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Ridgebury Irish Catholic Church Cemetery
by Joyce M. Tice  May 1999
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Name Townland County Im. Date B and D Spouse Comments
REIDY, Elizabeth Kenmore Cork 1895 b 2/16/1888   Queenstown to Philadelphia on KINGSINGTON 8/15/1895. 314 W.3rdSt
REIDY, Harry   Kerry 1889 c 1872-1911   S/o Michl H Reidy & Ellen Godfrey. Died in Bath.
REIDY, Helen Prob Clahane, Liscannor Clare bef 1893   Thomas Hillory D/oTom Reidy & Mgt Cloghessy. Mar 2/7/1893 St. Pats.
REIDY, Honoria Clahane, Liscannor Clare c 1890 b 12/21/1855 Dennis Schroder D/oMichael Reidy & Mary Liddy. Res. Chicago.
REIDY, John Prob Ballysteen, Liscannor Clare 1855-1858 1822-1903 Mary Ready S/o James Reidy & Cath O'Loughlin. Ch: Patk, Thom, James,Cath,Mary
REIDY, John   Monaghan c 1860 1829-1899 Anna Jordan Ch:John, Thomas H, Anna and Margaret.
REIDY, John Clahane, Liscannor Clare bef 1896   Sara Harmon S/o John Reidy & Ann Jurdin,Jordan,Guerin. Mar 10/15/1896 SSPP.
REIDY, John Prob Clahane, Liscannor Clare bef 1892   Margaret McCarthy S/o Tom Reidy & Mgt Cloghessy of Clahane & Ballymaclinaun.
REIDY, John Liscannor Parish Clare Bef 1863   Margaret Sullivan S/o Timothy Reidy and Mary Sharry.
REIDY, John J. Ballymaclinaun,Liscannor Clare 1889 1866-1955 Margaret T. McCarthy 217 O'Gorman. D Binghamton. S/oThomas Reidy & Mgt Clohessey.
REIDY, Margaret Clahane, Liscannor Clare Bef 1891 1869-1954 John Cully D/o Michael Reidy & Mary Liddy. Ch: John Cully and Margaret Cook.
REIDY, Mary Tulla (nr Maghera) Clare 1896 1879-1957 Single Queenstown to NYC 6/1896. Maid at Strathmont. 5'5" 135 lbs.
REIDY, Mary Clahane, Liscannor Clare 1885-1896 1866-1949 Jeremiah O'Donnell D/oMichl Reidy & Mary Liddy of Clahane. Sis: Margaret Cully.Bro:Michl
REIDY, Mary Prob Liscannor Clare   1815-1895 John Ready Ch: Bgt, Catherine McGrath, Patk, Thomas, Mary Ryan, and Bridget.
REIDY, Mary Clahane, Liscannor Clare Bef 1890     D/oMichael Reidy of Clahane & Mary Liddy of Ballymaclinaun.
REIDY, Michael Liscannor Parish Clare Bef 1870   Mary Brody S/o Timothy Reidy and Mary Sharry. 
REIDY, Michael Clahane, Liscannor Clare c 1890 c 1836-1916 Mary Liddy Ch:Bgt, John,Honora Schhroder,Thom,Michl J,Mary O'Donnell,Mgt Cully
REIDY, Michael H.   Clare 1848 c 1813-1893 Mgt SHERRY Tierney 2n wife: Cath O'Connor. S/o Terrance Reidy & Ellen Moore. 20 ac farm.
REIDY, Michael Joseph Clahane, Liscannor Clare Bef 1890 1861-1949 1)Bridget McCarthy 2nd wife:Kathyrn McCarthy. Keefe St. Blacksmith for RR. 
REIDY, Morris   Kerry bef 1862 c 1833-1901 Ann________ 2nd wife: Johanna Sullivan. S/o Maurice Ready & Hanna Sheehy. Troy
REIDY, Nellie Josephine Tulla Clare Bef 5/1903 b 7/24/1883   Domestic. Liverpool to NYC. 5'6" 125 lbs.
REIDY, Patrick   Clare 1925 b 1/11/1905   Queenstown to NYC June 10, 1925
REIDY, Patrick Joseph Liscannor Parish Clare 1856-1867 1846-1931 Jane "Jennie" Brody S/oJohn Ready & Mary Reidy. 751 Harper. Ch:John,Mary,Patk,Cath,Jen..
REIDY, Patrick Thomas "PT" Prob Liscannor Parish Clare bef 1861 c 1835-1915 1)Hannah McGrath 2nd wife:Mgt Mantell. Saloonkeeper cor S Main & Miller. Six daughters.
