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Hanlon Hill Cemetery

Ridgebury Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Published by Rev. Hoagland - date unknown

Typed by Bruce Preston

Photos by Joyce M. Tice  April 13, 1998

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Cemetery was printed in Rev. Edmund Hoagland work and retyped for the web by Bruce Preston in October 1997.
You asked for direction to the Hanlon Hill Cemetery. In Centerville, Pa you make a left if you are coming from New York. You continue up the road to you come to a four corners and you make a left go up the road maybe a half a mile and the cemetery will be on you right. My family farm used to back up to the cemetery and as a young girl I use to play there. If you have any other question on Hanlon Hill please ask. Oh by the way my family name is Whipple and my parents bought the farm in 1945. Thank You Ellen WHIPPLE Schuster
Barnhart John 1851 66y
Barnhart Polly DUNN+B20 1881 81y
Baxter S. S. 1838 1914 Veteran
Baxter Hattie 1854 1923
Burnham Asahe? R. 1838 1927
Burnham Eizabeth 1856 1921
Brown Walter 1842 51y Rev., Free Will Baptist
Burnham George I. 1836 1927
Burnham Mahalia 1811 1902
Burnham Perrin 1890 82y
Burnham Rachel 1843 1930
Burnham Theodore 1843 1930
Buskirk Adelia Daughter of Sylvanus and Julia BanBuskirk
Buskirk David 1847 1y Son of Sylvanus and Julia
Carr George Veteran
Carr Mills 1885 79y
Casada Robert Porter 1813 1897
Casada Sarah ROBERTS 1811 1899
Caulkins Roswell 1812 1849
Caulkins Anna STEVENS+B38 1811 1895
Comfort Harriet 1841 1920
Davidson Jeremiah 1812 1847
Davidson Sally 1811 1863 Wife
Davidson Joseph 1890 Veteran
Davidson T. B. 1827 1897
Davidson Elizabeth 1834 1908 Wife
Decker Maybelle
Decker Thomas 1817 1892
Decker Mary 1827 1895
Dickerson Dan 1846 41y
Dickerson Permelia 1858 24y Wife of William Dickerson
Green Anna Stevens 1855 68y
Halstead Mary VanBUSKIRK 1881 39y Wife of William Halstead
Hanlon Edward F. 1825 1907
Hanlon Phoebe WRIGHT 1831 1857 Wife, 1st
Hanlon Catherine CAULKINS 1835 1899 Wife, 2nd
Hanlon John M.
Hill ? Sep. 18, 1840 10m Daughter of Ira and Sarah Hill
Hill Susan 1850 86 Wife of John Hill
Larrison Horace 1835 1907
Larrison Ann RIGHTMIRE+B59 1837 1904
March Solomon Veteran
Miller Robert Porter 1861 55y
Miller Cynthia 1861 48
Morehouse A. G. Veteran Service, 1861-1865
Morehouse Susan 1857 38 Wife of A. W. Morehouse
Nichols Emma 1852 28y Wife of Truman Nichols
Nichols Lucinda DARLING+B81 1800 1879 Wife of Willis Nichols
Ostrander Mary Ann 1861 56y Wife of Charles Ostrander
Parcel George 1900 89y
Parcel Margaret 1876 48y
Parcel Nichols 1846 67y
Parcel Abigail 1849 59y
Pelton William A. 1822 1899
Pelton Mahalia 1819 1888
Peterson David 1801
Peterson Sarah 1849 26y Wife of David Peterson
Peterson Joel 1810 1900
Peterson Jeanette 1882 70y
Peterson Henry 1846 79y
Peterson Mary 1848 77y Wife
Reed Mary 1821 38y
Rightmire Cornelius 1841 58y
Seely William 1905 91y
Seeley William 186?
Seeley Fanny 1851/54? 64y
Seeley Hannah Ann 1880 72y
Seeley Catherine Emily 1891 72y
Smith Henry 1875 71y
Smith Sarah 1875 69y Wife
Squires Amsy 1886 70y Veteran
Squires Daniel 1848 55y
Squires Anna
Squires Reuben 1874 65y
Squires Evaline
Squires Sturgis 1879 87y Veteran of 1812
Squires Polly Ryon Wife ????
Stevens Eliel 1854 69y
Stevens Catherine 1852 66y Wife
VanBuskirk Julia 1858 37y Wife of Sylvanus VanBuskirk
Webb Anson 1861 60y
Webb Elvira 1889 85y Wife
Westbrook Charles 1817 1900
Westbrook Betsey 1818 1895
Wiliams Daniel 1846 65y
Wiliams Mary HITCHCOCK 1857 Wife
Wood Eliza 1800 1883
Wood James 1808 1884
Wood Christ A. 1810 1884
Wright Martin 1828 1907
Wright Elizabeth 1832 1900
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