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Hanlon Hill Cemetery

Ridgebury Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Read by Charlotte Stevens, Marolyn Cole, Pat Raymond  - September  1999

Typed by Pat Raymond

Photos by Joyce M. Tice  April 13, 1998

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Name of Cemetery:    Hanlon Hill, Ridgebury Twp.
Read By:  Charlotte Stevens, Marolyn Cole, Pat Raymond
Date Read:   September 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Turn in Centerville, PA on Centerville Rd, pass the golf course, turn left on Hanlon Hill Road
Other comments: Well kept, a lot of old, hard to read stones
Comment from JMT - The view from this cemetery is spectacular.
Hall Irving Hale 1901 1991    
Hall Kathryn Hanlon 1904      
Halstead Ralph 1891 1893   s/o E.B. & M.E.
Halstead Edmund 1870 1939    
Halstead Bernard H. Apr.17.1918 Apr.26.1986    
Halstead Mickey R. Apr.9.1918      
Halstead Herbert R. Mar.19.1928      
Halstead Betty L. Kurilla Sep.25.1929 Apr.13.1985    
Halstead Herbert Richard, Jr Mar.25.1956 Mar.30.1956    
Halstead Neal Albert May 27.1930      
Halstead Catherine Wildrick Jun.15.1934     m. Oct.6, 1956
Halstead George S. 1844 1917    
Hanlon John M. May 10.1886 Jul.5.1903    
Hanlon Edward F. Feb.1.1825 Sep.7.1907    
Hanlon Lula D. 1877 1962    
Hanlon J. Frederick 1868 1960   Same stone as Lula
Hanlon Frederick H. 1907 1956   Same stone as Lula
Hanlon Felix D. 1862 1946    
Hanlon Jennie E. 1862 1919   w/o Felix D.
Hanlon Carpy S. 1889 1912    
Hanlon Charles E. 1860 1931    
Hanlon Mary C. Hill 1862 1924   w/o Charles E.
Hanlon William H. 1930 1994   U.S. Coast Guard
Hanlon Joy S. 1928      
Hanlon Margaret S. May 16.1935   Married June 25, 1955
Hanlon Lawrence F. Apr.10.1933     Married June 25, 1955
Hanlon Earl J. Jul.29.1896 Jul.27.1977   Pvt. U.S. Army WW I
Hanlon Dr. Lawrence W. 1914 1970   Lt.Col.Medical Corps Assoc.Dean C.U.M.C. WW II Marker & flag
Hanlon Howard A. 1896 1973    
Hanlon Helen A. 1899 1993    
Hanlon Earl J. 1896 1977    
Hanlon William H. 1930 1994   U.S. Coast Guard-Korea 1950-1955 Marker & flag
Hanlon Joy S. 1928      
Hanlon Mary A.    Mar.23.1862 15y 5da d/o E.F. Hanlon
Hanlon Edward  Jan.1.1794 Sep.22.1857    
Hanlon Irvie B.   Jun.6.1872 10m 14d Children of Charles W. & Sarah C. Hanlon
Hanlon Othie E.   Feb.20.1874 1-1-25 Children of Charles W. & Sarah C. Hanlon
Hanlon Infant son   May 24.1875 5 days Children of Charles W. & Sarah C. Hanlon
Hanlon Infant son   Jul.4.1870   Children of Charles W. & Sarah C. Hanlon
Hanlon Charles W. 1849 1919    
Hanlon Ray S. 1881 1926    
Harris Ida M.   May 6.1873 2-1-2 d/o L. E. & Caroline
Hill Susan   1850 86 yr w/o John Hill
Hill Mary E. Apr.1.1797 Jul.7.1881   w/o Edward Hanlon
Hill ?--rissa   Sep.13.1840 10 mo. d/o Ira & Sarah Hill
Hitchcock Mary   1857   w/o Daniel Williams
Janosky Fritz Carl Mar.10.1930   m. July 31, 1954
Janosky Joyce L.Chandler Jan.21.1934     m. July 31, 1954
Janowsky Grace I. Nov.2.1898 Nov.18.1978    
Janowsky Fritz William Apr.10.1898 Jan.21.1974    
Johnston Russell O. Jun.4.1915     Married Aug. 26, 1939
Johnston Lucille Sandermann Jul.13.1917     Married Aug. 26, 1939
Jolloff Thomas 1894      
Jolloff Cecile M. 1896      
Jones Lillian Tymeson 1905 1984    
Kay Joseph Hamilton 1904 1989    
Kay Dorothy Hammond 1902 1994    
King James H. Feb.16.1939      
King Sharon L. Jun.2. 1943 Apr.18.1995    
