rooves Bay Cork     John Lynch Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA.
LYNCH, Patrick Ennistymon Clare 1849     S/o Patrick Lynch and Mary Leydon. York & Erie RR. 
LYNCH, Patrick Tulla Clare        
LYNCH, Thomas Francis Kilrush Clare     Mary ___ (Addison) 118 1/2 W. Hudson St., Elmira
LYNCH, Timothy Tulla Clare     Agnes Hawrahan 615 Lewis St. Agnes b Ervins Crossing.
LYON, Cornelius   Cork   1823-1853   Bu SSPP Elmira.
LYONS, John   Cork 1853 b c ?1829    
MACK (McNamara), Annie Prob Six Mile Bridge Clare Late 1800s     Came with parents Patrick & Nora and sibs to US and eventually Elmira
MACK (McNamara), Patrick Six Mile Bridge Clare Late 1800s B c 1833 Nora _____ Res first Great Bend/Nicholson area, then Binghamton,then Elmira.
MACK (McNamara),Katherine Prob Six Mile Bridge Clare Late 1800s     Came with parents Patrick & Nora and sibs to US and eventually Elmira
MACK (McNamara),MaryBelle Prob Six Mile Bridge Clare Late 1800s     Came with parents Patrick & Nora and sibs to US and eventually Elmira
MADIGAN, John Liscannor Parish Clare 1903 b 6/18/1882 Katherine Nagle Engine Repairer.From Queenstown on TEUTONIC to NYC. 661 Beecher
MADIGAN, Patrick JOHN Liscannor Parish Clare     Margaret _____ S/o Martin Madigan & Jane Mantle.
MAGEE, Matilda   Tyrone   1782-1877 ______ Espy D/o James Magee. 657 Lake St. Bu Woodlawn.
MAGNE, Mrs. Catherine Kilemurry Cork   D 6/16/1868 Cornelius Magne Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA
MAGNER, Thomas Oyenshire Cork   1812-1877   Bu in Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA
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