REIDY, Richard J. Kenmore Kerry 1895 1883-1960 Elizabeth F. O'Connor S/o Michael H. Reidy & Ellen Godfrey. Mar Halstead, PA.
REIDY, Timothy Liscannor Parish Clare Bef 1870 1800-1879 Mary Sharry Ch:Mgt b1845, Ann b 1845, PT, Michael (Mary Brody), and John.
REIDY, Timothy H. Prob Derreen, Liscannor Clare   1854-1894 Bridget Agnes Dillon Died of typhoid. S/o of John Reidy & Anne Foley.Teamster. 522High St.
REIDY, Winifred Kenmore Kerry 1895 1/25/1885   Liverpool to Philadelphia 8/15/1895. 312 W. 3rd St.
RICHARDSON, Daniel Keelooenogue,Drinagh Cork Bef 1854     MF - Seeks bro Thomas and James who emig to US 1846.
RICHARDSON, Mary Keelooenogue,Drinagh Cork Bef 1854     MF - Seeks bro Thomas and James who emig to US 1846.
ROGERS, Patrick   Clare Bef famine b c 1811 Julia Sullivan Res. Elmira 1840-c1859 bef going to MN.S/oComer Rogers&Mary Mack
RONAN___________ Pallaskenry Limerick       Relative of Catherine Ronan McMahon of NYC 1880.
ROWNEN, Patk of Corning KilownBallye(w of Ennis) Clare 1850     MF-Adv for Sis/BIL: Michael Moloney & his wife Catherine Rownen.
RUSSELL, James F. Kilmurry McMahon Clare       Res Miltown Malbay. Trainman. Res Elm 1052 Admiral Pl.
RYAN, Anna   Mayo   d 1905 Thomas McCrone D/o Thomas Ryan and Mary Walsh
RYAN, Anna Salbank       James McGough Moved to Binghamton. D/o Wm Ryan & Anna Tabin. Sis: Margaret.
RYAN, Bridget J. Maybe Kilmihil Clare   D Feb 1909 _______ Blake Bros: Patrick & Michael. Sis: Mgt Butler of Kilmihil, Co. Clare
SEXTON, Bridget Kilmurry McMahon Clare   1799-1876 Thomas McInerney 322 W. 7th St., Elm. D/o John Sexton & Mary M. McGrath.
SHARRY, Mary Prob Derreen, Liscannor Clare bef 1870   Timothy Reidy In 1870 lived next door to son PT.
SHARRY, Mary Liscannor Parish Clare Bef 1861   Michael Halleron D/o Larry Sharry and Anne Reidy. Mar SSPP 8/15/1861.
SHARRY, Michael Prob Derreen, Liscannor Clare bef 1871   Mary Madigan This is an iffy records. Mich & Mary mar SSPP 9/5/1871.
SHAUGHNESSY, James Mullogh Clare 1908     Queenstown to NYC on OCEANIC 6/6/1908. 427 RR Av.
SHAY, Jeremiah Michael   Kerry   1857-1937 Jane A. Grady Mar Millport.Res Corning, Wellsboro, Blackwell,LockHaven, Towanda.
SHEA, Ellen Cork City Cork   D 1879 John Sullivan Ch: Wm, Patk, Johanna, Margaret. Bu State Rd Cem.
SHEEDY, Matt Mutuk Clare Bef 1857     MF - Adv for bros: John in Virginia and Michael in Indiana
SHEEHAN, Mrs. Margaret Castletownson Cork   1806-1889 Timothy Sheehan  
SHEEHAN, Timothy Castle Haven Cork   c 1805-1863 Margaret ______  
SHEHAN, Thomas   Cork   c1812-1879   Bu SSPP, Elmira
SLEATURY, John Parish of _didioch? Limerick   1818-1853   SSPP
SMITH, George Parish Cratala Clare Bef 1855     MF-Seeks nephew Michael Smith b c 1827 res Illinois.
SMITH, Mrs. Johanna   Tipperary     ______ Smith SSPP age 22 on tombstone.
SMITH, Thomas Henry Coal Hill Derry     Katherine McCaughlin 406 PA Av
SPILLANE, Jeremiah J.   Cork   c 1835-1912 Mary Barry 400 Maple Av. S/o John Spillane & Ellen Driscoll. 8 ch survive him.
STEPHENS, William South Wails     1815-1860   Buried Woodlawn Cemetery. Kin: Mary Stephens.