Kinner Jesse Lee, MD 1885 1971    
Kinner Margaret Knapp 1899 1992    
Kinney Rebecca S.   May 22.1877 54 yr w/o Homer
Krebs Robert William Jun.2.1927 Apr.21.1990   WW II Vet.
Langdon James A. Oct.8.1932 Apr.27.1991   Korea 1950-55 Marker & flag
Langdon Lois M. Jul.15.1932      
Larison Cora Bell   Oct.14.1864 1-1-8 d/o ???
Larrison Horace 1835 1907   "Father"
Larrison Ann Rightmire 1837 1904   "Mother"
Larrison Florence E. 1883 1902    
Larrison William S. 1857 1938    
Larrison Mary A. Sargeant 1852 1899   "Mother"
Lattimer Arthur A. Jan.31.1919      
Lattimer Sarah R. Miller Jul.10.1924      
Lattimer Keith T. Jul.29.1944 Feb.15.1965   s/o Arthur A. & Sarah R.
Lattimer Grace S. Sep.22.1947     w/o R. W. Krebs
March Solomon       GAR Veteran Co. G 2 N.Y. Cal.
Marshall Debbie Ann   Dec.28.1906 61 yr  
McDowell Albert T. Feb.21.1811 Nov.10.1885    
McDowell Deborah   Feb.19.1873 60-3-16 w/o Albert
McDowell Ella Virginia   Feb.11.1865 12-1-16  
McDowell Elva Eugenia   Oct.20.1876 23-9-24 Same stone as Ella
McDowell Sarah Delphine   Sep.3.1853 8-8-29 Same stone as Ella
McDowell E. Ferris Webb   Jul.20.1880 31-8-3 Same stone as Ella
McDowell Clara  1839 1899   Same stone as Ella
McNeal Myra        
McNeal Buck Nov.26.1953 Apr.2.1985    
Medcalf Kenneth R. Sr. Apr.11.1961 Jan.16.1993    
Medcalf Margaret Mary Aug.16.1926 Jun.11.1997   Ens. U.S.Navy Korea Nurse Corps
Miller Robert Porter   1861 22 yr.  
Miller Cynthia   1861 48 yr w/o Robert
Miller Robert H. 1928 1997    
Miller Shirley A. 1932      
Miller Shirley M. 1924 1985    
Miller George W. 1920      
Miller Polly   Nov.2.1862   d/o Robert & Cynthia
Miner Fannie M.   Mar.31.1879 21-7-2 w/o M.E. Allen
Molina Jorden William Dec.15.1992 Aug.23.1995   s/o William & Antonia "In our hearts forever"
Morehouse A. C.       Co. F. 23 NY Inf. GAR
Morehouse Susan   May 27.1857 38 yr w/o A. C.
Nichols Emma   1852 28 yr w/o Truman
Nichols William   May 18.1854 6-9-3 s/o Unreadable
Olcefski Stanley 1918 1987   WW 1941-45 Marker & flag
Olcefski Beatrice B. 1925 1994    
O'Neil Dennis B. 1922 1976   m.Sep.16,1950 WW 1941-1945 Marker &flag
O'Neil Lois Hanlon 1925 1997   m.Sep.16,1950 American Legion Aux.Marker
Ostrander Mary Ann   1861 56 yr w/o Charles
Ostrander William   May 28.1888   Year questionable
Owen Frank L. 1873 1967    
Owen Grace B. 1879 1959    
Parcel George I.   1900 89 yr  
Parcel Nicholas   Apr.10.1816 67y 11m  
Parcel Abigail   Jan.31.1813 59-4-20 w/o Nicholas
Parcel George S.   Jun.29.1914 89-3-1 "Our Grandparents"
Parcel Margaret P.   May 9.1875 48-3-8 "Our Grandparents" w/o George S.
Parcel Jennie H. Harris       w/o George A.
Payne Sarah C. 1841 1896    
Pelton William A. 1822 1899   "Father"
Pelton Mahalah J. 1819 1888   "Mother"
Perry Cheryl Trent 1960 1985    
Perry Cecil W. 1965      
Perry Ashley N. 1983      
Peterson David   Mar.20.1801    
Peterson Sarah H.   Sep.30.1849 26 yr w/o David
Peterson Joel 1810 1900    
Peterson Juliaette   Oct.7.1882 70-3-23 w/o Joel
Peterson Henry   1846 78 yr Top broken off stone
Peterson Mary   Feb.13.1849 78-9-27 w/o Henry
Peterson George        
Peterson Henry        
Peterson Mary        
Plouse LeRoy, Sr. 1907 1990    
Plouse Margaret G. 1916 1993    
Pratt Ira G. Jun.17.1838 Jun.17.1909   Reading questionable
Pratt Betsey L. May 28.1844 May 12.1887   Reading questionable

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/21/99
By Joyce M. Tice