STRUTHERS, Robert   Armagh       Lackawanna RR flagman. 22 yrs in rolling mill. Ch: Rachel, Anna,Jennie..
SUFFERN, J. S.   Antrim   1773-1859 Elizabeth ________ Bu Woodlawn.Kin:Saml,John,James,Edwin,Emeline,Andrew Suffern.
SUFFERN, John   Antrim       One of the first to buy land in Newtown by formal survey & grant.
SULLIVAN, Cornelius Valentia Island Kerry 8/1848 1830-1905 Elizabeth McDonnell B Lower West Tennies. Sailed on Christiana. Lived Bradford Co & Elmira
SULLIVAN, Daniel Parish Kilmurry Cork   1804-1894 Mary ________ Bu w/wife and John C. Sullivan in Ridgebury Cem.
SULLIVAN, Dennis J. Tulla Clare   1853-1887   K when elevator snapped at NC shops.216 So Av. Obit gives age as 60.
SULLIVAN, Johanna   Kerry   1836-1926 Morris Reidy 2nd wife. Bu Troy, PA.
SULLIVAN, John Parish of Clanhive Cork   c 1801-1892 Ellen Shea Bu State Road Cem., Standing Stone Twp. Bradford Co., PA.
SULLIVAN, John  Bantry Cork   c 1830-1895   Bu Old Catholic Cem (now SS Peter & Paul's Cem in Towanda).
SULLIVAN, John James Ennis Clare 1897 b 3/18/1880   Arr from Queenstown to NYC on MAJESTIC 6/1/1897. 5'9" 165 lbs
SULLIVAN, Julia   Cork c 1840   Patrick Rogers Mar c 1820. Family settled in MN. Ch:Mary,Mgt,Patk,John Peter&Ellen.
SULLIVAN, Michael   Cork   1805-1881 Prob. Mary Hurley Bu Ridgebury Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA.
SULLIVAN, Mrs. Mary Parish Ovens Cork   c 1815-1878 Daniel Sullivan Bu Ridgebury Cem w/Daniel Sullivan and John C. Sullivan
SULLIVAN, Patk "Patsy"   Kerry 1841 b 1830s   Ferriter, Sullivan & Fitzgerald were all related. Res in Bradford Co.
SULLIVAN, Timothy Valentia Island Kerry 8/1848 1828-1870   B. Lower West Tennies. Sailed on Christiana w/bro Cornelius.
SULLIVAN, William Parish of Clanhive Cork   D 3/23/1890 Johannah Galvin Bro: John (Ellen Shea). Dau Johanna mar John Hayes. State Rd Cem.
SUPPLE, Mrs. Hanora Kilfinane Limerick   1845-1881    
TIERNEY, Michael Liscannor Parish Clare Bef 1857 1842-1872/5 Hannah Ready S/o Hugh Tierney & Peggy Sherry. Saloonkeeper. Mar 5/2/1869 SSPP
TORPEY, Anthony Sr. Ennis Clare   1823-1885   RR man. Ch b Stueben Co. Bu St. Ann's Hornellsville.
TORPEY, James   Prob Clare   1825-1902 1 Mary ___ 2 Mary__ D Attica, Wyoming co.,NY. Bu St. Ann's Hornellsville.Flagman on Erie.
TORPY, Ann   Clare   1820-1879 Edward Flanagan Bu SSPP w/John P. & Agnes Skehan, ch of Edward & Ellen Skehan
TOUHY, Patrick Crusheen Clare   4/7/1890    
TRACE, Thomas Prob nr Scarrif, Island Clare Bef 1853     MF - Thomas seeks Martin Goonane who left Parish of Island 4 yrs ago.
TRACY, Catherine Parish Enniscarty   Bef 1852   Martin Gowen MF-Seeks husband who was in Philadelphia c/o Cornelius Callahan,Elm
TURNER,Mrs Esther Frances Kilkenny Clare   1865-1895 George Turner SSPP. Bu w/ Elizabeth _____.
WALSH, Mrs. Mary   Kerry   c 1823-1911 Michael Walsh Formerly of Campbell. Ch:Mrs.Edw Ryan, Mrs. M. O'Donnell & Edward
WARREN, Mary   Clare   1825-1889    
WILSON, Thomas Prob Kilkee Clare     Catherine Conway Married Feb.1845 in Kilkee.Went to Toronto 1848,Elmira,then CantonPA
WRIGHTSON, Mary Nr Lisdoonvarna Clare   1848-1908 John J. Lillis 803 Magee. Bros:Patk of Worcester MA, James of Ire.
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